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She’d only been working there three weeks, but Dani instinctively felt that she’d landed on her feet. Having been made redundant from a large office supplies company, Dani had been trawling through the newspapers in search of a similar position.

Then she spotted the advert from `Typeface’ – “a small, busy and exciting company supplying stationary to businesses in the local area!” The advert wasn’t too specific about the job role, but Dani considered herself a good all rounder in any case. She phoned the number stated and spoke to a really friendly woman named Tania, who asked her to pop round that afternoon for a chat with the owner.

Dani thought this sounded promising, and so quickly changed into her favourite black business suit, and tied her long blonde hair into a respectable ponytail. She then jumped into her car, and drove the twenty miles to Typeface.

Typeface was indeed a small outfit, based in a smart office/business park. Tania, who proved to be just as friendly in person as she had been on the phone, greeted Dani. She was tall and slender, and wore a smart, pale beige business suit. Dani thought she looked mid-thirties. Her most striking feature was her hair. It was cut quite short, and was bleach-blonde. However, her whole appearance was stunning. Tania took Dani through to meet Kimberley, the owner, who was equally charming. Tania then left the two to discuss the position in private.

Kimberley appearance was even more stunning than that of Tania. Again, she wore a business suit, but hers was a dark blue. She was as slender as Tania, and looked to be of a similar age, maybe a little older. Her face was expertly made-up, and her hair was precisely cut into a very short bob style. She was very welcoming and soon Dani felt relaxed, chatting freely about her work experience. She described how she had left school and went to work at Parsons Office Supplies at the age of sixteen. Now 22, she had been made redundant but was looking to work in the same kind of business.

For her part, Kimberley described how she had set up Typeface from scratch, and built it up from nothing. She gave Dani a full run down on how the business operated and what the aims were. Then she paused to reflect.

“I was originally going to call it `The Pink Paperclip’, but finally settled on the more conservative name of `Typeface’. She said with a smile.

Dani smiled back, but Kimberley realised that she had not understood the irony of what she had just told her.

“Dani,” she spoke in a softer voice, “I want to offer you the position. However, the happiness of my team is paramount here. Those girls are what makes this business a success. Therefore, I am giving you a four-week trial. If, at the end of the four weeks, you like the job and you are doing it well, I will put it to a vote. If the other girls unanimously agree, then you have yourself a permanent position. However, if you get `black-balled’, then I’m afraid you are out. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Replied Dani.

“Good, then I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Please dress smart but casual.”

Dani left the building overjoyed. She couldn’t believe her luck!

That had been three weeks ago, and her joy had not faded. All the girls at Typeface had been friendly to her. She couldn’t believe the sense of family there was between them.

Admittedly the work was hard, but her colleagues were so supportive. If she made a mistake, they simply sorted the problem out, rather than make a fuss about it.

Kimberley had also kept an eye on her, continuously asking how she was doing etc. Dani simply loved her job and her new boss.

The one thing that had become obvious to Dani, was that there was a high percentage of lesbians amongst her eight work colleagues. She had soon learnt that Kimberley and Tania were live-in partners. It was an accepted fact within the company, and didn’t seem to effect it’s day-to-day operation.

Then there was Sam. She was 28 years old and lived alone, although she did have a partner named Joanne. Sam, like the vast majority of the girls there, was very feminine and didn’t dress at all like Dani had perceived lesbians to dress. It was this, and the fact that nobody had made any unwanted advances towards her, that had made Dani so relaxed about the high-lesbian count.

Dani was sure Sarah could have been a model in her earlier years. She was early thirties, had a beautiful face, and soft blonde hair. Her hair was cut relatively short, which seemed to be the popular choice at Typeface. Dani put it down to being `a lesbian thing’!

She remained uncertain about Jessica and Yaris. The two of them never discussed their private lives much, although Yaris had talked about splitting up with a boyfriend? Yaris was a similar age to Dani, but seemed more worldly-wise and had travelled extensively.

Regardless of their sexual orientation, Dani enjoyed her time at the office with her new friends. They all seemed to like her too, and Dani remained confident that she would win the forthcoming vote of confidence.

At lunchtime, she returned to the office to find a stranger sitting in her chair, happily talking to Kimberley, Tania, Sarah and Yaris. “Am I in your seat?” The stranger asked as Dani approached.

“Yes, but don’t worry,” Dani replied, “It’s okay for a minute.”

“This is Trudi,” said Sarah,” she used to work here.”

“Oh, hi.” Dani said.

“Yeah, good times! I still regret leaving!” Trudi sighed.

“Trudi is looking for sponsors,” remarked Yaris, “she’s going to get her head shaved!”

“Really?” Asked Dani, looking down on Trudi’s shouder-length tresses.

“Yeah, after leaving I decided to grow it, but it’s getting on my nerves. Besides, it’s all for charity…cancer research!”

“That’s good.” Dani replied.

“We’ve all sponsored her Dani, and we’ll be there when she gets sheared!” Declared Yaris. “Do you want to sponsor her?”

“Yes, certainly!”

“Will you come down and watch with us as well?” Yaris persisted.

“When is it?” Dani quizzed.

“This Thursday, at `The Retro’ in town”, Trudi answered,” there’s three of us being shaved from about eight o’clock!”

“Transformation Thursday!” Yaris added excitedly. “You could make it four Dani?”

Kimberley gave Yaris a look, before turning to Dani.

“If you would like to Dani, you are welcome to stop over at our place. We have a spare bedroom, and it would mean you could have a drink with us?” Kimberley offered.

Dani paused for thought. It was the first time she had been invited on a night out with the girls. Would it be rude to refuse Kimberley’s offer, especially with the end of her trial just days away?

“Thank you, I would like that.” She quickly replied.

“Good. Right then ladies, let’s get on!” Kimberley rose to her feet and returned back to her office, with Tania following close behind her.

“I’ll see you all Thursday then,” Trudi said as she left the office, “Nice to have met you Dani, see you Thursday!”

Dani gave her a smile and a wave. ———————————————————————————————————————

Thursday evening arrived. Dani had followed Kimberley and Tania back to their house in order to change for the night out. The house was impressive, but not over the top. It had four bedrooms, one of which was designated as Dani’s room for the night. Luckily, she was able to enjoy her own en-suite bathroom.

Dani had decided to glitz it up for the night, allowing herself the rare pleasure of wearing her long blonde hair down. She wore a black, sparkling, armless, knee-length dress. Kimberley and Tania both told her how beautiful she looked.

They arrived outside `The Retro’ as the other girls were walking up the pavement, and so entered the club together. No sooner had they bought a round of drinks, and found seats with a good view, than the `entertainment’ commenced.

Menacingly, a barb
er’s chair had occupied the centre of the stage all evening. Now, it was lit with a spotlight as a female walked up to it. She was wearing a basque, stockings, suspenders, and high-heeled stilettos. Her long, straight-black hair reached halfway down her back. Upon reaching the chair, she picked up the cape from the back of the chair and spoke into the nearby microphone.

“May I have my first customer?” She softly whispered. The crowd erupted with shouts and whistles. Dani looked around the audience, noticing that it was primarily female, trying to spot the first victim.

Suddenly she spotted Trudi stepping forward onto the stage.

“Take a seat please.”

Trudi lowered herself into the barber’s chair. The female swung the cape across her, pulling it tightly in around her neck. She placed one of her stilettos on the foot pedal, giving the chair several pumps. The crowd continued to cheer and whistle.

“Isn’t this great?” Yaris shouted over to Dani.

Dani nodded, staring at the spectacle before her.

The barberette raised her arm into the air. In her hand was a pair of hair clippers. The crowd cheered even louder. Trudi’s head was pushed forward, and the clippers were pushed up her neck. The first locks were tossed onto the floor, and the crowd’s screaming intensified.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, Trudi sat motionless as the barberette repeatedly ran the clippers over her head. Eventually, her head was bare, and she looked up to receive the audience’s applause.

As the cape was removed, and she stepped out of the chair, the barberette picked up the microphone again.


The crowd whooped with excitement and delight as a young girl stepped up onto the stage. She looked to be young twenties, and was wearing a white t-shirt and tight blue jeans. Her most breathtaking feature was her long, light-brown hair, which stretched down her back.

But the barberette was not in awe! As before, the cape was quickly fastened before she could have second thoughts. A hush fell on the audience as the girl’s head was pushed downward. The clippers popped into life, and then began scrunching through the young girl’s mane. The screams of the crowd were deafening, as the long tresses fell to the ground. The barberette mercilessly ran the clippers through her hair with increasing menace, grinning with delight as the girl was transformed.

No sooner had she left the chair, somewhat tearful as the reality of it had dawned, than the barberette called for her third victim.

To some disappointment, a relatively short-haired woman took her place in the chair. The cape was fastened around her, as before, but the crowd were not as excited this time around. However, the barberette was enjoying her role too much to worry about the audience. Once again, she dragged the clippers over her victim’s head, obviously enjoying every moment.

All too soon, all three candidates had been sheared. To loud applause, they rejoined the barberette on stage to show off their new looks.

“Please remember to give generously ladies,” the barberette reminded the crowd, “their sacrifice is for a very worthwhile charity.”

As her three victims stepped off the stage, she continued addressing the audience.

“Now, the night is young and these clippers have only just warmed up. Is there anybody else who would like me to give them a trim?”

Her question was met with some whistles and cheers, but no immediate volunteers.

“Okay, if nobody is willing to volunteer themselves,” she said chuckling, “is there anybody here who would like me to give somebody they’re with a trim?”

The whistling and shouting intensified again. The audience began looking around at each other. A couple of girls playfully pushed each other towards the stage half-heartedly, but again there were no serious takers.

“Is there nobody here who would like to see their friend given a makeover?”

The spotlight danced around the crowd, looking any takers.

“Over here!” A voiced shouted.

The spotlight’s beamed raced over to the source of the voice. Dani suddenly found herself bathed in bright, white light, as she looked up to see Yaris standing over her, pointing down in her direction.

“We have a customer!” Announced the barberette.

“Yaris, what are you doing?” Dani shouted.

“Come on, this will be fun!” Yaris yelled with glee, her finger pointing wildly at Dani.

“Please my dear, come and take a seat on stage!” The barberette beckoned menacingly.

Dani shook her head and motioned `no’ with her hands, but the audience stood staring at her, screaming and whistling her to move.

She could feel herself blushing intently, but remained seated. Yaris took her arm and tried to lift her up.

“Come on dear, the clippers are waiting!” Called the barberette.

Yaris continued to pull on Dani’s arm. Suddenly, Sarah grasped her other arm. She was much stronger than Yaris, and successfully pulled Dani to her feet. Dani stood blinded by the intense spotlight, and deafened by the increased noise. Yaris then began pushing against her back, forcing her to take a step forward, towards the stage. Sarah, still firmly holding one arm, grabbed Dani’s hair and pulled it downward to lift her chin. She was then able to begin frog-marching her to the stage in earnest.

The audience were going wild, calling out `shave her, shave her’, as Dani was pushed towards the stage. Other women in the audience joined in, pulling and pushing Dani up to the steps, relishing her dilemma and her obvious reluctance. Finally, she was forced up onto the stage. The barberette greeted her with a huge smile, and turned the barber’s chair in her direction whilst holding the cape out at arm’s length.

Yaris, Sarah and two female strangers pushed Dani down into the chair, as the barberette swung the cape around her. She looked up and into the crowd, but the spotlight bleached out her view. She felt helpless, as the barberette ran her fingernails through Dani’s long hair.

“Well, well, well,” she began, “what do we have here!”

The audience cheered excitedly as the barberette lifted up lengths of hair, holding them out away from Dani’s head as if inspecting them intently.

“Look’s like you definitely need these ends trimming sweetheart.”

Chants of `shave her, shave her’ started up again, joined by general cheering.

“Actually, I think I’ll have to take off a little more. All this blonde hair makes you look like a bimbo!” With that, the barberette switched on the clippers and firmly held Dani’s head with her open palm.

The crowd fell silent, as the clippers were placed on her forehead, ready to be pulled back across her crown. Tears fell from Dani’s eyes, as she sat ready to accept her fate. The barberette held the pose for several seconds, as if to savour the moment, before lifting the clippers away. “Sorry love, only kidding!”

Dani looked up at her, surprised and bewildered.

“Your workmates wanted to wind you up,” she added, nodding over towards Kimberley and co, “I’m not going to shear you…unless you want me to?”

The audience could not contain their disappointment, and general mutterings and sighing could be heard within their ranks. This was soon followed by smiles and grins as they saw Dani’s bewilderment turn into heartfelt relief. She visibly sank back into the barber’s chair, as if exhausted, and allowed herself a deep sigh.

“Well, do you?” The ever-hopeful barberette asked.

“No,” Dani immediately replied, “definitely not!”

“Pity, it would have been fun. Maybe next time.”

Yaris and Sarah came over to the chair, and helped Dani out of it.

“Sorry Dani, but that was so funny,” Yaris said, “and you’re such a good sport!”

Sarah added, “Yeah, sorry Dani.”

“You swines,” Dani playfully swore, “you absolute swines. How could you?”

The three of them returned to the main group, as the main lighting was turned back up and music began to play.

“Well done Dani,
” said Kimberley, “you were so brave.”

“I can’t believe you lot,” Dani continued, “I thought I was going to be shaved bald.”

The group laughed and joked about Dani’s `near-miss’ for the rest of the night. She had impressed her fellow workmates with how well she had taken the joke, and they all loved her more for it. For her part, Dani felt much more closer to them all. It had terrified her at the time, but she bared no ill feelings. In fact, upon reflection, she had quietly enjoyed the experience.

As the evening drew to a close the group went their different ways, with Dani returning with Kimberley and Tania to their house on the outskirts of town.

Once inside, Kimberley asked Dani if she would like another drink, which she accepted. The three of them sat in the living room, discussing the evening’s events.

“So Dani, what did you think when you were sat up there on stage?” Tania asked.

“I couldn’t believe it to be honest! I just froze. I didn’t know what to think!”

“Did you honestly think she would do it?” Tania continued. “What? Shave me?”


“Well, yeah I did!”

“So what did you think about that?”

Dani paused. The evening’s drinking was taking effect on her. She thought hard.

“I don’t know really,” she started, “at first I was scared. I didn’t want to lose all of my hair.”

“And then?” Tania pushed.

Dani felt quite light-headed, and spoke more honestly than she probably would have done whilst sober.

“Then I kind of accepted it.”

“Being shaved?”

“Yes,” she replied, “and then it didn’t seem to bother me.”

Kimberley stood up and walked out of the room, leaving just the two of them alone. Tania persisted with her questioning.

“So you wouldn’t have minded being shaved?”

“Well yes, and no,” Dani seemed puzzled by her own answers, “I like my hair but the thought of being shaved was exciting. Do you know what I mean? That sounds silly doesn’t it?”

“No, not at all, it sounds perfectly normal to me.” Tania assured her.

“I mean, I had no choice. If she had shaved my head, then I would have had no choice.”

“No, you wouldn’t have. Is that what excited you?”

“I suppose so.” Dani was now feeling quite drunk, and slumped back into the sofa.

“So if you had no choice, you would like your head being shaved?” Tania was relentless with her questions, but Dani felt too tired to care about the answers she gave.


“Are you saying you would like your head shaved?”


Just then, Kimberley re-entered the room carrying a small bag, the size of a wash bag. She stayed at the back end of the room, where the dining table was.

“Would you like it done tonight Dani?” Tania asked.


“Your head, would you like us to do it tonight for you?”

“If you want to.” Her voiced drifted as she answered Tania, who immediately stood up and walked over to Dani. She gently took her arm, and helped her to her feet.

“Let’s take you over here then and you can take a seat.”

Dani mumbled something as Tania guided her to the back end of the living room, where Kimberley had pulled out one of the dining chairs. She rested Dani down into the chair.

“Do you want to do it?” Tania asked Kimberley.

“No, you can this time. I’ll just watch.” Came the reply.

Dani sat with her head bowed down. That last drink had taken its toll, just as Kimberley had expected. Her motionless body sat slumped, with her long blonde hair falling across her shoulders and back, contrasting against her black dress.

There was a click as Tania plugged in a pair of hair clippers but Dani did not stir, not even when they popped into life and their distance humming filled the room. Kimberley pulled out another dining room chair, from under the table, and sat down on it to watch Dani’s transformation begin.

Tania winked mischievously at her, before gently pushing Dani’s head further downward. She brought the clippers up to her neck and plunged them into the mass of blonde locks, pushing them slowly upward. Blonde tresses fell down the back of her black dress, and onto the floor.

Dani let out a muffled moan as Tania continued to shear her blonde hair off.

“I think she’s enjoying it.” Kimberley whispered.

“Sounds like it!” Tania replied.

With the back of her head shorn, Tania quickly worked away at both sides, until only her crown remained. She placed a guard on the clippers, rested the blades on Dani’s forehead, and pulled them back across her head. A mass of blonde hair fell to the floor, leaving Dani’s shaven head in full view. She looked so different, still in her black dress and full make-up, but now with a pale, shorn head.

Kimberley stood up and could not resist passing her hand over Dani’s head.

“That feels so nice,” she exclaimed, “and doesn’t she look so much better?”

“She looks gorgeous!” Tania agreed.

“Let’s take her upstairs. We can clean up tomorrow morning.”

The two of them lifted Dani back to her feet, and carried her up to their bedroom. Left behind, in the dining room, stood the chair. It, and the floor, was covered in Dani’s long blonde hair. On the table lay the clippers, with tufts of blonde caught up in the guard and the blades.

The following day, back at Typeface, her colleagues were not at all surprised to see Dani arrive at work with Kimberley and Tania. Nor were they surprised to see Dani’s new look. She sat down at her desk whilst Kimberley asked for their attention.

“Everyone, can I have a minute,” she began, “I am very pleased to say that following our vote yesterday, and her acceptance of my offer, Dani will be joining our staff on a permanent basis. I’m sure everyone here wishes her well.”

As her workmates cheered and began to congratulate her, they all understood why Dani beamed with happiness. They too had experienced the attentions of Kimberley and Tania, when they had first joined the company. Not only were the pair good and supportive employers, they were also excellent lovers and Dani’s hair sacrifice would have been rewarded with a night of unparalleled passion. It was little wonder that their workforce remained so loyal to them, and that hair length remained so short!

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