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In a quiet corner of the Shark Club two attractive men, one in his thirties, the other older, were having a drink and talking.

“Just a few more days … and how are things going?”
“Oh, the wedding plans are all taken care of, I am more concerned about after.”
“What do you mean?” asked the older man with concern.

“Don’t get me wrong, she is perfect in so many ways, but… it’s just that she is so stubborn and independent and kind of spoiled sometimes. I’m afraid that we will be fighting a lot or that we won’t be able to agree on the major issues… I have known lots of couples who have split up over that kind of thing.”

“Son, do you two love each other?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“And you respect her, her strengths and her opinions?”

“You know I do, Ted. She’s just as smart and ambitious as I am.”

The older man sat back in his leather chair with a thoughtful gaze. “I had many of those same concerns when I married her mother 35 years ago… and I’m going to tell you what I did about it. You will have to decide for yourself what feels right… I know that you might have a tough time following through but I really believe that the way I handled those first few days is responsible for your mother and I staying together for such a long and happy marriage.” Leaning in, he continued “Here’s what you need to do…” The young man listened intently, his eyebrows raised at some of what he heard but he agreed to give his father-in-law’s advice some thought.

Four days later, the wedding was over and the happy newlyweds were having breakfast at their hotel in Las Vegas, and discussing their plans for their first day. He had suggested spending the day together sight seeing and shopping, but his beautiful wife stubbornly insisted that she was going to try the card tables and slot machines. He didn’t argue with her once he saw that her mind was made up, but inside he knew that this was exactly the kind of situation he had discussed with his father-in-law and his heart sank as he knew what he had to do.

So, after finishing breakfast, she kissed him and headed off to the casino to have `her fun’. He watched her walk away, her curly brown ponytail bouncing against the back of the cute summer dress she had chosen. As she disappeared around the corner, he pushed his chair away from the table and went for a long walk to think things through. Deep down, he knew his father-in-law was right. It was going to take something pretty drastic to bring this stubborn little filly in line.

After his walk, he stopped to make a few purchases before heading back upstairs. They had agreed to meet back in their suite at noon, and he grew increasingly frustrated while he waited for her. It was quarter after one before he finally heard her key in the door. He sat quietly on the bed, his plan clear in his mind and everything he needed close at hand.

She entered the room smiling and launched into chirpy chatter about how much fun she’d had and how one particular `cute’ dealer had been so friendly and helpful teaching her the rules of the game.

He interrupted her, patting the bed beside him. “Come sit down for a minute, we need to talk.”

Tossing her bag into a chair, she sat beside him and looked up at him expectantly. He had always loved the fact that she was so tiny in comparison to his height and muscular frame, and knew that would be in his favor today. With one finger under her chin, he tilted her face up to meet his and their eyes locked. “Honey, you know I love you more than anything in the whole world… and I hope you believe that I will always be fair, loving and kind with you.” She was nodding as he continued.

“But we have to get a few things straight between us, and the sooner we do that the more problems we will prevent down the road.”

He looked steadily into her eyes. “There can only be one captain of a ship, and that’s me. In a marriage, decisions have to be made for the good of the marriage and the family, and as my wife I expect you to obey me and accept my input on the choices we face. What happened this morning, you going off on your own to gamble against my wishes and this just now … you are over an hour late to meet me… I have no choice… I am going to have to teach you a lesson that I hope you won’t forget for a long time. “

Before she could begin to respond, he had her over his knees with her ponytail hanging down one side and her tanned legs stretched out on the other side, and in the next motion her dress was up and panties down exposing her bare bottom. She was squirming trying to pull away, but his hand came down fast and hard. She cursed and squawked in protest, and continued to strain against his grip trying to break free. Eventually, she gave up the hopeless struggle and lay there sobbing and gasping until she lost count and her bum was stinging with red handprints.

She was exhausted from fighting against him. He slipped her limp body off his lap so that she was on her knees beside the bed. Tears rolled down her cheeks and he had to force himself to continue. “Unfortunately, that’s just the first part of your punishment. We both know that by tomorrow that spanking will be forgotten and you will be back to your old ways. Your father warned me about your strong rebellious nature, and that I would have to take strong measures if I hope to ever have you respect me.”
He came down on his knees behind her, with one leg on either side he had her effectively pinned to the side of the bed and he used his weight and strength to keep here there.

He took hold of her ponytail with one hand and with the other he pulled out the clippers from under the bed and brought them buzzing to her forehead. Finding new energy, again she struggled to escape his grip but could only watch helpless as her fluffy bangs were shorn and fell to the bed in front of her eyes. He knew she couldn’t escape, he had her arms and torso trapped between his powerful legs, and her struggles only made him pull the ponytail tighter as he shaved straight back from the hairline around her forehead and ears. His strong hands easily manipulated her head back and forth until finally the entire ponytail came away, leaving her with an uneven quarter inch all over buzz cut.

His heart melted as he looked at his beautiful bride, tears streaming down her face and the remnants of her silky hair sticking up in random tufts, and he couldn’t resist his desire for her any longer. Scooping her up, he gently laid her on the bed and urgently began kissing and stroking her exposed head, ears and neck. He was surprised at his increasing arousal while his fingers explored the bristly stubble of her cropped head. Even more surprising, she began to return the urgency of his kisses on her lips as he stroked her short hair. Rolling her body over so that she was face down, he kissed his way down her back starting with the sensitive skin behind her ears. Reaching her buttocks, his fingertips lightly traced the outline of where she had been spanked and she shivered in response.

He opened her legs, making room for him to slip his fingers into the soft, wet opening and after just a few moments rubbing her clit she moaned and her body exploded in a shuddering climax. Unable to hold himself anymore, he pushed his cock up into her as she lay face down. Seeing that boyish haircut from the back was more than he could stand and he ejaculated immediately once he was fully inside her. Both completely exhausted from the strain of the afternoon, they fell asleep with his face buried in her shaved neck.

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