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Elaine and Samantha Watkins left for Spain after fleeing the States from Elaine’s husband John with the help from the “detectives” Stone and Morris. What they don’t know was that the detectives were actually con men that rob banks to get money to pay for women to shave their heads.. Having spent a week in Spain, they were now back in America but in a different state and from the cash given to them by Stone and Morris, Elaine had bought a new home.

Elaine and Samantha arrived by taxi to their new home in the suburbs and the taxi driver helped them unload their luggage.

“That’ll be 60 bucks maam”

Elaine gave him a 100 dollar bill

“Keep the change”

The taxi driver thanked her and drove off. Elaine stood and looked at her new home. She rubbed her hand over her week long stubble on her head. She had not had it shaved since leaving her husband and it was a slightly darker blonde then she had previous to the shave. Samantha, who was dressed as a boy in jeans and T shirt and being called Sam had a baseball cap over her head and her hair too was beginning to grow again.

After unpacking and putting on some fresh trousers and top Elaine made some dinner for the two of them.

“Tomorrow we will get you enrolled in the nearby school”

“But they will laugh at me looking like this” Samantha removed her cap and brushed her stubble “it’s all prickly”

“I know honey, mine feels like sand paper too but I’m going to buy some shaving cream tomorrow and we can shave it smooth again”

“But I want to grow my hair again. I liked my long hair mum”

“I know honey but we can’t. Not just yet in case your dad finds us”. Elaine had got used to not having the hassle of having long loose locks to worry about and was looking forward to having her head shaved again.

The next day, Elaine was up early and got dressed in smart trousers and top and put on some sensible shoes to make her way to the school. The Principal was free to speak to her. He was curious to why she had hair so short but it was not really his business.

“I’d like to enrol my daughter Samantha if I may. We just moved into the area”

“That’s sounds fine, we have plenty of space. What was her last school?”

Elaine realised she couldn’t tell the truth otherwise her cover may be broken. “She never went to a school. We taught her at home but we felt she needs a decent education”

“I see..so you’re married then?”

“No, not any more”

The Principal knew something was wrong but was fascinated by Elaine’s head so much that he decided not to pursue any more questions.

“We would be pleased to take Samantha on, when can she start Miss..?”

“Watk.” she then realised she needed a new surname “Watson”. She smiled at the Principal who finished filling in the paperwork.

“I don’t suppose you know where I can get a job do you?”

“Actually I have a post going here. My PA just left. You can apply if you like?” The Principal was getting excited at the thought of working with Elaine and getting to know her better.

“Thanks, I’ll feel the application form in then” She replied

“No need for that, I get the feeling you’d be perfect. When could you start?”

Elaine was quietly shocked and rubbed a hand over her stubble “How about Thursday?”

“That sounds perfect. By the way I’m David Sanders. Call me Dave”

“Elaine” They shook hands and pleasantly smiled at each other.

Having successfully got a job and enrolled Samantha into school, Elaine decided it was time to sort her head out. She drove to the local barber shop and entered. The shop was empty and the barber got up from reading the paper and walked to his chair “Hair cut miss?”

“Well actually a head shave if you can fit me in?” Elaine passed her hand over her head “I want it really smooth”

“No problem maam if that’s what you want”

Elaine looked at a woman pass the shop. Her blonde hair was the same length as Elaine’s before she had her head shaved bouncing on her waist. But it was then Elaine realised that she didn’t want her hair that long again. The feeling of the bald scalp was great and it suited her face.

“Yes I’m sure.” She sat on the chair and was caped by the barber. He grabbed the clippers and took off the guard. He turned them on and they gently buzzed. He placed them on her forehead and glided them back to remove the week long stubble that was grazing on her head. Elaine could see a bald strip where he had been with the clippers and smiled. He then placed the clippers over her head again and again before tackling the sides. He clippered around her ears and then pushed her head down. He placed the clippers on her nape and gently swept the upwards to meet the bald crown. He repeated this a few times before switching the clippers off. He rubbed her head to ensure it was all even. He noticed a few spots she missed and ran the clippers over her head a few more times.

He then put a hot flannel over her head to moisten the scalp and make the remaining stubble easier to shave. He then gelled her head up and rubbed it all over the scalp. Elaine was loving the feeling and was looking forward to trying it herself. The barber grabbed a new razor and starting at her forehead carefully razored away the remaining stubble. He ran a finger over the part he just done to make sure it was smooth to his satisfaction. He then continued this procedure until her whole head was once again smooth as a cue ball.

“There you go miss. One head shave”

“Thanks” Elaine ran a hand over her scalp and smiled and looked at her new bald head in the mirror “That’s just what I wanted”

“I’ll just rub in some oil so its smoother for you”

“Oh that’s sounds perfect”. Elaine moved back into position as the barber rubbed in a lotion over her scalp.

Once complete, Elaine paid the barber and she left the barbershop. She felt a breeze run over her head and smiled. She went to the local shops to buy some groceries and picked up some shaving cream, cape, razors and a pair of clippers at the same time. Most of the locals gave her looks as they went by like they had never seen a bald headed woman before. Elaine didn’t care though it was what she wanted. As she left the shop she bumped into a familiar face. It was the Principal David Sanders.

“oh hi..Elaine”


“I see you’ve had a hair cut. Now that’s short”

“Yeah, it was too long. You don’t mind me being bald do you?”

“No, not at all Elaine. You look great” David couldn’t keep his eyes off her slick head and wondered if she always had a shaved head or what her hair was like before she shaved it.

“I’m getting some strange looks though” she nervously ran her hand over her smooth dome. David wanted to do the same.

“Ignore them. It really suits you”

“Thanks. I better go. I’ll see you Thursday”

“Okay”. He watched Elaine walk off and wondered if on Thursday she would have a few days stubble or a click bald head. He couldn’t wait to find out.

Elaine arrived home and made dinner. She paused in the hallway at her bald head. After hearing David say she looked great gave her even more confidence and accepted that her head would stay bald at least for the immediate future. It was time to sort Samantha’s head out now.

“Come on Samantha, the quicker we do this the quicker its done”. Samantha walked over to where Elaine had set up a chair facing a mirror in the bathroom. She was finally wearing girl’s clothes again and wore a knee length skirt and flowery top.

“I want to grow my hair mum”

“Okay listen up honey. We give it one good shave and then I promise you after that you can let it grow again whilst at school but once summer comes we will shave it smooth again. Does that sound a good deal?”

Samantha was so excited about growing her hair that she agreed not worrying that she agreed to lose her locks again next summer. She jumped in the chair and Elaine caped her up and ruffled her growing stubble.

Elaine turned the clippers on and just ran them quickly
over Samantha’s scalp. Short tufts of hair fell onto the cape. More then Samantha has expected. Once the clippers had removed most of the stubble Elaine put a hot flannel over her daughters head “I hope that’s not too hot honey?”

“No that’s fine”. She could see Samantha had closed her eyes and knew she was loving the feeling as much as she did when she was being shaved. The shaving foam was applied to her head and Elaine was careful to glide the razor over her scalp. Once she was completely satisfied that it was smooth as possible she removed any remaining foam with a towel and wiped her head. Next came the lotion to make the pate slick.

“There we go honey that wasn’t too bad was it?”

“no, it was okay but I’ll be glad to grow it long again!”

Elaine woke up the next day and felt her head. She felt a few small hairs and knew that to keep it shaved smooth she would have to shave her head daily. It was lucky she was a blonde so the stubble would not show too much. She walked to the bathroom and after rinsing her head with warm water foamed up her scalp and started shaving her own head. She thought the back would be difficult but she used one hand to find any unshaved bits and the other hand to glide the razor over any stubble she had missed. It wasn’t as enjoyable not having someone else shave it for her but she was relieved when she finished because her scalp was once again smooth.

She heard a knock on the door and went to open the door. She was surprised to see Detective Stone at the door.

“Hello Ms Watkins. It’s good to see you again”

“Detective Stone? You’re the last person I expected to see!”

“You were supposed to be living in Spain but I was in the area and spotted you almost immediately. I see you kept the shaved head”

“Yes I just shaved it. So what can I do for you? John has not found me has he?”

“No. Don’t panic Ms Watkins. Actually you can help me out. I have two girls in the car they are smuggled in from another country”

“Smuggled in?”

“Yes, they are like you. I’m just trying to get them safely away from their criminal parents. They come from Hungry but they speak good English. I was hoping they could stay here?”

“I won’t get in any trouble will I Detective Stone?”

“No, of course not. We wouldn’t put you in any danger Miss Watkins. There is money in it for you of course” Detective Stone holds out some notes and waves them at Elaine.

“Okay.but only for a while”

“Good. Svetlana, Sofia come here please” Elaine saw two girls come out of the car on the road. Both of the girls had impossibly long hair. Svetlana had dirty blonde hair that was loose and hanging around her to just past the middle of her back. She was wearing a light coloured jumper, cream trousers and trainers. Sofia had waist length hair that was chestnut brown in colour and wore jeans, trainers and a leather jacket covering a red top.

“Girls you will be staying with Ms Watkins for a while”

“We are safe though aren’t we” asked Svetlana as she tossed her heavy blonde locks behind her.

“Yes you will be safe girls. I’ll leave you all to be equated. I’ll be in touch when necessary”. Detective Stone walked to his car and drove off.

The girls entered Elaine’s home and Sofia looked at Elaine’s head

“I like your shaved head”

“Why thank you Sofia. I used to wear it long like yours although my hair was blonde. A lighter blonde then Svetlana’s”

“What made you shave it?” Sofia asked excited

“Oh I just got bored with it being so long. Now I shave it every day”

“I wish I could shave mine” Sofia took a handful of her waist length locks “I hate my hair this long. I was not allowed to cut it. My mum made sure of that”

“Well. I’ll be only too happy to shave it off for you but maybe you should think about it first. What about you Svetlana?”

“I fucking like my hair” replied Svetlana raking a hand through her precious locks.

“You sound like my daughter. But she looks great with a shaved head. Maybe you should hold back on the swearing though”

“Sorry. So where can we unpack?”

“Oh we have plenty of space. You can have separate rooms”

Sofia picked up her case, “So are you in hiding like us?”

“Yes Sofia, we are. So we will have to trust each other. Now get unpacked and I’ll make some dinner for you two and I’ll introduce you to Samantha”. Elaine went to the kitchen as the two new girls walked up the stairs to their bedrooms.

Next door:

Detective Stone walks into a room where he is greeted by Detective Morris

“Seems like we did a good thing tracking Elaine as soon we she shaved her head I knew she’d wanna shave it every day. Shame her daughter is not up for it”

“Yeah and with these two way mirrors we can see into the bathroom and bedroom and film every bit of head shaving action”

“Do you think she will shave Svetlana and Sofia’s heads?”

“Let’s fucking hope so we had to rob two banks to get the money to finance this one” Stone checks the fridge for food and sees its empty “hey, you could of done some shopping. I get the feeling this stake out will take a while”

To be continued.

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