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My name is Judy and you might know me from my vacation transformation stories. Well, I wanted to give you an update. Leslie and I are still together and going strong. Both she and George are incredible lovers and fulfill all of my needs. I have been bald for the past year. Every day starts with either Leslie or George shaving my pussy and head. I like the fact that I get to go first. Then either Leslie or I shave George’s head and pubis and finally, we shave Leslie’s pussy and depending on her mood, her head. Lately she has been wearing her hair in a flattop with the back and sides nearly shaved. Her hair color this month is purple and it goes very well with the tattoo on her head. I have become a barber and Leslie and I work side by side. After barber school, I set up shop with Leslie. I convinced Leslie that we should not wear smocks anymore and to dress as sexy as possible. Sure enough, word got around and the business started to take off. I then asked Leslie what her favorite style was to cut. Leslie told me she hated the scissors and preferred flattops and shaving . I was so excited because that’s what I loved to do most as well. We decided to rename the shop Flattops or less. With the way we dressed, with our boobies hanging out and my ample booty, our adult clientele increased twofold. Soon all of our clients were walking around bald or in flattops. And since Flattops need fresh cutting every couple of weeks, business was very good.

Well, late one Friday afternoon about 2 months ago. Leslie and I were going out and I wanted an extra smooth shave. So while Leslie was lathering me up, George was adding a Tiger Lily tattoo on the outside of my left leg when Glenn Edwards walked in. I was getting extremely horny and wanted some sex in the worst way. Leslie had Glenn sit down and said she would be right with him. Glenn pointed that he wanted me to do him instead. I told him I would be with him in a few minutes. Now Glenn had been a customer of Leslie’s before we made the change to Flattops or less. We had not seen him since we did the name change. Glenn was a handsome man in his early forties. He was an executive at a financial firm in Alton and was very conservative. He wore his hair in a conservation republican businessman’s style, so it was a surprise to see him here. A few minutes later Leslie and George were finished and I got out of the chair. George excused himself and went next door to his business. I flipped a cape and motioned to Glenn to sit in the chair. As he got in the chair I could see a bulge in his pants. I smiled to myself. After placing the napkin around his neck I mentioned that we only did flattops or less and was that what he wanted. Glenn nodded yes. I don’t know what possessed me to do what happened next, but I suggested to him that with all the hair that was going to be buzzed off he might want to remove his clothes so he would not have the itchies afterward. I think Glenn was so nervous he readily agreed. Leslie looked at me quizzically and I gave a look that meant what the hell let’s have some fun. Leslie went over and closed the curtains and locked the door on the shop. When Glenn came out from the bathroom he was naked except for the smock. Leslie and I excused ourselves and we went to the other room. I returned in only my six inch red high heels and nothing else. Glen was surprised to see me naked with my chains, flower tattoo’s and my tattoo of Leslie’s name on my hot box. I could see that Glenn was extremely excited as his smock had a tent where his dick was. His manhood was sticking straight up under the smock and he had a little discharge. I smiled to myself that this was going to be fun. I looked at Glenn and said “Honey, you came to the right place to get a flattop. I am going to give you a flattop you won’t ever forget. Glenn could only nod as he tried to maintain some sort of control over himself. Leslie came out naked as well and walked to the other side of the chair. I loved how she looked. I had had George tattoo my name over her pubis. He had agreed and it looked awesome. I took a pair of clippers and was about to start when I quickly removed the guard and told Glenn we were going real close. I had bent over so far to tell him that my Ring pierced right 36DD breast pushed up against his face and mouth. With that encouragement, Glen could not help but stick his tongue threw his lips and lick my nipple. I feigned shock and teasingly scolded him and told him that he needed to be punished and for that impropriety I was going to take him really high & tight with the clippers. I switched on the clippers and Glenn practically jumped out of the chair. Without the guard I went up the side. Slowly, higher and higher, to the maximum height I thought I could go and still give him a flattop. Again and again and again all around until there was nothing left of the back and sides. I stopped the clippers, put it down and reached for some pomade. I worked the grease into his hair so it would stand up as straight as his dick. I then reclined the chair so that his hair was perpendicular to the floor. I would be using the clippers in a downward motion to achieve the cut I wanted him to have. Now that Glenn was flat on his back, he could no longer hide the stiff member trying to peek through the linen cape that had a growing moistening where his dick was pressing. I then took a flattop comp and buzzed the top to no more than a ¼ ” . I loved the landing strip that I had created and decided to make it larger so I buzzed the middle into a horseshoe look. By now I knew that Glenn was ready to burst at the seams and was incredibly aroused. So was I. I could not get my mind of sex so I walked around the chair to where Leslie was standing and took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. I then reached in the drawer and took out both dildo’s I handed one to Leslie and we inserted them in our moist vagina’s while still embracing. In the middle of this wonderful make-out session I stretched over and grabbed the clippers. I turned them on and buzzed off the rest of Leslie’s hair on her head, exposing the tattoo that turned me on. All this in full view of Glenn, who now had rock hard member gripped in his right hand. Leslie came at the sound of the clippers. Leslie then removed the dildo’s from us and squatted down. She shoved one up my ass while she ate my pussy. I had had George install the same size ball on Leslie’s pierced tongue and while standing I came almost immediately when she ran her lip and tongue ball on my clit. All the while Glenn had a bemused look on his face and a good hard on. I smiled and told him I needed that. I put his chair back into the upright position. I was about to put some lather and trim the hairline when I put my forefinger parallel to the side of his head just at his ear level. I smiled and told him I was going to shave the edges a little higher than normal. I then slowly moved my finger up the side of his head until I reached the top and said this high. That apparently was all it took as Glenn came gushing underneath the smock. Leslie, knowing how much I like cum nodded her approval to me as she got up in the other chair knowing that I was going to shave her head next. I flipped the smock off of Glenn’s dying member and bent over to lap up the juice. “Oh, this won’t do, You have way to much hair here. I towel dried Glenn and buzzed his cock and balls. He was rigid again. I took the razor and lather and proceeded to shave him. When done I was ready for some cock. I mounted the chair and face down I began to give him the blow job of his life. I stuck my pussy in his face and he did a pretty good job. The ball on my tongue made short work of Glenn and we both came. I sucked his juices down and got off the chair. I then lathered him up high and shaved him. I told him he looked like a State trooper now. He smiled. I told him to get dressed. While he was dressing I completed shaving Leslie’s head. Glenn came out of the bathroom dressed. He smiled at me and left $100. Leslie and I went up to our apartment and enjoyed the sex.

We had a wonderful
weekend and on Tuesday went down to the shop early. There was a knock on the door. I opened the curtain to see a rather attractive woman with Golden blonde hair in the soccer mom pony tail asking if we were open. I opened the door and she stepped in. She introduced herself as Nancy, Glenn’s wife. I suddenly got very nervous. I said” Why Glenn was in here on Friday afternoon. We convinced him to go for a flattop and I guess I got carried away”. Nancy replied; “Let me explain. I don’t know what you did, but that haircut changed him. If I may be candid, Glenn and I just spent the the last 3 days having the most incredible sex we have ever had. After some 5 years where I thought he had lost interest in me, I recently took up with a State trooper and began having an affair. I guess I was really attracted to the extremely short haircuts they wear these days. I must have mentioned my attraction to short hair on men to Glenn, because that was a total shock on Friday night to see Glenn that way. But Friday night with Glenn wore me out. Especially after being with Dan the trooper from shortly after I dropped off the kids at school until it was time to pick them up. So on Saturday, I dropped the kids off at my in-laws while Glenn did some work at the office in the morning, I snuck off to Dan’s house and had sex with him and then spent the evening with Glenn. With Dan, it’s ramrod straight and old fashioned military style, but this weekend with Glenn, he was very imaginative. He kept mentioning women and short hair, tattoo’s and piercings. I started to get a little excited thinking about those things, so I thought I would see if you girls could give me a make-over so I can see if I can get Dan to be as imaginative as Glenn was this past weekend. I said, “absolutely”, but we usually do specials on Friday’s or Saturday’s late in the day. Nancy replied, ” But look at my pants, they are dripping wet from excitement. Is there any way to do it today? Dan’s on shift until this evening and Glenn has a meeting tonight. I’ve arranged for a sitter and I want to surprise Dan at his place.”. I turned to Leslie who shrugged her shoulders. ” I would be willing to pay double”, Nancy quickly added. I called for George and when he came in I asked if he could put curtains up. He nodded and went back to his place to get stuff together. While George was working on establishing a curtain between Leslie’s chair and mine , a customer came in and Leslie led him to the chair, put the paper around his collar and caped him. “Joe” she said, “the usual?” Joe nodded yes. Leslie grabbed the clippers off the shelf, removed the guard and started buzzing Joes head from the left ear. By this time Nancy and I were sitting and I could see Nancy face turning red with excitement. “Will you be doing that to me” she asked. “If that’s what you want, of course”. “The two of you are so beautiful” Nancy said. “Thanks” Leslie and I said in unison. “Why do you dress so sexy in a barber shop”? I replied that both Leslie and I feel really good and confident when we dress this way. I told her that I had breast and booty implants. I then went to a drawer and pulled out and old picture of me. “This was me before I met Leslie and George. The past year has been the happiest of my life” Leslie turned and smiled at us. She had just finished Joe’s high and tight flattop. “Shave the sides this time Joe? ” Leslie asked. Joe nodded yes. Leslie went over to the counter and pressed the dispenser. The warm foam lather came out. Leslie carefully applied the lather to the back and sides of Joe’s head. “I’m going to shave a lot higher to the top this time Joe” Leslie said, knowing that Joe was looking at Leslie’s tits that were practically pouring out of red tank top. Joe simply nodded. I could see that the cape section near Joes lap was getting some movement. I smiled knowing that soon Joe would have very creamy jeans. I looked at Nancy to see if she noticed it as well. She did, I could see her hand squeezing the inside of her leg to control herself. I gently put my hand between her legs and rub my palm against her jean covered cunt. I could see that Nancy was about to cum. I smiled and said it was okay, that this was a special place. Nancy smiled back and released her orgasm silently. ” Is this how it’s going to be? I never knew I could get so excited” I said ” Nancy, trust me. If you like hair cutting, you are going to love this.

By now George had rigged what then was a sheet curtain that separated Leslie’s chair from mine. This curtain went to the door to Georges place so know one could see anyone coming or going. I told Nancy to go to the bathroom and to get naked and put the cape on. Nancy nodded and went to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to get naked except for my green garter belt and 6 inch black heels. When Nancy came out of the bathroom with nothing on but the cape, she was startled to see me naked. She squealed a little to loudly, but thankfully Joe had already left and there was not another customer. “You are more beautiful without clothes” Nancy stated. I replied ” Thanks to Leslie and George. So let’s get you up in the chair.” With that, Nancy took off the cape smiled and said ” I want to be naked too” Nancy hopped up in the chair and before she could say a word, I took my scissors and cut the pony tail off as close to the skull as I could ” No turning back now” I said. But Nancy was in another world as her fingers were playing with her clit.

I smiled and asked Nancy if she wanted the “Works”. She smiled and said breathlessly; “Yes”! As I grabbed the clippers and turned them on, Nancy was startled. I surprised her by removing the guard and mowing her bush away. Leslie came from the other side of the curtain and proceeded to disrobe in front of Nancy. Nancy’s eyes went wide with awe at the sight of Leslies Tattoos and her hairless body. Leslie lathered up Nancy’s twat and shaved the hair away. She then stuck out her tongue and held a dildo up prompting Nancy to point at the tongue. Leslie smiled as she dove down on Nancy. At the moment that Leslie’s tongue touched Nancy’s clit I drove the 00000 clipper high up the left side of Nancy’s face just in front of ear. Nancy froze for moment and then she began bucking her ass up and down in the throes of an orgasm. Leslie held tightly for the bumpy ride all the while continuing to bury her tongue in Nancy’s twat so she could soak up the juices. Again and again all around her head I ran the blade up to crown. I knew this was not going to be a feminine looking Flattop. It was going to be hardcore state trooper. I decided I was going to give Nancy a Burr with a bumper. I pressed the clippers as hard as I could against her head. Nancy’s eyes widened as I began to give the top of the head the same treatment. When I had completed creating the burr, I began to hot lather all around the area. At this point Leslie had asked George to help us out. George went to work and tattooed the word Hot Bitch in red just above Nancy’s pubis. Leslie then showed Nancy the dildo again and pointed to her ass or her cunt. Nancy point at her ass and Leslie complied working the dildo far up Nancy’s behind. Nancy squirmed while the KY’d dildo was worked far up her ass. I finished shaving and with the exception of a little hair in the front, Nancy was bald. George had Nancy stick out her tongue and he pierced it. He then put 7 studs in her ears. Meanwhile I colored the little tuft of hair standing straight up on Nancy’s head a bright red. Jenny, George’s muse came in completely naked and tattooed and did Nancy’s nail in a bright red and then shaved her eyebrows completely off and drew in pencil thin new ones that made her look stunning. George then surprised all of us by putting ½” diameter holes in Nancy’s earlobes and then locking in two very thick hoop earrings. He then pierced both of Nancy’s nipples with the same size rings. The effect was remarkable. When the 4 of us were through we did not recognize Nancy. Nancy sat up as Leslie remove the dildo from her anus and smiled at the new her. I love it, does this mean I have joined the club. I smiled and said;
“George, drop your pants and show Nancy what she will have to endure to join the club” George dropped his pants and his erection leapt out at Nancy. Nancy smiled, looked at Georges swollen member, licked her lips and said; “When can I start” as she rubbed her new baldness! I looked at Leslie and smiled. Another soon to be very satisfied customer I thought.

I looked at Nancy and asked; Nancy “How about helping me shave Leslie’s head?” “Huh!” Nancy replied. I could see that she wanted George’s dick in the worst way. “Okay!” She said; What do I have to do?” I explain as Leslie got up in the chair. I explained that I needed a little attention. I put the chair in a prone position, then mounted the chair as well until my twat was over Leslie’s face. I instructed Nancy to hot lather Leslie’ head. The moment that Leslie felt the lather hit her head, her tongue began searching for my smooth & dripping box. I lowered myself onto the tongue and Leslie went to work on me. George helped Nancy shave Leslie’s head clean completely exposing the purple tattoo on Leslie’s head. Nancy loved it and turned to George and asked for one as well, but one that would cover her whole head. Before George could respond, Nancy grabbed the clippers and self buzzed what was left of her hair. She quickly lathered up and shaved herself bald just like the rest of us in the shop. We were so amazed at Nancy’s clear shot of freedom, we did not realized she had gone down on George’s cock and had taken the whole thing in one gulp. She began working George’s dick like a popsicle stick, up and down taking it all in and pressing the ball from her newly pierced tongue on George’s shaft. I could not believe that Nancy was taking the whole dick so deep in her throat. I could see that George was in heaven and I now had competition. George screamed as he came. Nancy swalled so quickly that nothing escaped. George seemed so spent. Then Nancy, kneeling in the floor began to caress George’s balls while she nurtured his dick upright again. George griined and when fully erect, Nancy jumped up and impaled herself on Georges stick. “Cmon big boy, let’s go for a ride”! Nancy yelled. They moved in unison as I could not believe that Nancy could take it all so easily. They both came and were exhausted. They sat in the Barber chairs for a few minutes until Nancy told George she wanted to be tattoted. Leslie & I marveled at our new found friend.

Two hours later, Nancy and George returned. Nancy now had an intricately designed tattoo that wove itself from the back of her neck to the top of her head and around the back of her ears. Nancy was beaming as she looked in the mirror. She looked at Leslie and me and said; ” Wait till you see my back!” Nancy turned around and George had tattoed a flawless portrait image of her going down on George’s cock. It covered her entire back. George smiled as he said; Nancy wanted an original tattoo, and I wanted a picture of her sucking my cock. I took a digital image, blew it up and told Nancy that this was what I wanted to tattoo on her back. She barely stopped blowing me Dan, Glenn and the kids and I’m going to have my whole body pierced and tattooed. I’ve never been happier that I am today.” Nancy slowly stepped towards me, looked me in the eye and said; Tomorrow, George is going to tattoo on one side of my stomach me burying my tongue into first, your twat and then Leslie’s. I smiled as Leslie bent down. I leaned back against the chair as Leslie’s balled tongue began to do its work on my clit, surrounded by my smooth snatch. I closed my eyes as George began taking pictures of bald on bald.

I could not help but think if it could get any better than this! I let myself go!

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