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It all started about 15 years back. I used to live in a remote village of India. Our home was next to the village temple. The pujaris (priests) of the temple were very conservative.

My room was on the first floor. I could get the best view of the back side of temple. My next door neighbor had a daughter of the same age as mine. Her name was `Shravani’. Everyone used to call her `Shaanu’. We, I and Shaanu were studying in the same school.

The priest’s mother was an old lady of about 60 years. Her head was clean shaven since she was a widow. Backside of the temple was the venue of her tonsure every alternate Sunday. I used to get very excited while watching it. I used to lock my door from inside while watching it from the window `coz my organ used to get unusually big. I used to feel quite odd about it.

On one Sunday, while watching the shaving scene from my window, I heard some noise from my neighboring window. I got scared thinking about what will happen if they find out my secret. So I slowly opened my door. I touched their door just to push a bit and take a view of whatever was there in store for me. Their door was open. I just pushed it a bit more. And there I saw, Shaanu was bending from her window to see the shaving. She couldn’t probably get clear view and hence she had to bend so much. That was the noise I heard from my window. I came back to my room. Surprisingly my cock was harder and larger than it used to get. It was not ready to cool down in spite of the fact that the shaving got over for almost one hour. I took it out of my shorts and started to sooth it by patting it and pressing it in my fists. It was a good feeling. I closed my eyes. Immediately the figure of Shaanu watching the shaving appeared in front of my eyes. I opened my eyes. My cock got even bigger. Movement of my hand fondling it got faster. I couldn’t control myself, closed my eyes. I was now seeing the whole movie of the lady’s tonsure and Shaanu’s intense expressions. Suddenly something sticky fell in my hand, white fluid. My first orgasm. My first masturbation.

Just a week after this incident I heard my mother telling my dad that the Priest’s sister lost her husband in an accident and that she has been brought here by her brother. Next day morning, when I was busy doing my homework, I heard noise from the window. I went to the window and saw that the village barber sat there with his box and a bowl full of water. Priest’s sister was being brought there. Her hands were held by two strong ladies. She was crying miserably. She must be just about 25 years of age, with long waist length hair.

Immediately I thought of Shaanu. I went to see whether she was also witnessing it. There she was bending fully from her window to have a look. This time she heard me coming there. Her expressions were like she was caught while stealing something.

“I . I .was just ..” She kept stammering.

I asked her to keep quite with a gesture of putting my index finger on lips.

“Shhhh . come to my room. I get clear view from there” I whispered in her ear. She was surprised, looked at me with wide eyes. There was no time for clarifications then. Both of us understood it and ran to my room. I didn’t forget to lock the door of my room from inside.

Priest’s sister, her name was Shanti sat there in front of the barber. Her hair spread all over four sides of her head, water dripping from all sides. The barber was still not satisfied. He kept pouring more water on her head and rigorously massaging the roots of her hair.

I saw that Shaanu’s fair face had reddened. She was breathing very heavily. Immediately I looked down and saw that my cock had risen and gave the shape of a tent to my shorts. I stood behind Shaanu so as to avoid my erection from her sight.

Barber took his straight razor and placed it on top of Shanti’s head. I came closer to the window. There was hardly any distance between me and Shaanu. Both of us were intensely looking at the proceeding of shaving. Barber moved his razor with sssssccccrrrrreeeeeeech sssssccccrrrrreeeeeeech sssssccccrrrrreeeeeeech
sound making white path on Shanti’s head. Hair from that place trembled and fell into her lap.

My prick was touching Shaanu’s ass chicks. She gave me a stare for a fraction of a second, didn’t say anything to protest. In fact she moved little towards me to get the feel of it. Suddenly I got little bold and moved my right hand through her armpit towards her tiny breast and started fondling it.

The barber had meanwhile cleaned the back portion of Shanti’s head. He turned her head to her right side and started shaving the left side of her head. I made way for my left hand through Shaanu’s left armpit and rested it on her left breast. Both my hands were fondling her tiny, hard, round shaped breasts in rhythm. She too brought her ass as close to my prick as possible.

The barber had finished both left and right sides of Shanti’s head and was now shaving the front part. Hair was falling straight in her lap as if the curtain was falling down in front of her eyes. We both got so excited that we never realized that the strength and speed of my squeezing her boobs and her strokes on my cock increased madly. My cock could not resist it anymore and vomited all its fluid wetting my shorts.

Meanwhile the scenario in front of us also came to end. Shaanu gave me a quick look. Her eyes were as if she was in trance. And she ran away from my room.

Next two days were like a hell for me. Shaanu stopped talking to me. She just ran away whenever I attempted to talk to her. I was scared that if she tells about my behavior to her mom or my mom, I shall land up in further mess. As it is, after that incident whenever I closed my eyes, a film of Shanti’s shaving started appearing in front of me. And it did not end there. A picture of Shaanu’s beautiful face with her eyes closed and feeling my hands on her breasts made me crazy. I masturbated endlessly in those two days.

It was a third day morning. It was Monday. My parents had gone to their respective offices. I was very tired and was lazily preparing to go to my school, which was in the afternoon.

And then I heard the sound of door of my room being opened. There she was standing in her school uniform. I went running to her and started apologizing endlessly. I don’t know, how many times I must have said “I am sorry” and “Please forgive me”

She had a smile on her face. She was looking at me as if I was doing something crazy. She turned her face away from me and started giggling. I couldn’t make out, what was wrong. I turned her face towards me. She was biting her lower lip, her eyes finding the floor of my room, her face pink. She was still not able to control her giggles.

“Tell me what’s the matter damn it” I was getting more and more restless.

“Actually I was dying to see you for last two days to say sorry to you. But your parents were always around.” she said so softly.

My goodness! And I was thinking that she was angry with me. “And why did you want to say sorry to me?” I asked.

She was puzzled. “I don’t know . just like that .” and realizing the stupidity she started giggling again. “And why were you saying sorry to me when I entered your room?” she asked.

“I don’t know . may be . just like that”. And we burst out laughing after that. She threw herself on my bed. I too lied down beside her.

I touched the top of her head, her smooth shiny hair. She had pretty long hair, almost touching her ass chicks. She had tied them in two plaits, since it was a rule of our school. I slowly started undoing her plaits. She noticed it but did not say anything on that. I opened both her plaits. Her hair was flying because of the full speed of ceiling fan. She must have conditioned and shampooed her hair today. Its fragrance was intoxicating.

I was feeling the smoothness of her silky hair. I was combing her hair with my fingers. Slowly I started caressing her skull thru her hair . gently . very very delicately. She closed her ey
es. Her breathing became faster. Her tiny, round shaped tits were making beautiful up and down movement with her breathing rhythm. I bent down and brushed my lips on her shivering lips. She opened her eyes. Suddenly realizing the situation, she got up and took a step towards the door. I caught her hand.

“Wait for sometime” I said

“I shall be late for school .” She murmured.

“Let’s bunk the school today” I said with a little fear in mind anticipating her refusal. Instead, she turned facing me and said with a smiling face “And .?”

“And what?”

“And what do we do after we bunk the school?”

I was getting interested in her game. So I too felt like pulling her leg.

“Let’s shave your head!” I winked.

Her eyes widened. “How?” She questioned me. Still puzzled.

“Come with me” I took her inside the room holding her hand, her hair still open and flying everywhere on her face. I made her sit on the bed and sat in front of her, exactly how the barber in the backyard sat in front of Shanti.

I started making all movements like the barber. There was no water near me but I was mocking like making her hair wet with both my hands. Her smooth, conditioned, silky hair was all shambled. I brought it all in the front side. It covered her face. I knew she had closed her eyes and was enjoying my massage on her head. I got an idea to take this show further. I removed a small comb from my pocket, made a gesture as if I was going to start shaving her head by bending it and made a small space to touch the straight razor. Then I touched sharper side of the comb at that sensitive part of her head and quickly moved it forward.

She was shocked. She quickly got up, touched at that place on her head. She was really frightened. “What have you done????” she screamed.

“You did agree to let me shave your head right?” My teasing tone relaxed her. She snatched the comb from my hands which I was trying to hide and started hitting me.

Both of us were laughing like mad lying on the bed. A moment later I caressed her face slowly removing her long bangs spread all over her face.

“Won’t it be fun to do it in reality” I asked her in whisper.

“Let’s do it” She also whispered with her eyes half closed.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah seriously” She mumbled

“I don’t have Ustra . (Straight Razor)” I said

She looked disappointed.

“Hey . I have scissors . shall we cut a small part of it today?” I was excited with just the thought.

“Chalo .Lets do it” Her eyes brightened.

I took my mommy’s tailoring scissors and sat in front of her on my knees. She was sitting with her legs folded. I took the full length of her hair in my left hand from her back and brought it in front of her. Then I took about six inches length in the blades of scissors and looked into her eyes. She gestured `OK’ and I closed the blades. I had to do it for several times because her hair was very thick. Ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch. A chunk of more than 6 inches length of her hair fell in her lap. She looked at it and then she looked at my shorts which looked quite obvious with my fully erect member. Then she looked into my eyes. This time I didn’t make gesture of shyness. She lifted her hands, opened the zip and took it out. Her eyes were wide as if she was looking at some strange thing. She must be probably seeing such a huge length for the first time. My junior was jumping with joy of her touch.

Meanwhile I took another chunk of about 6 inches in my blades and closed the blades of scissors. Its Ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch ssssccccrrrruuuch sound and the fall of hair were maddening both of us. Her hold on may prick tightened. It made small back and forth movement also. Our madness increased with the air. I just lifted a huge bunch of hair from her forehead, inserted one blade of scissors in her hair. It was very very close to her skull. She too was feeling the cold touch of scissor blade on her skull. She started shaking my prick faster and.. And I closed the blades of my scissors .. Ssssccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuch Sssssssssssccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuch Sssssssssssccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuch Sssssssssssccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuch Sssssssssssccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuch .

Hardly ½ inch length was left on her head at that part near forehead. I placed my left hand at the back of her head and pushed it down. Her lips were close to my junior. I just touched it on her lips; she opened it and welcomed him in her wet mouth. I just lifted her hair from her head and started shearing it very very close to her skull. She was trying hard in her mission of sucking me to match with my speed. I sheared the last chunk of her hair from her head and lost my control o my junior. He unloaded his entire load in her throat. She had no choice but to swallow it because junior had blocked her mouth with its width. She shivered . trembled. held my tight .. and then relaxed with a jerk. She too had a wild orgasm

Next few minutes, we were just lying on the bed, breathing heavily, panting frantically. It was a few minutes later when we got to our senses we realized the blunder we committed. Shaanu was crying nonstop.

To add to our misfortune, my mom came back home during her lunch time. We were terrified to hear the sound of our door being knocked. I collectted all that hair fallen on my bed and stuffed it in the pocket of my shorts. Shaanu tried to cover her head with her tiny hands. I had no option but to open the door. And ..

The same evening I was thrown out of my house by my father after a big drama. Wounds on my body given by my father and Shaanu’s father were less painful than the thought of leaving Shaanu.

I walked on the roads of the town aimlessly. When I realized, I found myself standing in the dockyard of my town. A big cargo ship was moving out. Instinctively I ran and hung to one of the huge steel chains. I was not noticed by the dockyard staff mainly because it was dark and I was at the rare side of their view. After a couple of minutes when my hands were tired, I climbed up on the deck and fell down on the floor. Second part of my journey of life began with that voyage. (I shall narrate it in the next episode. Till then . have fun .)

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