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Heather was a stylist at the Super-style salon. Down the street within two blocks was a grocery store. One day she noticed a new young cashier who had long shiny black locks down to the middle of her back but every five inches it was tied off with a band. Heather made a mental note and on her next visit the hair was loose in a ponytail but she could see it was heavily layered. Heather inquired and learned the new cashiers name was Lynn who was in her mid 20?s. The other stylists had made note of the new girl too and it was agreed that the new cashier needed a new short hairstyle. It was agreed that they should all work together to give the girl a new look ASAP.

Heather one day had Lynn wait on her on purpose. She gave Lynn a compliment on her lovely hair and told Lynn to stop in for a free shampoo and conditioning session. She would also get a free consultation with it. Heather gave Lynn her business card and told her to stop in anytime around 5:30pm as it was usually slow then.

It was a Friday afternoon around 4:30 pm while Heather was finishing up another girl that Lynn walked in the salon. Lynn had her hair up in a twist. Heather left her customer and went over to Lynn. She told her to look through the style books and she would be with her shortly. Heather quickly finished her customer and went over and sat down next to Lynn. ? I?m glad you decided to stop by this afternoon. Did you find any styles you might like to try in the books.? ? Lynn said ? No?. Heather spoke to Lynn ? Listen, we have a video imaging system that will show how you will look in different hairstyles. We just have to have you sit and have a picture taken of your face. Come with me over to the system. Lynn followed Heather over to the chair with a camera in front of it.? I need to pull your hair away from your face for the photo. ? Heather reached over and took the clip from Lynn?s hair. The thick mass tumbled down and Heather grabbed a brush and pulled it away from Lynn?s face and put it in a tight ponytail at the back of her head. She told Lynn to hold her head still while she took a picture of her face. ? I?ve selected 10 styles that I think might look good on you. Let me run them by and see what you think. Remember the number of any styles you like.? Heather set the image machine in motion and it ran the images by Lynn?s almond eyes. When it was done she asked ? Did you see any styles you liked?? ?They are all short. Why is that? ? asked Lynn. Heather pulls the ponytail loose from Lynn and lets her hair flow down. ? Your hair is very over layered from the shoulders down. It must make it hard for you to style. That is why you put all those bands in it. ? Heather gives Lynn a mirror so she can see what she is talking about. One of the other stylist comes by and chimes in ? Yes, dear your hair has far too many layers which is creating a mess. A shorter hairstyle will cure that and will look nice on you.? Lynn spoke ? I did see one or two styles I?d like to try but I don?t know. It would be such a big change.?

? Listen, why don?t you let me shampoo and condition your hair like I said I would and you can have that time to think on it.? Lynn said ? Ok?. Heather got a blue cape and lifted Lynn?s soft shiny mass of black hair up from underneath it and clipped it tight around Lynn?s neck. She took Lynn over to the shampoo station and leaned her back and placed her thick hair in the sink and wetted it down. She then lathered up Lynn?s hair real good. Lynn seemed to relax Heather spoke softly to Lynn and she worked the shampoo into Lynn?s thick hair. She rinsed off the hair and worked in the conditioner. Heather spoke to Lynn ? You do have lovely hair and ordinarily I?d never ask you to cut it but with all those layers you have no style. I know you can look better. The video image shows how you will look so you can?t make a mistake. I need to let the conditioner soak in so I?ll be back in a few minutes.? Another stylist walks over and sits next to Lynn. ? Heather is right. Your hair is lovely but it has no style except chopped up. I really think you should let her style it. Your young so your hair will grow out quickly if you don?t like it. Heather is one of the best stylist here. You can trust her. ? Heather comes back and rinses out Lynn?s shinny black hair. She sits her up and twist a towel around Lynn?s hair. She takes her back to the styling chair. She combed the wet hair down Lynn?s back. Heather had made still photos of the 10 video images. She brought them over to Lynn. Which styles caught your eye.? Asked Heather. Lynn replied ? Numbers 3 and 8? as she removed the photos from the stack. ? I think number 8 is your best look and I?ll modify it to make you look better. Are you brave enough to let me cut your hair? Says Heather as she holds up a thick lock of Lynn?s hair. ? Can I give you a new and better look than all this long draggy hair. I?ll even sweeten the deal. Since it is such a big change I?ll do it for half price as that is how certain I?m your going to look better with a new style. It is decision time Lynn.? ? Well, since your so sure I?ll look nice and your giving me such a good deal?.pause..Ok, go ahead!? says Lynn as she looks in the mirror and feels with her hand her wet hair.

Heather turns Lynn away from the mirror so she can?t see what is about to happen. Heather smiles and give her fellow stylist the OK signal. She combs Lynn?s silky mane down her back. She separates the thick hair into four thick 18 inch wet ponytails with each being tied off above the shoulder level. Lynn?s hair that was wet and conditioned was going to be easy to cut just like Heather had planned. So now Lynn sits in a chair in a blue cape with her long shiny hair hanging in four ponytails. Heather walks over to Lynn?s right side and grabs the first ponytail. She speaks ? Ok, Lynn I want you to close your eyes and think of a happy experience. I?m going to start your haircut now by removing the bulk and getting rid of the layers.? Heather places the scissors three inches above the tie off points and starts to cut away. The sharp scissors cut easily through the wet hair. Sncnip, schnip, snip, goes the blades through the thick ponytail. She holds up the 18 inch severed ponytail in front of Lynn. She looks at Lynns? shaken face and continues talking. ?That is a good start on your new look. I think I took care of your problem layers.? She lays the ponytail on the workstation counter. She grabs the next ponytail and pulls hard on it. She places the hair eating scissors three inches up from the band and slices away. The conditioned wet hair is not match for the sharp scissors and strong hands of Heather. Heather repeats the process twice more as she removed Lynn?s long hair. She speaks to Lynn as she places the last ponytail on the counter. ? Now, don?t you fret. The finished style will be the same one you saw in the picture just a bit shorter. I?m going to cut it so it curls under real easy at the ends. ? Lynn?s hair is beginning to dry and Heather knows she must work quickly. She moves to the front and creates soft thick bangs. She angles the sides to tie and blend into the back. Then she loosens the cape and grabs the clippers. She shaves and removes the black fuzzy hair from Lynn?s neck and hairline. She takes the blowdryer and a brush and completes the style.

Well, I?m all done. What do you think Lynn? Says a smiling Heather. Lynn looks at herself in the mirror and on the counter sees her long lost locks. She shakes her head and feels her shaven neck. ?? I like it , I really do. You were right after all. I always thought I?d look ugly with short hair but I don?t. Course it will take some adjusting to it. I kinda look like that teller down at the bank. I liked her hairstyle but was afraid to try it on myself.?? Heather removes the cap and brushes Lynn off and she goes to the counter to pay. It is 6pm and it is near time to close. One of the stylist comes up to Lynn and tells her how great she looks. Heather walks back to her station to sweep up the black pieces of hair. She looks at her fellow stylist ? Well, I think we can all say that in that girls case ? Mission Accomplished.?

The End

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