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I had lived with Suzanne for a few years. We shared a flat and went to the same place of work so it was convenient. Suzanne was a lesbian so there was no chance of us going out with each other. She had many different girlfriends over the years but it wasn’t until she met Emma that she really wanted to settle down with anyone. Emma was a stunner, slim, athletic figure, tall, worse short skirts and had long blonde hair that was thick and ended almost at her waist. She was bi-sexual and every time she came around to visit I’m sure she was looking at me at times. She always wore short skirts that allowed her long legs to be displayed nicely. It was only during the winter that Emma wore trousers.

It was a winter day that Suzanne asked me if Emma could stay as she had been evicted from her flat.

“She can sleep in with me so space won’t be a problem”. I agreed, I mean waking up and seeing Emma in a dressing gown every morning with that incredible long blonde hair hanging loose would be a delight for the eyes. In fact the first morning after she moved in she was in the kitchen making breakfast in almost nothing with her hair swarming around her.

“Good morning blondie” I said as I grabbed some bread for the toaster

“Hiya” she gave me a big smile. “thanks for letting me stay here”

“That’s alright Emma. You brighten up the place actually”

“Well thank you” she kissed me on the cheek and munched on her breakfast.

After a few weeks, I started to notice strands of long blonde hairs on the floor of the bathroom where Emma had brushed the long locks each morning. I didn’t want to say anything as it might upset her if I asked her to clean up after herself and she was a guest. Over the next few weeks I had to clean the bathroom of her hair almost every day and I even saw some trapped in the plug hole. I never had this problem with Suzanne as her hair is really short sometimes buzzed all over.

I decided to tell Suzanne about the mess Emma was making with her hair

“It’s all over the place. She sheds more then a dog. I like having her hear but this has to stop”

“I know, I’ve seen stands of hair in my bedroom too. I’ll talk to her tonight”?
That night, I listened as Suzanne told Emma in their bedroom.

“Its everywhere Emmy, maybe you should get it cut off”

“No…I don’t want to cut it off” It sounded as if Emma was reluctant to loose her long hair. “It’s part of what makes me sexy to both men and women”.

“Well you have to do something with it”. Emma decided that she would start cleaning up the mess after she brushed her hair and that she would start wearing it up more in a bun.

This seemed to be doing the trick as the next few days. Emma scraped her hair back each morning and secured it into a large tight bun at the top of head. Watching her release it at night was a real turn on watching the long locks slither down her back as she pulled the pins and clasps from her thick bun. The problem was Emma started to get bored of that routine and started being lazy with her hair again and just letting it hang down her back to her waist and finger it all the time. Hair started appearing in the lounge, the kitchen and the food.

“I’ve had enough Suzy” I said one morning “Maybe it’s time for Emma to find her own place shes been staying with us for five months now”

“She can’t afford a place you know that but I will settle this tonight”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously

“Lets just say I’ll pick up some razors, clippers and shaving foam at lunch time”.

Emma came home quite late that day and was still wearing her work gear, short white skirt, red top and knee length boots when Suzanne called her to the lounge. Emma’s hair was loose and swinging around her and looked beautiful. We showed Emma more strands found around the house and that’s when Suzanne said “Emma it’s time for you to get the chop”.

Emma was worried as we all walked into the lounge which had a chair in the middle of the room.

“What’s going on?” She asked me nervously

“Your getting a hair cut that’s what”

Suzanne pulled out a chair and asked Emma to sit on it. Emma walked slowly over to the chair and Suzanne through a cape around her. Emma knew that her hair was going to be cut and asked if Suzanne was going to cut it short.

“Real short actually” replied Suzanne “Once I’ve finished with tackling this mess on your head there would be no need to worry about your hair shedding anymore”.

Suzanne pulled Emma’s long blonde hair from under the cape to let it trail over the back of the chair.

“A nice cute crop would suit Emma” I suggested but Suzanne disagreed

“No, I’m thinking shorter. Emma’s going completely bald”. Emma was shocked that Suzanne would even dream of shaving her head. Suzanne turned the clippers on and they buzzed behind Emma’s head.

“Please don’t shave my head, I’ll promise I’ll tie it up again”

“Too late Emma, the hair’s coming off”. Suzanne brought the blades to her forehead and I saw Emma close her eyes as Suzanne pushed the clippers, with no guard, through her hair and a sheet of blonde hair slithered down the cape to her lap.

Another pass was made and the clippers released another impossible amount of hair to the floor. As the next pass was made to the right side of her head I’m sure I saw Emma move her head in motion to the clippers. She was enjoying having her hair all cut off. Suzanne carefully clippered the hair around Emma’s right ear to remove any trace of hair on that side of the head.

“It feels so much cooler” Emma said as she tried to touch her head but couldn’t get her hand from underneath the cape. “Actually having clippers run over your head is a great feeling”

Suzanne tackled the left side and removed the hair in a few short strokes. The back was the last part to be cut. The blonde hair on the back was still hanging to the base of the chair, from the crown, whilst the rest of the scalp was covered in stubble. Suzanne mowed the clippers up and under the thick heavy locks to release the hair to the floor that was now covered in long blonde hair. The final long strands were shaved off and Suzanne brushed Emma’s head with her hand before reapplying the clippers over her head a few times to make sure it was all off and neat.

“All off” she said as she turned off the clippers.

“Can I see my new look?” Emma asked looking for the nearest mirror

“No” replied Suzanne “Not yet. I’m not finished”.

Emma still looked stunning with a very short buzz cut. Her blue eyes really stood out she looked up at me and turned away as if she was embarrassed so I walked over to her and rubbed her head and told her she looked great. Suzanne covered Emma’s head with a hot flannel and then applied shaving cream to her head.

“What are you doing now?” Emma asked puzzled at the feeling of cream covering her whole scalp.

“I’m shaving your head so it’s really smooth. I’ve always wanted to feel a nice smooth bald head”. Suzanne carefully shaved away with the razor removing the stubble from Emma’s head. The scalp was pinkish grey and would need some sun light to blend it in with the rest of Emma’s skin tone. Suzanne shaved her head over at least three times before satisfied that it was as smooth as it can be and then put a few drops of oil on top of Emma’s head and rubbed it in well.

“This will make it nice and shiny” she said and once Suzanne was finished she released the cape and the former thick blonde hair all tumbled to the floor. Suzanne rubbed Emma’s head.

“There you go, that feels so great Emmy”. I had to feel it myself so I walked over and rubbed it a few times before kissing her newly bald head.

“Okay, you can have a look at it now” Suzanne handed Emma a mirror and she stood there staring at her new reflection before smiling and rubbing her head.

“At least I don’t look like a boy” she laughed.

I looked at the masses of blonde hair piled up on the floor and said to Emma

“You should clean that h
air up. It will be the last time”

Emma asked how long she should keep it shaved.

“I want you to stay bald at least until I get bored with it” replied Suzanne rubbing her hands over her partners head “I will have to shave your head at least two times a week to keep it so smooth”

Emma ran a hand over Suzanne’s short black hair and smiled. “Maybe you should get yours shaved too?”

“Maybe once I have grown it out a bit first” she smiled

“Oh god, what will people at work say when they see me tomorrow. They will be so shocked”
“Just say you fancied a new look” I suggested “It suits you as well”.

The next morning I woke up and where before I saw this stunning blonde beauty in the kitchen making breakfast there was now a bald beauty standing there.

“Good morning baldie” I quipped and she playfully pushed me away. She looked great and I always made sure I was around to see Suzanne shave the stubble from Emma’s head every two days. The most important thing though was that there was no more finding hair all over the place anymore although every now and then I’d come across a long strand of blonde hair to remind me of that great day. About two months later Suzanne was off on a training course which meant I would finally get the chance to shave Emma myself but that’s another story..

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