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This actually happpened to me and my girlfriend Nancy. It took two years but it was definatly worth it. 100 times over. Nancy was my dream girl. Beautiful, Tall, Slender, Athletic, Outgoing and a great personality. She was perfect. Except for one thing. her hair. She had thick slightly wavy sun streaked hair that was almost to her waist when we met. I never have liked long hair on my women but since I can’t order her to cut it the way I like it I have to put up with her long hair and fantasize about plowing the clippers through it cutting it short like a little boys. That was my secret desire, to see Nancy with a Little Boys Haircut. I love girls with short hair. Don’t know where or why it got started, I just prefer short hair on women. I’m not into the shaving thing unless you consider pussy’s. Then I’m all about it! I try to get a girlfriend to shave her kitty first thing. If she won’t I won’t stay with her long. I hate sticking my face in a nasty smelling bush of hair and then be expected to lick and suck away at it for hours on end with this foul smelling hair getting in my mouth and generally making a nice enjoyable part of love making a nasty job that I’d rather not do. I keep myself shaved smooth all the time so I expect my woman to do the same for me. Plus it makes he overall experience so much more enjoyable and the feelings are so much more intense. I would gladly pay for eloctrolisis for both myself and my woman if I could afford it.

Talking my girlfriend Nancy into letting me cut her hair short took nearly 2 years. It happened slowly in stages. Initally it began with me asking if I could trim it for her when she needed the ends trimmed. At first she acted shocked by me asking to cut her hair. We just met but after a while she saw that I cut my own hair and liked what I did she finally gave in and told me one weekend that she needed a trim and wanted me to do it for her.

I had a good pair of haircutting scissors and a pair of Whal professional clippers that I loved. I use the clippers to cut my hair and had been for many years. I had gotten good enough at it that I could cut a nice long taper all around even in back while looking in a mirror. I told Nancy that I used to cut my last 2 girlfriends hair and showed Nancy some of the pictures of me cutting there hair. The first girl didn’t want to cut her hair short and just had me trim it occasionaly, but my second girlfriend gradually let me cut her hair shorter a little at a time. She went from middle of the back length hair to a very short Little Boys Haircut that I thought looked incredably sexy on her. Nancy said it must have been a real shock for her going from long hair to ultra short hair.

I explained to Nancy that we cut her hair shorter in many little steps. Everytime I cut her hair I would cut it about a inch or two shorter so it wasn’t really noticeable. Her friends didn’t notice the change unless they hadn’t seen her for a while and she had a couple haircuts since they last saw her. That made it easier on her because no one freaked out like they would if she suddenly got her long hair cut so short all at once.

Nancy said that was cool, everytime she made a noticable change in her hair the way some people reacted to it really made her feel uncomfortable. She said she liked changing her hair now and then but hated the OMG crap people said when they saw her for the first time with her new look. I agreed with her and said it bothered me too.

I asked Nancy if I could cut her hair, she let me trim it for her but that was it. I told her I wanted to do something special, it wouldn’t be noticeable or anything. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her I wanted to give her a undercut on her neck. She didn’t know what I was talking about and gave me a funny look. I told her what it was and she said no way! That’s weird! I told Nancy to hear me out and said you know how much you like it when I kiss your neck right? She smiled and said I love when you do that! I said well if we give you a undercut it will make your neck much more kissable and sensitive. Your neck will become a new erogenous zone for you! Plus you know how you like to rub my neck after you cut my hair, the lower part of your neck will be like that if you want! Nancy almost grinned when I told her that. I said we can do just a little bit so you can see if you like it and if you do we can undercut it a little more.

Nancy said won’t it look funny with my hair cut off on my neck like that? I said it won’t show because it would be hidden by her long hair and no one would know. I said wait till you feel the Clippers on your neck Nancy, you will love the way they feel. Nancy’s eyes opened wide and she almost screamed “CLIPPERS!” Oh My God! You want to use the Clippers on me!! Nancy! Listen, the undercut is done with the Clippers and a guide so cut the hair nice and even if you try to do it with scissors it comes out uneven and hacked looking. The Clippers are quick and it comes out perfectly even.

Nancy said you better not shave my head or give me a crewcut or something! I’ll let you do a small bit to see if I like it, but ONLY a Little Bit!

Nancy was really nervous when I turned the Clippers on and placed them down low on her neck and slowly pushed them up into the sectioned off hair cutting nearly two feet of hair off as I pushed them up a couple inches and told Nancy to feel her neck where the Clippers had cut her hair. Nancy’s fingers found the two inch long path the Clippers mowed up her neck and rubbed it a bit before she grinned and said wow it feels cool! I ask Nancy if she wants me to go ahead and give her the undercut and she says YES! Go for it!

I quickly make a horizontal part in her hair across the back of her head at the top of her ears and secure the hair above the part up on top of her head with clips, the hair below the part is getting cut with the Clippers.

I ask Nancy if she is ready and she nods her head yes so I turn the Clippers on and tip her head slightly forward and placing the purring Clippers down low on her neck and begin slowly pushing them upwards into her hair up to the tops of her ears, effortlessly cutting it away leaving a quarter inch of golden brown fuzz where seconds before there was over two feet of long hair. I begin a second pass up the back of Nancy’s head and when the Clippers near the parting in her hair Nancy shivers and I see goose bumps appear on her skin. The Clippers are once again at the bottom of Nancy’s neck slowly plowing through her hair and she moans softly. I ask Nancy if it feels good and she goes Mmmmmmmmmmmm lovely. The Clippers feel amazing!

Nancy’s big worry was what other people would think if they saw her clipped neck… it really looked awesome, a cute little carpet of silky brown hair, she got over her worry of what others thought and kept her long hair in a high pony tail exposing her clipped neck!

She had me buzz it for her every Saturday which would translate to a weekend of bedroom insanity… it was like a trigger to start off the weekend. I sure liked it, she did too because of what it did to me translated into more fun for her… I get hot and she gets hot… “both sides win” it took a good amount of time to convince her of the logic behind it.

She finally put 2 + 2 together and came out and asked me if me cutting her hair was a turn on for me… I TURNED BRIGHT RED and sputtered and wheezed trying to dodge that bomb she dropped!! OMG I thought I was gonna die right there… how the hell did she find out? A million questions were going off in my head further clouding my ability to think

She finally came to a bit of level ground and let me give her a haircut instead of a 1 inch trim. (which I was so nervous the first few times I was TREMBLING uncontrollably at first LOL) Then after a year or about of buzzing her nape and slowly cutting her waist length hair upwards a little at a time until it got to her shoulders.

The time I had been waiting for finally happened, it was New Years Eve… we were partying and dr
inking, a bunch of our friends were over. We all had a good time, but no where near as good of a time as we were about to have after our friends left… I was about to have a night I will never forget for as long as I live…. My girlfriend had plans of her own, and she planned on starting the new year with a nice short haircut just like I wanted because I was going to do the cutting!!

I like cute sexy short hair on girls, no bald or freaky cuts. I like a woman to look cute and sexy something she can’t do with no hair. A bald woman makes me think “dyke” or lesbian, both of which are useless to me.

I love seeing short boy cuts on girls… My girlfriend knew it and She warmed up to the idea slowly, it took nearly 2 years of me asking her to get a short cut. But she finally did and OMG was the effort ever worth it!

She was scared and so was I… I knew what I was doing since I had dome it before and had cutting my own hair for years, but still taking her shoulder hair off to 2 inches long all over really looks bad when you hack off the first clump… I thought OMG she’s gonna hate it. But as more came off it became obvious it was going to look GREAT…

It was amazing seeing the change, she actually said her head felt lighter!! No joke.

She was having a ball as it was getting shorter and shorter she would turn her head side to side fast her hair flying out and squealing because the hair was hitting her on the cheek and felt funny!!

It was a special night for us. Very cool. You cannot imagine how exciting it was to see how AWESOME looking she was going to be with her hair the way I had fantasized about it for so long…. (you can imagine I’m sure… It was the best thing I ever experienced in my life! Maybe for both of us)

Now the funny thing…. she lived in a seperate part of her parents house with her 3 kids, I picked her up there friday night she had long hair a bit past her shoulders and when I take her home it’s New Years Day and she has a VERY OBVIOUS difference in her hair and no salons were open… there’s pretty big finger pointing at me…. YIKES !!! To get to her part of the house we had to walk through the main living room, right past her Dad, Mom and her kids all watching TV. I ask if I can drop her off at the bottom of the driveway and no she wants me to come to say hi to the kids and wish her Mom n Dad a Happy New Year… and Nancy has this incredable hot sexy short little boys haircut!

OMG! I thought I was going to die right there! My mind is playing out senarios by the hundreds. How to explain Nancys lack of hair… there’s no way I can just say I cut it because I wanted her to have it short. I mean I am painfully shy, and admitting that I cut her hair would be like saying I am gay to all my guy friends. Thats just something you don’t say unless you really are gay.

I’m trying to be quiet, hoping we can sneak past with no one seeing Nancy’s stunning new look. Every footstep sounds like a thunderclap, the keys slipping in the lock sound like a circular saw ripping through the door. I’m getting increasingly nervous as we enter the house, the hallway to the living room is a giant echo chamber announcing our arrival. I want to turn and run. Run Fast. This is going to be brutal….. I want to start whimpering and curl up in a dark corner to hide my shame…

Her Mom was the first to spot her as we came in, suddenly her Mom screams out her name, I jump getting that “deer in the headlights” look and almost bolt for the door! Her Mom says, NANCY you cut your hair! Taking a closer look she says it looks Fantastic!! How on earth did you find a salon open on New Years Eve? (Geezus I’ve got to be glowing bright red…. I swear I can feel my skin burning, about to spontaneously self combust I’m so embarrassed…) Nancy calmly says Shawn did it for me!! He has been pestering me for ages to let him cut my hair so I decided what the hell I’m going to let him do it. Didn’t he do a Awesome job! I absolutly love it!

OMG!!! GEEZUS! I get dizzy hearing Nancy tell my darkest secret to her family. My heart stops. All eyes in the room turn to me, like searing lasers burning in deeper and deeper as they all scream out in unison WHAT??? and turn the intensity up on the lasers staring at me, the heat coming off me must be inrense, they are shielding themselves it. I feel rivers of sweat pouring down my neck. I begin to feel the blood rushing from my face. I am about to collapse and fall dead to the floor…. I get questioned by her Dad, he’s a good friend. I’m certain he will take me outside and shoot me, then Mom tells me I did a excellent job, better than her stylist ever did and she announces that she wants me to cut her hair for her…. GROAN… how can this get any more impossible? Maybe if her father wants me to cut his hair too… How can I explain to her that it won’t ever happen? This is “our” special thing. Its directly related to sex and fantasy. I sure can’t do her Mom’s hair, OMG I begin to feel ill. If I don’t puke it will be a miracle. I don’t want to make love to her mother… I don’t say anything. Her Mother kind of forgets she asks… I manage to live through it somehow.

Holy Crap that was a “awkward” time… the whole time I’m getting barraged with questions why, how, did she like it, how long did it take, did we do it in my house more… by 3 kids, the older brother, Dad (who I was a good friend with but now I cut his little girls hair off… He’s going to kill me!) Here was this girl who had long hair all her life, suddenly standing there with her hair so short the scalp was visable on the sides and it looked nearly shaved near the hairline where I tapered it down to nothing.

Nancy did look stunning, hell I couldn’t take my eyes or hands off her. Just looking at her got me aroused! All weekend long I was pawing at her like a dog in heat. She ate that up. We had wild animalistic sex until we were both raw, literally! Nancy told me if she knew letting me cut her hair would have that kind of effect on me she would have let me do it the day we met! It was definatly short. Much shorter than anything you would see a woman wearing. I gave her a little boys haircut with clippers! I LOVED it. Nancy was really shocked initally, it took some time for her to get used to seeing herself with virtually no hair. Once she got a bit used to her hair she began to notice so many things about her hair that she likes that she said she should have done it when I first asked her to…. that made me feel like a champ !!

There were some funny inital effects her short hair had… She was so accostomed to having long hair It was a riot to see her brush her hair!! For at least 2 weeks she would be brushing her shoulders where no hair was! She’d reach back and sometimes forget it was gone and squeal when she didn’t find her hair!!

She said she didn’t recognize herself in mirrors for nearly a month!! She literally would have to stare a moment then look at herself from a few different angles before smiling back at herself.

She said taking a shower was a joy, her hair dried almost instantly. Just wipe off with a towel and go. No more hour long blow dryer buzzing incassently before she could go out. She looked sexy from the get go right out of bed.

Then she discovered her buzzed back and sides. She literally had a new erogenous zone on her body that was hidden by her long hair. She got aroused from a simple touch of her buzzed nape. Her beautiful neck was exposed to my wanton lips and grouping hands. Unprotected. I could drive her insane with meerly a few kisses and strokes of my fingers. Plus it felt so sensous to touch. Her prickly pelt of hair on her nape looked stunning too.

She had me buzz her nape every weekend (gotta have them pokie prickly hairs on the nape) and I certainly had no complaint.

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