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Valerie is a beauty shop owner in a town bordering an American Indian Reservation was having dinner at a local restaurant with a friend when she noticed a young Indian girl going from table to table trying to sell jewelry and showing a flyer to the customers. The girl was in her teens and had a nice figure. Her greatest asset as a long shiny mane of black hair that reached past her butt. She had the ends curled up and it bounced as she walked around the floor. Her mother was standing by the door but her hair was up in a bun or twist. Valerie had been waiting for just such an opportunity. She reached into her purse and found a business card and envelope. She wrote down a message and put it into the envelope. The young girl finally got to her and her friend?s table. The flyer stated that she was trying to raise funds for a class trip. The jewelry was just one of the ways she was trying to raise the money. She introduced herself as Toni and she was 17 years old. While she was talking to Valerie?s dinner companion Valerie looked and marveled at the young girl?s mass of virgin black hair. Valerie knew she would make a GREAT hair model. Valerie told Toni that she had no money on her but to give the envelope to her mother. The note stated that if she and her daughter would agree to be hair models that she would make a ? sizeable? contribution to the class trip. That if she was interested to stop by the Salon.

Two days passed and in came the mother who said she wished to speak to Valerie. Valerie recognized her and took her to a private area. ? Hi, I?m Pamela Toni?s mom and I got your note. How much are you willing to donate?? Said Pamela who was in her mid 30?s. Valerie spoke ? I?ve seen Toni?s hair but I haven?t seen yours.? Pamela proceeded to undo her bun and down tumbled thick brown hair that reached near the waist. Valerie examined Pamela?s hair. She took out a piece of paper and wrote down a figure. ? That number is based on both of you getting major haircuts and doing exactly as I say during the process. Valerie handed the piece of paper to Pamela who smiled instantly. Pamela spoke ? My daughter Toni really wants to go on this trip but I?ve told her that she would need to make a sacrifice too of some sort. What do you want us to do and when?? Valerie smiled and responded ? I want to do it on a Friday at 6pm after the salon is closed. I want you to wear a pleated red skirt and Toni to bring a bikini she can change into or wear underneath her cloths. That way both of you will have the weekend to adjust to your new looks. Since Toni is under 21 you will need to sign a release form. I will do Toni first and then you. You will see each other only after I?m all done. Does that sound acceptable to you?? ? Yes, I see no problem with any of that.? Spoke Pamela as she brushed her long hair out of the way. Valerie took Pamela back to the room behind the blue curtain. She showed her the styling chair and told her the camera were located in the ceiling in the bubble. She showed her the hair washing station if it was needed. Valerie assured her that it would all be very private. It put Pamela at ease. Pamela didn?t see the other ? hidden ? cameras or realize that what was private would be public when the pictures were sold on the Internet.

Friday night came and Valerie felt a bit of excitement as 6pm got close. Right on time Pamela and Toni showed up at the salon door which Valerie opened and then locked behind them. Valerie then greeted them ? I m glad that you both can make it tonight.? She noticed that Pamela had worn a short pleated red skirt like agreed to and then turned toward Toni with her super long thick raven hair. Pamela handed Valerie a signed consent form. Turning to Toni she asked ? Did you bring a bikini and how do you feel about getting your haircut?? ? I?ve got my bikini under my cloths and I?m a bit nervous about cutting my hair but the sacrifice is worth the trip.? said Toni softly. ? You stay her mother and me and Toni will go back and get started.? Valerie followed Toni down the hall and looked at the long hair move around her little butt as she walked down the hall. The went past the blue curtain and into the modeling room where Valerie had everything ready to go. She directed Toni into the dressing room and she came out in her blue bikini. Toni came out into a dark room except for a spotlighted area. Valerie came over and brushed the long thick shiny mass of Native American hair down Toni?s back. She had Toni turn sideways and put the hair over the shoulders and then back down her back. She then told Toni to bend over and put her hands on her knees, which made her breast hang low and her cute butt stick up a bit. She then had Toni touch her toes which really got good shots for the hidden cameras. When Toni stood up Valerie came up from behind her and pulled her hair back. I?ve noticed that for your age you have nice breast would you mind if I took a look at them. No one will know, as there is no one here but you and me. She reached up and untied the top of Toni?s bikini. Toni?s breast fell free and Valerie came around to the front. Oh, yes your lovely brown skin and dark hair go together. She made Toni move her self back and forth, which made the breast swing which delighted the hidden cameras. Valerie spoke to Toni ?I bet your boyfriend loves your nice breast.? ? Oh, I?ve never taken my cloths off for a boy. My mother wouldn?t hear of it .? said Toni shyly to a smiling Valerie.

? I want to shampoo your hair before I cut it.? said Valerie as she led Toni to the hair-washing station. She put a protective short cape on Toni leaving her bottom exposed. She leaned Toni into the sink and her thick black hair filled it up. She wet it down and put shampoo on it and got a good lather up. She then rinsed it and added conditioner. This seemed to put Toni at ease. Valerie spoke softly as she worked the conditioner into Toni?s mane. She looked down at Toni?s long skinny legs and the place where they met. ? Listen, how about me letting me trim up your pubic area while I have you here. It will be our little secret. You won?t have to tell your mom and it will help how you look in your bikini.? Toni nodded her head in approval. Valerie smiled and grabbed a special cushion, which she placed under Toni?s bottom. She then slowly took off Toni?s bikini bottom and went to work. It was revealed as a real bushy situation as Valerie expected it to be. She took out scissors and clippers and went to work shaping it up. The hidden cameras again were treated to a marvelous scene. She did a bit of shaving to make certain areas nice and smooth. She then rolled Toni over a half turn so that she could wipe off the water from Toni?s rear but also to give the hidden cameras a good shot of Toni?s cute butt. She then assisted Toni in putting back on the bikini bottom. Then she went up and rinsed off Ton?s thick mane. She then squeezed out as much moisture as possible and let Toni to a stool under the spotlight. Then she took a silver cape and placed it tightly around Toni?s neck. Then the massive hair was let down for the last time. It almost touched the floor. Valerie spoke ? Ok, Toni it is time for you to make your sacrifice. Just relax and not worry you will look fine.? Valerie attacked the front of Toni?s head. She went back about two inches and combed the hair down over Toni?s face. It hung down unto her lap. Placing the scissors above the eyebrows she cut easily through them. She held on tight to the locks and it didn?t take long for the 24-inch sections to come free. She laid the cut hair on the counter. She then came around to the back of Toni and with a comb she combed down Toni?s long thick mane. She sectioned off the hair with two sections in the back bottom area and two on top. She took clips and stuck them in to hold the sections. She combed down the bottom right corner section and then placed the scissors at the bottom of Toni?s ear. She pulled the hair tight and closed the scissors. Snip, Snip, sscnick, went the scissors easily through the wet conditioned hair. She heard Toni gasp as the scissors cut close to her ear. Valerie held up the severed section and even without measuring it she knew it must be at least 19 inches. She held it up in front of Toni so that the camera?s hidden and otherwise could get her reaction. Which was one of instant shock. All cameras were working now as Valerie moved along the back of Toni?s head cutting and slicing the thick mane of Indian Hair off this Virgin Indian girl. Now, that the bottom section was cut Valerie took out the clippers and shaved Toni?s neck area and tapered the bottom of the back of Toni?s neck. The cameras again caught the facial expressions as Toni?s hear and felt clippers for the first time. Now, the top sections were released and the hair tumbled down near the floor but not for long. Valerie cut it a little shorter than the first section. More sections of soft raven hair felt the sharp scissors snip, snip,snip through them. Valerie worked quickly as the hair was starting to dry out. Long tresses of 19-20 inches were held up for the cameras to take pictures of and record for hair lovers. Valerie worked from right to left removing the long hair that once had reached past Toni?s butt but now didn?t even reach her ears. When she was taking away the long locks she could see tears in Toni?s eyes. She must be having second thought about needing the money for the trip but it was too late now. Soon it was down to the final styling. Smaller pieces of black hair hit the cape and then tumbled to the floor. Valerie took out a blow dryer and did the final styling. Toni had gone from hair past her butt to hair near ear length and bangs with a few layers added in for fun and bounce. Valerie spoke ? You?ve been a brave model Toni. Now it is your time to see it.? She took off the cape and took Toni over to the mirror above the sink and told her to open her eyes. ? Oh, my God! Is that me in the mirror?? She exclaimed as she reached up and touched her new shorter hair for the first time.? I didn?t think you cut so much off. My friends won?t recognize me. Heck my mother won?t recognize me. I do like the shape but it will take some time to adjust to the ?New Me I sure don?t look 15 years old now.? ? Lets do some last ? after? photo?s and let you put back on your regular cloths.? Said a pleased Valerie. Toni posed in several of the same before poses but the big difference was no hair hanging in the way of her breast or cute butt. Her little body was exposed for all to see and admire which included young men who wanted to make Toni a non-virgin in the future. Toni stepped into the dressing room and went into another room till her mother had come down the hall. It was her mother?s turn now.

The End of Toni?s Fundraiser Part One.

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