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To the readers,

This story is a variation of Agent 99. The plot changes in the kitchen after Mrs. Grace finishes giving her lover a haircut. The story resumes at:”Now it’s your turn”.

“Now it’s your turn”

“Please put your hair in a low ponytail and braid it for me. Mrs. Grace quickly complied. In no time a long silky braid was hanging down to the top of her tight little ass. I stroked her braid, adding another elastic hair band just below her neck.

I made Mrs. Grace bend over the kitchen table placing her hands flat on the top. I entered her a second time, my manhood probing her moist flower, pinning her in place.

I took my time with her, running my hands over her neck and shoulders; caressing her breasts, feeling her nipples swell and harden; her sweet juices flowing as her urgent need was rising.

Mrs. Grace was pushing back, her curvaceous hips gyrating, impaling her self on my manhood; the volume of her moans increasing as her orgasm was cresting.

Taking her long silky braid in my fist I cut it off with her scissors, pushing her orgasms to crest and flood through her body in waves of pleasure, her shorn hair falling about her face.

I stood there running my fingers through her thick brown hair; fluffing it about. Mrs. Grace’s once ass length tresses now just fell to the bottom of her collarbone in the front, slightly longer in the back just brushing her shoulders.

I withdrew my manhood and stepped back; I could wait. Mrs. Grace turned facing me, her beautiful face was flushed and her eyes bright with tears. I pushed her hair back and wiped away her tears. Smiling, she shook her head from side to side; her shorn hair dancing about her face and neck, then gathering it in her hands, putting it on top of her head and letting fall back down.

Mrs. Grace put her arms around my neck. She got up on her toes trying to kiss me. I bent over placing my hands on her ass cheeks squeezing while kissing her sweet mouth.

Looking into her green eyes, I announced,” Put on a pair of blue jeans and some old shoes” “We’re going riding”

“But I don’t have any blue jeans” she said placing her hands on her hips and pouting”. ” I want to do you now”

I picked her up again and put her on the table. “Are you going to behave?” I admonished. “I’ll behave”. ..”Are you going to cut my hair again?” she asked in a small voice, looking worried. “No.. please wait right here.” “I’ll be back in a few”. I sternly replied.

I returned dressed in jeans, a white tee shirt and my black engineer boots. I handed Mrs. Grace a pair of her panties and my new canvas work shirt. “Put these on.” “I’ll try to find you some suitable shoes and get my ride ready”.

Taking my time and making her wait, I returned to the kitchen. While I was gone Mrs. Grace had washed her face free of all makeup. In addition, she had parted her hair down the middle and put it up in two high pigtails just behind her ears using the elastic bands from her severed braid. My shirt obviously too big for her hung down almost to her knees, but showing off her shapely legs as I knew it would.

My heart melted seeing her standing there; Mrs. Grace looked absolutely cute and precious. Pigtails in her hair.freshly scrubbed face with her peaches and cream complexion….. She looked like a girl in her late teens or early twenties getting ready for a date.

Mrs. Grace walked over and hugged me resting her head against my chest. I stood there for a while just holding her and stroking her hair, thinking…

Earlier in the day she was my landlady; Elegant and gracious.in flowing dresses.hair in a braided bun. Yet. she surrendered willingly.the change in her appearance and demeanor was amazing. In many ways she was my superior, financially for one.. intellectually in the venues of Art and literature.. the theater. I knew I was rough around the edges.. growing up I never had a mother to smooth those edges.my manners were adequate.. Mrs. Grace’s were impeccable. I excelled in math and science, mechanics and architecture. She was no push over; if she made up her mind she could be as hard as iron, strong, and assertive; traits I respected. If she could compromise so could I.

It took several pairs of my heavy cotton work socks for my work boots to fit her. They were necessary for her to get a firm purchase on the pegs.

My ride was a 1975 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide Touring Bike. My brother bought for me when I graduated with honors from high school.

Mary had never ridden on a motorcycle before and hesitated to get on. Handing her my spare Helmet,” Trust me Mary my love, you’ll love it” “Just put your arms around my waist and hold tight”. Mary.I called her Mary.

Not hesitating any longer she climbed on. She leaned forward kissing the back of my neck then snuggled close and tight, wrapping her arms around my waist. It was past midnight when we left. Nobody was out on the country roads I chose for us; we owned the road.

I went slow at first and gradually increased my speed up to the posted speed limit when I felt her relax and get her balance down. After a couple of hours of riding I opened it up on the straight- a -ways. Listening to her squeals of delight, the wind rushing by so cold and refreshing on that warm summer night.

We pulled off on a secluded dirt lane and parked in a stand of trees two miles from the macadam road. We walked hand in hand to the open hay field behind the trees shielded from all eyes.

We stopped and kissed. Mary took off my tee shirt and ran her dainty hands over my chest. Placing her foot behind my leg, she tripped me pushing down into the soft grass.

“It’s my turn now lover; don’t move”.” Just do what you are told and behave” “Trust me, you’ll love what I’m going to do to you”, Mary said sternly, as she stood over me, smiling.

Mary took the pigtails out of her hair and shook her head.

She knelt down next to me running her hands over my chest, kissing and licking, her hair tickling my chest; her hands at my crotch; fondling my manhood through my jeans. “Now, close your eyes”, she commanded. Naturally, I complied. Mary got undressed. “Keep them shut and don’t open them until I tell you”

She pulled of my boots and undressed me, my member standing at attention.

Mary went down on me taking my manhood in her mouth. She was incredible.. I never had oral sex before. Mary licked and sucked, her tongue fluttering, teasing, and probing. Bringing me to the brink, slowing the cadence; making me wait; taking control. It was worth the wait.

my orgasm was incredible.I was absolutely drained.

We lay in each other arms and watched the stars and awoke with the sun rising through the trees.

Dressing quickly we drove home before it was full light.

When we got home we were both still tired. We took showers and Mary invited me into her bedroom to sleep.

When I woke up, Mary was gone. I went downstairs; Mary’s car was not in the driveway. I went into the kitchen and found it clean and spotless. The scissors, electric clippers and combs were put away. There was a note for me on the table. I found something to eat, showered, shaved, and put on some nice slacks and a dress shirt.

Mary got home at four in the afternoon. I watched her through the kitchen window as she got out of her car with her packages.

A new Mary walked into the kitchen and posed for me showing off her new outfit. Mary was wearing a classic black form fitting waist length ladies jacket; single zipper with slash pockets .She had on tight fitting blue Levi’s tucked into her black engineer boots. To complete her new look, Mary was wearing a green helmet. Her green eyes were hidden behind gold-framed Ray Ban Aviators with polarized gray lenses.

Mary took her new helmet off and shook out her hair.

She must have went and saw her friend Susan. Mary had long pageboy cut with super long curved eye and face framing bangs. Taking of her glasses
I saw that that she had on dark mascara, dark eyeliner plus purple eye shadow.

Mary had heavy rouged her cheekbones and was wearing bright red lipstick. Mary slipped of her jacket dropping it to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a traditional long sleeve Chinese silk blouse. It had a Mandarin collar and frog buttons. It was embroidered with delicate flowers of red and gold, pink and violet. Mary looked mysterious and exotic; I loved it, especially the haircut. Mary unbuttoned the top three buttons to flash her lacey red bra underneath.

I walked over and reached out and took her dainty hands.

Mary read my mind. “We don’t have time for that now”

“You look nice, I see you found my note”, she said “Yes, thank you” Why don’t we have time?” ” I’ve scheduled you for a fitting in one hour” “What kind of fitting?” “For a suit of course” she said moving close and putting her head against my chest. “Why do I need a suit?” I asked, playing with her hair. “You can’t take me to the opera wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans” she replied snuggling closer. “We are going to the opera?” I asked. “Yes, I have tickets for third row seats in the middle two weeks from now” “Besides your suits will be ready by then”. Suits as in plural?’ I asked.” I selected some wonderful material for you in summer and winter weight wool: blue, gray and brown.” “I suppose I’ll need shoes then?” I added. “Just two pair, your basic black and brown.cordovan makes three if you want to do it right” Mary answered. “What about ties?” “We can picks those out together” ” And shirts?” ” White of course”. I can’t have my Richard going around wearing any of those sissy pastel colors!” she answered looking up at me and frowning.

“Who is going to pay for everything? ” “You will of course,” she answered rubbing my face with her hands.” How in God’s name shall I pay for them pray tell?” ” You did a wonderful redoing and painting the porch; now the rest of the house looks shabby.”‘ I can’t very well charge you rent anymore”.”I’ll pay you to scrape and paint the house”.. “We can do it together, this time I promise I just won’t watch,” she answered, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest.” You will look so handsome in your suits.” ” I promise to be especially grateful when we get back home.” There was no sense arguing with her on this, her mind was made up.. case closed.

Mary went upstairs to change and returned wearing a long blue summer dress with white lace on the collar and sleeves. Mary had pulled her hair back into a french twist with long bangs. The engineer boots replaced by sandals. Her makeup was more subdued. The eyeliner and mascara much more conservative, with her eye shadow in keeping with her skin tones. Mary’s cheeks were lightly rouged. The red lipstick remained. My elegant gracious lady was back. When iron meets iron there are bound to be sparks.

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