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"There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


The last thing Jake Patterson expected when he stepped back to his wife in the elevator was to see the stranger’s hand stroking her stomach. Pregnant women and their bellies have attention lavished on them. That’s a given. Some find it offensive to have their swollen tummies petted. Other’s it never bothers. Jake decided he didn’t like it. At least not with his wife and this big blond guy, no matter what Sam felt. But from the look on her face, Samantha didn’t reguard this as appropriate either. "Hey, hey, hey." Jake couldn’t help himself. Wither this was rude or not, his mouth opened with his protest and his own hand flew up to push this guy aside. Unbelievably, the jock stopped Jake’s hand mid-air. He stepped in front of Sam, caught Jake’s hand and continued rubbing her stomach. "I don’t think she minds, Jake. Do you Sammy?" There was a severe tear in Jake’s world. He would always remember this day, this moment, this space in time as the second his entire world changed. So many things traveled through his mind. At first he thought this might be a stalker; a crazy person that might be dangerous for both of them. Why else would anyone speak with such familiarity to both of them. Then Sam spoke and he realized she knew this man. "Jess, stop it." She pushed the blond’s big hand down and off her stomach. "That’s rude." "Why?" He stepped back and away from both of them. Even though he was larger than Jake he felt some wild vibes brewing within the big star. Jessie knew he was pissing him off and he meant to. "Stop. Jake this is one of your camera men and an old friend of mine." she stepped beside Jake and tucked her hand in the crook of his arm. "He knows me, Sammy. Jessie Taylor, Jake. I’ve been second unit on location. I don’t think we’ve shot you much." He didn’t put out a hand to shake and he used a very ugly tone. "And we’re more than old friend’s Sam." He said this looking directly at Jake and not Sam. "I’d say about what, Sam? About a year ago you were just about in the same condition with my little rug rat. Right? But as I can see, you decided to get rid of mine and opt for one that might bring you quite a bit more of an inheritance." Sam lost it at that instance. "Jessie, I was never pregnant! What’s wrong with you? You’re just trying to cause trouble." The elevator doors opened then on Jake and Sam’s floor. Without a word Jake shook his head and stalked off the elevator. "Oh, he’s pissed, Sam. Did he not know about us?" Jessie watched Jake and then turned back to her. Jake turned back sharply and stepped into the doorway using his foot to hold the door open. He stretched in and grabbed Sam’s hand pulling her out after him.

"I don’t know who you are but I will shortly." Jake said to the big jerk. "I need to tell them who I just fired and also…." He reared back and hit the jock squarely in the jaw, with such strength it shocked Sam. Jessie went down with a thud that shook the floor and jarred the elevator. His legs lay outside the car stopping the door as it tried to close. "…I suppose we need to tell them who they are coming up here to drag off." Jake shook his fist and rubbed it. He walked past Sam up the hall towards their room. "Come on, baby. Unlock the door for me." Sam stared at Jessie and then followed Jake. She fished in her tiny purse until she found the room card. As soon as she opened the door, Jake gave her directions and the sound of his voice sent shivers up her spine. Jake was mad. He was more than mad. She decided to keep her mouth shut and be patient.

"Don’t settle in. We’re leaving again. Let me wash my hand and grab the car keys." Sam sat on the bed, shaken and mystified. Jake came out of the bathroom. He rolled the sleeves of his shirt down and buttoned them again and Sam caught a glimpse of his blooded knuckle. She stood up and went to his side, trying to look at his hand. "Let me see." "No." He set her back, holding her at arm’s length. Sam looked at him and the fierce look on his face told her everything. Jake had gone way past his limit. He was over the edge with her now and she had no idea what he would do. Reading Jake had always been a breeze for Samantha. This Jake was different. She broke the eye lock and looked down away from him. "Jessie, Sam? What the hell is this? If I’m not too confused in my fury, I do believe that’s what you called me that night. In Aggie’s Acres?" She jerked her eyes back up and stepped towards him again quickly. "The old boyfriend, Jake. And he was nothing. He is NOTHING. Matter of fact he would have to be one of the worst ex-boyfriend’s……" "I don’t care about his damn qualities! Is it or is it not the name……" "I don’t remember. And what difference does that…" "A LOT! A lot of difference…but hey…" Jake grabbed her elbows and pushed her back again. "Never mind. We’ll get into that. Right now we are leaving. It’s over, Sam. It’s time to deal with all this crap. Let’s go." He fished his keys out of his pocket and pulled her towards the door. "Where? What do you mean it’s over. You are freaking me out, baby!" Samantha dug her heels in. "Oh, I MEAN to! I hope I freak you out completely. What’s over? You not taking me seriously. Not taken this marriage seriously. This has been fun and games to you and that’s what’s over Sam. We got married, but I know you’ve never taken it seriously. Never really committed to me. I’m not putting up with it anymore. Come on." "You’re scaring me." Sam looked it. He pulled her into his arms. Pushed his big hands up the back of her neck under her hair and cupped her chin. Angling her face up to his and with zero distance between their lips, he whispered. "I love you, Samantha. I’m not going to hurt you. Just straighten a few things out." ***

"So, let me get this straight? You want me?" Sam snuggled down in the front seat of the black SUV. Jake was driving to a mysterious location. At least it was a mystery to her. He evidently was aware of their destination, but he wouldn’t tell her. "Yeah. You could say that." Her husband reached out and intertwined his fingers in hers. "Oh, Jake." She studied the back of his hand. Leaning over she kissed the spot where his knuckle was scraped. "Where’d that right hook come from? "Insane jealousy." Jake pulled the car into a private drive and which ended by a home with a long porch stretching around three sides. It wasn’t a old home or new, just fairly non-descript. "We’re just gonna’ have some privacy, baby." He killed the engine and turned to her. Away from the movie’s, the hotel staff, family, friends and the whole rig-a-mo-role. OK? All the things we never talk about. All the things we never have time…like old boyfriends. New movie careers." "It’s pretty." Samantha studied the low lit front steps. "OK. I get it. That’s fine baby. How long? And let me say this about the career…" "No, later, Sam…" "No, listen to this one point of view, OK? Jake I will listen to everything. I will. I haven’t decided on anything, but let me say this. This role came out of no-where. Just fell into my lap. Now, women don’t have that many years. That’s true you know. And I don’t want to be a movie star." Jake crossed his arms and frowned. "No wait." Sam held up her small hand. "I’d just as soon do this one movie, if it all works
out and then retire. That’s it. I have no desire to watch my face grow old on the big screen. You guys…you can go forever. No thanks….I want to go home after this and produce your little family for you big guy." Jake’s eyebrows rose. "Bet you didn’t know that did you? I’m with you on that. Have the babies early for me. I don’t want to be as old as you and having newborns….I want to paint, create that way, honey. Decorating. I love that. This movie. Acting. No. This is just a whim…a hobby….." "Oh I can see sucking face with Ryan Reynolds as an perfectly normal hobby….." Sam frowned now and crossed her arms, too. "Well, it beats stamp collecting." Jake jerked the car door open. "Let’s go. I want to get you where you will listen to me." "Oh, really. Where’s that?" Sam stepped out as he came around to her side and held the door. He took her fingers and held her hand as they climbed the stairs. "Between my legs." Jake finally gave her a real grin as he unlocked the door and Sam felt better. Not fully happy but she did feel Jake was cheering up. She glanced at him and couldn’t help feeling like he was a spider drawing her into his web. She knew he was tricky. She knew that but still she walked in.

*** Inside, Sam toured the small little home and wound up in the master bedroom. It was pleasantly decorated and a normal rental home, but she was surprised to see that Jake had several of their personal items laid out in the bedroom. Her tolietries and his as if he had been planning this get away. After locking the front door he followed her into the bedroom. Sam walked past him back out into the kitchen and family room area. It all seemed a little bit stark to her, but that was to be expected with a male planning a get-a-way. "I don’t get this Jake? You have what…only about five more days of filming. I need to be packing to get to Baton Rouge and then home. Why the big secret and the hide-away?" She leaned up on the kitchen counter and yawned. Although it was only around 9:30, Sam seemed to always be ready to sleep now as her pregnancy progressed. She rubbed her own tummy and watched as Jake approached her. "Just couldn’t stand all the talk about MY movie?" "Yes. That’s true. I planned this. A get away and a ‘straightening-out’ so to speak." He placed his hands beside her on the counter behind her. "Baby, you didn’t have to get so dramatic." Samantha placed her hands on his cheeks. "Just tell me what you want……." "I have told you. I asked you very nicely tonight, remember? You balked. And then I was thrown into the ex-boyfriend episode. No, I think it’s just time to settle everything at once. You don’t seem to be all there for me, sweetie. I want you all there, all the time without the balking." "Jake?" Samantha rubbed his five o’clock; now nine-thirty shadow. She gave his lips a tiny touch. "Aren’t you being rather male-piggish. I mean, this is not the dark ages. These things could be worked out, don’t you think?" "Shhhh. Hush." Her husband rubbed her forearms. "I love you Sam, but it’s now time to listen to me, OK? No more discussion or questions. Here’s the game plan. You are not leaving this house until I am sure you are mine. Fully committed, belonging to me. You aren’t doing any movie…"

"But Jake? What am I…I’m in the middle of these talks…" "And how the hell did these ‘talks’ get so far along without me knowing what was happening? Where did they decide you could even do this?" Jake began rubbing and petting her. He reached up on the little black dinner dress and began unbuttoning the first few buttons. "Well, we had…they came and…did screen tests here at the hotel. Here in Witchata.." Samantha leaned her head forward into Jake’s neck and he pushed her blond tendrils back and kissed her neck lightly. His sweet moves were beginning to get to Sam. She was sleepy and tired and it had been a few days since their marital bed had been put to use. She always seemed to be asleep when Jake got home recently. The final days of filming were drawing to a close and they needed to wrap. This had given them hardly any alone time. "Ok, see? You haven’t been lying to me right? Just not forth-coming with all information, right?" He unbuttoned the dress to her waist and slipped her ams out of the bodice. Cupping her breasts, gently, he made Samantha shiver. She just loved his touch. It was wonderful. "So that’s over with. Just like the ex-boyfriend. I will be getting to that, baby, but just tell me he’s the last one that might come out of the woodwork." "That’s it. Really sweetheart. And you know I don’t mention those things because…..well look how you react!" "That’s all done." Jake pulled her arms around behind her back and before Sam caught on to his actions, he had secured her wrists with handcuffs. But they felt soft. Not hard. Sam gasped. She opened her eyes fully and blinked at him. "You see, Sam, as long as it takes, I plan to do whatever I want with you,….your body, everything, anything….until you commit to me. Completely. No other small-white lies. No with-holding. And no acting roles in which you come close to any other man. No exs and no flirting anywhere with any old boyfriends. I can not take the jealousy. You’re mine baby. Period." He slipped her dress down and she stepped out. Too shocked not do anything else. "No clothes. Or at least only what I say you can wear." Jake undid her bra and slipped that off. She only wore a black guarder belt and stockings and the high heels at this point. "No panties. I like that. Leave the stockings and shoes for now." Jake swung her up and proceeded to the bedroom with her. Placing her on the soft and comfortable bed, he lowered the lights in the bedroom and crawled onto the bed beside her. Sam was a bit shocked, but decided this was one of Jake’s games and hopefully relaxing would be helpful, now. After all. What was wrong with being held captive by this man? Samantha had to admit one thing. Without a doubt the male dominating Jake turned her to mush. He was to die for like this. Maybe some other women might find it a turn-off and in a way it could be offensive, even to Sam, but she knew his heart was where she needed it. She knew he loved her. She knew he would never hurt her. Didn’t she? "Am I becoming your love slave, Jake? Is that it?" she giggled. This didn’t sound half-bad. Giving up Reynolds wasn’t that bad. No really. She was never that gun-ho over the acting business. "Yes, you are, baby. Completely." He mumbled lowly and took one breast in his mouth. Samantha gulped and her back arched upward towards his tender lips. His tongue danced around the tender nipple, quickly and then slowly, as he sucked and pulled it tight. He roughly pushed her legs apart and grabbed her between the legs. "Jake." Sam whispered. "You need this trimmed, sweet-pea. I told you about that. Now didn’t I?" He spoke softly but firmly. "Yes. You did. I’m sorry, baby." "So, why haven’t you taken care of yourself the way I told you? You just haven’t taken me seriously, have you?" "No." Sam had to admit that was true. "You’re right, Jake. I’m sorry. Really I am." Samantha leaned her head into the curve of his neck, waning to get her lips on that vein that stood out when her husband was heated, excited or otherwise stressed. The doorbell rang and shocked Sam. She struggled to raise up and Jake undid the handcuffs and attached one of her hands to the bedpost with them. Now she could see they were leather and had soft fabric around the wrists. He seemed non-chalent about the doorbe
ll. Very calm. "Who is that Jake? Find out and get rid of them please…" Sam sat up as best she could. "That’s my little helper for the evening, babe. Now stay calm, OK. We aren’t upsetting the baby, OK?" "WHAT?" Sam became unrelaxed immediately. ******

"Yes, baby. All that’s coming off. And not just below the stairs." Jake stood up beside the bed and tucked his shirt tale back in. Even in her growing hysteria, Sam noticed something. Her movie star husband was the best-looking man in the universe. Some said he was quirky-looking but cute. Others thought of him as down-right handsome. He just had such a unique look. He had a big nose, jet black hair, dark eyes and his features were not normally thought of as good-looking. But something about the entire package pulled it all together with a righteous power. Glancing up at her he gave her the one thing that did it. The smile. The smile turned him into prince charming. It was the most disarming thing. He looked so cute simply standing there tucking on his shirt. He did. She loved him so much, at the same time realizing something horrible was running around in his sneaky macho brain. "WHAT? I thought you were through with those games. You promised me, Jake." She started shivering. "Jake you promised not to do anything like that again. I love my hair now. You promised."

"I lied." He said flatly. "Besides, it’s what’s called for here. The only way I can think of to get your attention. I’ll be right back." *********

Samantha sat still on the bed in the master bedroom and listened. She heard the front door open and Jake greet someone. During the low conversation and mumbled sounds she knew Jake’s little helper was definately male. "Holy shit!" she spoke aloud and then the wheels in her brain started turning. ‘What the hell is going on here?’ The tiny woman knew right then and there that if Jake touched one hair on her head she would kill him. "Strangle him!" She spoke to the room. "I swear to God I will choke him with my own hands!" She and Jake had been around about this issue. More than once had she told her husband, in no uncertain terms that the haircutting episodes were over. At least on her part. She never ever wanted to go through that again. There was a kinky little twist in how she felt about their games. Agreed, there was something hot in there, but Samantha felt she was only hot over Jake’s trips to the barbershop; not her’s. Never her’s. And even if she did find a bit of wild passion floating around in having her hair cut, that’s where it stopped. The process, maybe; the end results, NEVER. There were several hot, wild and useful things about playing with her husband. She loved the playing. That was true. Yet, having no hair, or even a very short cute…..well that horrified Samantha. Of course she could live through it. Anyone could. But she would be so traumatized, Sam thought she might go mad. She also didn’t think Jake believed that. It hit her, that her protests to Jake would probably be seen as something she ‘wanted’ to be forced into. Wasn’t that what this whole submission thing was supposed to be about? Well, he was wrong on that count. She REALLY didn’t want this. Not one bit. Balling her small fists up, Samantha closed her eyes, and screamed at the top of her lungs. "JaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKKKEEE!!!" ****

Jake slammed his open palm against the doorframe to stop himself as he rushed into the bedroom. "WHAT?" he yelled back, deciding she must be hurt to scream so. But as soon as she was within eyesight, red cheeks burning, and her eyes squeezed shut in anger, he knew she was simply furious. "You’re OK." He grinned as he headed for the bed. "It’s OK, Sam. Don’t blow up." He gathered her up in his arms and commenced with his explanation, his plan, and her heartbreak. Thinking everything through, long and hard, Jake felt he’d made the right decision. He knew Sam would absolutely be livid. He knew this would be strange and hard for him to do. That’s one of the reasons he had hired a barber privately. Jake doubted he could do this by himself. He knew Sam’s tears and hurt would be tough and he would have broken down on his own. But this needed to be done. It solved all his problems and all Sam’s in the long run. Samantha struggled with one hand still cuffed to the bed, she still gave it her all to get through to him. She pushed back on his chest. She stretched her legs out and made futile attempts to kick out at her hubbie. "No, Jake. What’s happening and who IS that? What are you planning to do? You aren’t cutting my hair. You can forget about it…." "Solve’s it all, baby. I know you. You couldn’t make the movie. I know there are such things as hair extension’s, but not when you don’t have anything to work them off of……. You’ll stay away from Cyn, Chuck and others. I have a great wig, here tonight. It’s really cute and you can try others…..but…I know you. You’ll wait til it grows out to be around your close friends and family. Also to say no other flirting will be a no-brainer. You will be with me. At home with me til we get past this and the baby’s here." Sam burst into tears. He couldn’t be serious. He was trying to scare her, that was all. "No, Jake. Look…" she sniffled through the tears and hysteria at the same time Jake held her close, trying hard to secure the baby. Trying to make sure she didn’t hurt herself and the baby as well. "I’ll do what you want. I will, baby…" She looked up at him through the tears. "Don’t do this, Jake. Please. Everything else…it’s all cute and funny and sexy as hell. But not this. I’m dead serious now. Stop playing. This is way too much." He had to stop looking into those big blue beautiful eyes. He had to. Jake tucked her head under his chin and proceeded to rock and rub her back in such a sweet and perfect way. "It’s OK. It’s fine, now don’t worry." He calmed her and unlocked the one little hand. Rubbing her wrist and mumbling honeyed words to keep her still. Samantha gulped, wiping tears away and trying to catch her breath. Pulling her arms down to her side he held her as tighly as he could and not hurt her. His voice drifted down wrapping itself around her thoughts, her heart and her everything. Suddenly, Sam knew he wasn’t joking. "If I push things this far and don’t go through with what needs to be done, well, hell, honey ……..you won’t ever commit. Not everything. And I want it all. I hate to say I don’t believe you, but I don’t think you will do what I want. I want you to know that I will without a doubt follow through. If I stop now, you will always push me. Always try your limits. It’s your nature, angel." Jake pushed her head back and tilted her chin up. "It’s for the best, Sam. You’ll see." He tried to kiss her, but Sam jerked her head away quicky.

He took a strong hold on her chin and drug her lips back up to his. "Do NOT……….." He bowed his lips down to barely touch hers. "Do NOT ever, ever, EVER do that agian, Sam. Do you hear me?" A vacant stare was crawling into her eyes. "Answer me, Sam. God-damn it, this is what it’s all about." Still at a lose and bordering on shock, Samantha still didn’t answer. She started shivering and bit her lower lip. "Jake." she whispered. "What?" "If you do this I will never forgive you. Never." "Yes, you will." Jake’s face was still stern. He wasn’t playing at all now. Neither was Sam. "No, I won’t. I will leave you. You know that. You will lose me and the baby as well."

Jake lost his mind. His mouth fell on hers and he tried to devour her. The vision of Jessie’s hand on her stomach ripped into his mem
ory. All the thoughts of Sam with another actor or leading man. The way she had withheld things from him. Hell, did he even believe her when she said there were no more men in the woodwork? And leave him? No. Coming up off the bed he swooped her up fast as lightning and left the bedroom. He stalked into the living room area where a chair had been placed before the fireplace. Lowering her down into the chair Sam realized she was being tied down. It was hard later to get her thoughts straight because somewhere beween the bedroom and this chair Sam’s mind started to shut down. It was too upsetting for her to be alert. She stopped talking almost completely, tried to stop feeling and thinking as much as possible. It would be a very long time before Jake heard her talk to him again with any depth or warmth. When she talked it was like a robot. But he was in too big of a funk to notice how badly Sam was reacting. The tear in his world was breaking further and further open. He wanted it mended or fixed and he wanted that immediately.

"Let, me do that." His helper pushed Jake’s shaking hands away and finished tying the soft cord on Sam’s ankle. She barely noticed what the other man was doing. He drapped a pink haircutting cape over her shoulders and tightned it at her small neck. Jake stepped in front of her and gathered her face in his big hands. He squatted down in front of her and began. That was most of what Sam remembered later on. His voice. The hot things he said to her. The sweet things and the angry things. And Jake was angry. The mere thought of Sam leaving him enraged him so fully he was afraid of hurting her. He was thankful Bill was there. They would get through this and everything would be fine. "Jake?" Sam was barely audible. "What baby?" Jake leaned into her. "You promised you wouldn’t do this……"

"Yes, sweet." the depth of the dark brown eyes seemed to go on forever. He held her head firmly, on both sides. Tilting her head back, Sam felt the presence of the other man behind her. She stared and didn’t take her eyes from her husbands’ eyes. "But I never said I wouldn’t have someone else do it." Samantha felt the harshness of the big clippers rest on the crown of her forehead and they popped on. She jumped and knew she’d either faint or throw-up. She saw Jake’s eyes leave her face and looking above her head he gave a sharp nod. The cutting tool pushed backwards and she felt a rain of blond locks begin to fall.

"That’s it darlin’. This won’t take long." Jake whispered. "There." He said and raised his hand , allowing it to follow the wide trail being created from her hairline to the back of her crown. "There." he repeated as he pushed her head to one side, allowing the barber another pass right beside the first one. Samantha almost fainted, then. She swayed and Jake caught her by the shoulders, to hold her upright. "Sam! Sam?" Jake shook her a small bit. "Hurry, up. Sam look at me." She tried to, she did; but Sam was in another world. The barber began cutting quickly, then. Running the huge clippers over her entire head. ‘This is insane.’ she remembered thinking as her head began to feel light. ‘This isn’t happening to me. My worst nightmare." The clippers cut off and Sam thought it was over. Stepping to one side, Jake revealed the huge mirror that behind him. He had been shielding her from it until now. And when Sam looked up she had to glance away sharply. That was something she wouldn’t do. She couldn’t stand to see herself. The quick image she got would last her for a lifetime. She was bald. A tiny little crew-cut reflection had stared back at her. Her beautiful features were even sharper and stood out more than she’d ever seen them. With that view, she knew one other thing. Her husband was in big fucking trouble. Just in that instance, he may have lost her.

The barber then began to apply hot latter to her head, from the machine placed in the nearby bureau. "Oh, NO!" Samantha convulsed. Her body jerked. "No, Jake." How could he do this to her? And the tears and hysteria broke forth again. Looking up she could see through the tears as her entire head was being covered with the white foam. She looked like a freak. She felt like one as well. Moaning and struggling began again and Jake stopped Bill’s hands. "Wait, man?" Jake leaned into Samantha’s check. "Can you leave us alone for a little while, Bill?" And as Bill left closing one door down the hallway, Jake reached under the pink cape and began untying Samantha. "What?" She whimpered, thinking he would be stopping this here and now. Thank heavens, she would have a tiny amount of growth after all.

"I want to fuck you like this." Jake helped her stand up. Samantha’s knees buckled and she shook all over. She melted into Jake’s arms and he leaned forward sweeping her knees up in his arms and taking the few steps towards the bed. "You’re insane." she blinked.

"Say that while you come for me baby. Say that when I get inside you. You are so damn wet for me right now. I know you are." He didn’t have to even check on that. Setting her down on the bed he stood back and yanked his shirt off. He tossed several towels onto the huge bed. He placed two pillows down to mold and hold her swollen tummy. Face down on the bed, Sam went and cupped the pillows under her tummy. Her tears still wet on her checks, The shaving foam rubbing off here and there, Samantha was so limp she felt like a new-born kitten. He wrestled with his pants quickly and came down over her back, holding himself over her. His erection dangled and pressed roughly against her behind. Nudging her soft skin with that hardness, he brought his lips closer to her ear. "No, Jake." she whispered faintly and Jake let loose with a deep dark growl. "No?" He laughed. "No, Sam?" He dipped a long finger into the shaving creme on her nape and drug that cream down her back, trailing her spine, dipping downward until he had rounded her curves and plundged the finger inside of her dripping wet center. A strange moan came up out of Sam and she bit down on a pillow.

"Do you want this, Sam? Do you? Can you give yourself to me, now baby? Tell me!" Sam panted and gasped and let go of the pillow. It was mixed with tears and came out with a struggle, but it was still there. "Yes. Please, Jake. I’m yours, Jake. You know that. Anything. Anything you want…" He gripped her foam covered nape with one hand and cupped her stomach and ploughed into her. Sam screamed. With each drilling, she let loose and gave in to Jake. She gave everything up to him at that point. No matter what happened, no matter if she forgave him or not at that moment she surrendered completely. Jake felt it and knew it. They both did. "I want this, baby." he panted and barely got the words out. "I want you." His muscles straining to the maximum, he dug in, completely realeased from any further worry; any further doubt. She was hot and wet and so deliciously sweet to him……..and all his finally. All his. "You’ll never leave me, Sam. Never. Don’t even think it…..tell me that. Now." He dug in and paused, holding himself inside of her, clinging to her gorgeous body, his nose digging into her nape. He could feel the tiny stubble, which reminded him of what he was taking from her. What she was giving up, forcedly; but still giving.

"Yes, Jake." Samantha turned her head wanting to look into his eyes, but knowing it wasn’t necessary. They both could see each other clearly. See each other’s hearts and souls. "Baby, I’m yours. I love you Jake." "You’ll never leave me?" he pulled out and back in again,
deliciously and smoothly as only Jake could do. "No, sweet. Never." Samantha lied and a new round of tears popped up. "Please, Jake….don’t stop." He smiled and lifted himself up off her back. With both hands he grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards on himself. Then he took care of business. No more talking. Sam’s bottom raised up to met him with each thrust. She was desperate for him.

It was the best climax, Samantha had ever achieved. It might go down as the best one ever accomplished by any female on earth, she thought. It was heaven and hell mixed together. The best for either one of them. Jake rode her with no mercy, his fingers wrapping around to her throbbing clit. What Jake did to her; to both of them; was explosive beyond words. He shot his load into her with a deep groan. Running his hands back up her spine, he dug his fingers into the foam and cupped the back of her small head.

He whispered it, in that fabulous voice and Sam thought it was his best line ever.

"Now that my little baby, ……………….my sweet sweet girl, is submission."

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