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It seemed like I had a problem, I found myself looking at sites that featured girls getting their hair cut off or even shaved off. Then it turned into reading all these stories about girls getting their hair cut or shaved. Sometimes I even had dreams, or fantasized about being tied down and having all my beautiful black hair cut off by force. The only problem is that the bald look is not as attractive on me as I was hoping. My fetish seemed too weird.

I had sort of short, messy black hair, and I dyed the tips pink. It looked nice, but I was sick of it. I decided that just for fun I should try cutting my own hair, and I decided I should do a Mohawk haircut.

I was in California during the Christmas season this past year, and all I could think about was how bad I wanted to get this one guy to cut my hair off, to see if he would even do it. I just thought I looked stupid and why not make myself look even stupider?

When I got back home, I actually got this friend to come over, and asked him to cut off the pink ends, but he wouldn’t do the Mohawk. After we messed around a bit, I was still incredibly horny, so I went into my bathroom, picked up the scissors I usually trimmed my hair with and I cut where the pink met my natural black. I carefully snipped the sides while he sat in my room looking through an old yearbook and listening to Nine inch nails, but I couldn’t reach the back. I then asked him to cut my hair, and he went into the bathroom, took the scissors and he cut into my hair. I was wearing a black tank top with no bra and I felt the hair fall on my shoulders and down my back, I felt a bit of arousal as he did this. It was sensual, I looked in the mirror and I saw him looking nervous and trying to figure out if he was cutting it even. Personally I think uneven styles look cool, so I was actually pretty pissed when I ended up with a blunt cut chin length bob. He patted his hand down the back of my head and to my neck, it felt great, but I thought I looked shitty. I probably should have stopped there. I got too tired to do the Mohawk that night, so I waited until the next night when I could cut my hair.

I was supposed to be going back to school the next day, so I found a pair of clippers I had, and without giving it any more thought, I put on the 3/8″ guard, and made the first pass down my head. WHOA!! I had never seen stubble on my head before, and it felt amazing! I couldn’t wait for my whole head to feel like that, so I buzzed the sides down fast and excitedly, I realized my crotch was wet with excitement. Then when I was down, I was stupid enough to cut the hair in the middle myself, because I cut it too short.

I seriously regret this, I wish I was smart enough to let a stylist cut my hair into something nice after my friend cut the ends off, but I’m just that stupid dammit! I seriously can’t wait for my hair to get longer, it seems to be growing slower than usual. I cry every night for the loss of my beautiful hair.

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