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Linda’s Quandary Part 1, told of Linda’s first haircut in 1960. I told of Linda going from knee length hair to a _” pixie haircut.. Linda after stepping down from the barbers chair, thanked Ed and said she would be back in about 10 years. Well Linda returned in just 6 years.

It was 1966 and Linda was graduating from High School. Linda had grown her _” pixie haircut out to knee length. This was the time of the Beattles, guys and gals growing their hair out long and a cultural revolution was taking place. The hip generation was called hippies by the older generation. The Vietnam War was two years into fighting and the draft dodgers and long haired folks were protesting the US involvement in Vietnam. To many anyone with long hair was non patriotic and was a hippie. But not all kids or adults in colleges were long haired and hippies, many were straight, did not do drugs but like the freedom of growing their hair out as a form of freedom.

Linda was a straight “A” student and had been accepted to college. Linda realized that this would mean more studying, longer hours in class and laboratories. Linda’s parents had a talk with Linda about the cultural changes, the way people looked at long haired kids as rebels. They asked Linda to cut her hair short as a growing older thing. The so- called dawning of age. The throwing away of that long haired childhood look, of becoming an adult. All of this to be done in the name of maturity, since she was of course graduating from high school and going on to college. This would and should require a haircut for a young lady to have. Another reason was the hippie look was also associated with having long hair. Not that Linda’s hair was not beautiful, soft brown hair with golden yellow and red highlight in the sun while it fell to her knees glimmering in the days light. Yes one thing Linda could do was to grow a beautiful head of hair. But her parents pleaded this was not the time to have long hair. Especially if you were as Linda was a white upper middle class girl. Short hair was a conservative look and long hair was the look for revolutionaries and protesters.

Linda agreed with her parents wholeheartedly but kept her hair long for her senior class pictures that were to be done in February. Then I will decide what I am going to do with my hair. For a minute she was fixed on the long mirror in he room. A young woman with long flowing full and beautiful, brown and auburn hair, hair that fell to her knees. She swirled around just to watch the hair trail behind and then catch up. All of a sudden she remembered the barbershop and saw herself seated in the chair awaiting the clippers to cut away all that long hair. Linda got a chill thinking about that hair cut, the clippers cutting away all her hair to a _” pixie cut. The thrill of feeling the clippers warm against her neck. Linda thought for a minute about the fun she had had and the thrill of the haircut with the clippers. Two more weeks and senior class picture time. Did she want to wait till after the class graduation or cut it for the class graduation???. Maybe graduation for the last shot of being a long hair then off to the barbershop for a _” thrill cut. Yes that is what would be done.

Graduation pictures came and Linda had decided to cut her hair after graduation. Just before going to college, during the summer, just before the summer heat, oh a short hair cut again would make the summer so much cooler. Linda combed her long hair out again and again saying how much she was going to miss it’s warm coat like veiling but; was not going to miss the constant care, washing and drying. Yes a nice short pixie was what she now wanted. Graduation came and went like it was yesterday and Linda was getting her things ready for college. All her transcripts were back and she was staying in town at the local college about 20 miles away. Linda had decided to go to Law School and was accepted. Now she had one thing left to do.

Linda walked by Ed’s barbershop and looked in nobody there, she walked into the shop and said hello to Ed. The twins were now grown and the two others came in on their own each Saturday. Linda asked Ed; “Do you remember the Saturday I got my haircut.” Ed replied “Who could forget that day.” Linda said; “I am going to college Ed and had thought about, well really Ed I saw myself in February in the mirror in my room and was reliving the haircut I got in 1960. I got to thinking about all this hair and the revolution group and the hippies. I agree with mom and dad that if I am going to college I should look like a student not a rebel. So I was wondering and getting up the courage to see you and ask you would you cut my long hair short again. I mean I just got to looking at all this hair and school and study and I thought after graduation I was going to cut it short.” Ed looked at Linda and said; “Anytime you want it cut Linda, you say cut and we will do it Linda.” Linda looked at Ed and the clock said 5pm. Ed looked at Linda and said is it that time already and started to close the shop. Linda slowly walked to the barber chair and sat down. Ed locked the door and closed the shade and put out the closed sign and turned around to see Linda in the chair. Linda looked at Ed and said ” CUT. And then laughed.” Ed said “Are you serious, NOW, right now you want to cut it?” Linda smiled and said; ” NOW, Ed it is as good a time as any nobody around and privacy.” Ed said ” Ok you want it cut, a cut you will get. Anything come to mind?” Linda said “The usual cut Ed you know the _” pixie cut.” Ed said ” Yes mam, one _” clipper cut coming up.”

Linda found herself in familiar territory this time, had been here before. First came the combing out of her long hair, then the cape was put around her loosely, then came the tissue to the neck all the way around it was applied, next her hair was pulled out from the cape and laid to rest in front of her, she watched as the hair plopped at her knees and rolled back a little into the cape, Linda thought what an amount of hair laid there. Ed then drew the cape tight around her neck, nothing else now except to cut the hair. Ed asked; “Linda are we ready to cut all this hair again.” Linda said; “Ed would you do a braid and cut it off for me to save this time?” Ed said; “Linda you will have to braid your hair, I have never braided hair before.” Linda grabbed the hair and pulled it into three sections and deftly braided her hair for the last time.” Meanwhile Ed was getting the clipper ready with a _” guard. Linda said; “Ok Ed I am done, lets do this cut.” Ed brought the clippers to life with a flick of the switch which made Linda jump, Ed laughed and raised the blade to Linda’s braid, Linda looked in the mirror there was no guard and Ed was cutting into her braid with the clippers each cutting brought a spire of hair away from her head it touched her neck line. As the hair was cut deeper and deeper into the braid Linda’s hair fell about her at shoulder length. When the last section of the braid was severed, Lind had a shoulder length hair cut. It had been no time at all that the braid was clippered through and lay in Linda’s lap as Ed said; Here you are a souvenir for the lady.” Linda grabbed the hair up and held her dear old friend like a child. Ed attached the clipper guard and said; “LET’S HAVE SOME FUN THIS TIME LINDA.” Linda looked as Ed held the blades at her forehead and started right down the middle, Linda watched in the mirrors as a nice 2″ cut of short hair was seen in the mirror. Ed made second pass as Linda watched, hair was falling all over the cape and onto the floor. Ed made a third pass and then another pass from her head to her crown. Linda looked at her head with short hair on the top and long shoulder length hair laying on her shoulders. Linda watched and saw Ed bring the roaring clippers to her right temples and straight up came the clippers to her forehead. Ed then went around the ears and up the back up the neck. That sensation was back the warm clippers at the neck, sen
sual, almost sexy. Then the cut up the center of the neck almost made Linda climax as the chill and warm blade produced a sensual feeling in her like her boyfriend nibbling at her neck and making her horny. What a feeling if nothing about the haircut this feeling was what it was all about, a hair cut with clippers what a thrill Ed finished going around Linda’s head and the _” pixie was back. Linda looked at her self in the mirror as the cut took place, each cut brought a new woman to view, gone was the knee length hair again. This time Linda saw a more elegant sexy lady. The last time she was a girl, now in the mirrors sat a young woman. Ed undid the cape as all the hair fell to the floor. Linda dug into her purse to get the money out $2.50 cents and gave it to Ed for the haircut. Ed said; “I cannot take that Linda, the thrill of a barber cutting all that hair once is great, but a second time, Linda you did me the honor of cutting your hair short both time and more ladies have come in since the last haircut of 1960, think of what business you will bring this time as everyone sees and knows who did your hair again. No Linda the pleasure is mine to have the honor of you chose me to cut off all that long knee length hair. Linda looked at Ed and gave him a hug and a big kiss on the cheek and said; “No Ed thank you for cutting my hair as only you can do.”

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