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Things were going fine for Kristine in the office till they hired a new secretary named Elaine. Elaine was in her late 20?s and just as nice as can be. What Elaine had that Kristine didn?t was long soft light brown hair that nearly reached her waist. No matter how Elaine wore it up or down people coming into the office would notice her first. Now Kristine was ten years older than Elaine and her hair cut short and dark brown. It was tapered upwards in the back. It had a nice fluffy look to it. Still as the month wore on the attention paid to the new secretary Elaine wore on Kristine.

One day Kristine asked Elaine if she would like to go with her to the salon and they could have their hair trimmed at the same time. Elaine replied that she hated salons. When the cape was placed around her neck she got claustrophobic and the chemical smells in the salon gave her headaches. In short going to a salon was a very unpleasant experience for her. She admitted that she would like to get her hair cut but it would be in a different environment such as when she went to visit her sister. Kristine couldn?t wait that long so she started to think. Kristine talked the situation over with her long time stylist Kelly and they came up with a plan that might work.

One Friday Kristine approached Elaine and told her that she was having dinner with another friend that night and asked if Elaine would like to join them. Elaine said she would and would bring a salad dish. Kristine got a smile on her face as the friend was her stylist Kelly. The time was set for 7pm that night.

The time came and up walked Elaine a nice two piece pants and blouse outfit her long soft brown hair curled and bouncing along with her. When she entered Kristine introduced her to her friend Kelly. It was a nice meal of veal served with lots of wine. Things were going along real nice. When they were done eating they took the dishes to the kitchen. Now unknown to Elaine Kelly had been giving her and her long hair a good examination. Kelly spoke ? Me and Elaine will do the dishes since you hosted.? Elaine nodded her approval. They went to the sink and ran the dishwater. Kristine came in and announced ? You two carry on as I?ve got to run an errand and will be back shortly.? Elaine washed and Kelly dried and as they were finishing up Kelly spoke to Elaine ? You really do have such lovely hair( as she touches it) but aren?t you tired of the ?school girl look??? Elaine replied ? It is getting a bit long but I?m new in town and have a major problem about going to a salon. You know the smell and all. ? I know about your hair salon nervousness as Kristine has told me since I?m her stylist. How would you feel about letting me cut it for you right now tonight?! I know a perfect style for you. ( Kelly lifts up the mass of thick soft brown hair flowing down Elaine?s back.) You just said that you were ready for a haircut and this kitchen is the perfect place for you. It?s great and there are no smells.? Elaine looked at her long thick brown hair and twisted the curls. ? What would Kristine say about you cutting my hair in her kitchen?? spoke Elaine. ?Oh, I don?t think she would mind at all. When I go out to my car to get tools I?ll call her on my cell phone and ask her. You put away the last of the dishes and I?ll be right back? said Kelly.

A moment later Kelly came in carrying a black bag. ? Kristine says that it is fine with her if I cut your hair. She will be back after I shampoo it to help out.? Elaine looked at Kelly ? Your going to shampoo my hair?? ? Oh, yes, and condition it too. Your going to get the whole salon treatment in this kitchen. You will have to remove your blouse as I know how you hate to be caped.? said a smiling Kelly. Here I brought this large white t-shirt for you to wear. Kelly grabbed a tall kitchen chair and placed it back toward the sink. She placed a rubber matt over the edge of the sink and told Elaine to lean her head back. Then Kelly lifted Elaine?s thick mass of brown hair into the sink. The sprayer that a moment before was rinsing dishes was now wetting down a sink full of brown hair. Kelly took the shampoo out of her bag and poured a nice amount onto Elaine mane. Kelly enjoyed working the shampoo into Elaine?s soft hair. She gave Elaine a good rinsing and then added the conditioner to Elaine?s hair. She could see Elaine was relaxing. She spoke softly to Elaine ? The style I have in mind is a short layered one with soft bangs. It will be a big change for you but it will mean you won?t have to worry about a salon visit for a few years. How does that sound to you? ? ? It sounds scary but after five years of my hair long I think I?m ready for it. Like you said I do need a more mature style.? replied Elaine.

A door opened and Kristine had arrived back to the house. Elaine was still leaning back in the chair with her head in the sink. Kelly was giving her a final rinsing. She made eye contact with Kristine and gave her a thumbs up signal. Kelly motioned for her to go get a stool and sit it in the middle of the kitchen.

Kelly sat Elaine on the stool and towel dried her thick hair. Then she took out a wide tooth comb and started to comb out the thick mass of light brown hair. She then took the comb and starting at Elaine?s forehead combed the hair straight back and over Elaine?s head and down her back. The hair with conditioner made the comb slide through the wet locks. Kelly parted the hair at ear level. She made a right and left section and using clips she held the top section up. Then she grabbed a shiny pair of scissors. ? Now, Elaine I think it is best close your eyes as I?m going to start cutting the bulk of your hair off. I don?t want you freaking out. Brace yourself. Here we go!? said Kelly. Kelly holds the first damp section of thick hair between her fingers as the base of Elaine?s neck. The sharp scissors cut easily through the silky hair. Elaine could feel the scissors against her neck and lets out a gasp. Kelly motions Kristine over and hands her the first 23 inch long piece of Elaine?s hair. Then Kelly worked right to left and all that was heard was the schnick, schnick, snip, sound of scissors removing Elaine?s long soft mane. Kristine took particular delight in laying the long severed pieces on the counter top. Now, with the bottom section done Kelly let down the top section and it tumbled towards the floor. Kelly combs through the soft mane and grabs the scissors. They cut through the soft hair like a knife through soft butter. Snip, snip, snip was the sound as the hair that took so long to grow was removed in a matter of minutes. It didn?t take long for Elaine to sport a nice top of the neck bob. Kelly spoke ? The worst part is over Elaine. Now, I?m going to add some layers and texture so it wont? look so plain.? Kelly began to pull the hair up and away from Elaine?s head and short pieces of hair three to five inches long were allowed to tumble to the floor. Shortly Kelly would activate the hairdryer and using a brush put the finishing touches on Elaine?s new look. She took her scissors and did the final touching up. Elaine now had a nice short hairstyle with soft bangs and fringes. It was easy to fluff up or leave alone. Kristine spoke up ? Elaine you really look pretty. ? Kelly spoke ? Ok, Elaine here is a mirror and you can see for yourself how great you look without you long mane.? Elaine looked it over and announced she was pleased. She had expected the worst. Kelly spoke to Elaine ? Now, if anyone ask tell them you got it cut at my salon and her is my card. You can go home now and me and Kristine will clean up.? It was 10:30pm and Kristine and Kelly sat down for a cup of coffee to end the evening. ? That went easier than I thought it would .? said Kristine. ? Oh, I think Elaine was ready for a haircut. It just couldn?t be in a salon.? said Kelly as she gathered up the soft locks of brown hair that were now drying on the counter.

Monday Elaine was greeted with ooohhs, ahhhs, how could you cut your hair? and where did you get it done at. When the week ended the excitement was over and now people gave Kristine and Elaine equal attention.

The End

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