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Brad and Shelley had been dating for about 6 months. Everything was great. They were in love, each had meet the others family, with approval all around. Shelley had been looking for the ring and maybe a date??  There was one thing that bothered her – why had they not made love?? They did do some heavy petting but nothing else.  She just found it odd.

One day, Shelley got her nerve up and approached Brad about why they were not having sex. Do you not find me attractive? She asked.

Brad looked at her and smiled. “I love you and want to marry you, but there is something you should know before we go any further. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I have sexual fetishes. One is hair, the other is to dominate my partner. If you and I are married I expect you to be my sumissive. You must be obediant to my every whim and request. Do you ever wonder where I go on Friday nights? Friday is the dom night at the denude club. On Fridays we marry couples so that the domination can be complete. If you are interested in marrying me, this is who you will marry. There will be no church wedding until after the club night. If you are curious about this I can pull up some web sites that feature doms. The first fetish, hair is this – I like my women bald, no hair anywhere, completely denuded.”

Shelley looked stunned, her mouth was open, not really comprehending what he had said. Bald, denuded, dominated???? Huh?? She finally found her voice “wow, I’m shocked, but curious, what are the web sites?”

Brad smiled at her – “I knew I had chosen well. Let’s look together, I will tell you what I like and don’t like, maybe it won’t be so scary for you”.

He pulled up his list of favorites, under a folder called “hair” was listed several dom web sites. They looked at pictures of women being shaved, tattoed, pierced, straped down to different appliances, etc. Shelley hated to admit this, but she felt suddenly aroused to the point she was never aroused before. She started to orgasm looking at a woman strapped down, being shaved both in pubic area and her head at the same time. He smiled when he realized what this was doing to her.

I want you to leave, go home, think about what I said, what I want, what you want. If you decide that you must have me, it must be of your choosing. You must come to me ready for the ceremony that will bind us together, husband and wife, dom and sub. I will expect an answer on Thursday.

Shelley went home, still “high” from the orgasm and started looking at herself in the mirror wondering what it would be like to be bald, submitting herself to Brad. She kept smiling at the prospect. She asked her supervisors at work if they would have objections to her being bald. She told them she was thinking of donating to “Locks of Love”. They were supportive, since her office never had visitors and she was not in the public arena, they had trouble with her choice. She checked with her parents and they were also supportive. She did not tell them about Brad and his request, she decided to wait that for another time in the future.

Thursday came, she called Brad and said “I have an answer, but I would like to tell you in person.”

“Come over, soon, please.” Brad replied. He got out the box he had been keeping, hoping he was right, that she would say yes to him.

Brad answered the door bell. Shelley greeted with him with a smile, she walked into the living room and waited for him to sit. She knelt before him “You asked me for a response, well master, please make me your sub wife. I aim to please you all that I can.”

Brad raised her up from the floor, kissed her long and deep, then presented her with the box. Inside was an oval shape diamond on a ring, along with a chain, nipple rings and a navel ring. “These are your new jewelry, the diamond you may wear in public as well as the nipple and naval rings, the chain you will put on for me when we are alone.” Brad explained.

“I will phone the sponsor of the club and inform him that I have a sub. I will not tell you what to exxpect tomorrow. I want to surprise you. Thank you for agreeing to this. I assure you that I love you and will take care of you.”

Friday came. Shelley was excited, nervous and scared, what would happen to me? I know I choose the right guy, I can’t wait to be with him, feel him in me, no matter what I have to endure.

Brad picked her up at 6PM. He gave her a package, inside was a red garter, black fish knit stockings, high heels, and a red bra. “When we get to the club, you will be taken to a dressing room, put these on. You will be directed to the stage, they will call my name and I will present you. I will be asked what I want done to you, you will be taken to the room where the process will begin. That is all I will tell right now. From now on you will obey me, no matter what. If you protest anything, they will take you to the next level of sub domination and you will receive a far greater punishment. Am I clear?”

“Yes, master, I will obey”

Shelley was lead to the stage by a woman named Heidi. There was no one else on stage, this is strange she thought. Oh, well, soon I will have Brad.

The sponsor called Brad’s name. He went to Shelley, slipped the ring on her finger, the sponsor said some words and pronounced them Dom and Sub. He then directed the woman named Heidi to escort Shelley to the room.  She sat down on a red barber chair, they strapped her arms, legs and chest to the chair. Shelley could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

“You are not to talk, show emotion or move in any way, if you do, the requests made by your dom will be over and you will be sent to him as we feel you should be. Your dom is nice and has requested a full body shave but your hair will be buzzed to a 1/4 inch, tattoo on your ass and the nipple chain. If you behave as requested, this is what you will receive, if you do not cooperate you will recieve the full body hair removal with a chemical peal for your hair. Your hair will never grow. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress” Shelley replied meakly.

Heidi picked up a small clipper and attacked Shelley’s pubic hair. She noticed Shelley’s wetness. Heidi, being a sub herself could not take advantage of the situation, but smiled as she rubbed the cream into the stubble that was left. She put the Nair aound the lips of Shelley’s sex, then removed the hair and washed the pubic area one more time. Shelley started moaning. “You are not to speak, moan or anything. Now I have to shave you clean, you slut” Heidi hissed at her. Shelley smiled to herself. It was what she wanted.

Heidi quickly shaved Shelley’s legs, applied Nair and when they were smooth, moved on to Shelley’s face. She mowed down Shelley’s eyebrows, again applied the Nair. When done, she looked at the new sub and frowned. Shelley was so wet her pussy was dripping.

“Now, onto your hair, soon you will have none, you slut.” Heidi reached behind the chair, pressed a button and Shelley could see that she was visible to the entire group. “The slut has been very bad, she moaned when I shaved her pussy, she needs to be punished. any volunteers?? There’s lots of hair to be removed, are you ready with your scissors??” Heidi asked the group.

All at once the group of 30 doms got to their feet and walked to the stage, scissors in hand. One by one they each cut pieces of Shelleys hair. They pulled at it, some practically ripping it off her head. Shelley tried to will herself not to cry, but that was useless, she knew now that more punishment was in store, but what? When the doms were done, the subs stepped forward, this time with clippers. There was only four subs. They were chosen to be the ones to shear the rest of her hair.

The first sub had clippers with a #4 guard. She stepped forward, bowed to the crowd of doms, clicked the clippers on and began by clearing a path down Shelleys head from the forehead to the crown, right down the middle. The doms and subs cheered.
Shelley smiled inwardly, that is how I thought it would be, I love it, but I’d better not show it, she thought. She could feel her pussy getting wetter with each pass the clipper made. When the clipper reached the crown of her head and the sub moved the clippers in a circular motion it took all Shelley’s resolve not to cum. The sub continued the shearing until Shelley’s hair was a stubble. The next sub stepped forward and repeated the process with a #2 guard. The third sub stepped forward with bald fader clipper. It cut so close Shelley was startled, but again loved the feeling.

The fourth sub stepped forward. “I could tell you were enjoying the clippers a little too much, slut. Now we take you down to size.” She approached Shelley with a Mach 3 and a can of shave cream. She pushed the shave cream button and plastered Shelley’s head with a thick layer of gel that turned to cream. The sub then pushed the button on the razor so that it would vibrate. “I love the feeling form this razor – don’t you – you little slut”

UMMMM moaned Shelley, her eyes closed, try not to move with the rythum from the vibration. The audience could see for themselves the pleasure Shelley was having, not what a new sub should be doing, they thought, time to test the sub. When the shaving was done, the 30 doms stepped forward again, they took Shelley to another part of the stage, strapped her onto a bed on her side with her feet spread apart and shackled down, they did shackled  her arms as well. This is a postition for just right for maximum penetration. Each Dom came forward and took his favorite spot and began to fuck her. At the end of the line was Brad.

He smiled at her and said “You have been a slut before but now you will obey me and be my slave.”

“Yes master, thank you for letting me be your obediant slave.”

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