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Amanda Waller could have been the most average twenty-six-year-old woman on the face of the earth.  Her body was nothing to write home about, being right in the middle of chubby and very skinny and standing at about 5′ 4”.  To her credit, she had above average breasts and gorgeous, silky straight, honey blond hair.  There were three things, however, that would prevent her acceptance into the Average People Hall of Fame if there were such a thing.  The first and possibly most bizarre was that Amanda had an innate fear of hair cutting utensils.  You read that right; Amanda Waller went into an uncontrollable frenzy at the very sight of scissors or clippers.  Amanda’s strange phobia likely came about when Amanda was four years old when her hair was cut brutally short due to one of the greatest misunderstandings in the history of misunderstandings.  Due to her mother’s understandable hysteria at her daughters shorn hair, and the months of ridicule following the massacre led to her peculiar disorder.  Amanda’s mother tried everything to remedy her daughter’s peculiarity from tough love by forcing her daughter to get a haircut to sending her to a psychiatrist.  The former at least got her a haircut, though with all the screaming and biting it could only warrant sending Amanda to get a haircut every two years, at which point Amanda would lose two inches of her awe-inspiring mane.  Why two inches?  Well that was about equal to the amount of patience a stylist had to deal with their unruly customer.  This tradition continued for Amanda until the age of eighteen in which Amanda escaped her two-year nightmare.  The result of losing only two inches of hair every year and after going to college not losing even an inch of hair lead to Amanda Waller’s second quirk.  Her hair.

      Only receiving a haircut every two years, and only losing two inches at that time, then not cutting her hair at all after she turned eighteen naturally meant Amanda had very long hair.  Before she turned eighteen, her hair had grown to her waist.  Once she went on her sabbatical, her hair had grown down to her knees.  She usually combated the annoyance of such long hair by either braiding it or putting it in a bun.  Washing it was another battle Amanda had to deal with, working around this by only being able to wash it about once a week, afterwards it took her at least eight to ten hours for it to completely dry, even with a hair dryer.  At the current age of twenty-six, nine years had passed since her last “haircut.”  Even without trims surprisingly, Amanda’s hair was amazingly healthy and thick without any split ends.  Even with the length, Amanda’s enchanting locks were quite the envy of other women, wishing their hair was half as beautiful as Amanda’s luscious hair.  Though to Amanda, those thoughts were simply a case of the grass being greener.

      Amanda’s personal desire was perhaps the most bizarre of her three peculiarities.  It was a quirk so bizarre it was hard to grasp just how insane it was when aligned with her other quirks.  The desire first came when she turned thirteen, since then she had tried to bury it within her subconscious out of shear fright.  Yet in the darkness and loneliness of night the thought returned and along with fear another feeling came to her, weak at first but slowly gaining strength.  A feeling of pure joy came over her the more the thought surfaced, yet a stronger feeling of pure panic came over her the more she realized the pleasure she felt over this thought.  She locked both the thought and the feelings of that thought away in her subconscious as guilty man would his sin.  This thought complicated Amanda’s already difficult life because of the impossibility of its fulfillment.  The desire was a simple word with many complications.  The one little word that brought so much complication was…
Yes, for all the yearning other women had for Amanda’s goddess like hair, the woman with hair like a honey blonde waterfall yearned for nothing more than to tear those same locks right from her head; but with her phobia of hair cutting utensils, achieving her strange fantasy seemed impossible.  Thus, the dream remained that, a dream.
     Amanda’s knight in shining armor would come in the form of Roger Dolan.  Roger Dolan was a twenty-six-year-old chemist and part time artist.  He stood at 5′ 10″ with black, shaggy hair.  He would be the one to unlock the puzzle of Amanda’s deepest, darkest desire.  They had met at a restaurant and instantly fell in love.  In a twist of irony that was really just coincidental, Roger had a hair fetish, especially for bald women.  For a year each thought the other would not understand the desires of their significant other.  On their one year anniversary, Amanda’s desires finally overwhelmed her and she confessed her fantasy to an ecstatic Roger who in return revealed his hair fetish to her, admitting that when he first met her he had fantasized about denuding Amanda of those lovely, luscious locks.  Both were enthusiastic over this mutual fascination, but the same problem arose, fulfilling those desires.

      The lovers struggled to find a solution for months after their confessions.  A solution to their puzzle came about from Roger’s job of all places.  A hair removal chemical that would temporarily remove hair from a person’s head had just successfully cleared the human testing portion of tests and was waiting for the company to invest in its full time production.  The company planned on aiming the product toward hospitals so that head wounds could be cleared of hair without using clippers and possibly making the wound worse.  Roger quickly acquired three bottles of the solution and rushed it over to Amanda’s apartment as fast as humanly possible.  Amanda went into a frenzy of excitement once she heard the news.  The couple decided that Saturday would be the end for Amanda’s hair, allowing Amanda to buy a wig since coming to work bald would not go over too well with her boss.  Though time seemed to creep along, Saturday finally came.  In just a little while, Amanda would be bald.

      The night to remove Amanda’s long, titan tresses came.  Amanda combed out her hair and played with it for the last time while waiting for Roger to arrive.  When Roger arrived with the hair remover, the devious couple got to work.  The hair removal cream came in a purple bottle with a trigger at the top and a thin nozzle to dispense cream.   Amanda removed her shirt revealing her round, soft breasts and pulled her hair into a nearly skin tight bun so that they would not have to use as much of the hair remover.  Amanda took a seat on the chair that Roger had placed in the bathroom, once Amanda was situated, Roger, with the hair remover bottle in hand, approached the woman whom he loved more than anything at that moment.   Roger asked her if she was certain she wanted to do this, Amanda looked down for around a minute, contemplating all the trials she had gone through with her hair, yet all the adoration she received for it as well.  She was nervous, yet excited at the same time that this dream was right in front of her for the taking.  Amanda looked back up right into Roger’s and replied “Yes.”  At this reaffirmation, Roger raised the bottle near the temple of Amanda’s hairline and pushed in the trigger.&n
bsp; The execution of Amanda’s hair began.  The cream came out with a slight hiss, but its appearance was uncannily similar to shaving cream and when it touched Amanda’s hairline almost looked like it floated on Amanda’s hairline.  Roger began tracing Amanda’s hairline with the cream, tracing the forehead hairline, down to the left temple, around her ear, then to the back hairline, and finally around her right ear back to the starting point of the process.  Amanda heart raced, she was scared out of her mind, “what was she doing?” she thought.  Then she looked and felt a sense of happiness, this bane would soon be gone, and she was ready for it to be over so she could see.  However Roger was not finished with Amanda yet, he took the bottle and started filling in the actual head of hair as the instructions noted, even going so far as to cover Amanda’s thick bun.  Finally, after covering every inch of Amanda’s titan locks, they waited, it would take five minutes for the cream to take full effect, at which time Amanda would see the fruits of their labor.  While they waited Amanda looked in the mirror, and laughed at the whip cream hair she currently wore, she also noted how much it tingled, which meant it was working.   After five minutes, the cream was finished.  Amanda stood in front of the mirror with Roger standing behind her.  He asked her if she was ready in which she simply nodded yes.  At that point, Roger lightly grabbed the thick bun of what was Amanda’s hair and started softly pulling it away from Amanda’s head.  Amanda’s heart raced furiously as a slight popping and crackling noise was heard with Amanda’s scalp slightly pulling from the pressure, then all of a sudden, the locks of hair from Amanda’s front hair line snapped loose from her forehead in one tight clump as if she was wearing a wig.  Amanda gasped, but Roger continued pulling.  The girl who had for years had long thick tresses could suddenly see the top of her head and feel a cool breeze flowing over it.  The hair around her ears was next to unlock, giving up the last of their hold on Amanda’s head.  Roger then pulled the bun up lightly and her nape hairs popped loose allowing the cool breeze to enwrap the back of her head.  Then finally the rock hard bun simply floated, Amanda’s eyes widened more than she thought they were capable of for good reason.  Hovering above her head was her hair still in a bun covered in hair removal cream.  In the mirror, her head reflected back at her in it’s newly found nudity.   Her head was gorgeously round and smooth, though discolored from not having seen light since she was a baby.  Amanda’s eyes welled up with tears at the shock of her hair no longer blanketing her head.   Roger quickly put the hair down on a towel and wiped any excess cream with another towel and asked if she was okay, she turned around with tears flowing down her face, smiling, and told the man she loved she was happier than she ever thought she could be and kissed him.  

      Amanda quickly jumped into the shower to help awaken her now baldhead, a feeling of pure inebriation came over her once the first droplet of water touched her shapely head.  Roger quickly joined her in the shower and the two made love for hours, and all the while Roger could not stop rubbing his hand over her silk smooth crown.

      No one ever knew of Amanda’s fulfilled fantasy, she wore the wig that looked exactly like her hair except that it only touched her shoulders.  People simply thought she had overcome her phobia, never knowing of the secret Amanda had.  The two got engaged shortly thereafter and then married.  Amanda began a new tradition once they were married.  After her liberation she grew her hair out for two years, at which point Roger freed her of it.  They continued this tradition, for the rest of their days.

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