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When that old picture stepping into my eyes,my heart suddenly feels warm with wet wind blowing,together with the flavor of sea and gladly jumping wave,just like to blow a happy whistle and draw a line through the surface of blue sea which floats to far place, with a melodious voice,and the familiar song and the never ending running tides coming near from far distance:”When I was eighteen years old,I joined the army. The red military uniform collar reflects my age of a blossom.”

In this photo,I was just eighteen years old and wore the green military uniform to get the first photo after I joined the army. Under the hat badge of five stars, there were two black shining braids which catches the eyes of people!in the moment of trance,that braids swinging left and right,and suddenly it was throwing to my back by my head,and the first days of being an army became very clean to me.

In the beautiful strand city XiaMen,and on the red square bricks road with the green shade on both sides and the feature of bar-back,walking a group of women-soldiers,my god,we had better not to say that we are true women-soldiers for on our new military uniform there are not dotted the red military uniform collars of showing no expression,and the un-trained steps are a little disorder and loose. Walking in the troop and joined the army for the third day, I feel my heart is going on like the foot-step,kicking the nattiness square bricks road with a sound of beat or not,although the pineapple trees hanging fully of the fruits with every grotesque in cow belly-like shape, it can not catch of my eyes,and the two long braids swinging happily in the sunlight of which even mixed my heart beaten up fast, for today I will have them cut off.

The hands of me which hold my braids tightly seeping the sweat out without any feeling,”do I have to cut them off?”I take my eyesight back from the hat badge on the head of ours which is a lure to me, helplessly, and turn to the XaioYanZi who has a ponytail, walking passing by. She is from ChunAn,with a pair of big eyes occupied one per three part of her face,no worse than the real XiaoYanZi who fell out the palace of qing dynasty on the screen. Us two got to know each other on the train to HuangZhou,at that time I liked her big eyes and she admired my black braids,and far away from home to FuJian,we hurriedly understood the word “what is a feeling of people from the same local place” and always felt that we have to depend on each other to make a living. At this time, she closed and opened her big eyes and said to me with a sense of well-understanding to people ideas:” it is a pity. but to a military woman,we first should have the spirit of sacrificing. I had a quick look at her ponytail with some no-convinced. As everybody knows, the waterfall-like long hair is a thing thirsty loved by girls. My braids make me a beauty through my whole age of being a student,no matter how tired I have to read books,I never abandon and cut it off even for one inch. That verve and confidence and existence of differences from others touched down an emotion,with a delicacy of no word can describe and a strengthen of fantastic it makes me a beauty and let me to stand gracefully with a sense of soft feeling like water got,the black hair flying in the air released me a colorful dream of being a young girl and up to now I had kept this hair near down to the floor of 14 years keeping without any shear,and the white bowknot tied at the end of hair jumping in the shy eyes of a boy—but although I can abandon and cut it off hardly,this ponytail will be cut off today without any other chances out. I know only do I have to do is as keeping the hair not longer below the shoulder for which is defined in disciplinal soldier’s bearings,can I wear the military uniform collar of which I longed for,and step out the first step of being a qualified army-woman!

Across the forest of dense dragon-eye trees,with the bar-back built by stones gleaming, the voices of doing exercises far and near one time after another, blowing into ears,with a clang with strengthen. The women soldiers became little birds to flying away by a heart shocking when they heard the voice,flapping their wings and making creaky sounds,filling with the exactness and freshness. Suddenly,we see know from where and of which company I do not know there gathered a lot of men-soldiers at the gate of bar-back stretching forward their heads, looking to us,with each eye opened bigger than the dragon eye,and a high man-soldier with bold head shouted out loudly : “look,new women-soldiers!some girls!”

Seeing the white statue in front of the military service house in distance,a group of egret flapping wings to fly away. I saw this kind of white genius with their strong and vigorous body gesture on the blue sea at XiaMen to strike the broad sky. Watching them,my heart is filled with longing feelings suddenly,I was longed to fly like that as a bird to fly to meet the storm!Today in the barber house of military service house,I will start to finish the transformation process of a student to become a military woman and I will start to meet many challenges.

When I was just waiting to have the hair cut quietly,I saw the long or short or wavy or straight black hair of new comers of the military women falling down like falling feathers,and each of the babyish faces of students became red with the click sounds of shears. The military women with hair cutting off enjoyed their valiant heroic bearing before a mirror,and the little finger drew some short hair nipped behind the ear,there is a word called “longing” in their eyes, shining glare in the mirror. I can not force myself to do anything and become exactly with hot blood running in my heart,I know there is one thing I must do. I walked near to the head of the queue and said:”my head of the queue,can you borrow me a military uniform to wear for a short moment?”my head of the queue is a girl from Nan Chang,and her eyebrow prickled up and asked:”Why?””I want to take a photo.” She looked at my long braids and smiled. I can give it for a bet that she was a long haired girl before,for she is very familiar to braid the braids up for me,with deep emotion,like a emotion-known sister of my child age. She helped me to wear the military hat rightly,pressed the military collar flat,and came to the military photo-taking shop nearby, with me.

As the flash lamp starts shining,there is a tower of ivory for people to get knowledge like a thirsty woman for water and the home and hometown of me to shield the wind and roof the rain and of at the young girls age of trueness, filled with bright smiles of me, passing before my eyes. The barber with lovely sound and kind eyes behind me says to me in a low voice:”when you get this photo, I do not wish you forget to post it back to your family, showing it to your parents.”

When the barber raised the shears,other women soldiers suddenly came around me with sharp cries,and under the eyes of this crowd,the hair was cut down with shears passing by. Such long hair then falls down without a sound. I grasped the long hair in my hands and said I was going to mail them to my parents and this cut is for breaking the cocoon to become a butterfly or for an egret to flap the wings,it cut off my mush and jejuneness and student-ness, and with this cut, I got braveness and mature with my new chapter of life started. With this cut,not did I get a image of military woman and started my new life of being an army,but also the emotion of no shame to my parents and my teacher and my head of the queue as the post of second, third chapter of my new life, and the good performance of military training test and the wonderful technology of connecting call line in the general calling house and the rarity credit regalia of “little tiger” in Nan Jing military zone and the awful swear under the party flag,for which are all started with this hair cut.

“Come,girls always have to learn to grow up and face the frustrations with painful feelings”. Maybe,every girl, in her life, will fall into the struggle of k
eeping long hair or just cut them off. If every time of hair style transformation can all let you to face the reality,so what are you still worried about?

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