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“Honey, it’s me. I thought we could stay in tonight for dinner, if you don’t mind. Maybe barbecue some steaks and I’ll throw a couple of potatoes in the oven, maybe a tossed salad. Let me know if it’s a problem, otherwise I’ll figure its a go. Oh, and you don’t need to stop at the video store. I’ve already got a DVD for tonight and I think you’re really going to like it. Bye!”

I smiled as I hung up the phone after listening to my messages. Tonight was our monthly ‘date night’ and this was the first time Linda had ever gotten the ‘special’ (read XXX rated) movie. I was intrigued to say the least and looking even more forward to tonight than normally.

Our ‘date nights’ had begun about a year ago after our youngest child had graduated from high school and headed off to college. My wife, Linda, had suddenly realized that things were changing and decided it was time to drop some of the weight she had acquired over the years. She began eating better and exercising and managed to lose nearly 50 pounds over the course of a year. The benefits, aside from the obvious health issues, included a drastically improved sex drive. Our monthly ‘date’ became part of our new routine and included a movie after dinner. Several months ago, while we were browsing at the video rental store without finding anything of interest, Linda casually suggested that I check out the ‘adults only’ room. So I went in, picked out a movie at random, and we took it home.

Wow, what a night! As we watched the movie, Linda started doing to me whatever was happening in the movie, including things we had never done before. It was an eye opening experience.

Since that first time, an adult film had become a standard part of date night. But I had always had to pick up the movie before this. We were moving into a new level here and I could feel my cock stiffen at the thought.

Time seemed to slow down that day, and the afternoon really dragged. When 5:00 finally rolled around, I hurried home. Linda greeted me with a long French kiss and I started up the grill while she made the salad. She disappeared into our bedroom while I was grilling the steaks. By the time I brought the steaks in, she was back in the kitchen wearing shorts and a tank top, and based on how much her nipples were poking through the fabric of her top, no bra. She had also touched up her just below shoulder length hair with the blow dryer and curling iron. I ate dinner very quickly.

After dinner, we cleaned up and quickly headed for the living room. I sat down on the couch and Linda curled up next to me. She started the movie, which she had already cued up. The storyline (such as it was) was quickly established, and soon the man and woman were going at it. I was lightly pinching and tweaking Linda’s nipples through her top and she was fondling my cock through my running shorts. After several minutes of this, I was just getting ready to move things along when she stopped her manipulations of me and paused the movie.

“I want to do that to you,” she said, staring me straight in the eye.

“OK, go ahead,” I responded, a bit confused. The couple in the movie had taken turns performing oral sex and then moved on to intercourse. I was unsure why Linda was talking about it instead of just doing it.

“No, I don’t mean that!” she smiled, then added, “well, I do mean that too, but in a few minutes. I want to make you look like him.”

“What are you talking about? He’s 25 years old and Hispanic. I’m 50 and not.”

“I know that! I was talking about his head. He shaved it. I want to shave your head,” she began massaging my cock again.

I could only stare at my wife in shock. Where had this come from? She had never indicated that she had a thing for shaved heads before, and we had been married for almost 30 years. On the other hand, I had had male pattern baldness for years, so I would really only be shaving half my head. And based on the expression on her face and the workout she was giving my cock, it was obviously something that pushed a few of the right buttons.

“OK, if that’s what you want, knock yourself out,” I said.

“Oh, thank you, honey!” she answered, giving me a long kiss. She disengaged from our embrace and reached under the couch, producing a cordless electric hair clipper. She then straddled my lap and flicked on the switch. She placed the buzzing clipper by my right ear and without pause pushed it up through my sideburn as high as there was any hair. She quickly finished the right side and started on the left. I interrupted he long enough to pull her top off so that I could fondle her breasts and suck on her nipples. It didn’t take long for her to finish clipping my head down to very short stubble although she continued to run the clippers all around my head checking for any stray hairs she might have missed. All this time I continued my ministrations to her breasts and I’m sure she came at least once, which was a new experience since I hadn’t touched her pussy. Finally she shut off the clippers and climbed off my lap.

“Time to get you totally smooth up top, mister!” she grinned as she led me into the bathroom. Laid out on the counter was shaving cream, a brand new Quattro razor with extra blades and a towel.

Linda ran some hot water in the sink and then wet the towel before placing it on my head. We both stripped off what little clothing we had on and I sat down on the toilet. She unwrapped the towel, then squirted a big dollop of shaving creme onto her hand and began lathering up my head. Moments later, she rinsed her hands and immediately began running the razor over my scalp in short strokes, first with the grain, then against it. She re-lathered my head and put in a new razor blade, then shaved me again, this time with long strokes, using her fingertips to check for any areas that were missed. Finally, she used the towel to wipe off the last vestiges of shaving creme. She led me back into the living room and lay back on the couch, legs spread wide apart.

“Eat my pussy. I want your beautiful bald head between my legs right now!” she moaned.

I wasted no time kneeling between her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy and clitoris. She used both hands to fondle my shaved scalp and took less than a minute before cumming enthusiastically. We lay that way for a short time while she came down from her orgasm and her breathing slowly returned to normal. As I leaned forward to give Linda a deep kiss, she smiled at me.

“I think there’s something I need to take care of. Either that, or you’ve got a piece of pipe poking my thigh,” she said.

We both got up to switch places and I took Linda’s spot on the couch. She walked over to the DVD player and popped out the movie we had been watching, then placed a different disc into the machine and started it up. She then knelt between my legs and grasped my rock hard cock.

“Enjoy the movie,” she purred, then lowered her head and engulfed my cock with her mouth, slowly bobbing up and down.

The blowjob Linda was giving me was rather distracting, but I tried to pay at least a little attention to the movie. What I saw immediately focused most of my attention on the screen and not my cock.

As I watched in awe, the woman on the screen began going down on the man very much like what Linda was doing to me. However, the man had a pair of clippers very similar to the one Linda used on me and he proceeded to use it on the woman on screen. He placed them on the nape of her neck and slowly ran them up to the crown of her head, as sheets of hair tumbled to the ground. He continued to run the clippers through her hair as more and more hair fell away and more and more bare scalp showed through.

Linda stopped sucking long enough to look up at me and say, “Do you like what you see?” My cock twitched and she giggled, “I guess so!” She then handed me the clippers she had used on me and parroted my own words back at me. “Knock yourself out!”, she said before resuming my b

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, shocked. Linda didn’t say a word, merely nodded her head without interrupting her sucking.

“OK, if that’s what you really want,” I answered.

I flicked the clippers into life and placed them on Linda’s forehead. Slowly I pushed them toward the crown of her head, turning her part into a two inch wide of short stubble. Linda moaned and began bobbing up and down on my shaft at a faster pace. Twice more I repeated this and she had male pattern baldness. Without hesitation, I placed the buzzing clippers in front of her ear and began clearing first one side and then the other. All this time Linda was sucking and licking my cock and moaning louder and louder. Reluctantly, I interrupted my wife’s efforts and she stopped with a slight whimper.

“Honey, you need to hold still for a minute while I finish up the back.”

Linda turned her head to offer easy access to the back of her head while she stroked my cock. I repeatedly ran the clipper from the nape of her neck to the crown of her head until not a single hair was longer than an eighth of an inch. Reluctantly, I turned off the clippers and set them down. Linda immediately returned to sucking my cock and I had her stop.

“Babe, let’s get you shaved smooth first,” I said.

We moved back into the bathroom and repeated the same process we had employed on my head to Linda’s. She wanted to keep sucking me while I shaved her scalp and I had to tell her I was afraid I might cut her if she did. So she stroked my cock with one hand while fingering her clitoris with the other. When I finished the second shaving and wiped off the last of the shaving creme, she dragged me back to the couch.

“I want you to condition my scalp,” Linda said before resuming my blowjob.

It didn’t take long at this point and within moments Linda was stroking me off onto her gleaming white head. When I had calmed down a bit, she reached up with both hands and began rubbing my cum into her beautiful hairless scalp. We then headed for the shower arm in arm.

“I’m gonna want seconds later tonight, you know!” Linda giggled, as my cock twitched in anticipation.

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