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Thursday morning and I am waiting for the newsagent to open. the second Thursday every month I was always there waiting for my latest copy of the hand monthly. the grumpy old newsagent always looked at me strangely, why is he buying that, but for months that’s what I did. then I took my magazine back to my bedsit to view the latest handknit creations and enjoy the pictures of mohair aran and thick fluffy wool. then I would check the back pages in the personals,could I find the queen of the handknitters?

Two friendship adverts and one for a holiday pal and then wow a small ad ,it just said handknit slave wanted and an email address. I could not believe my eyes, I emailed straight away to apply. at ten past six a reply came back with a phone number, ring me now it said and nervously I did. it only rang once she answered. I want to be your handknit slave I said. I require you to be my full time slave she said up early lots of cleaning washing and cooking and all the bedroom slave duties lots of spanking and humiliation, are you up for the job she said a years contract to begin with, no going out at all, no outside contact and every day you will wear a different item from my extensive handknit collection she said and you will be taught how to knit, is that the kind of job you want?
perfect I replyed I want to be your handknit slave.what kind of hair do you have she asked.long thick and blond I replyed.you will be shaved bald as soon as you get here she said and kept bald for the term of your contract.shocked I replyed ok then.she gave me her address and told me to come immediately.

I packed my few things, my rent was paid till months end and I left. two different trains and a taxi to her house and I just sat there during those journeys thinking,what will she be like? what will she do to me? what will I look like without my lovely hair? it had not been cut for years.

Her house was secluded long drive and high hedges.pretty net curtains lined the windows. I payed the taxi and rang the bell.and then there she was,sixty something fat and round. she was wearing a fuzzy pink mohair dress.knee length long sleeved and high necked.here white hair was shaved very close.a number one I thought.she looked at me over her glasses,well done you made good time she said.I followed her into the lovely house.on the table in the lounge was the contract.next to it a big pile of fluffy handknits.She smiled said nothing and passed me the pen.I could not wait to sign it, I had found the queen of the hand and I was her slave for a year.she put the contract in the safe behind the picture on the wall.

Right she said get naked.I stripped off everything and she binned the lot.she took my hand and we went to the bathroom.she bathed me washed my hair and shaved my face then she dryed me and blow dryed my long hair.now you are ready she said.
she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.she made me kneel naked in front of her wardrobe and when she opened it I could not believe my eyes.mohair aran and thick fluffy wool top to bottom half stacked in piles half hung on hangers,every colour and size.
yellow will suit you today she said and she pulled out a thick long fuzzy mohair cardigan.she made me stand there and dressed me in it.now do up all your buttons she said.i obeyed. now lets get your picture for the bedside and with her digital camera she took front and back pictures of me long haired and yellow mohaired. it will be aran tomorrow she said now lets get all that hair off you.
oh shit, my hair. i was so wrapped up with pink and yellow mohair i almost forgot she wanted my hair all of it!
like a good slave i knelt in front of the mirror on the dressing table.she handed me a brush,enjoy it one last time she said.i need a bowl of water, i will be back in a minute and i watched her fluffy outline disappear.

My hair my lovely hair long thick and sunbleached.i loved it washed and dryed. i played with my hair, i ran the brush through it from my forehead across the top and down the back and i shook my head about and felt my lovely hair moving about for the last time.
i had not cut my hair since school . i went to a couple of times but did not have the courage and it just stayed long.
all my friends went long to short and sometimes back again but now in my forties i was the only long haired one left. i put the brush on the dressing table and stared at my reflection.shiny blond curls adorned my head and ran down my back.i am going to have a bald white shiny head in just a few minutes i thought.my hair lay on top of thick yellow mohair with cable knit patterns sticking out, two big pockets on the front and yellow shiny buttons.knealing there the cardigan touched the floor and the sleeves were long and overlapped my hands.then she came back in the room.hands in pockets she said plonking a steaming bowl of water down on the dressing table.i pushed both my hands in the pockets and from the top drawer she got out a big pair of scissors and the box with the clippers in,then a towel shaving foam razors and a hair scrunchie.head forward handknit slave she said and she pulled all my hair back and wrapped it in a long ponytail.all i could see was yellow mohair as she pushed my head forward and all i could feel was her holding my long hair getting ready to cut it all short oh my lovely hair.

She picked up those big shiny scissors and snipped them together twice in the air i gritted my teeth here they come i thought goodbye lovely long locks.she pulled my ponytail tight and dug the scissors in. snip snip i winced snip snip she pulled it tighter snip snip and one last time she closed the scissors snip and it was gone.my long hair in her hand. i looked up and my reflection in the mirror my hair hacked off across the back it was not even straight.

She lay my ponytail on the dressing table and then gathered up as much hair on my left side as she could hold and hacked into it butchering it close to my head with her sharp scissors.this wont take long she laughed.then the right side all gathered up and hacked off too.she snipped off lots of hair at once and just dropped it on the floor.it meant nothing to her but it was mine my lovely long blonde hair and i could see it all lying on the carpet lifeless.you can hoover it up later she said and she ran her fingers into the hair on the top of my head and pulled my head up. in the mirror my reflection i could not believe my eyes my hair short both sides and all the back gone.she cut the top as short as she could laying the scissors on my head and snipped it all very short.there she said a quick long to short haircut.i just stared at my short hair and all that thick sunshine yellow mohair in the mirror.now thats much better she laughed right more pictures she demanded and i obeyed.she took two more of me short cropped and kneeling.
now lets get your head clippered bare she said. i resumed my position in front of the mirror.

I watched her plug in those big black clippers and then remove the guard.she put her left hand under my chin and tipped my head back and then she clicked on those hair removers buzzzzz and pushed them into my forehead and swept them through my locks removing all but a trace of hair and leaving that clippered line right down the top of my head to my crown and then again again again she mowed them through my hair all over the top of my head.i could feel all my lovely hair falling. i had not had a clipper cut since early school but that was never this severe.0000 across my head it felt bare naked and cold and it was soon all off.she pulled my head up and my stubble head reflection stared back at me.the whole top clipped in a couples of minutes.she pulled my left ear down tipping up the right side of my head and then mowed the clippers up the front of my right ear then over it up the whole side then behind it.it all fell to the floor.that will make your ears stick out she said laughing now lets bare the back too.she placed her hand on the top of my clipped head and tipped me forward.pull your cardy collar down s
he said.i obeyed.she ran those buzzing clippers right up the back from hairline to crown.those ruthless hair removers began to make the back just like the top and side,stubble.again and again she drove those clippers up the back and between my ears.i could feel my hair sliding off my head and tumbling down my back onto the floor.

You can let go of your collar she said all the back is gone not much more left now.she stood on my left side and tipped my head to the right and began the last clippering.she was so fast and precise and i wondered how many other long haired men had been clipped by her dressed up in her huge hand knitted creations. i knew i was not the first but hoped to be the last.i watched in the mirror as the last of my crowning glory was ruthlessly removed all buzzed off. its gone all gone i thought my hair is just a memory hacked short and clippered off so quickly.years to grow long seconds to cut short minutes to buzzed bare.

She took more photos of me and my buzzed head knealing and pulling down that cardy collar.my naked head standing out me clipped bare.now i want you smooth she said and shiny.i resumed my haircut position.she put the big white towel around my shoulders and tucked it in.that will keep your fluffy cardigan nice and dry she laughed.she wet my head with her hands and then lathered up my head with shaving foam her fingers moving over my scalp and behind my ears and all up the back.i was creamed and ready to be razored bald.my reflection in the mirror a white soap head with no hair.

She took the top off the razor and dipped it in the bowl of water.head forward she said. i obeyed.she dropped the razor onto my crown and scraped it down to my forehead she dipped it in the water and then repeated another line next to the first.again and again she razored down my head.what an expert she was balding the top of my head in what felt like a few seconds.she ran her finger over the top of my smooth dome.hairless is much better she said.she stood at my right side and bent down my ear and starting that side she made easy work of it.dipping the razor scraping my head and dipping it again.so soon the right side was like the top shiny and smooth.then the left side new razor ear bent down she was so carefull and yet so quick.and the noise of her razoring my head i will never forget it the feeling of a smooth head.in the mirror i was so bald she pushed my head forward again and began razoring the back.each stroke taking me nearer to being her bald handknit slave.just twenty minutes ago you had a big headfull of long blonde hair she said and now i am scraping off the last few millimetres of stubble from the back of your head.i closed my eyes and thought about brushing all my long locks and she swished the last bit smooth.she dropped the razor in the waterbowl and pulled the towel up over my head.gently she patted me dry the top the back and the sides.the feeling of her fingers on my naked head was amazing.then she pulled off the towel.my reflection what a shock me surrounded by thick super fluffy sunshine yellow mohair and my bald head staring back.no hair lots of mohair thats what i want she said.

She pointed to the four poster bed sit on it she demanded.i obeyed.she took more photos of me my hands on my chrome dome me pulling down that cardy collar.there i was ready to be her bald handknit slave.dressed in her mohair with my long locks removed and my head shining.perfect she said long to bald in half an hour so quick.follow me she said you have lots of hoovering to do.i obeyed.
i was soon back by the dressing table with the hoover on pushing handfulls of my hair into the nozzle.i rubbed my hairless head no hair for a whole year i thought and i cleaned up the last of my hair from the carpet.all gone she said your hair is just a memory.you need more mohair i think and she opened her wardrobe. she got out an enormous yellow mohair jumper and pulled it over my balded head.she tied the sleeves behind my back,the poloneck was all over my face she pulled it down open wide she said and she put my long ponytail in my mouth and pulled the poloneck back over my face.she rubbed all that sunshine yellow mohair all over my naked head.you are my bald handknit slave she said.

This story came about several years ago she kept her side of the contract and i kept mine after a whole bald year i signed another contract she let me grow my hair for a month and then reshaved me as i signed the hair fell all over the paper and i started another hairless handknit slave year.

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