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Toni had gone from long to short in exchange for a sizeable donation for a class trip. Now it was her mother Pamela?s turn. Valerie got a surprise when Pamela came out of the dressing room. Pamela had replaced her pleated skirt with a red bikini and for a 35-year-old she looked really good. Her long brown hair hung down her back like a coating of chocolate Ice cream. Valerie spoke to her as she brushed her hair. ? I don?t want your daughter Toni to think that I favored you over her so your haircut will be shorter.? She had Pamela pose in different positions the same as Toni. Then she issued a challenge to Pamela ? You know your daughter appeared to have nice breast. How do yours compare to hers? ? Pamela?s response was what Valerie wanted ? Why don?t you judge for yourself?? and with that she let her top down and exposed an equally nice set of breast as her daughters. The cameras hidden and otherwise went wild taking close-ups. Pamela had nice soft brown Native American skin and features to go with them. Valerie then separated Pamela?s thick hair into two ponytails at shoulder length. ? I want to remove the bulk of your hair and then shampoo it .OK?? Pamela nodded her approval and Valerie proceeded to grab a big pair of shears and snniped, snnipped, sliced through the ponytails, which easily measured, 19-inches. Valerie held them up for all to see and Pamela commented that she was holding a lot of hair. Then over to the washing basin they went. When Pamela had been washed and while Valerie was working in the conditioner she made a familiar pitch. ? While were waiting for the conditioner to set in why don?t you let me trim up your pubic area. It will be our little secret. You won?t need to tell your daughter. Your husband will like the fresher look. ? Why not, you only live once. Go ahead I trust you.? Said a relaxed Pamela. That said out came the special cushion and off went Pamela?s bikini bottoms. Toni?s mom was just as bushy as Toni and got similar treatment. A little shaving, a little clipping, and a little snipping. All the hidden cameras close up and personal also photographed her. Though Pamela?s butt wasn?t as cute as her young daughter is was worth looking at so she rolled over and got it wiped off. This scene alone would delight viewers in the future. The bottoms were replaced and the hair rinsed off. Valerie took her over to the same stool where Toni had sat an hour before. Pamela?s hair only reached her shoulders. The towel was removed and the hair combed out. This time Valerie simply started at the crown of Pamela?s head and combing up the hair cut it to a length no more than two inches long. An 8-inch lock of brown hair tumbled down onto the cape and onto the floor. Pamela let out a moan. Valerie raised up another section of thick brown hair and again it was cut short above the scalp near two inches. Valerie was intent on making this mother who had volunteered her daughter for shearing so easily got sheared also. She worked all over the top of Pamela?s head removing 8 to 10 inch locks of hair. She then using clippers over the top of comb technique shortened up the side of Pamela?s head. Hair in clumps tumbled down to the floor. Then using the clippers and a guard she attacked the back of Pamela?s head. She cut the hair into a nice short older woman?s hairstyle. Then using shaving cream and a razor she shaved Pamela?s neckline. Pamela?s almost waist length hair was shortly down to two inches or less all over her head. Valerie worked quickly on removing Pamela?s brown crowning glory. The floor was covered in brown Native American Hair. Finally it was time for the cape to be removed. She led Pamela over to the washing basin mirror and told her to open her eyes. ? Oh, my goodness. Is that me in the mirror?? ? Now, if my hair had to be shorter than my daughters how short is my daughters??

? Why don?t you see for yourself?? and with that Valerie called Toni down the hall. The two greeted each other with mutual amazement. There was a lot of feeling and touching of each other?s heads. Pamela got dressed and before they got out the door Valerie gave them the envelope with promised donation in it. It was cash in big bills. It was 8:30pm and what a night. Two longhaired Indian girls had come into the shop and now just a few hours later they were both leaving with cropped hair at both ends of their body?s. The donation that Valerie had made was big to the two ladies but with the selling of the pictures and videos of the haircuts Valerie would make her money back easily. She had the long shinny black tresses of Toni and the long brown ponytails of Pamela, which she could keep as souvenirs or auction off to her customers. Toni was happy that she was going on her trip. Her mother Pamela was happy that she didn?t have to pay for it all. Valerie was happy because two more longhaired Indian Ladies were now Shorthaired Indian ladies. It seemed to all that Toni?s Fundraiser had been a rousing success. Valerie thought that maybe again sometime she would put a message in an envelope while having dinner.

The End

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