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It happened some two years ago. I was working as a salesman in an MNC in their Hyderabad wing. I travelled exclusively through AP. One day I went to Vijayawada to settle an account on a Saturday. After completing my work I went to Kanur, a nearby village where my uncle’s family lived. I reached there at 4 in the evening. When I went, my uncle and aunt were not at home. Their only daughter, my cousin, Rekha was alone. She received me happily. Then she was in her graduation final year. I like her very much for she closely resembles Cine actress Sneha.

She enquired about my wellbeing. She told me that her parents went to Tirupati on a pilgrimage and would return after two days. I was disappointed and told her that I would visit when I came to Vijayawada next time. But she didn’t let me go and requested to stay as the next day was a holiday. She said if i stayed , I would give her good company. After some thinking I agreed to stay. She prepared pakodees for me. I appreciated her cooking skills.

After taking snacks we sat together watching T.V. It seemed she shampood her hair in the morning. Sweet smell of pantene shampoo spread in the air. I then observed her hair. It was very thick and silky. When she was in intermediate, she never allowed it to grow beyound her shoulders. Now it crossed her waist.

“Arent you cutting your hair now?” I asked her
“No.”, she said. ” I cut it when in hostel only for easy maintenance. But now I like long hair”

After that we chatted for some time. I became romantic at the sight of her silky hair. I moved towards her and touched her nape with my right hand. I could clearly observe thrilling response from her. I proceeded and took some strands of her long hair into my hand. She didn’t object. Then I asked her if she would like to have some romantic experience. She first told nothing but afterwards nodded her hair.

I untied her hair and kissed it. She was in a mood where she could not tell anything. I slowly bent her backwards and kissed on her tender lips. She slowly moaned. I removed her upper garment. She was enjoying my touches. I found hair at her armpits. I touched them with my fingers. She felt shy to expose her hair there. I asked her if I could shave them. As she didn’t respond, I took it for granted . I went to my suitcase and took out my shaving kit. From bathroom I brought a mug of water.

Then I sat on the cot and asked her to raise her right hand first. She obliged. I made her armpit wet and applied shaving cream. Then with my razor I shaved it clean. I surely know that it was her first experience. She was trembling when I shaved. In the next moment she raised her left hand and I shaved it too. I clearly understood that she was in heat. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her lips very strongly. She also penetrated her fingers into my hair and started to twisting them.

I slowly removed her pants of punjabi dress. She was on panty. I gently laid her on the cot and removed her panty also. She was almost nude. I caressed her pubic hair. She moaned. I poured some water on her *part.
I rubbed slowly and started shaving that part. She enjoyed it just like anything. I rubbed her clit with my right thumb. She soon got her orgasm. Then she ran into bathroom and returned after ten minutes. I stood relaxingly on the sofa. Her hair was hanging loose and spread on her back like a thick black cloud. I at once stood up and hugged her tightly. She submitted completely to me. I played with her beautiful hair for some time. Then I asked her if I could her hair. First she hesitated but finally accepted. She went in and brought a pair of scissors. I brushed her hair and started cutting it. First I cut only one inch of her hair. Then I took some five inches of her hair into my left hand and then cut it. Like that I cut it upto her shoulders. After that I shaped it.

The day passed and left her house with a great feeling of achievement. After one year we both got married.

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