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The old school bus, now painted army green, pulled up to the gate. Inside the bus sat twenty young ladies and twenty young men. The guard at the post recorded the number on the bus, lifted the white and black stripped post and waved the bus into the compound. The door opened and two mature people stepped inside the bus. One of the people was a bald headed man and the second person was also bald-headed, a female. They started barking out orders but were quickly interrupted by a snicker in the back of the bus.

The mature man and woman scanned the bus and then stepped off the bus. The bus pulled forward until it stopped before the compound. The mature man and woman pulled up in front of the bus. The door opened and the mature man stepped in. “All the men, get out of the buss, now. On the double, double time!” he barked.

Twenty men rushed to grab duffel bags and personal effects. They scrambled to get off the bus. “Line up, you babies. One young man even fell as he was pushed to get off. He fell flat to his face at the feet of the officer. “Get up you idiot!” the mature officer yelled. “No, better yet. Since you are down there, give me twenty, right now. All of you, on the ground. Twenty! Count off!” The twenty young men dropped to the ground. Twenty push-ups at the feet of the mature officer.

“You babies are now my children. I will teach you now to grow up. How to be better citizens, how to advance in maturity. You have no family. The US ARMY is now your family and I am your mother and your father. Stand up, all you babies. Grab your gear and march!” he ordered. “First things first, registration, new clothes in colors I know you will adore, beds where you will sleep and then we will take you to the barber and make you handsome like me. You all think I am handsome, don’t you babies?”

One of the young men coughed. That sent the mature officer on a tear. He moved quickly down the row and stopped at an 18-year old youth. “You have something to say?” he barked.

The youth spoke quietly: “No. I just coughed.”

“What did you just say!” the officer barked. “The rest of you follow the jeep. You…” he barked as he looked at the young man, “You stay put! Get these babies out of here!” he barked at the driver of the jeep.

Back at the bus, the mature female stepped into the bus. She surveyed the twenty young females seated in the bus. “Good morning you ripe young pussies. I am your new mother. You will address me as your superior, Sergeant McKenzie. Welcome to your new and improved home. On double time, no make that triple time. All of you, off the bus! Now!” she barked.

One of the females answered. “You don’t have to be so pushy.”

The sergeant looked down the row. She noted the voice. The same voice that snickered when the bus originally opened its doors. The sergeant was not going to forget.

The twenty females rushed off the bus and stepped to the ground. The sergeant walked down the line of females. Inspecting each of the females. She got to the young female who spoke out. “Name!” she yelled.

The young female just ignored the request. “I asked for your name, asswipe!” the sergeant yelled.

The young lady looked straight into the eyes of the sergeant. “I don’t care who you are. We are here because we want to be. You are no better then any of us. And my name is not asswipe!” the young lady said.

“Your name is asswipe if I say it is!” the sergeant yelled in her face. “All of you, triple time. Let’s go make all of you pretty, just like me. You all do think I look pretty, don’t you!” The sergeant rubbed her hand over her bald head.

The young female started to giggle but one of the other females looked her in the eyes. “Why don’t you shut up? You are going to get us into trouble. You don’t want to do that,” she said.

“Shut the hell up!” the second female said to the young female.

“Don’t you dare talk to me! And stop trying to suck up. Who do you think you are? They can’t talk to us like that. We are human beings, not dogs,” the first female said.

The sergeant looked down the ranks. She rushed to the second female. “You have something to say, pussie?”

“Yes, Madame. I was just telling asswipe to shut up. We don’t want any trouble with you. And she is making trouble already,” the second female said.

“Name!” the sergeant barked.

“Matthews, Madame. Brenda Matthews!” she answered.

“Do you think I am pretty, Matthews?” the sergeant barked.

“Yes, Madame!” she answered.

“Would you like your team to look as pretty as me?” the sergeant barked.

“Madame, what you consider pretty is totally up to you. We are here to serve our country,” she answered.

The sergeant looked at the twenty females. “March ladies. Your new home awaits you!” the sergeant barked.

The twenty females marched down the compound past the mature male sergeant who was still humiliating the young male who had fallen to the ground because of a push from other males on the bus. The male sergeant was yelling and screaming at the young man. Push-up after push-up.

The females were issued into the registration area. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, personal items were removed and put in shoe boxes. Army issue clothes were handed out. Army boots and personal items were distributed. Bed sheets and blankets in army green were handed out. As each female got her items, she would move to the wall while the next female stepped up. The sergeant kept a close watch on the first young female. The sergeant even stepped forward and removed the metal clips from her coiffed hair. “You won’t be needing these for a long time, asswipe,” she whispered in her ear. “Maybe I could take them to the local pawn shop and get something for them. The rings too. They look like they are worth a lot of money. The earrings, asswipe! Those too!” the sergeant demanded.

“You can’t do this to us. You have no idea what my father is going to do to you. He knows people in high places. I am going to have your ass fried,” the young female said.

“And who is your holier then thou father?” the sergeant said. “The pope maybe!” The sergeant laughed. “Guess what ladies? We have the daughter of the pope in our midst. What do you think of that? We will definitely win the war. All we have to do is get our saintly cadet here to call her daddy and he will bless us and God will guide us to victory. Right, asswipe?”

“My father is the CEO of the contractor who supplies the army with all their ballistic missiles, surface to air missiles. He is very close to the President of this supposed great country, who is your ultimate boss, sergeant,” the first female said.

The second female spoke up again. “Listen asswipe, we don’t care who you are. Why don’t you shut up? The last thing we need is an angry sergeant, so shut up and back off before I put you on your ass.”

The final female was given her gear. “March pussies, let’s go and see your new accommodations. Double time, pussies!” the sergeant ordered.

The females were marched down the hall and outside to a second compound. As the females marched, the young man who had coughed was finally being escorted into the registration office. The mature male sergeant saluted the female sergeant and he closed the door of the office.

The twenty young females were ordered to stop in front of a green barracks. “Your new home, pussies. Grab a cot. Asswipe and Matthews, the two cots in front of my office window,” the sergeant barked. “I am going to take pleasure in watching you two in particular. Fifteen minutes, pussies. Get your beds made, your gear in the foot boxes and get yourselves ready for inspection. Matthews, you will watch everyone. You will report to me directly,” the sergeant said.

The sergeant stepped out of the barracks and walked down the hall. The first female looked at Matthews. “Suck up! You want to be
tr3eated like a dog? Fine with me. But if you don’t stand up to them they will steal your heart and soul and I don’t belong to anyone. I am my own person,” she said.

Matthews spoke up: “You are just a spoiled rich kid. You think because your father is some big CEO who knows the President going to gain you any favor here?”

The first female stepped over and slapped Matthews right across the face, hard, leaving a red mark on her cheek. One of the other females ran to the door. “Sergeant!” she yelled.

The first female had Matthews in a headlock and was punching her in the ribs. The sergeant rushed to the door with two MPs. “Stand down!” she barked. “Stand down, now!”

The first female let go of her grip around Matthews. The sergeant looked at the twenty females. “Get the seventeen pussies to the barbershop. Standard army issue haircuts for them all. These three are staying here for personal attention. You!” she pointed to the third female. “My office on the double.” She pointed to the second MP. “Watch those two. Any movement, restrain them however you have to.”

After ten minutes the sergeant sent the third female down the hall to meet the other females in the barbershop. “Matthews!” she barked. Matthews entered the office. “Attention!”

Matthews spoke only when spoken to. She told everything that had happened. “Who attacked who, Matthews?” the sergeant asked.

“I did, Madame. She was bad-mouthing you and the cause. I am here because I want to serve. She is just a spoiled brat who thinks she can push her way through. Madame, I come from a middle class family. I am here because I believe in my country. I believe in freedom and I believe this is my chance to promote freedom for all people. I don’t care about where I am assigned, if I ever do get assigned. I believe in my country. I believe in the flag and what is stands for,” Matthews said.

“Matthews, I detest someone who is a kiss-ass and you are trying to be just that. I can defend myself and I do! Kiss-ass. I agree you have balls to slap her in the face but she is who she says she is. I have her file. I know she is going to be a problem. But I do not need nor am I going to tolerate two problems. Do I make myself clear, Matthews?” the sergeant said.

“Yes, Madame!” Matthews answered.

“Matthews, it is Sir, do you understand?” the sergeant barked.

“Yes, Sir!” Matthews answered.

“Get down the hallway, Matthews. Haircut. You do want to look as pretty as me, don’t you, Matthews?” the sergeant said.

The sergeant sat back into her chair. She picked up the extension on her desk. She spoke: “This is Sergeant McKenzie. Have you started on any of the pussies?” An answer came back. “How many more?” An answer. “Then it is mine lot?” An answer. “Good. Hold off till I arrive. I want to witness it.”

McKenzie got up off her chair. She walked out into the room. One MP and one female. “My office, Dickerson!” she ordered. The final female walked into her office. McKenzie got immediately in her face. “You don’t like me, do you?” McKenzie said.

“I never said that. I said you have no right to call us pussies. We are humans, not dogs. You have no right to berate us. We come the same ground as you did. We have families just like you, people who love us,” Dickerson said.

“Dickerson, I don’t give a shit about your family. Right now, I am your family. I am the one who is in charge of your pussie ass. I can wipe the floor with you right here and now. You want to take me on, Dickerson?” McKenzie said as she looked at the tightly wound fist of Dickerson. “You want to hit me? Come on, Dickerson. Hit me!” Dickerson shook her head. “I ordered you to hit me, Dickerson! Hit me! Hit me! So I can drop your ass on the floor.”

Dickerson shook her head again. “You think your CEO father can intimidate me? You think because he knows the President that I am going to give you special treatment? Maybe you would like me to shine your shoes for you? Maybe you would like to wear your stilettos out in the trenches? Your ass belongs to me, as of now. As of the moment you stepped off that bus. You belong to me and I am going to break your spirit. As of now, you are my favorite and if you f. up, your mates are going to suffer and I will take my wrath out especially on Matthews,” McKenzie said with a smile on her face. “I am going to model you and Matthews after my pretty ass. And you are going to pray that I break you fast and effectively. You are going to be on your knees, begging me to stop before I finally break you and when I have fed off your spirit, then and only then will you appreciate what this country is all about. In my eyes you are nothing but a spoiled brat who needs to be taught a serious life lesson and I am going to take great pleasure in teaching it. March, Dickerson. Let’s go watch your mates get their haircuts. I think I am in the mood for a good laugh today. How about you, Dickerson? You do like to laugh don’t you? You do want to laugh don’t you? You will laugh with me, won’t you, Dickerson?”

McKenzie stepped to the door. Dickerson in front of her. Down the hall against the wall stood 19 frightened females. McKenzie stepped to the front of the line. She looked inside. An empty chair was in the middle of the room. “Are you ready for us?” she announced. The barber nodded. “Give me a couple,” she said.

Each one of the females stood against the wall. They all held their army issue clothes in their arms. The females listened as McKenzie ripped into them all.

McKenzie turned to her pussies. “A situation occurred in your new accommodations. I will not tolerate anything like that, at any time. Is that understood? Because of this situation, I have decided that I will start your training the same way we treat the men who come in here. And I have the full co-operation of the staff on-site. My word is final when it comes to my recruits. I show no favoritism at any time. You belong to me. Any complaints will be heard but I will make the last and final judgment. You are here for one year. You are in my care. I am your new family. I am your guidance counselor, your father, and your mother. What I say goes. Now pussies, we are all going to go in there and all twenty of you are going to come out looking pretty like me. Everyone of you,” McKenzie said.

“As each of you gets your army issue haircut, you will walk to the back room and you will disrobe and put on your new garments. You will then line up against the other wall and you will not say a word to anyone,” McKenzie said.

Matthews looked at Dickerson. “You bitch. You are going to regret this. I am going to make sure,” she said.

“Matthews, front and center, Dickerson at my right, NOW!” McKenzie ordered. “Drop your garments on the seat and get in the chair.”

McKenzie looked at Dickerson. “Tell the barber what to do to your mate, Dickerson,” McKenzie said.

“Tell him yourself. You will not break me. I will find a way to contact my father and tell him what you are doing here,” Dickerson said.

McKenzie laughed. “Shave her bald. Everyone of them. Clipper cuts all around. I will personally look after the last one. I want to see the fear in each of their eyes,” McKenzie said.

Dickerson continued to stand next to McKenzie. Dickerson watched as female after female walked to the chair and was shorn totally bald. Matthews showed no emotion as she stood against the wall. Th eighteen other females were allowed to keep about a quarter of an inch of hair on their heads but Matthews had been sheared to the bone and hot lather shaved by the barber, at McKenzie’s orders.

There was only one female left. That was Dickerson. “Now, Dickerson, I am going to take your spirit. Stand down, Dickerson,” McKenzie ordered.

McKenzie turned to Dickerson. McKenzie unbuttoned the top button of her white blouse. She pulled it out of her black leathe
r pants. The buttons were undone quickly. McKenzie walked to the back and pulled the blouse off Dickerson’ shoulders. Next came the bra. McKenzie threw it to the chair. McKenzie then walked to the front and stood staring in Dickerson’s face. Her hands went to Dickerson’s leather pants. “Are you broken, Dickerson? I hope not. Are we laughing yet, Dickerson? I know I am,” McKenzie said as she unbuttoned the leather pants. McKenzie dropped the pants. Dickerson just stood still. “Step one step forward, Dickerson.”

Showing absolutely no emotions, Dickerson took the one step forward. Out of the pants that were on the floor. McKenzie looked at the barber. “Hand me your scissors,” she said. The barber did as he was asked. McKenzie stood at Dickerson’s side and she snipped through the straps of her bikini panties. The panties dropped to the floor. McKenzie looked down. “Look pussies, a shaved pussie. Dickerson shaves her pussy. How many of you get your pussies shaved like Dickerson? Do you shave it yourself, Dickerson?” McKenzie whispered in her ear. “You can tell me. Maybe you go to a barbershop and have it done in front of a bunch of horny old me. Do you, Dickerson? What do you pussies think? Matthews, have you ever shaved your pussy?”

“No sir, not in a barbershop. I do trim it, myself,” Matthews said.

“Get in the chair, Dickerson. I am going to personally give you a haircut to match your shaved pussie,” McKenzie said.

Dickerson actually turned her back on McKenzie and she walked with a snobby disposition to the chair. She purposely crossed her legs in defiance. Acting like she was in an ordinary beauty salon. She defied McKenzie even more. “”Jean-Claude, just a trim of the edges please and fix my bangs, please,” Dickerson said.

McKenzie was really annoyed. She reached into her pocket and took out a whistle. She blew it as she stepped aside. Two MPs ran down the hall. “Get these pussies out of my site. Back to barracks, all of you!” she barked.

The MPs marched the nineteen females back to the barracks. She looked around the barbershop and saw what she was looking for. She grabbed the broom. “On your feet, Dickerson,” she said as she hissed at her.

“What is the matter, Jean-Claude. Don’t you want to cut my hair for me? I know you are the best in the state. I can re-schedule if you need some time,” Dickerson said as she grinned.

“You think this is funny, Dickerson?” McKenzie said.

Dickerson nodded. “I told you, you will not break me. I will not allow it. I am too strong for you. I am the one you do not want to play games with. You fear me because of who I am and my father’s friendship with high and powerful people,” Dickerson said.

McKenzie blew her whistle again and the two MPs returned. “Put her in the chair and hold her down!” she barked. “I will show you that I do not fear you at all or your father.”

McKenzie grabbed a pair of scissors and she grabbed a section of thick black hair. She pulled it forward and opened the blades of the scissors. She started butchering Dickerson’s long locks. Hair dropped all over the floor. “You think this is going to make any difference?” Dickerson said with a laugh. “See I am laughing now.”

McKenzie continued chopping at Dickerson’s black hair. To try and break her more, McKenzie even started dropping the locks down into her lap but Dickerson just pushed the locks off her legs and watched it fall to the floor. McKenzie finally grabbed the hair at the neck, wrapped it tight around her fist, pulled it tight and raised the blades. She hacked off the hair.

One of the MPs rushed forward. “Sergeant, you cannot do that. Sir, the females are not subjected to that kind of thing. The females are given some respect here, all of them,” the MP said.

“Stand down!” McKenzie ordered. “You do not tell me how to treat my recruits. She has been defying me from the moment she got her. It is my position to break them and mold them.”

The first MP looked at the second MP. He turned and raced down the hall. The second MP stepped forward. McKenzie looked at him. “I ordered you to stand down, officer. Don’t have me put you on report,” McKenzie barked. The MP stepped back. McKenzie put the scissors down and she grabbed the clippers. Standing at Dickerson’s side, she raised the clippers and she pushed them into her forehead. The MP noticed that there was no blade on the clippers and as McKenzie touched Dickerson’s forehead and pushed the clippers back, the clippers left a bald strip down the center of her head.

“Oh my God,” the MP said. “I am so sorry, Miss. This is not supposed to happen.”

McKenzie was overcome with what she was doing and she pushed the clippers harder and harder, faster and faster. She knew she had hardly any time before the other MP would arrive with the lieutenant and maybe the colonel. She knew she had to get the job done and she knew she would be reproved for what she was doing, maybe even losing her stripes but she was determined not to stop; Dickerson was going to be bald if it was the last thing she accomplished.

The other MP was rushing down the hall with people following him. He was blowing his whistle and yelling. “Sergeant you are ordered to stop. Desist, now!” he yelled.

The colonel yelled: “McKenzie! I order you to cease and desist. That is an order, McKenzie!” But McKenzie continued to push the clippers faster. As the MP rounded the hallway with seniors in tow, he got to the barbershop just as McKenzie was putting the clippers down on the counter. Seated in the chair was a naked female, totally shorn and bald to the bone. On the floor was a huge pile of long locks, different colors of hair, different lengths.

“She disobeyed an order. She was defiant from the moment she entered the compound. She has no respect for me or for her fellow recruits. I can do whatever I deem necessary to get my recruits under control!” McKenzie barked. “She started a fight in the barracks. I could have thrown her ass in the can but when she defied me and an army order, I have the right to do this.””

“McKenzie, you had twenty females shaved to the bone or close to it. I saw the females. We have rules, McKenzie. You overstepped them. We do not give GI Jane haircuts. That was a movie. It does not happen in real life and we sure as hell do not do it here. When you came aboard you asked to be treated like one of the guys. You asked to have your head shaved bald. That does not give you the right to inflict this treatment on anyone under your charge. Get her out of her. In my office and wait for me there,” the colonel said.

The colonel looked at Dickerson. “Get some clothes on,” he demanded and he pointed to her designer clothes on the floor. “Those,” he pointed. “You might as well use the army issue briefs since she cut your bikini panties to shreds.”

Dickerson grabbed her clothes from off the floor. She went into a back room. “When she is dressed bring her to my office and have her wait for me. Tell May to get her a cup of coffee. Anything she needs. I have to deal with this. Bring me all the files of the nineteen other females. I will interview each of them myself. I may have to discharge a couple of them. What McKenzie did is going to be a delicate issue and you better contact the legal team on base. Get them to my office in twenty minutes, promptly,” the colonel said.

“Sir, the files are in McKenzie’s office. She did not bring them with her. She left them in there,” one of the MPs said. “I saw them on her desk when she had the two of us escort the seventeen females to the barbershop.”

“I will go to the barracks and attend to the nineteen others and see what they want to do. If any of them want discharges, it will be granted. If any of them want to stay, we will make the necessary arrangements to keep them here. But I don’t see maybe more then five of them wanting to stay. I saw fear in their eyes, pain and humil
iation. That is not what we do here. This could become a national problem if I do not nip it in the bud, right now,” the colonel said.

With that Dickerson stepped out of the back room. “Go with the MPs and wait for me outside my office. I will go and see the nineteen others. My secretary will give you anything you need,” the colonel said.

“Including a phone call?” Dickerson said. “A phone call to Mr. Jeffery Dickerson, CEO of Alpha Land to Air Projectiles?”

“You are his daughter? Oh my God! What have you done, McKenzie? You have fried your ass and maybe mine if the President finds out about this.” the colonel said. “Yes, tell my secretary and then tell her that she better call the President’s aide. I am sure your father will be contacting him as soon as he hears from you. Oh my god, Miss Dickerson. I wish I would have known. I hope you believe me.”

One of the MPs took Dickerson’s arm. The colonel looked at the second MP. “Get someone down here to clean this up. And put it in a jumbo bag and bring it to my office.”

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