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It all started when I was still young I didn’t clearly know but some thing would start happening to me when ever I used to see women getting their haircut.

I only got to know that I had hair fetish when I got an internet connection in my house, every night I used to check out different sites and came to know that I am not the only guy who has this kind of fetish.

I desperately wanted to cut girl?s hair but was shy and afraid to ask the girls that I could cut their hair lets come to the story part and this is a true story.

I have three cousins all the three are girls and grown up so I thought I could ask them or tell them about my hair fetish but one day it turned out to be my day I suppose.

I and my cousin were alone in her house when she told me that her hair had grown a bit long and was going to cut it in a salon and asked me weather I could accompany her to any beauty shop, I suddenly interrupted in the middle and asked her that I could cut her hair so that she could save some money to which she agreed easily ?I don?t know how she trusted me but I was ready to try my hand for the first time?. I took her to her room and placed a chair in the middle of the room, I asked for a cloth which I could use as a cape. I first took her to the bathroom and used the sink to wet her hair and made her think I looked like a professional guy then I shampooed her hair and took her back to the room I first sectioned her hair just like in the saloon and asked her weather she had any style in her mind to which she said a shoulder length bob would be good as her hair had grown below her shoulder, I first tied her hair in to a pony tail and started to cut exactly up to her shoulder then I sectioned it and formed a bob by cutting the sides and shaping them. She was really amazed when she looked herself in the mirror and said ?no professional has ever given me this perfect bob? and said that you would be my personal hairstylist from today to which I agreed happily from that day every month we meet personally so that I can trim her bob to keep it perfect?????.

Lots more of my other cousin in the next story????.

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