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Annalise was an art student in her final year and was busy working on her project when one of her college friends Kevin came into the studio. Kevin was on Media Studies and was trying to think of something dramatic to film for his final year project

“You thought of anything yet Kevin?” Annalise asked as she seductively pushed back her heavy waist length blonde hair. Kevin had told her last week about the details of his project and the difficulty he was having.

“No every time I come up with an idea it’s been taken by someone else. How’s your project doing?”

“Oh, not so bad thanks. I am using everyday items to represent things on my landscape painting. I’ve used some blue wool to represent the sea and part of an old light blue cardigan of mine for the sky. The cotton wool is the clouds. I just need something yellow for the sand. You got any ideas Kev?”

“You’re asking me?” Kevin laughed “I’m full of really bad ideas”.

“Maybe we should get a drink and think about it together. Maybe we can help each other out”

“Cool Anna I’ll grab my coat. I’ll meet you out front” Kevin left the Art studio and Annalise grabbed her coat from the coat rail and placed it over her favourite white top. She reached in to pull her hair out from under the coat and it rippled down her back to her waist. She went over to get her bag and left the room.

Kevin was waiting out front and saw Annalise walking down the stairs in her long trench coat, jeans, boots and long blonde hair. Kevin always thought Annalise was a stunner but had never asked her out because they were good mates and if they had a relationship it may upset the friendship they already had. It was then that Kevin got a bright idea. Kevin brought his video camera up and got Annalise into shot and followed her down the steps.

“What are you doing Kev?”

“I was filming you Annalise. You looked so damn sexy coming down those steps. It was so dramatic seeing you with the wind wiping your hair about behind you”

“erm thanks..I think”

They both arrived at the pub and Kevin ordered in a round of drinks. Annalise removed her coat and started fingering her hair that all women seem to do to make sure it wasn’t too windswept.

“I should have tied my hair up today I bet that wind has made look a real mess”

“Looks fine by me Anna” He placed the drinks on the table and she took her first sip. Kevin decided that it was time to come up with his suggestion.

“I have an idea to help both of us but you’re going to think I’m nuts for even thinking it”

Annalise placed her drink down on the table and showed a puzzled expression

“What do you mean?” she asked

“Have you ever had short hair?”

“short .well yes a few times over the years. Not since about 4 years ago. Why?”

“You wanted something yellow to represent sand for your project. Why not use your hair? It’s a perfect dirty blonde colour”

Annalise grabbed a few strands of her long hair and looked at it closely.

“Well, I suppose it’s the right colour and I could do with a new style. I mean having my hair this length makes me look like a student so it’s a good a time as any to get a hair cut”

“Cool. So you’re up for it? A haircut that is?”

“Yeah I suppose. That’s a great idea Kevin. I knew you would have one inside that head of yours. I better book an appointment as the project needs to be handed in by the end of the month”.

“Hair appointment? No that’s doesn’t help me. I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone”

“What do you mean?” Annalise asked

“I was going to film you. What can be more dramatic then a girl getting her hair cut off” Kevin wondered if he should get Annalise a few more drinks before taking this further but he thought he’d just go with the flow whilst she was up for a hair cut.

“Especially if you do the cutting yourself. Have you ever used hair clippers before?”

“What a second, hair clippers? What would I want with hair clippers?”

“Well if were going to shave your head we need hair clippers”

“Shave my head? I never agreed to do that!”

“Why not Annalise? You’re look hot with no hair”

Annalise raked a hand through her locks and wondered what she would look like bald. She had short haircuts before but had never gone short enough to use clippers before.

“By the time you leave in the summer your hair would have grown long enough for a nice short hair style. Go on Annalise!. This is for my project. Seeing a girl shave her head on camera would be great!”

“I must be nuts to agree with this. I can’t even blame the drink for my decision. I guess I’ve never tried a shaved head so this may be the last chance I get”

“Cool. I’ll set things up to film you tomorrow then if that’s okay?”

“Sure. I think my parents are going to try and talk me out of it”

“It’s your decision and it is for your final project. You want to pass don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Okay but you’ll have to supply the clippers as I don’t have any”

“No problem” Kevin could borrow some from his mate Paul he thought to himself. Paul had a crew cut and shaves it at least once a week

That night at home, Annalise looked at herself in the mirror in her bedroom and looked at her gorgeous blonde hair hanging to her waist. It was time for a change but she never expected to shave all this hair off in one go. But at least she could try new styles as it grew out she thought.

Kevin was at Paul’s house to get the clippers

“Your getting Annalise Beaumont to shave her head? How’d you manage that one mate?” Paul was getting excited at the thought of those lustrous locks hitting the floor.

“It’s for my final project, I’m going to film her shaving her own head. In fact I might need you to help film if I’m going to help her shaving the back of her head. She may have trouble if she can’t see what she’s doing”

“Hold on a second, didn’t you do that last year for your project. You filmed Elise Procter getting her head shaved didn’t you?”

“Elise had short hair so it didn’t work that well. This hair cut will go down a treat and I’ll get top marks”.

Paul got his clippers and handed them to Kevin.

“You need a guard?”

“No, we won’t need a guard if she’s going bald in fact I need to big up some razors at the store tomorrow before college and some shaving foam”

“So you’re shaving her smooth?”

“Why not? May as well go all the way”.

The next day Annalise woke up and washed her long heavy hair for what would be the last time. When it was dry she pulled it up into a large bun at the back of her head and got dressed into her jeans and T-shirt. She walked downstairs and saw her parents in the kitchen.
“Morning mum..dad. Listen, I’m getting a hair cut today”

“Oh that’s nice dear” said her mum not really listening. Her dad popped his head up from reading the newspaper.

“You getting a trim?” he asked

“No, I’m getting it all cut off actually. A new image so to speak. It’s for my project. I’m going to use my strands of hair to make a sandy beach on my painting”

“Oh not your beautiful hair Annalise” her dad was mortified whilst her mother gave a smile. She was fed up with her daughter spending too much time on her hair.

“In fact, when I come home tonight, I’ll be bald”

“BALD?” Her father choked on his coffee.

“Don’t try talking me out of it dad as I’ve already promised Kevin. He’s going to film it for his Media project”.

“Are you sure dear?” asked her mother who was looking forward to seeing her daughter with a cool shaved head

“Yes I am. I found an old beret in the draw so I might start wearing it more until my hair grows back again”

Annalise checked herself in the mirror to make sure her long hair was securely fastened at the back of her head with a clip before grabbing her coat and leaving the house for college.

Kevin was in the art studio with Paul setting up the camera when Annalise strolled in

“You guys are up early” she said surprised to see them he
re at 9am

“Well I wanted to get the shave down so I can edit it in time for the hand in date”

Annalise saw the chair in the middle of the room and took off her coat and approached the chair to sit in it.

“Can you loosen your hair for me Anna” said Kevin checking that the camera was positioned properly. He would only get one shot of this. Well two actually as he had a camera on the ceiling to take some dramatic birds eye shots of the head shave. Annalise grabbed the clip holding her hair in place and it slithered down around her falling past her shoulders to her waist.

“Right Annalise, I’m going to ask you to run the clippers up the middle of your scalp to the crown and then make more passes until you have dealt with the front section. Is that clear?” Kevin turned the record button on.

“Yeah” said Annalise nervously. Paul was behind her and caped her up and making sure the blonde locks were all on show for both cameras. He then handed Annalise the clippers and she turned them on and placed them at her forehead.

“Go for it Annalise!” shouted Kevin excitingly.

Annalise slowly ploughed the clippers up her slightly off centre part and the hair tumbled to the cape slowly.

“No turning back no I guess” she joked nervously.

She was trying to smile but this was something she had never experienced before. Another pass up her own head with the clippers released further long strands which she head slither down to the cape and onto the floor. Kevin was still behind the camera ensuring he was getting every shot. He even checked the picture from the overhead camera to check he was getting some good footage. After a few more passes, Annalise no longer had hair on the front of her head. All that was left was minute bits of stubble. She took the clippers and ran them over her right ear and more heavy long locks floated to the floor. She followed this up with the left side releasing the hair that had been part of her for at least half a decade. She had no idea what she looked like as there was no mirror but she had seen GI Jane so she knew roughly how to shave a head.

Annalise now attempted to shave the back and Paul helped her lift the hair up to place the clippers at her nape. She then drove the clippers up her skull to meet with the already bald crown. She heard her former long hair swish to the floor and attacked her head again releasing more hair to the hard surface floor. She continued shaving up her head until she couldn’t feel any more hair to shave off.

Kevin then approached her and took the clippers from Annalise’s hand

“I’m just going to even your head up ready for the shave” He drove the clippers over her whole scalp taking in any strands that Annalise had missed and then turned the clippers off.

“Paul, can you pick the hair up from the floor. Just leave it in one heap on the table next to my painting” Annalise wanted to make sure it was all collected from the floor an cape otherwise she will have gone through all this for nothing if her hair was thrown away.

After placing a hot flannel on her head to make the stubble easier to shave her foamed up her entire head and started gliding the razor over her scalp. He was careful not to pull or make any cuts and took at least 15 minutes to razor her head. He checked to make sure it was smooth and then wiped her now bald head with a towel.

“There you go Annalise. All off nice and smooth”

Annalise lifted her hand from under the cape and touched her head

“Holy Cow..that feels really weird!!”

Kevin put some lotion onto her head and rubbed it in well to make it shine nicely and removed the cape. Her scalp wasn’t that bad. It needed a bit of sun but the tone generally looked okay already.

“Can I see new image?” she asked looking around for a mirror. Kevin handed her one and her mouth dropped. She then started feeling her bald head and loving the feel of rubbing it.

“It’s not as bad as I thought. Although I’m still wearing the beret until it grows a bit”

“Well I got the shots I need Annalise. Thanks a lot!”

“And I got the hair I need I suppose to finish my project. I still can’t believe I shaved all that off” She pointed to her former treasured locks now in a pile on her desk.

Her female friends were shocked at the new bald Annalise but by the time the projects were handed in Annalise had grown back some stubble. Although most of the time hidden under the beret.

Kevin handed in his project and everyone thought it was great and that Annalise looked stunning bald. A lot of the boys hoped that she would keep it bald but Annalise wanted to now just grow it to a nice short hair cut. Kevin got his final mark and failed. Looks like he will have to try again next year. I wonder if he will find another girl willing to go bald for his project?

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