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It all began 5 years ago when I began surfing on the internet while my wife was out shopping. I had always had a fascination with hair; I just didn’t realize it was a hair fetish. I knew it was something I could not discuss with my wife Cheryl. Secretly I wanted to denude my wife’s head and feel her virgin scalp. The idea just turned me on, but I knew she would never let me do it willingly. That all changed one night.

” Honey I’m getting ready to head out, come kiss me goodbye” Cheryl yelled from down stairs.

I skipped a few steps and flew down the stairs, scooping her up in my arms.

” How long are you going to be at your sister’s house” I asked

“Just a week, so you should miss me too terribly”

As soon as she left the house, I was back online looking at those forbidden sites I had never shown to Cheryl; pictures and videos of women shaving their heads cascaded over the screen. Then I came across a website for those with hair fetishes that proposed another way of coercing reluctant wives into becoming bald. It was a serum that one could hide a few drops in her shampoo or slip into her cereal to create an accelerated instance of male pattern baldness. Without even thinking I placed my credit card information on the screen and opted for overnight delivery.

I received 2 medium sized bottles 2 days later in the mail. It was like Christmas day when I opened that package. The instructions were simple, but the caution list was 3 pages long. I said that the effects are permanent, and should only be used by those who are positive that they want to achieve such an effect. I was positive. The very thought of Cheryl going through male pattern baldness, and then to complete baldness just turned me on. So I got to work with the serum. I took her favorite shampoo and place a healthy 5 drops, and I gave her conditioner the same treatment. Being a wine drinker I made sure I placed 15 drops in a recently opened bottle. I even placed a good dose in her hairspray bottle. I couldn’t wait for Cheryl to get home, but there was still another 5 days before her arrival. Just as I placed the last drop of the first bottle into her hairspray the doorbell rang. Cheryl’s friend Kim was at the door.

“Hey Kim, how are you doing?” I asked

“Oh Just fine. Is Cheryl home? I was going to drop off some paperwork from the office.”

“No she’s still at her sister’s place. Would you like to come in?”


I led her in to the dining room area. Kim had flaming red hair that cascaded down her back. It was gorgeous. Secretly I had fantasized about her bald as well.

“Would you like anything to drink Kim?

“I would love a glass of wine”

I walked back to the kitchen with a sly grin. I opened Cheryl’s new and improved wine and poured a glass. Then I poured at least 30 drops of the serum into the glass. this way I could see the effects of the serum before Cheryl goes through the denuding process.

“Here you go” I said as I handed Kim the glass

“Oh thank you”

We sat there and talked for a while as she drained her glass. I noticed as she talked, she kept reaching up to the crown of her head and scratched. And at a couple of points she chuckled and said she didn’t know why her head was so itchy. The serum was working.

We said our goodbyes and said she would come by to pick up the paperwork after Cheryl got home.

The rest of the week went by really slowly. But at last Cheryl got home. We embraced each other for a long minute and I helped her settle back in and unpack. The ran to the bathroom and took a good long shower. The treatment had begun.

That night I made her a special dinner, complete with a big glass of her favorite red wine laced with the serum. After dinner we had a long night of passion. I pulled off her clothes and mounted her. Her long brown hair sprawled over the bed. It was beautiful, but soon it would be gone. After we finished, we just drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Cheryl got up and jumped into the shower. Those hour long showers must have allowed the serum to take a quicker effect on Cheryl. When she got out, I noticed the beginnings of a beautiful bald spot. The hair had thinned considerably on the crown of her head. She had not noticed a thing yet.

Later that day Kim came by to pick up those papers. I asked her to wait while I grabbed Cheryl who was putting the last few signatures on the last page. We all sat in the living room for a while and talked about Cheryl’s trip. During the conversation I noticed the both of them scratching their heads very frequently. Neither noticed a thing.

“Would you ladies like some wine?” I asked with a smile.

The both accepted my offer. I laced two more glasses with great doses of the serum. As I gave Kim her glass, I walked around the couch she was sitting on and noticed a very distinguished bald spot. This one was completely denuded, Her virgin scalp was clearly visible. She reached up and scratched. I settled back on my couch with Cheryl and handed her wine. She drank it gladly.

Later that night we watched TV while I played with her hair, as I often did. She asked me to scratch the top of her head. I gladly obeyed. As I ran my finger nails down her scalp I noticed a fair amount of hair coming out. She moaned with enjoyment. As we watched out show I focused my efforts on her bald spot. I noticed that the hair wasn’t giving up much of a fight. The more I rubbed and scratched, the wider the spot got. By the time the program was over, Cheryl had a bald spot on the crown of her head, the size of a ping pong ball. She was still oblivious to my actions, and thanked me for a nice head rub.

The sex that night was amazing, and she finished up with a nice blow job. As she bobbed up and down, all I could notice was the gorgeous bald spot I had given her.I reached up and ran my fingers over it. She moaned with pleasure, not realizing what I was rubbing. Her head must of still itched terribly.

The next morning was wonderful. Cheryl noticed the bald spot after her shower. She also noticed that her hair was thinning along the top. She pulled her hair into a bun to hide the damage, exposing her receding hairline. I just sat there eating my breakfast.

“Have you notice anything different with my hair?” She asked

“No. Did you have it colored while you were at your sister’s?” I asked

“No. I guess I’m just having a bad hair day”

“Well take that bun down. It can’t be too bad. Is it frizzy or something?” I asked

“No, its just bad” She said as snatched her car keys from the table “I’ll be back from shopping in a little”

Shortly after she left, Kim knocked on the door. When I opened the door I was amazed at what I saw. Kim hair was significantly thinner on top, she had pulled it back into a pony tail.”

“Hey Kim how are you?”

“I need a favor. Do you still have that nice shaving kit Cheryl got you last year for Christmas?” she asked

“Yes I do. Its up stairs. Does Bill need to borrow it?”

“No, I do. I want to shave my head”

Seeking my opportunity I asked “Well I used to shave my head in college. I don’t know why you would want to lose your hair, but would you like me to shave it for you?”

“Yes. It would nice to have someone who has done it before”

I took the guard off of my clippers. “Take it all off?”

“Yes, please, and please shave it smooth”

I turned on my clippers and ran them down the middle of her head. The thinned hair was easy to mow through. I left only red stubble in its wake. After I removed the bulk I began to notice where the serum had taken effect already. No doubt after I finished shaving, the serum would continue to work until her hair never grew back. I lathered her head up and made sure I shaved extra close. After I removed any trace of her hair I took out my bottle of serum and patted some over every inch.

“What is that? It feels wonderful”

“Oh just soothing ointment”

She reached up and ran her fingers over her head.

“Oh I love it. I’m not
sure if I’d ever want my hair to grow back.

At the rate she was balding, it probably wouldn’t. Cheryl was next. We said our goodbyes and she left. I quickly cleaned up the mess before Cheryl got home.

We had a simple dinner and settled into a nice movie. I asked if she wanted me to rub her head. She was reluctant, but I knew it must have itched terribly, so I began scratching. I took down her bun. She tried to resist, but she only moaned with pleasure as I dug my fingertips into her scalp. Her hair was considerably thinner than yesterday. Her transformation was progressing nicely. As I rubbed, I made sure I widened her bald spot. She was now aware of what was there now, but she must have thought I didn’t notice it. I continued to widen her bald spot until it was about as wide as a baseball. The recently denuded scalp felt so soft. She only moaned as I ran my fingertips over the bare spot.

“Thats some bald spot you got there honey” I said, testing my limits with the subject

“Yes, I noticed it this morning. It must be a hormone thing. surely its not permanent”

“I don’t know baby, I don’t see any growth. I’m thinking it may be permanent. But I’ve always fantasized about having a bald wife. This could be a good thing”

I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m wasn’t sure if you would still find me attractive”

“Of course I would honey. I married you for you, not your hair. I have an idea, lets shave the rest of it now. Kim had her head shaved today. She came by to show you, but you were shopping”

“Really? How did she look?”

“She look really good with a shorn head. We’ll just shave yours and you can tell everyone you just felt like getting rid of it all”

“Okay honey. Thank you for being so understanding. Its going to be weird to get rid of what hair I have left”

We retired to the bathroom where I sat her on the toilet completely naked.

“How much would you like me to take off ma’am?” I said coyly.

“All of it” she replied ” I don’t want to see a single hair after you’re done”

I ran my clipped down the middle of her head, removing the thinned hair. As I peeled away the last bits of it, a smile grew across her face.

“I think I’m going to like being bald”

“I think I’m going to enjoy you being bald as well” I replied

I lathered her up and removed the rest of the stubble. Afterwards I applied a generous helping of the serum to her naked head.

“mmm that feels good. Well how do I look?” she asked

“Wonderful. thinking about keeping it permanently?” I asked

“Its a possibility” she responded with a smile

To thank me she pulled down my pants and engulfed my penis in her mouth. I was so excited from both shaves today I exploded in her mouth. She then removed my penis from her mouth and rubbed it and the remaining semen on her head.

“Cum on my head baby. I love the feeling”

It took a lot of work, but I ejaculated again all over head head. I massaged it in deep as she moaned with pleasure.

“Yeah I’m going to stay bald baby. I’ll never give this up”

Neither Cheryl’s or Kim’s hair grew back. Not even a single hair. But they were much happier with their new style. My life has never been greater since I purchased that serum. But I still have half a bottle left, good enough to transform one more person. Perhaps I’ll just have to wait for my daughter to get home from college. At least I could blame it on my wife’s genes.

To be continued…

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