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Sherry had been going to Flattop’s `R Us every week for the last year. Last week she was told, “WE are glad you are a customer but if you want to keep the bald look you might consider a permanent solution.”

Well it was Friday again. Sherry picked out her softest, thickest sweater. When she got to the block where the barbershop was located she noticed a couple of busses in front of the shop. On the side of the busses was United States Marine Corps.

She decided to go across the street to a little cafĂ© and wait a while before going in the barbershop. As she sipped her coffee she noticed the first bus unloading. Every lady that stepped off had at least shoulder length hair. She decided this was going to be good so she decided to stay and wait. It wasn’t long and she started noticing bald women getting back on the bus.

Before too long, the other bus emptied and again each lady had at least shoulder length hair. Some even had hair down to their waist. Time passed and every one of the women came out wearing the same bald look that she had grown to love.

After the busses pulled away she paid for her coffee and left. As soon as she walked into Flattop’s `R Us she saw a strange sight. Instead of barberettes with flattops and Mohawks and chili bowls, she saw six clean shaven barberettes. The decision was made.

It was her time so she jumped into the chair. Just as soon as Sarah asked her if she wanted it shaved, Sherry said yes and I want it to be from now on. She said she had a question and the stylist said, “Ask.” “Why are all of you bald?” “We were offered a contract with the Marine Corps. The condition to taking the contract was that each person who cut the hair must be bald on the day they came. They called on Monday saying they would come today. Last night we had a head shaving party. They will bring a fresh group about every 3 months.

While the solution was being rubbed over her head, Amanda came over. Amanda was one of the shop owners. She told Sherry how valued a customer she was. She also said I have a job for you if you want it. Sherry said she could not cut hair. Amanda said that is ok. “Do you remember the downstairs with the sweaters and the furs?” she asked. “Of course” Sherry replied. “I need someone to manage that area. We will provide you with a choice of wigs for those days you want hair. We also will allow you to wear any of the sweaters and furs we have. Would you be interested?” questioned Amanda

“Of course I would,” said Sherry. “Would Monday be too early to start?”

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