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Kailey was 16 years old and was best friends with Hannah, they did everything together and were inseperable. Hannah was secretly very envious of Kailey’s long blonde hair that fell to her mid back and her good looks . Hannah never was allowed to grow long hair during the winter her hair was allowed to grow to shoulder length but as soon as school was out her mother marched her straight to the barbershop for a longish crew cut.

Kailey returned home from school to see her mother sitting there excited, her mother told her that they were going to go to Ireland for the summer to stay with Kailey’s grandmother. Kailey was distraught as she wanted to spend the summer at the mall with Hannah and hang out with her other friends and not hang out on a farm in Ireland all summer long doing chores with no one to hang out with. That night Kailey was talking to Hannah on the phone telling her about the predicament when Hannah said why don’t you just stay with me for the summer? Kailey exclaimed, really? Would your Mother let me? Hannah ran and asked her Mom who said it was ok. They then got off the phone so Kailey asked her Mother if it was ok if she stayed with Hannah for the summer after thinking it over her Mother finally said ok but if there is complaint out of Hannah’s Mom then she would be sent directly to Ireland where she would face a severe spanking. Kailey was excited she called Hannah to tell her she would be staying there they started making plans of hanging out at the mall and the beach it was going to be their best summer ever.

The School year is now over and Hannah comes home from school to find her mother and brother’s getting ready for their trip to the barber shop, Hannah says to her Mom you know Kailey is coming tomorrow don’t you think she should get hers cut too? After thinking about it Hannah’s Mom agreed as she did not want Kailey clogging the drains up with all of her hair. Hannah’s Mom called Kailey’s Mom and asked her if it was ok if she took Kailey for a shorter haircut and Kailey’s Mom exclaimed anything you want to I am just glad you are letting her stay with you for the summer.

The next day Kailey showed up at Hannah’s they were all excited to get started with their summer when Hannah’s Mom came in and said ok lets get ready to go to the barber shop time for summer haircuts. Kailey did not thing she met her so she went along when they arrived at the shop she remembered it as the same shop she had taken many of her boyfriends to have their hair sheared off as she giggled at them. When they arrived at the shop the two barbers Sam and Earl were sitting there reading newspapers as it was early in the morning and the rush had no arrived yet. Hannah’s Mom told her sons Billy and Joey to get in the chairs where they were caped and the barbers were told to give them crew cuts with the number 1 clip. Kailey looked up and saw the boys starting to be clipped and smiled to herself as she loved seeing boys being clipped down to nothing. At this time Hannah said don’t worry it is not that bad at which Kailey asked, What isn’t that bad? Hannah said getting your hair cut here. Kailey said umm I am not getting my haircut I would never go to a barber for a haircut. Hannah said Mom called your Mom last night and she said it was ok. At which point Kailey remembered what her Mom told her would happen if she misbehaved so she knew she couldn’t cause a scene she just hoped for a trim. Kailey watched as the boys hair was quickly sheared and soon Joey was released from the chair rubbing the back of his head he came to the waiting chair and Hannah was directed towards the open barber chair. Hannah’s Mom told the barber she wanted to go a little shorter this time to just use the number 2 guard on her this year the barber nodded caped Hannah up and went to work. At this point Kailey’s heart dropped to her stomach and she saw that Billy was being dusted off announcing the end of his haircut th cape was removed and Billy slid out of the chair. Kailey then heard the worst thing in her life as Earl the barber exclaimed “Next” looking straight at her with his cape ready in his hand.

Kailey slowly got up and on rubbery legs made her way to the barber chair. She sat in the chair and the barber quickly pulled her back all the way in took a paper strip wrapped it around her neck then had her hold her hair as he fastened the cape. The barber then made three quick jerks to the chair as it raised upwards to his desired height, he then turned the chair away from the mirror and towards Hannah’s mom and little brothers who were giggling at her. The barber asked Hannah’s mom what it would be and she said oh number 2 crewcut please. When Kailey heard this she erupted there is no damn way you are cutting my hair that short you aren’t my Mom if she found out she would be oh so pissed. When Hannah’s Mom heard this she said I talked to your Mom last night and she gave me the authority to have you get your haircut and you will and she also said if I had any problems with you then I could spank you as she would and after hearing that language I feel a good spanking is in order it could be here or when we get home but you will be cutting that hair today. As Hannah’s mom was talking and unknowingly to Kailey the barber had already started cutting the length off of her hair she knew the fight was over so she sat there with tears in her eyes as he kept cutting the bulk off. The she saw him put the scissors in his pocket and reach behind him and being that she had taken so many of her boyfriends here she knew he was reaching for his electric hair clippers. Earl took his big black Oster “76” clippers and afixed a number 2 blade on them turned them on then placed them on Kailey’s forehead pulled them back leaving just a path of short velvety stubble behind. Kailey knew there was no hope now as she held onto the chair arms as he kept passing the clippers over the top of her head he then tilted her head down till her chin touched her breasts. The barber ran the clippers up the back and she could see the hair falling up both sides and she thought the haircut was done. At this point he brought out his edging clippers and ran them at least an inch up the back of her head and an inch over both ears to give her extreme white walls over her ears. He then took some shaving cream and spread it on her neck and around each ear liberally he took his straight razor shaved the lather off put some foul smelling after shave on her neck and around both ears then dusted her off removed the cape and turned the chair around to the mirror. When Kailey saw herself she burst into tears as her hair is really blonde it now looked like she was bald and her ears stuck out prominantly making her look even sillier then she already did as she was crying Hannah’s Mom said I would save the tears for later as you have a spanking coming when we get home. Kailey slid out of the chair rubbing her head not believing what had just happened.

On the ride home Hannah’s Mom told them that she liked the haircuts so much they would all return midsummer for a touch up making Kailey cry more. When they got home Hannah’s mom grabbed Kailey by the arm and led her into Hannah’s bedroom and locked the door. Hannah’s mom then sat on a chair and told Kailey to drop her shorts and panties and get over her lap. Kailey nodded her head and did as she was told she was so embarrased she wished she was in Ireland right now. When Hannah’s Mom completed she told Kailey to stand in the corner so Kailey did so not remembering to pull her shorts back up. Hannah’s Mom left the room forgetting to shut the door giving Kailey her last bit of humiliation of the day as everyone could see her with her freshly clipped head standing in the corner with her bare red butt showing.

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