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My name is Melanie and I’m 26 years old.  I have a great boyfriend named Carl, who is 27.  He liked to spoil me with expensive gifts and lavish vacations, so I wasn’t surprised when he said he had a “very special” weekend planned for us.  I got off work and when I arrived at our apartment, I found a small jewelry box and an envelope on our bed.  A beautiful pair of diamond and pearl chandelier earrings were in the box.  I opened up the envelope to find directions to the place we would be meeting, and a note asking me to wear the earrings and my Chanel No. 5.  I quickly spritzed my neck, put on the earrings and headed to my car.  I drove to the specified location and parked my car.  I hurried up 3 flights of stairs and found suite 309 down the hall.  I knocked on the door and Carl was waiting for me.

“Welcome.”  He said, taking my hand and leading me in.  Carl had lit several candles in the modernly decorated loft, and was playing some soft jazz music.

“This is nice honey.  Will we be staying here?”  I asked. 

Carl shook his head and said, “No. I have something special for us to do here, then a limousine will be taking us to the airport.  Our destination is to be a surprise for you.”  I smiled and nodded.  “Now, upstairs for our special activity.”  Carl said, as he helped me take my coat off, and led me upstairs.  He opened the door to a room, and turned on the light.  Not at all following the modern theme from downstairs, the room was decorated like an old fashioned barber shop.  It had black and white marbled floors, a porcelin wash basin, cherry wood cabinets and drawers, and a burgundy leather barber’s chair with a red pinstripe cape hung over it.  Beside the chair a bottle of champagne was chilling and a tray of strawberries and chocolates sat next to it.  I gave Carl a puzzled look.  He smiled and said, “have a seat.”  “May I inquire as to why?”  I asked.  Again Carl smiled.  “I’ll be giving you a haircut sweetheart.” I raised my eyebrows.  “I want to give you a special new look before we go on our trip.”  He said.  I gave him a skeptical look.  “Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of everything.”  Carl said.  I shrugged.   He helped me into the barbers chair.  Immediately I relaxed as I sunk into the soft leather.  Carl eased the chair back a bit and positioned the footrest.  “We’re in no hurry, so I’m going to give you a foot massage.”  Carl said.  He poured me a glass of champagne then he removed my stilettos then took a warm wet hand towel and washed my feet, sore from being in heels all day.  He took some sweet smelling lotion from the cabinet and rubbed my feet with it.  I sipped the sweet champagne and popped a piece of chocolate in my mouth as I closed my eyes feeling so indulged.  I was just about asleep when I felt Carl’s warm hands rubbing my cheeks.  “Wake up dear.”  He whispered.  He took my hand and helped me up.  He placed a thick towel on the seat of the chair, then he removed my pants and underwear.  He sat me back down and reclined the chair all the way.  He pulled a stool next to the front of the chair and sat down.  Then Carl took a warm washcloth and cleaned me up down there.  He took a pair of scissors and carefully cut all of the hair very short.  Then he used a battery operated shaver to slowly shave my short pubes down to stubble.  I moaned in delight at the gentle vibrations.  Carl shaved all of it off, in every fold and crack of my skin.  He dusted off any remaining loose hairs, then he placed a very hot washcloth over my bikini area.  He patted it down and carefully pulled my lips apart to soak the super sensitive inner area.  He left and I heard a loud whining sound.  He sat back down on a stool with a blob of thick shaving cream in his hand.  He removed the washcloth and I suddenly felt cold down there as the breeze hit my hot red skin.  It only lasted a second, because soon after, Carl started to apply the warm shaving lather to my almost bare mound.  He spread a thick coat of the stuff over my entire mound and in the folds, then he washed and dried his hands and took a straight razor off the shelf.  He flicked it open and sharpened it on the belt attached to the chair like a real barber would, then positioned the razor on my bikini area and slowly started to shave me smooth.  I shuddered in pleasure as I felt the sharp blade scraping off my pubes.  Carl was extremely cautious as he shaved me.  Stroke after stroke, I purred in pleasure.  I felt so vulnerable, being shaved like that.  I was having the most intense orgasm. Carl ran his fingers over my skin after he shaved it to make sure it was all smooth.  When I was shaved clean, he washed me very thoroughly, and dried me with gentle puffs of his warm breath.  He then planted soft kisses all around my now hairless vaginal lips.  He proceesed to give me the most amazing oral I’d ever recieved.  Without hair, every sensation was tenfold.  When it was over, Carl massaged my shoulders while I mentally came back down to earth.  After several minutes, he quietly asked me, “Are you ready?”  “For what?”  I asked.  “The haircut.”  He replied.  “Oh, well I suppose so.  What exactly are you doing to me anyways, I dont’t want anything drastic.”  I said.  “It’s a surprise my love.  Just relax and let me take care of you.  I promise, I’ll make you even more beautiful.”  He said.  There was a sincerity in his voice that made me trust him.  “Ok.”  I said.  He smiled and kissed my forehead.  Then he said, “Let’s take your shirt off so you don’t get too hot under the cape.”  I held up my arms and he lifted off my blouse, then took off my bra, leaving me completely naked.  He put the barbers chair back in the upright position, then helped me to slide back and sit up straight.  He tore a piece of tissue paper from a dispenser on the wall and tied it tighly around my neck.  He took the cape and skook it so it would unfold.  Carl threw it over me and secured it nice and snug around my neck.  Carl was behind me opening a drawer so I spun the chair around so I was facing the mirror and could watch the haircut.  He pulled out scissors and a comb, and spun the chair back around.  He walked around to face me and said, “no peeking.  Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensations.”  Then he gave me another kiss on my forehead and walked behind me.  I felt my a chunk of my hair being combed up, then I heard the scissors open and I felt Carl lift a large chunk of my hair.  SNNNIIIPPP and I felt a long silky strand of my hair slide down my head. SNNNNIIIIPPPP and another strand fell.  Carl combed and snipped, combed and snipped.  My head felt lighter by the second.  I kept my eyes shut as Carl instructed, but I had to wonder, what kind of a haircut could he possibly be giving me?  Obviously it was going to be a short one.  I heard Carl put the scissors and comb down on the counter.  He saw the tenseness in my face so he poured me another glass of champagne, and put it in my hand, since my eyes remained shut.  I sipped the cold champagne as Carl plugged something in behind me.  He said, “In a moment you will hear a loud POP sound, followed by a low humming.  Then y
ou will feel vibrations on your head.  Do not be startled.  Just be still and calm.”  “Ok.”  I said softly.  As Carl said, I heard a loud POP hummmm.  Then I felt something vibrating on my forehead.  It moved back over my head and I felt hair rain down.  It felt so good.  The vibrations worked their way over my entire head, and as they passed over each part, my head got colder as the air touched it.   When the vibrations stopped, my head felt very cold and my body was numb.  Carl had to hold my head up as he wrapped a warm towel around it.  Then he walked away for a moment.  He came back and again held my head as he took the towel off then spread something warm over my whole head.  He shook me gently and whispered, “I need you to sit up for me, just for a few minutes, can you do that sweetheart?”  I nodded and sat up straight.  I felt a cold blade on my forehead.  Carl slowly pulled the blade back, and I heard a soft scraping noise.  Then I felt the cold air on my head where the blade had just passed.  Carl slowly worked his way around my entire head removing all of the warm stuff.  When I felt cold air everywhere on my head, I heard Carl put something on the counter.  He pushed the chair a few feet to the side, then reclined it all the way. He guided my head back, and I felt cold porcelain on my neck.  I must be at the wash basin, I decided.  Soon I felt the warm water rushing over my head.  It felt quite odd though.  I’ve had my hair washed many times in salons, but never has water felt his way on my head.  I smelled something sweet and I felt Carl massaging my head, so he must be shampooing me.  It also felt better than usual.  It was as if all of the nerves in my head were never there before.  With my eyes shut I imagined my new look as Carl rinsed me off.  He wrapped a dry towel around my head then put the chair back in the upright position and scooted it back over a few feet.  He took the towel off then rubbed some sweet smelling stuff all over it.  Then he said, “close your eyes my dear.”  I closed my eyes and Carl spun the chair around.  He counted to three then took my hands off my eyes.  My jaw dropped.  He had shaven me bald!  I turned my head from side to side, and then reached up and touched it.  My newly shaven head was so soft and I felt a surge of electricity run through my body as I touched it.  I gave Carl a passionate kiss and after admiring my new look for a few minutes, I got dressed and we left on our weekend getaway.

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