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It started out accidently, well for him anyways, everytime my partner came home with a new haircut, we wound up having the most amazing sex….So of course what would follow, but for me to want to give the haircuts, a lot more often….

My partner eventually got used to the fact that his hair would never again be longer that a #2 “brushcut” as it was cut every couple weeks, and the #2 instead of shorter was only in keeping with his job…

But eventually that wasn’t enough anymore, so what happened, I wound up experimenting with my own hair, first it started out with an undercut under very long hair, then it eventually got progressively shorter, as I became obsessed with the clippers myself, I eventually had to resort to doing it myself, as the salons in my small town won’t cut a womans hair in my preferred style, and again it being a small town, the barber shops have some sort of unwritten law against a woman having a mans haircut, So I eventually got pretty handy with the clippers on myself.

So now here is the story where I finally got tired of the High A-Line bob I once had and how I wound up sporting a chelsea….The first one being done by my partner as a favor to me…

We were sitting around one night doing not much of anything really, and I asked my partner “Would you mind it terribly if I took my hair even shorter?” “How much shorter can it possibly get?” “Well, hang on, come over here to the computer, and I’ll show you…”

After visiting some extreme haircut sites, I got the idea that I really wanted to try some of them, on my way to the chelsea that was bound and determined to finish with. So here we are sitting at the computer and I’m showing him some of these hairstyles, and the hair fetish is mine for the most part, he’s just such an agreeable sport that he was willing to at least try the hairstyles that I pointed out along the way….assuming his barbering skills were up to the task…

The first one I showed him, was a back shaved completely smooth very high bob, with “baby bangs” It started at about the middle of the ear, and everything else was smooth.

“Yeah I think I can do that.” he says, slowly…. (again, what a sport) so then I showed him a high and tight, with extremely high sidewalls.

Without much confidence in his voice, he said, “Yeah I can do that,” but then came the hard part, I asked him to do it, but leave my bangs down in the baby cut from the previous haircut. “You want me to do an impossible haircut, that I hate, and you want me to not even have a picture to guide me?”

“Yep, that’s what I want,” I said.

“OK, then , I guess the worst I can do is make you wind up having to have your head shaved, as though theres much difference.” (Sarcasm at it’s finest)

So, I went and got the trusty clippers that I use to keep his hair so unfashionably short, and got a barstool and some hair scissors.

A first he was none too happy with the prospect of cutting my hair even shorter than it already was, but eventually, he got into the spirit of things, thinking that this would be the ultimate payback for me not letting him grow his hair out.

So on came the clippers, and he proceeded towards my head, then he stopped, and shut off the clippers.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Absolutely, will you still love me if I’m sporting a mostly shaved head?”

“Yes, but I think you’re crazy.” “Why do you want to do this?”

“Because I love the feel of your hair when it’s freshly cut, and it makes for amazing sex, and I want mine just as short.”

“Ok, then I guess for you I’ll get used to it but you realize you’ll have hair even shorter than mine when I’m done?”

“Yeah, so?” “If you hate it I’ll let it grow back.”

So on came the clippers again, He stated just below the crown, with the clippers inverted, and I had never felt anything like it in my entire life.

It felt so good I was trembling.

“Oh, that is amazing, why didn’t I do this long ago?”

“I’m not sure I like the look, but damn, this is fun.”

as he made swipe after swipe down the back of my head, I actually orgasmed, it was positively incredible, and to think, it’s not even near done….

He finally got into the spirit of things, and stopped being nervous with the clippers, after all, whats the worst that can happen, I have to shave it all?

So as he was giving me this amazing hair cut, I was in total nirvana.

He finally finished with the clipper work, and we stopped, and I felt it, and the feeling of it was incredible, like nothing I had ever experienced before. Who would of thought that the rough whiskers on an unshaved guy, would be so awful, when your own hair is so soft and sensual feeling?

He finally pulled out the scissors,and trimmed up all the little hairs that the clippers had missed, and cut very, very high baby bangs, they couldnt of been more than 3/4 of an inch long.

Seems he’s finally getting into the spirit of things. when it was all done, I had him stop, and I went to go look in the mirror to see how it looked. Not too bad, a little crooked, but first time with hair shears, and clippers, not too bad.

I showered, and we made love, while he kissed and carressed what up until then was always covered by useless hair to some degree, I had only ever gotten the undercut as short as a #3 prior to this night. The feeling was the most wonderfully erotic thing I had ever felt, and I was in no particular hurry to let him stop carressing the nape of my neck, and back of my head.

But all good things must come to an end. On to the next stage.

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want to stop and leave it like this, you get the best of both worlds, I’ll even keep the back shaved for you, and I still have the front to play with.”

“Not a chance, you agreed, and I want you to finish it.”

“If I have to I guess I will….”

“Yes, you have to, I told you, when all is said and done, I want a chelsea, which means nothing left but bangs.”

So again I sat on the barstool, and he pulled out the clippers. “What was it you wanted again?”

“A high and tight, except leave the baby bangs to sort of soften it up.”

So he finally got the clippers going towards my head again, with that woinderful hair munching whirring sound that can’t be mistaken for anything else, and started cutting off all the hair he had tried so hard to get straight so I’d stop there.

I told him to make it a little easier, start out with a longer attachment, cut it all one length, so that all he had to do was angle the hair in to my head.

Yeah, that didn’t work too well, he tried really hard to please me, but he just didn’t have the patience, or the talent required to do a decent high and tight, so he took off the attachment, and clippered off all but the bangs, which was the ultimate goal anyways, we just skipped a stage.

Again, back to the shower to get all the little hairs off, and again, making love in the shower, and playing with my newly shorn head, the water, for the first time on my shorn head was incredible, a feeling I hope to never forget, though I’m not given much opportunity, after that night, my partner decided he rather liked the bristly feel of the little hairs, and the sex was amazing, so he finally got into my fetish anyway, no matter how unwilling…..

I keep it clipped to a #2 now, with the extreme baby bangs still, well, technically I don’t, these days, my partner is just as excited to give me the chelsea as I am to recieve it, but life calls, so it had to go from no attachmnet to a #2 as my boss was none too happy to see me sporting a 99% shaved head.

But all in all, it turned out great, I finally got my partner into the hair thing without him thinking that it’s crazy, and I get the extremely short hair I’ve always wanted, oh yeah, and “haircut day” being the same for both of uis, the sex is absolutely incredible….now if only our vacations would hurry up and get here, so we can do it without the attachment for a change…..

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