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Mylanne had initially embarked upon barbering, when she’d cut her boyfriends hair a couple of times at home. The first time she’d done him a grade one and two clipper cut. This took place after she’d surprised him by giving him a haircutting kit, which she’d had gift wrapped! Next a few weeks later she’d ordered some Wahl Magic Balding shears and sneakily given him a head shave. After the initial upset he’d apparently forgiven her!

However the cute wee Scottish lassie wasn’t done yet she decided to enrol on a barbering course and had learnt all aspects of gent’s hairdressing. Naturally she’d had to master blow waving and cutting long layers with scissors. She was straining on her leash during the course, because she wasn’t allowed to be clipper aggressive and give every customer/ model a whitewall! No that would have to wait until later, when she’d received her Hairdressing Craft Certificate and opened her own traditional barbers shop. It would be a one woman business with a single red leather pump up chair and a footrest. She’d already decided upon this!

Soon arrived the finishing date and Mylanne was as proud as can be as she was presented with her certificate and told that she had been a model student during the course. As the instructor shook her hand he said,” I must say this on observation I noticed you were at your happiest when you were able to give boys scalp revealing crew cuts and pensioners short crops “. “Ah yes that’s whit I intend tae dae when I open ma ain shop”, she replied with a warm smile. The instructor found this really cheeky and cute especially when there was no way anyone could get near Mylanne’s hair with a pair of scissors. She was very proud of her almost waist length tresses and wouldn’t cut them under any circumstances!

The next few weeks rapidly passed and soon in the suburban town, which she lived existed a Gent’s Salon naturally named Mylanne’s Barbers. Definitely not a name that any local people had ever embarked upon before for the name of a Barber’s Shop. Before much longer the grand opening day came for the salon and Mylanne displayed the open sign on the door and unlocked it to the public. In the middle of the black and white tiled floor was the promised red leather barber’s chair standing in front of a large mirror. A sterile white nylon barber’s cape lay folded over the back of the chair, waiting to be draped over her first customer. On a hook near the mirror hung the plugged in Wahl Balding Shears, ready to be flicked on and make short work of a customer’s locks! Another hook bore a large crew cutting/ flattop board. On the counter several pairs of scissors, combs, thinning scissors and various clipper attachments had been arranged. Naturally in front of the chair was a sink with running water and head shower, but Mylanne knew that this was just for show. What would be the point of washing and shampooing a customer’s hair, when there would be hardly any left once the cut was finished? However she thought that a little flannel here and there didn’t do anyone any harm! To add insult to the injury bottles of shampoo and a water spray canister had even been placed on the counter below the mirror. The tariff list even bore the words Wash, Cut and Blow Dry and quoted a reasonable price for this would be non existent service. Yes and a professional hair dryer was even in view of the public eye!

Presently Mylanne sat herself down in the barber’s chair and began to read a magazine. Several people both men and women were forced to do a double take as they looked through the salon windows. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a cute little long haired lady wearing a dainty blue and white checked, nylon smock sitting in the chair waiting for her first customers. She looked so relaxed with her mane of auburn hair dangling over the chair back. Mylanne’s ears were waiting for the turning of the door handle and the pinging of the shop bell. Eventually a loud ping was heard and she turned her head in the direction of the door! A rather surprised looking man asked,” Is this your opening day and am I okay for a quick trim”? “Yes of course just sit yersel doon”, replied Mylanne as she got out of the chair and unfolded the white cape!

The man who was in his early thirties hung up his jacket on the coat stand and sat down in the comfy chair. “I’ll just take yer glasses”, said Mylanne as she removed his spectacles. Soon the white cape was settled over him and she pushed white tissue down his neck, next she fastened the cape up tight! Before long he was short sightedly starring at himself in the salon mirror. Mylanne picked up the comb from the counter and began to comb his dark hair thoroughly. However as she combed she soon realised that he was concealing the shiny bald top of his dome with a gawky comb over. She silently tutted as she combed down strands of hair so long that they could almost touch the cape. Even at his forehead was a long single tuft, which reached down to his nose. The hair dangled half way down his ears at the sides and the length at the back would easily flop over his shirt collar. Weel smarten up time here we come, thought Mylanne! ” Richt whit am ah daein wi ye then”, she asked him in her Scottish Drawl! The customer had been caught by the stare of her alluring green eyes in the mirror and he could only answer, “just a trim please but not too short”. God Bless him he was convinced that the petite, long haired lady would just trim the ends off his severely receded hair for him and respect the fact that he was coy about his since early 20’s baldness!

The moment of truth had arrived as he felt the barber’s chair rising, whilst it was being pumped up by the lady’s dainty little foot!

The customer assumed that she would just take her scissors and gingerly trim the ends, ensuring that he retained his comb over. However he was rather surprised when he saw her take the clippers off the hook and saw her pick up the no. 2 attachment comb. His mind couldn’t quite take in the scene as he watched her snap the grade onto the end with her well manicured fingers. She ran her comb through his hair at the back once more and then came a buzzing as Mylanne clicked on the shears!

She didn’t mess about either she just said,”richt heid doon please”! The man was rather shocked when he felt her hand pushing his head down rather forcefully.” Just a minute love”, he said. “What exactly are you going to do? I only want l little trim, I don’t want much off I’ve hardly got any as it is” he admitted. Mylanne just replied,” dinna worry I can assure ye it’ll suit ye and I bet ye’ll love it once I’ve taken ye through the pain barrier”! He couldn’t argue as he felt the clipper running up the back of his head, buzzing aggressively and taking off long lengths of his hair with it! A shorn furrow appeared where the clippers had run. The clippings fell down onto the cape and then slipped onto the floor. As Mylanne progressed with the cut she explained,” ye’ll hae tae understand that this is a traditional barber’s shop and it’s a traditional heercut that ye’ll get. Ah know I’m a woman and I’ve got lang heer, but it winna influence how I’ll be cutting yer heer”! As she sheared off all the back she said,” If ye look at my equipment ye’ll see that its all there for making yer heer nice and short and that’s whit I’ll be dain wi it”! Mylannes hand still held his head down firmly and all the man could do now was helplessly look down, whilst the long strands of his hair began to rapidly fill the white cape. Soon all the back was sheared down to just ¼ inch! “Chin up”, said Mylanne as she lifted his head. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t see any obvious damage yet, but that wouldn’t last!

Immediately she began the sides, beginning with his left. She moved his head to one side and began to run the clippers through all the length. He watched the untidy strands falling away, but felt very relaxed as he felt the lady’s delicate fingers holding his ear down. The buzzing shears soon removed all the hair around his ears and Mylanne b
egan to smile. She was so delighted she’d got him tamed and he was showing no resistance. The right hand side was soon done to match the left, but she wasn’t done with him yet! She removed the grade 2 comb from the clippers and replaced it with the no. 1. “Heid doon again”, she said whilst she moved around to the back again. “Richt time tae taper ye up and finish ye aff richt”.

Well what’s done’s done now he thought as he felt her shaving up the back of his neck once more with the close cutting no 1 grade. He hadn’t been as severely barbered as this since he was a boy aged nine. He remembered going to Mr. Goodall’s Barber Shop in the town where he lived in those days. This middle aged man was an ex army barber who gave all the boys rather drastic haircuts, including himself of course! However this time it wasn’t an old looking grey haired man who was servicing him it was a fairly young, long haired woman. For some reason it just hadn’t initially felt quite right. When he’d first entered the shop he just hadn’t been able to visualize her even thinking of putting a close cutting grade on anyone’s hair. However the mirror’s image and the cape full of his fallen hair soon told him otherwise, not to mention his now fully visible bald dome!

Initially he thought he’d escaped with his sideburns, but the lady soon made short work of them. No she didn’t even ask him if he wanted them leaving. She simply decided that they looked untidy and they were coming off! Her fingers gently touched his ears again as she shaved around them, no hair reached near them now. Mylanne removed the grade from her clippers and then combed the tuft of hair in the middle of his forehead. Up to now she’d avoided it, but a pass of the clippers and it floated downwards. He watched it waft down onto the cape and then slip onto the floor. She then progressed to cleaning up the top of his head for any stray growing hairs.”Dinna worry whits gone’s gone”, she assured him! She was now nearly finished and tidied up his neckline clean and smooth. The same procedure was done around his ears, which could now be clearly seen! The man actually admitted to himself that he’d enjoyed the experience and his first visit to Mylanne’s Barbers wouldn’t be his last!

Presently the shears were turned off and returned to their hook. Mylanne opened a drawer and much to the man’s surprise she took out a newly sharpened cut throat razor and opened the blade. He couldn’t believe it as she told him,”heid doon” once more. It seemed totally unreal feeling her gently scraping his neckline clean with the open blade. Next she took a talc puffer and sprayed talcum powder down his neck. How he loved to feel her rubbing it in for a few seconds. Finally she said,” wid ye like tae put yer glasses back on and I’ll show ye whit I’ve done”? Silently he did so, whilst Mylanne took her salon mirror from its hook! “There ye see isn’t that much beatter”, she said whilst she showed him? Then she added,” whit ah’ve given ye is an honest bald man’s cut much beatter than that comb over that ye walked in with ! Ah canna stand men trying tae disguise their baldness in that way, ah nae wi me it all comes aff”. He simply stared in total surprise as he realised that his head wasn’t far from being completely shaven! Not what he initially expected at all and part of him still couldn’t believe that when she’d started his haircut, she’d had that in mind!

“Ping”, went the shop bell and a young lad of about eighteen years old walked in and sat down, knowing that he was about to be immediately serviced. He observed the freshly cropped, almost bald guy who was at present being shown the end product in the mirror. He dismissed the result as he automatically assumed that the man had been serviced exactly as he’d requested by this cute little barberette! He was fully sure that she wouldn’t have a similar cut in mind for him!

“Fine that does make a refreshing change”, the man in the barber’s chair forced himself to say! Meanwhile Mylanne unfastened the cape and picked up her neck brush. She dusted down her customer’s neck, ears and also the top of his now naturally bare head. Finally she removed the cape and shook all the hair that had weighed it down onto the floor. She’d had from her customer just what she needed, a good cape full to shake all over the floor. Mylanne discovered during her training course that this had lifted her after she’d finished every haircut! She’d even had a sly rub at his remaining cropped fuzz!

Mylanne folded the cape and hung it over the back of the red leather chair once more and then asked the man to turn around. She even brushed off his clothing with a large clothes brush. He followed her over to the salon cash register and paid his due bill for her service! She gave him a warm smile as he handed over his £6.00. “Weel ye can feel quite honoured”, she said. “Yer mah first customer and noo yer smartened up I’ll see ye in a month’s time”. All he could do was mutter,” sure”. Although he already knew that he must definitely return within a month. He couldn’t let this cute little lady down, despite being initially SHOCKED BY A VANISHED COMB OVER! “How guid ye look”, smiled Mylanne as she deposited the money into the till. Then she added,” I’m sure ye’ll see it mah way in a couple of days time. Men with heer in your condition are beatter haein it shaven tae yer heids. Now ye’ve let me dae yer heer I’m sure ye’ll know whit tae expect next time eh”? Dinna worry about how short it is I assure ye it suits ye that short”. The man didn’t quite know what the think as he felt her playfully pat the top of his head and flash him a cheeky smile! As he took his jacket from the coat stand he watched the cute little lady sweeping up his hair clippings from the tiled floor and in an instant she deposited them in her new pedal bin. They said their goodbyes to each other and the customer exited the salon to face the world with his freshly done, sharp crop. Soon the next customer took his place in Mylanne’s red leather chair. In an instant she’d caped him and politely asked him how he wanted her to cut his hair!

The first thing that came into the man’s mind during his departure from Mylanne’s Barbers was how much he’d physically neglected his body, since his mid 20’s. As he did a double take of his new image in the barber’s shop window he noticed how he’d developed an ample pot belly! Yes he was shocked initially by his vanished comb over, but the reality of how he’d neglected his body also shocked him even more. In that same instant he realised that he could cope with being naturally bald, but not fat as well. He was devastated regarding how he thought he could have been judged in the cute little long haired lady’s eyes! In his mind swam round and round the recurring thoughts that Mylanne may have already passed him off as a bald, fat has been! The thoughts of the cute little lady thinking this about him, were simply too much to bear!

Although Russell Maxfield knew that today had initially brought him a bit of upset. At least he knew that the experience had changed his life and delivered to him new goals! He knew that when he returned to Mylanne’s Barbers in a months time. He would have slightly improved his physique and maybe be a little nearer to being her lover! His heart did a flip as he fantasized about eventually becoming her future lover! Improving his diet had already come into his mind as well as joining a gym and spending less time in front of the television.

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