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Jenny had just started her new job as a front office executive with a finance company. She was of a medium built about 5 ft tall & had a simple yet pretty face. Her most attractive feature was definitely her hair. Her hair was thick, silky smooth (Like the way you see in the Pantene commercials) all one length that ran down her back ending at her butt. With her hair tightly braided with a side parting, it complemented her cute & innocent face.

The building Jenny worked in also housed a studio where a number of shows were shot. Gary was a director working in that studio & was pretty good at his work. His latest assignment was a quiz show that gave away fabulous prizes for every right question answered and gave only one severe punishment in case, even if one question was answered incorrectly. The contestant’s hair would be shaved off. Though this sounded simple & the questions asked were not very difficult, the catch was that every contestant would have a barber standing with them to make them nervous.

The first couple of shows went fine but Gary felt there was something missing in the show till one Friday morning. He was in the elevator when Jenny stopped the door from closing & walked in. At first glance he though she was pretty to look at but as she turned around, he was awestruck. He had found what he had been looking for. He could not take his eyes off Jenny’s thick silky smooth serpantine plait starting from her nape & ending at her butt. He stood behind her patiently & just to find out where she worked, got off the same floor as her.

He followed her to her office & then observed from the glass door the she was at the front desk. Gary went back to his office. He enquired about the office hours that Jenny worked in & together with an assistant formulated a strategy. In the evening he again went back to the floor Jenny was working on, 5 minutes before the office was to close. He went up to her on the pretext to enquire about whom to contact for making a financial investment. She asked him to come back on Monday, as the office was closed for the day. During their conversation he had managed to get her name, name of her boss & also found out that she was living alone in a shared apartment.

Monday came & Jenny was in for a surprise. As she sat down on her desk her boss summoned her. He first congratulated her & then thanked her. Jenny could not understand what was going on. Her boss then told her that the director of the studio two floors above came with a proposal of publicizing their company on their channel provided they let one employee of their company participate in their show & also the director had told him that since they are always looking out for fresh faces he was extremely impressed with Jenny’s personality & wanted her to be the participant.

Jenny was both confused & surprised at the same time. Her boss told her to go to Gary immediately. Again Jenny was in for another surprise when she saw Gary, for he had taken Jenny’s details but did not give out any of his own. Gary asked her to sit & told her that this was all a part of their search, which they do for their show. Gary now asked her if she had seen his show & was quite relieved to hear the answer that Jenny had never seen it. For if she had Gary had assumed that a girl with such beautiful long hair would not like to participate. He now summoned his assistant Bruce (Who had already seen Jenny entering the studio & was getting excited to get his hands on her hair). “Bruce here will explain the rules of the show. Jenny now was sitting with Bruce who explained the rules of the game. “The rules are simple” said Bruce “there are three rounds each comprising of 5 questions & are given 3 options to choose the correct answer, after each round you get to pick a prize of your choice from our stall that will be displayed on the floor itself, you may pick anything from home appliances to electronics etc and after the 3rd round you win the grand prize of $10000”,”you can withdraw from the game after the 1st or the 2nd round but not in between the rounds. “The only catch is that you will have a person standing with you to make you nervous”.

So far Jenny had been listening to everything with full attention & then she asked the question both Gary & Bruce feared “What happens if I give an incorrect answer?” “Bruce knew this would come & he was prepared for this. He just smiled & said “Well.you get to retain the prizes if you have won any but each question carries a prize money along which you will lose, all of it & you will be given a small punishment”, “What kind of punishment?” asked Jenny “Oh nothing serious. its just you will have to do something for the entertainment of our viewers” answered Bruce smartly, but on Jenny’s insistence he just said that punishment is kept a surprise. “One more question” said Jenny “you said there will be someone to make me nervous…what exactly does this person do?” Bruce again laughed & said “The person standing with you will try anything possible to make you nervous like he might press your shoulders, try to scare you, pull your ears, gently of course or tug your hair, but most important is that you should not resist & play along as this is one of the highlights of the show pure entertainment you see rather you should encourage this because after all you are going to be the star attraction” said Bruce as he produced a contract. “What is this?” asked Jenny. “A mere formality. you see we have to have your legal consent for doing the show, this contract has everything I told you in detail all you have to do is sign, besides this will also serve as a legal proof that the money you won is not illegal”.

Smart Bruce smiled triumphantly as Jenny signed the contract, what she did not realize was that after signing the contract she had literally sold off her prize possession “her hair” to them. Bruce asked her to come back in the evening for the shoot.

Jenny reached the studio at the appointed time where Gary greeted her. She was lead to a room where some makeup was put on her & she had to wear a knee length dress. Her hair however was untouched, the gleaming tight silky plait extending from the nape of her neck to her butt was kept intact. After dressing up she met Bruce who told her that he was going to be the guy who will make her nervous on hearing this for some reason Jenny felt little relaxed.

The show started & the host walked on to the stage. There was a chair kept in the middle of the stage with a grand background full of lights. Towards the side was the prizes stall. The Host started the show & announced `Jenny’s” name who was accompanied by Bruce dressed up as a barber.

As Jenny was about to sit down Bruce whispered in her ear to let her braid hang behind the chair, as it would be more comfortable. Jenny did as she was asked & the show started. The first round went pretty smooth with Bruce trying silly antics in trying to scare Jenny & by the end of the second round Jenny only grew more confident. Now was the time to play the actual game. Bruce received the signal from Gary on his headset & he began caressing Jenny’s head, he moved his hand from the top of her head to her nape & gently sliding his curled fist down he gripped the untied end of the braid just below the rubber band. He now moved from Jenny’s behind to her side & moved 2 steps away. He now held Jenny’s braid from the end horizontally in a straight line standing just 2 steps away from her. “And here is the highlight of the show” the host announced loudly on his mike pointing towards Jenny’s hair. The crowd roared & Jenny immediately looked at Bruce who just winked at her & with the thumb of his free hand pointed towards the jeering crowd.

Jenny now felt a little uneasy which was prevalent in her eyes. As the host announced the start of the 3rd round, Bruce got the signal for the next step. He gripped the braid tightly right where it was tie
d & pulled out the rubber band from the end of the braid & slowly began unraveling the braid. The host had also been given the instructions so time & again he asked Jenny to concentrate on the questions and not pay attention to Bruce. Jenny could feel the gentle tugging on her braid but could not turn, as she had to answer. By the time the second question was asked Bruce had moved 1 step closer to Jenny & half of her hair had been unraveled. Bruce was enjoying pressing his thumb down the center of every knot & then pulling up thick locks of silken hair. The crowd too was going mad seeing more & more of Jenny’s hair getting unraveled & reaching for the floor.

Just 7 inches of braided hair left to be unraveled as Jenny answered the 3rd question correctly. Immediately the host got his latest instruction on his headset “She should not be able to answer the next question.I want her to lose damn it” prompted Gary from behind & Bruce too got his instructions he vigorously unbraided the remaining hair as the 4th question was asked. Jenny’s head was pulled back slightly as Bruce gathered her hair in a ponytail & said loudly “Come on answer” Jenny had become nervous by now & Bruce began bobbing her head back by her hair on the other hand the crowd was jeering. With so much noise & her head being rocked Jenny decided to give it up. `What’s the worst that is going to happen’ she thought & chose one of the given options.

Immediately the buzzer rang, Gary’s face lit up with excitement & Bruce’s face with greed. “Wrong answer” said the host “I am afraid you lose all your money & your prized possession for its time for the..” “PUNISHMENT” roared the crowd. “Jenny could not understand what he meant by losing her prized possession as per the rules she was to lose only the money. But her confusion soon turned to horror as she saw what came next.

Two bald guys came on to the stage from either side as Bruce produced a big Hideous pair of scissors from his back pocket. Jenny immediately turned around to look at him & got even more scared for he was still holding Jenny’s hair with his left hand & in his right he wielded the scissors, while looking at the audience he was snapping them in the air.

The two bald guys grabbed Jenny’s arms & she was made to walk a couple of steps towards the audience & then was turned around so that the audience could see her hair in full glory. There she was standing with her hair all undone hanging down to her butt. As Bruce came in front of the audience & began stroking her hair. Jenny though unable to move turned to him & said “Hey what is going on?”. Bruce grabbed a handful of her hair from the neck level and said “its your punishment sweety” with an evil grin, “You are about to lose your hair” “No I never signed for this I won’t allow this”. “Oh but you did sign for this” said Bruce pulling back her hair “its clearly mentioned in your contract.. read it when you go back home” & saying so he turned towards the audience, took the mike from the host & said “She wants a haircut”. The crowd roared “Where should we cut it” “Here” said Bruce placing the blades in her hair right above her butt “No” the crowd roared “Here” said Bruce placing the scissors at the midback level “No” the crowd roared again “Here” placing the scissors at the nape “No” came the roar of the crowd. “Then how much?” said Bruce. “ALL OFF..ALL OFF” went the encore of the crowd. “No please don’t cut my hair said Jenny trying to struggle her way out of the grip of the two bald guys but in vain.

Jenny was now turned to face the audience & there was a loud applause. Jenny was on the verge of bursting into tears. As if this humiliation wasn’t enough she was forced down on her knees by the two guys & Bruce now standing behind her began gathering her tresses in a ponytail once again. He then gripped the ponytail at the nape & placed it between the hungry blades. The crowd went mad roaring & jeering as Jenny’s hair was shorn. Bruce was enjoying every second of it, as he was the only one who could hear the scrunching of the scissors with jenny crying bitterly. With a final snip he held out the trophy ponytail to the roaring audience. Next Bruce produced battery-powered clippers from his pocket & switched them on. On hearing the buzzing sound Jenny knew it was & she tried to turn her head. But Bruce instantly turned her head back. Jenny’s arms were now aching her face soaked with tears with her eyes producing more “Nooooo.” she tried to yell but her voice was lost in the crowd as Bruce began shaving her head. After about five minutes of hard work Jenny stood up shaking weary, bald.

She covered her face with her hands & the two guys escorted her to the back stage. “Thank you for being such a wonderful contestant, we have a cab outside for you with the prizes you have won & as a token of appreciation from our side a check of $5000″ said Gary with a smile as he handed the check to her”. Jenny looked at him with her weary eyes & slapped him. She then ran outside crying, sat in the cab. Gary looked as the cab sped away stroking his cheek with a smile on his face.

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