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Janis wasted no time in moving into her lover’s farm. He’d only recently separated from his wife of 20 years and was in the process of having the divorce papers drawn up. That didn’t bother Janis. She knew exactly what she was doing and hadn’t spent a dime of her own money since they met. As she once put it, “A big set of tits will take you anywhere!” Irene, Stan’s soon to be ex-wife, had never met ‘the other woman’, but the fact that she now knew she existed pissed her off, naturally.

Stan was scheduled to be out of town for the week end. Knowing this, Irene decided to stop by and pick up some of her things and avoid a nasty scene. She didn’t know Janis had moved in already as she pulled back the long driveway and backed her car into the barn. She had a lot of old keepsakes in there she really wanted.

As she was loading the trunk, she heard a woman’s voice outside. Quietly, she crept over to a window to see who it was. She was stunned to get her first look at Janis-who was stark raving nude! Casually, the large chested brunette chatted away on her cell phone. Thinking she could either use it at a divorce hearing, or simply for laughs later, Irene grabbed her video camera and began filming the unsuspecting nudist. What she got next totally surprised-and enraged her! Janis took a seat outside and continued talking- “Yeah, this place is GREAT! I’m naked right now! YES, outside! You guys should come by! Bring some cute guys! Oh, he won’t be back til Monday! I think I can get him to pop the question by next week! After that, I’ll only have to put up with his stupid ass for a couple months. Then this place will be ALL mine! Maybe I’ll turn it into a nudist colony for HOT chicks like us! Ok…I’ll talk to ya later. Bye!” Janis hung up and threw the phone towards the house laughing as she jumped up and down, setting her tits to flopping. Firm, she was NOT. Irene had it all on tape.

Irene was furious. Being in a vengeful mood, she decided to teach both Stan and his new floozy a lesson! Janis still didn’t know she was there. She quickly unpacked a few things and set her plan in motion. Janis was still outside frolicking around when she heard a noise in the barn. With her cell phone off in the grass somewhere, she cautiously approached the barn. She thought for a minute that maybe he came home early to surprise her.

“Hello? Honey is that you? Somebody in there? I’m calling the police…so, you better get out before they-” she was cut short as a lasso flew from the darkness and yanked her inside! She screamed in horror as a mask wearing woman, obviously in better shape than her, pushed her into a heavy chair and tied her to it! A few years on the rodeo circuit had taught Irene a thing or two! That wasn’t the only talent she possessed!

“Who…who are you?! What do you want!? Listen…my husband is going to be here any minute so I suggest you-”

“Shut up, missy! I know you’re lying! Hey…you a cowgirl?” Irene asked. “What? Why would you..”

“Because the last time I saw a pair of tits like this, they were being milked!” The look on Janis’s face was one of abject disbelief at such an insult! From a woman no less! “How DARE you! When I get loose I’m going to-”

“What? Beat me up with your droopers?” she chuckled. Janis started to say something else, but was silenced with a gag stuffed in her mouth.

“Enough with the small talk.” Irene said as she circled her bound rival, “Time for the FUN!”

Janis looked around nervously as Irene unfurled a chord. A chord attached to an electric razor! She plugged it in. Casually, she ran her hands through Janis’s pony tail.

“Such lovely hair. Since obviously enjoy being outside nude…though I can’t see WHY…why don’t we make you ALL nude?” Irene said. Janis shook her head and pleaded into her gag. Irene closely examined the young lady’s untrimmed crotch. “But where to start?” she quipped. Janis squirmmed around nervously and continued pleading into her gag.

“Fuck it.” Irene said as she flipped the clippers on, “I’ve always wondered what a bald chick would look like!”

“Mmmmmphh…MMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!” Janis yelled (or tried to) as Irene put her in a headlock and planted the clippers at her forehead! All she could do was watch in horror as the buzzing clippers sent a large clump of hair cascading into her lap! A two inch wide path of stubble across the top of her head. Irene stopped and ran her finger across it.

“Hmmmmm…” she said. She pulled a pair of scissors out of her back pocket. ‘SNNNIPP!’ Off came Janis’s pony tail!

“MMMMMMPPHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she screamed again! Who was this woman?! Why was she doing this?!?

“That’s better. It’ll go a whole lot faster like that!” Irene said as she turned the electric shears on again and resumed shaving Janis’s head! The pleas and whining didn’t do her any good. Her hair was coming off at an ever quickening rate! The buzzing across her scalp grew louder and louder! In relatively short time, Janis’s once lush mane had been reduced to an even field of stubble! The shape of her head was perfectly rounded and her ears appeared so much larger! The clippers went silent finally.

Irene laughed out loud at Janis’s discomfort. Hair littered her shoulders, tits, and lap as well as the floor.

“Let’s clean you up a little before we go on!” Irene said. She turned on a shop vac and began removing the shorn tresses from the girl’s body. It went normal enough…until Irene stuck the hose onto Janis’s right tit! Janis howled into her gag on that one!

“Oh, hush! Big girl like you? I’m sure these have been sucked more than THIS!” Cruelly she left it on there for a good 5 minutes! When she finally pulled it off, Janis’s nipple, large and brown, jutted out and hung down a good three inches!

“Wooooo! Look at that! Better do the other one too!” Irene said as she took aim, and hooked up the left one! After another 5 minutes, Janis had a matching set! Her tit’s looked more like udders now! Irene loved it! She finished ‘cleaning up, then announced “Ok…let’s get back to work on that hair do!”

Janis’s eyes were wide in horror staring at her bizarre looking boobs. She failed to notice Irene coming up behind her with a can of shaving cream. The white foam was applied to her scalp. She only whimpered slightly now. She knew she was beat.

“Now you hold realllllll still young lady! Wouldn’t want to nick this pretty round…and empty..head of yours!” Irene said pulling out an old straight razor! With slow and deliberate strokes, she began removing the last vestiges of Janis’s hair! It was ALL coming off! She hummed pleasantly as she scraped off the white foam mixed with bits of hair. Once it was all off, she lathered her up…and shaved her again! It took three shaves, but when she was finally done, Janis was as BALD as a cueball! The only hair left on her head was her raised eyebrows! The pale skin of her scalp a sharp contrast to her other tan features! It practically glowed!

“HAWHAWWHAWWWWHAWWW!!! Nice look, BALDY!” Irene chortled as she pawed the girl’s hairless dome. “Hey, let’s polish that billiard ball up shall we? Now where is that lotion?”

A few minutes later, Irene returned. “Hmmmm…couldn’t find it. I wonder if this’ll do the trick?” Janis’s eyes widened and she shook her head ‘NOOO!!!!’ Irene was holding a bottle of NAIR! She was powerless to stop her, however, as the foul smelling gel was applied to her barren scalp and massaged in! The slight burning and tingling was destroying her hair at the roots…permanently! After leaving it on more than twice the recommended time, Irene wiped her clean with a damp rag! She buffed it out, leaving Janis with a lustrous, gleaming, totally bald head! Irene squealed in delight at how hairless she was! “I can almost see my reflection!” she giggled.

Janis was horrified. Her tits looked ridiculous, her hair was gone….how much more humiliation could this woman dish out? That answer came
soon enough.

“Oh, I missed a spot!” Irene said as she picked up the clippers and plunged them into Janis’s hairy snatch! Shaving that didn’t take long at all! Her plump bulging mound reveiled leaving her with a triangle of ugly black nubs! That was as far as she took that shave! Janis would be allowed to grow her pubes back.

“Well, now…if that isn’t nude, nothing is! Whatta ya think, Miss Kojak?” Irene said pulling the gag out.

”(gasp!) you BITCH! Look what you’ve DONE to me! How could you!? I…I’m BALD! I’m completely BALD! An..and my boobies! My poor boobies! They’re ruined!” Janis yelled in embarrassment. Irene merely laughed at her. She patted her naked noggin like she was a dog. She cut her loose from the chair, but left her hands tied. Janis was secured to a heavy beam and left food and water in an old dish. She’d be alright til he found her the following night!

“It’s been real, chrome dome! Well? Hope your boy toys enjoy your new ‘do! Hey, I’m sure they won’t even notice! Just flash ’em your nice big boobs and..well, you might not want to show them those for a while…anyway..Tah, Baldy!” she said as she sped off out the back of the barn.

Stan returned home to find his new girlfriend tied up in the barn and shaved totally bald. “Don’t just stand there you IDIOT! Get me loose!” she yelled.

A video tape laying near by. He felt bad for her til he watched it later that night. There she was, laying out her plans for taking him to the cleaners! Janis had been in the shower cleaning up from her ordeal as he watched it. In his own rage, he pulled her out and shoved the bald-headed bimbo out the door still naked! The tape also included video of her make over. A voice at the end forwarned ‘Let this be a reminder!’

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