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She’d never won anything before!

She nearly fainted when they read her name out at her old school fair (she’d come back to see how the teachers had changed!) and had entered the raffle with no hope of winning, but then no-one ever has any hope but someone must always win

“An Appointment/Re-style with Hairdresser to the Stars Phillip Davies”

She’d seen him on day-time TV. He really was well-known. It’d be worth a bit.

But she really needed it she realised as she put a hand through her calf-length brown hair. Trims only, she had got to the time in her life when she realised that had to change. She knew immediately what she would say when he asked “You choose”

The day finally arrived. There she was with newly washed hair, sipping on her hot beverage. She knew that he was the best in the business and so had a very professional approach. She had heard through her magazines that the best hairdressers were quick and that you could expect a hair cut to last less than 20 minutes unlike the amateurs who universally ran the high streets. She wondered what he would make of her hair.

And then suddenly he appeared, with a plumped-up chest like a matador he was as the door. He charmed her with ease as he did on his TV spots with his tools of the trade in his top pocket.

This was it, her “Phillip Davies moment” to industry insiders it was known as the moment of truth but was the time it took him to decide what to do with your hair as he squared you up as he went all pensive. He started to feel the ends. She watched his reflection frown in the mirror.
He was decided as he started to brush her calf-length hair harshly from the root to the tip in a big pony-tail, in less than 20 minutes it would have changed drastically she pondered. She trembled with anticipation. What WAS he going to do?

She watched in the mirror as she saw him pick up a lock near her temple and start the cut. He held it out to its’ full length then she felt herself inwardly gasp as he cut not a couple of inches, not a jaw-length as if for a bob but close to the scalp?! She felt breathless as he picked up another lock then another as he picked up speed. She could feel her head getting lighter as he worked his way around her head. The electricity when he picked up the locks by the nape of her neck, and she almost felt the metal of the scissors against her neck.

She watched her reflection in the mirror slowly transform as the calf-length hair left her head. She realised that this was going to be a lot shorter than a simple boys’ cut of a short back and sides. Her mouth grew dry despite the drink she had just laid down.

Her senses were heightened as she felt the feathery locks accumulating around her. She looked at her face as the weight of her hair was disappearing. She didn’t look like herself anymore. “The girl with abnormally-long hair” she looked like someone else, someone with short hair! Suddenly he stopped. She looked at herself square in the mirror wow! he was done, it was extremly short like the actress who played “Winona Ryder” with Kathy Bates in “Primary Colours” then suddenly she saw him holding something in his hand, it was black like a microphone. Her heart raced as she realised that it was the clipper. She was slightly relieved as she saw him clip something on top of the blade- what was left of her hair was going to get shorter?!

She liked the feel of his touch as he moved her head into place as he dug the blades into the remaining hair on her forehead. So, this is what it feels like to have short hair! He cupped her head as he shaved another line from the front to the back of her head then over the side above her cheeks, she felt them redden as her hair continued to fall. He seemed to mow over and over the same places just to make sure he had got it as short as possible. Again he repeated the action over parts of her head that he had already shorn then she saw him remove the clip.
She caught a glimpse of what had been her face. It didn’t look like her, she smiled. WOW! Her features were so much more defined, she looked beautiful! It was her, but it wasn’t, somehow prettier.

She started to enjoy it as he shaved up her nape. She didn’t care if he shaved all her hair off now, he truly was a master of his craft.
Then 10 minutes after he had started he was done.

She looked in the mirror while he tidied up. Finally she touched it, it felt like a man’s head. It was shorter than she imagined. Shorter than she had ever seen on any other woman. Her neck was totally bare up to her ears then the hair there was extremly fine. She liked it. She liked it a lot. She never thought that she would like having short hair but then he was the best. He had taken one look at her and known what suited her best!

She watched him as he hurriedly tried to brush her plentiful locks away. She picked up the longest length, suddenly he was disturbed “You can keep it- if you wish” a sweet coy smile crossed her face. She’d never have long hair again. What would her friends and family say when they saw this beauty! It did feel strange having nothing to wipe away from her face.

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