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`It’s not fair!’18 year old Christine said to her friend Jenny who was 28, one day when they were just sitting around talking, Jenny had just landed herself her what seemed, millionth boyfriend, called Dominic (or Dom for short).

`What’s not fair honey?’ Jenny asked, she hated seeing her pretty younger friend like this as she thought the world of Christine and had known her ever since Christine had been a baby.

Jenny was a terribly stunning lady, as she had bright blue eyes, sensational blonde hair that she had recently cut into a chin length bob (this was a BIG change as Jenny’s hair had been long for as long as Christine could remember!) Jenny’s hair had been a beautiful mid-back length before she’d had it cut but then she got her new boyfriend and she decided to take the plunge and had her hair chopped off!! She was also pretty tall as she stood at 5 foot 10 (without heels on!) Christine on the other hand, was very pretty too, but Jenny knew that her younger friend did not know this. In her own words Jenny would of described Christine as having: absolutely beautiful strawberry blonde hair that was quite long, reaching about an inch above her bra strap and just on her bra strap (when Christine on very rare occasions straightened it), great big, sparkling eyes, the cutest little nose, an amazing mouth and had an (although petite-as Christine only stood at 5 foot 1) adorable, slim figure.

`That you’ve got yet another boyfriend, and I’ve never even had the one!’ Christine said starting to cry, `What’s wrong with me? No boy has even looked twice at me!’

Jenny, seeing her young friend was crying, came over and hugged her and said:

`Christine sweetheart, please don’t cry! You’ll find the right guy in time!’ Jenny said kindly.

`Yeah, in about 50 years-when my looks won’t matter as much-I’m sooo ugly and you’re so pretty Jenny!’ Christine sobbed. Jenny didn’t know what to say, she’d never seen Christine so upset before! `No you’re not ugly Christine-you’re actually much prettier than you think darling-you MUST learn to have more confidence in yourself!’ Jenny replied kindly. Jenny was so upset that Christine once again thought herself ugly-and as Christine’s older friend, it was her responsibility to make Christine feel better about herself, so she had to do something that would make Christine think she was prettier than she thought! Then she had a fantastic idea…….

`Well do you know what I’m going to do honey? I’m going to give you a makeover, hair, makeup, nails, in fact the whole works, and I’d bet that by the time I’ve finished, lads WILL like you’ Jenny said, hoping that Christine would agree to what she suggested.

Christine paused, she’d never worn make up before, or done her nails, as for her hair, well that was the one thing Christine was frightened of changing about herself. But Jenny was her friend after all, and she’d gone to beauty and hairdressing school, and she trusted her, so why not, besides it might be fun!

`Well….Ok then but are you sure you know what you’re doing?’ Christine asked nervously.

Jenny was relieved that Christine had agreed, so to boost up Christine’s confidence in her, she said:

`Of course I do honey, I promise you’ll look great! And you’ll never know, you might land yourself a lad after I’ve finished with you!’ Jenny said, excitedly now.

`Well I doubt it, but…thanks for offering to help me out Jenny!’ Christine said.

`No problem honey!’ Jenny said and so it began………..

The ear piercing

`Christine, have you ever thought about getting your ears pierced honey? I really think that it would suit you!’ Jenny said.

`WHAT????!!!! Jenny are you nuts? I’m terrified of things like that and you know it!’ Christine said, horrified!!

`Yes I know you are, but I really don’t see what you’re so scared of honey-especially as it’ll be me doing them for you!’ Jenny said.

`YOU WHAT!!?? J, J, J, J, Jenny look I know you went to beauty school, but…… Are you sure you know what you are doing?’ Christine stammered, shocked at such an idea!

`Of course I do love, you saw me pierce my younger sisters ears a few months back though and I did a good job then, so why would it be different now-especially as you’re my friend?’ Jenny asked.

Christine sighed, oh well best get it over with then she thought to herself. `Ok Jenny, I trust you, do it if you think it’ll make me look better!’ Christine said

Jenny smiled and said:

`Honey, I don’t think-I know!!’ Jenny smiled kindly.

A few minutes later…..

After sterilizing the needle so Christine wouldn’t have her ears infected, Jenny said:

`Ok are you ready?’

`Yes’ Christine replied terrified.

`Pass me the piece of apple then!’ Jenny said kindly, sitting down next to Christine (they needed the apple so the needle would end up in the apple and wouldn’t prick Jenny’s fingers). Christine did this, all tensed up, then Jenny said, noticing this: `Look Christine relax, just close your eyes and it will be over before you know it Ok?’

`Easy for you to say Jenny! It’s not you who’s about to have their ears pierced!’ moaned Christine.

`Just don’t panic or it WILL hurt you then!’ Jenny said `Right, I’m going to count to three and I want you to remove the ice! Right…1….2……..3!!!!!’

Hearing `3′ being said, Christine removed the ice from her ear, then Jenny came towards her and after marking where the ear was going to be pierced and placing the piece of apple underneath the ear, took the needle and quickly jabbed it into Christine’s ear. Christine screamed as the needle went through!!

`There, well that’s one done!’ Jenny said, smiling, looking at a grief-stricken Christine. `Don’t look at me like that honey; you know you can’t possibly have a long sharp needle through your ear without it hurting even the tiniest bit! Now I need you to put the ice under your other ear now and leave it on for the same amount of time (a minute) Ok?

A minute later, Jenny repeated the process, Christine (obviously) screamed again, when she started crying, Jenny comforted her.

`Oh honey, don’t be upset-it’s all over now!’ Jenny said

`Sorry Jenny it just hurts so much!’ Christine said smiling at Jenny, still wincing slightly from the pain.

`Well it will do for another couple of minutes love, but as they’re healing, you can choose a pair of my studs to wear until they’re healed fully! Ok?’ Jenny asked

`Ok, thanks Jenny!’ Christine said, glad that the painful part was over now.

`Ok love, don’t worry about it, Ok?’ Jenny said

Christine ended up picking up a pair of gold studs, Jenny cleaned them, then gently as Christine’s ears were still a little tender, pushed the studs through the holes. Then Christine’s ears were finally completely done!!

`The gold studs look really nice with your hair colour Christine!’ Jenny exclaimed, showing Christine her reflection in the mirror.

`Yes! They do don’t they? Thanks so much Jenny, Christine said happily.

The Manicure and Pedicure

`Ok Christine, time to do your nails!’ Jenny said, smiling

`Ok Jenny, but do you think that this would suit me?’ Christine asked

`Oh manicures suit everybody Christine; you’re just a bit uneasy, as you’ve never tried this before!’ Jenny said accusingly and playfully, getting her manicure set out.

`Yeah, well…I suppose you’re right-as usual!’ Christine said laughing

`Precisely-I’m always right!’ Jenny said smiling; Jenny thought she was looking forward to this even more than Christine was even though it was Christine she was making over and not the other way round!

Jenny then brought the box out in front of her and then left the room for a minute to get a softening substance in a bowl for Christine. Presently Jenny came back with the bowl, put it on the table, and then said:

`Ok Christine, I first need you to put your hand into this bowl and the solution inside will soften your ha
nds and make them easier to work with Ok?’ Jenny replied.

Christine did this and then began talking small talk to Jenny until 5 minutes had gone. Jenny then took Christine’s hands out of the bowl, then she applied hand lotion, then after this, Jenny gently and carefully got a cuticle stick and pushed back Christine’s cuticles from her nails, after this Jenny took out some nail scissors and gently shaped and filed them. Christine was really beginning to look forward to everything that was happening! A similar treatment was done to Christine’s feet, except that it was a sweet smelling foot lotion rather than hand lotion. This all done, Jenny said:

`Ok honey now comes the real change in this department! Here are all my nail polishes, choose a colour, and then I’ll paint your nails for you! How does that sound?’

`Oh yes! Thanks Jenny!’ Christine said

`Ok honey’ Jenny said, glad Christine was enjoying this now!

Christine eventually picked out a pale pink polish and then Jenny applied the polish to her nails and toenails. After about 5-6 minutes, they were finished!

`See, now that wasn’t so bad, now was it darling?’ Jenny asked, smiling

`No it wasn’t they don’t look half bad actually!’ Christine said smiling back.

The make up

`Ok Christine, I’m going to do your make up now Ok honey?’

Christine was now beginning to doubt both Jenny and herself and it showed as she looked sadly at Jenny,

`Oh Jenny I don’t get why you’re doing this for me-I’m not pretty now and I never will be!’ Christine said sorrowfully.

Jenny knew that it was time to set the record straight once and for all as she said:

`And says who Christine? Look, you can be whoever and whatever you want to be if you just believe in yourself!’

At this point Christine had turned towards the mirror, but wasn’t looking at herself; she was covering her eyes with her arm and crying silently. Jenny then knew she had to cheer her up, so she said:

`Ohhh come on, show me some grinning guts, come on honey, give me a smile!’ as Jenny was saying this, Jenny gently moved Christine’s arm down to her side and Christine half turned towards Jenny and attempted a smile, but it was a weak one.

`Oh no, no, no, no, no, sweetheart you can do better than that! Think of something really nice!’ well Jenny had no idea what Christine thought of, but whatever it was it made Christine happy again as Christine was smiling at her-Jenny knew it was now or never, so then she said:

`Now, I want you to close your eyes and reach deep down, and find the most beautiful thought that’s in your heart!’ Christine obeyed and smiled, and then Jenny took some lipgloss and quickly slapped it on Christine’s pretty lips, at this, Christine opened her eyes and jumped in shock, her eyelashes fluttering, confused, then slowly, ever so carefully, she raised a finger up to her lips, pulled it away and found lipgloss on it! She smiled, fluttered her eyelashes, then looked at Jenny, then Jenny said:

`Ohhhhhhhhhh! (Putting eye shadow on Christine), Beautiful!!’ then Jenny, gently applied blusher, first moving from one side then to the next. `You look fantastic Christine!’ Jenny stated.

`Do I?’ Christine said, how could somebody like her look fantastic? Jenny nodded and gently turned Christine to the mirror on her dressing table, when she saw herself, Christine’s eyes welled up with tears, she looked and she saw the beautiful Jenny, smiling and looking at her through the mirror. Jenny said:

`Well sweetheart, do you like yourself?’

`I look like a real lady now don’t I?’ Christine asked shyly.

`Yes you do, you look stunning!’ Jenny proclaimed `and you’ll look even more like a lady with the final, but probably most important step!’ Jenny said, smiling.

Christine’s smile faded, what was Jenny going on about?

`Christine….to the bathroom!’ Jenny said as she whisked her pretty friend out of the door gently, and sent her to the bathroom, while Jenny got the equipment she’d need for this final touch!

The Haircut

`Are you ready?’ Jenny asked, smiling, seating Christine down and draping a towel around her shoulders and taking Christine’s long hair out of its plait and brushing it down gently.

`I.I.I think so!’ Christine said, stammering with nervousness

`Oh Christine please don’t look at me like that! You’ll make me nervous too!’ Jenny said, laughing.

`You’ll be nervous? Jenny, you are just about to let a massive pair of scissors loose on my hair! How do you think I’m feeling?’ Then looking really upset and worried Christine said `Oh go on, just do it Jenny!’

`Ok, just be brave though Ok?’ Jenny said, smiling at Christine. Jenny then took the scissors out of her haircutting kit box, then clicked then three or four times in the air to make sure that they worked Ok, then turned round to face Christine, then slowly walked towards her. As Jenny separated a section Christine began to look upset and look as if she was about to cry, Jenny rose up the scissors to the desired length, then she closed her eyes tight. Christine noticed this and said urgently:


Jenny quickly opened her eyes and at the same time leapt backwards and dropped the section of hair back in shock!

`Oh oh OK Christine, sorry, I’M just real nervous now!’ Jenny explained.

`You’re still nervous? Jenny, you’re not going to be the one with the terrible hair at the end if you do this wrong-I AM!!!!!!!!!!’

`Hey sweetie, where’s your confidence gone in me?’ Jenny asked.

`Yeah I’m sorry Jen, but I’m dead edgy at the moment!’ Christine said.

`Well I tell you this now, DON’T WORRY! Everything will be fine-you’ll see honey!’ Jenny exclaimed.

`OK…..can you do it now please before I completely lose my nerve?’ Christine asked laughing.

`Alright sweetheart, I’ll do it now!’ Jenny said, clicking the scissors in the air a few times again:

`Click, Click, Click’

Sighing, Christine shut her eyes tight, not wanting to see this happen. Jenny meanwhile, lifted up a section of Christine’s long, shining hair, paused briefly and thought: `God, please let me do this right or Christine will never trust me again!’

Jenny really didn’t want to make a mistake! Then, sighing, (Christine’s hair was sooooooo pretty and beautiful!), she made that fateful first cut in Christine’s hair!

`SNIP, SNIP, SNIP!’ the scissors went, Christine gave a gasp of shock as about 6-7 inches of hair were cut off and fell to the floor.

`Don’t panic Christine! You look great!’ Jenny said smiling-she was looking great! Christine didn’t look too convinced!

Jenny separated another section then cut that to the desired length too:

`SNIP, SNIP, SNIP!’ Jenny smiled; this was working out just fine! However, Christine was starting to get upset as more hair fell to the floor behind her (Jenny had started at the back of Christine), she began to cry. Seeing this, Jenny stopped cutting and said:

`Christine it looks just fine honey, trust me Ok?’ Jenny said, giving her a clean tissue to blow her nose with.

`I’m sorry Jenny, but my hair has never been this short before!’ Christine sobbed into her tissue. It was true. The length Jenny was taking it to was to in-between Christine’s chin and her shoulders.

`You’ll look great honey, you’ll love it and that’s a promise!’ Jenny comforted her.

Christine felt a little better then, but she was still shocked at the amount of hair she was losing to the scissors! Jenny then recommenced cutting:


`SNIP, SNIP, SNIP, SNIP!’ Each time Jenny closed the blades, another 6-7 inches of hair were cut off, Christine was starting to feel MUCH calmer now, and she began to enjoy it!

Jenny separated another section, let it hang down to near her bra strap, combed it, then snipped off the section:


`SNIP ,SNIP ,SNIP, SNIP!’ the majority of Christine’s formerly long ha
ir had been cut into the bob now, and was on the floor in a huge sea of strawberry blonde waves, Christine hadn’t seen how short her hair was or how much hair was on the floor yet, but she would soon! Jenny then asked her pretty friend a question:

`Do you want me to cut a fringe for you as well honey?’ Jenny asked

`Yes, Ok Thanks Jenny’ Christine said. How many times has my pretty friend said `Thank You today?’ Jenny thought amusingly.

Jenny then combed all the remaining hair forward so it completely covered her eyes, then Jenny lifted up the scissors again and asked:

`How short do you want them sweetheart?’ Jenny asked

`Could you make my fringe up to slightly above my eyebrows Jenny?’ Christine said

`Yes, of course I will dearie!’ Jenny replied, smiling then she picked up the scissors, measured slightly above Christine’s eyebrows as requested, and then Jenny carefully closed the blades on the shining strawberry blonde hair:



Christine now had a really pretty fringe, reaching to just above her eyebrows. Oh My God! Thought Jenny, the fringe frames her eyes perfectly and it shows off how blue and pretty they are!

Jenny then said:

`There sweetheart, you’re done and you look really pretty!’ Jenny said as she cleared Christine’s lap of formerly long flowing strawberry blonde hair.

After Jenny had cleaned up all the long hair (Christine had winced when she saw the amount that was on the floor!!), Christine asked:

`Can I look now Jenny?’

`Yes love you most certainly can, as you’re finished now-close your eyes honey!’ Jenny replied kindly, dying to know what Christine thought of her haircut.

Jenny picked up the hand mirror, turned towards Christine and said to her, holding the hand mirror out:


Christine opened her eyes and slowly looked towards the hand mirror Jenny was holding out in front of her and Christine couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Christine’s hair now hung to in between her chin and shoulders-a big difference to the almost bra-strap length hair she’d had before! She also loved the make up on her too!

`Not bad is it sweetheart?’ Jenny asked kindly, glad that Christine looked happy with her new look.

`Wow is that really me?’ Christine asked, shocked

`Yes, it’s you honey, maybe now you’ll finally see how pretty you really are!’ Jenny replied, smiling.

`Jenny you’re the best!’ Christine said and hugged Jenny and for the first time ever, Christine actually smiled at her reflection! This made Jenny so happy, she almost cried for Christine as Christine was so happy! However, Jenny held them back-Christine looked sooooooo pretty!!

`Now we need to go shopping to get you some new outfits to impress the lads with Ok?’ Jenny asked-Jenny loved shopping-even if it wasn’t for her!

`Ok and thank you so much Jenny!!!’ Christine said

`Ok I’ll take you out tomorrow!’ Jenny said.

Well they went out and Christine bought loads of new clothes (at Jenny’s expense!!) and she definitely turned boy’s heads this time! Christine also managed to finally bag herself a boyfriend called Paul, but she was still friends with Jenny and they still hung out together loads, in fact Dom (Jenny’s boyfriend) and Paul (Christine’s boyfriend) wound up getting on and they too became good mates. As for Jenny and Christine, well they never stopped being friends, Jenny was there for Christine and in turn Christine was there for Jenny. One day Christine said:

`Thanks again Jenny for everything you’ve done to and for me-you’re the best friend ever!’ Christine said.

`You’re my best friend ever too Christine!’ Jenny said hugging her `Mine too’…….


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