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"I love you very much, darling… that’s what today taught me, if nothing else." I reached out and touched his face, looking deeply into his eyes.

He touched my face as well and kissed me softly, "I love you too… but it still hurts to know you were with another man."

"I did it to prove to myself once and for all if I’m truly in love with you. I didn’t want my love for you to be a lie, and I didn’t want to be making a mistake by leading you on if I didn’t… but that’s not the case. I do love you very much… and you’ll never have to worry about that issue again."

He looked down at the floor and sighed. "I understand why you did it.. But saying you’re sorry isn’t enough. Now, everyday, I’m going to be worried about if you’re still trying to figure out if you love me or not. Commit to me or don’t. Make up your mind."

I came closer and wrapped my arms around him, "I’ll do whatever it takes to show you that I’m ready to commit to you. I’ll do anything."

He looked down into my eyes, and I could tell that what I had to do wouldn’t be easy. "My idea is… to make yourself unappealing to any other man except me. I don’t want to run the risk of losing you… I’ll always love you, no matter what you look like…"

A slight chill went down my spine as I wondered what he would do to me… then I looked down at my curly brown and red hair and stroked it softly. "Yes, that." he answered even without my asking.

I completely froze as I wondered what he was going to do with it. Most likely cut it somehow, but to what extent I had no idea.

"You can walk away right now untouched, or you can show your commitment by accepting your punishment. Its your choice." he added.

I thought hard for a moment, and knew how much I hated resting the fate of my hair in his hands… but he was worth more to me. "I’ll do it… because I love you more." I hugged him tighter again and he hugged me back, gently stroking my hair. "You won’t… you wont kick me to the curb once you’ve done it, right..? You’re going to hold true to your word and we’ll commit to each other forever?" He hugged me tighter and whispered, "I’ll hold true… I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t want you to be mine forever." I sighed heavily and pursed my lips, then replied, "…okay."

He took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where a stool was sitting in front of my vanity with scissors, a comb and brush, and to my horror hair clippers and attachments were all laid out and waiting. I looked at him nervously and he whispered, "As part of your punishment, I’ll decide how you’re going to look and shall no compassion nor mercy to you until I am finished." A tear welled up in my eye and he wiped it away gently, "Don’t cry… this is hard for me too."

With that, I slowly sat down on the stool. It was the kind with a small back on it, which I was relieved it was because I was sure I would fall off or pass out once he started. He gently brushed my hair one last time, making sure every last tangle or knot was out of it. He picked up the scissors and suddenly lifted a lock and cut it. How short or long I could not determine. He laid it out in front of me and it looked about 10" long. "I want to save this… if you’re a good girl, someday your hair will be as long and beautiful as this again." More tears started to fall from my eyes but I could tell he was ignoring them as best he could as he tied my hair into a ponytail at the nape and without warning took the scissors and started to cut through it. I had somewhat expected this, because I doubted he would leave it very long at all. It took him a few minutes to cut all the way through because of the thickness of my hair. I held my breath the entire time, trying not to shed a tear for his sake or my own. When he was through, he quickly tossed it into the garbage on the side of the vanity.

Next, he laid the scissors down and picked up the clippers. I gasped and he looked at me in the mirror, his face devoid of emotion. He thought carefully for a moment before choosing an attachment. I assumed it looked like a 1" attachment. "Whew" I thought to myself. Maybe I’ll still have something to comb through. Until now, I had figured that he would started at the nape of my neck, but then he walked right in front of me and flipped the switch on them, sending a loud "POP" throughout the room followed by a low hum. I gasped again and slightly leaned back away from him, curling up as if trying to hide from him. He turned them off and laid them down, then whipped around and pushed my legs back down onto the footrest, pinning me to the chair and staring straight into my eyes, "DO NOT make this harder than this is." As he said this, a tear ran down his cheek and I truly understood that he felt as bad as I did. I wiped the tear away and kissed his lips. He did not kiss me back, but I assumed it was because he was trying to regain composure. He turned around and picked them up and popped them on. I bit my lip and sat straight up, I looked down at the floor, rendering my head defenseless to the roaring clippers in his hand. He rested them on my forehead and then quickly plowed them over the top of my head. I couldn’t see anything fall until he made a second pass next to it, then looked slightly up into the mirror where I could a big shorn patch of hair on top of my head about 1" long. He continued to make pass over pass on my head, then brushed away whatever was still clinging. He then turned the clippers off, changed the attachment and moved to my right side, quickly mowing off everything and exposing my ear. The hair on this side looked a bit shorter than on top. I had been shaking for a moment but the shaking stopped as I tried to relax myself as much as I could. I closed my eyes to calm myself further and then realized that the soft vibrating on my scalp actually felt sort of good… as if my scalp was being massaged as more and more hair fell away. He moved to my left and rested the clippers on my cheek and pushed them up as he had on my right side, then bent my ear back and clipped around it, never nicking or cutting me as he worked somewhat gently. Next, he moved to the back of my head, where the last of my long hair remained. It looked somewhat like a really bad mullet and I slightly giggled to myself at how funny I looked. He looked in the mirror at me and cracked a very slight smile before shaking it off and returning to his empty state of emotion. He sheared up and up to my crown where the long hair met the short hair now and repeated this over and over again until there wasn’t a long hair on my head. He switched attachments again to a much smaller one and began to taper the back and sides. The clippers now even closer to my head, the intensity of "the massage" increased and I even slightly moaned. He cleaned up my neck and then picked up the scissors again, cutting my sideburns into little angles then placing them back on the vanity. He brushed my head off with his hand and walked around me, surveying his work. I looked hard at myself in the mirror, assessing the damage. The cut didn’t match my face shape, nor did it flatter me very much, but he did do a very good job on it.

He came around to my front again, playing a little with the short bangs that remained and brushing them to the side. I looked up at him and for the first time in days he gave me a big smile and kissed the top of my head. "You’re still beautiful to me, babe. Understand that this is not the end, but a new beginning. You’re going to remain like this for a year, then you may grow it out again if that be your desire." I looked into the mirror again and ran my fingers through my hair. "Whoa…that’s … wow." I wasn’t quite sure whether I liked it or hated it, but it did feel quite different when I ran my hand over it. "Now… let me show you something.." With that, he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and very softly rubbed his finger over my nape. I gave a great moan of pleasure and looked deeply into his eyes. "Feels good, doesn’t it? And instill this into your mind… I’m the only man who will be giving you that little pleasure." He smiled and lifted me from the stool, walked across the room and laid me down on the bed. There, we made the most beautiful and passionate love we had ever. "I love you, babe.." he whispered into my ear. "I love you, too… and I’m yours forever." I replied, sealing it with a tender kiss upon his lips.

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