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Ray decided to take Sheila his girlfriend of 9 months to meet his family. Sheila was 20 years old, 5 foot 2 inches tall, and had near waist length chestnut brown hair. She wore it half of the time up in a twist or honey bun. The other half of the time it was either in a ponytail or left loose. Sheila was a bit conservative. Ray had decided that his feelings for Sheila were growing and it was time she met his parents and his two older sisters Nicki and Amanda. It was arranged for a dinner to be held at his parents home with drinks and conversation later. Ray and Sheila would stay in an upstairs guest room over the garage as they had been living together the past few months. Ray watched in the afternoon as Sheila dressed up in a nice bright blue dress that reached her knees and her long soft chestnut brown hair was twisted up into a thick bun. Ray dressed in a nice sport coat and docker pants to compliment his girlfriend. They arrived at Ray’s parents home a little after 7pm and a nice three course dinner was served with red and white wine flowing. The party was moved out to the patio area where other family friends joined them. Sheila couldn’t help but feel she was being observed and sized up. It was about 9pm when Ray’s sisters got Sheila alone in the corner of the yard. Nicki spoke ” Sheila, Ray has told us you have really lovely long hair. Amanda chimed in ” Yes, we’d love to see it. Could you let it down just for a few minutes?” Sheila responded ” Well people do tell me I have beautiful hair. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let my hair down for a few minutes.” She reached up and removed the pins holding her long brown locks up. It tumbled down with the ends being loosely curled. Nicki and Amanda both came up close to Sheila and began touching and finger combing the soft thick mane. ” Your hair is thick and pretty. You sure have a lot of it just like Ray told us.” commented Amanda. Sheila let it hang down and swung it back and forth. Then she pinned it back up. Amanda commented on Sheila’s nice figure and she admitted she watched her diet and worked out. The two sisters did some more small talking till Ray came over to take Sheila over to meet some of his friends.

The night came to an end and up in the guest room Ray watched Sheila let down her long golden brown locks and let them hang over a body any man would fall in love with. Sheila put on a silky night gown and went to bed not knowing that tomorrow would be a big day for her though she didn’t know it then.

The next morning Sheila got up and put her hair into a high ponytail and put on some shorts and a red blouse. Ray had told Sheila that today his sisters were going to take her out shopping while he attended to some family business and he would see her at dinner that evening. Sheila was downstairs having coffee when in walked Nicki and Amanda who said ” Ready for a big Day?” ” Yes, I’m ready to go.” They got in Nicki’s car and Nicki spoke ” I forgot my credit cards and I need to stop by my house. I’m not sure where I put them so you two can come in and help me look for them.” They got to Niki’s home and got out and went in with Amanda following Sheila with her shorts, red top, and chestnut brown hair dancing down her back. They got in the house and Nicki told Sheila to sit down in a living room chair. She spoke ” Sheila do you love our brother?” ” Oh, yes very much!” replied Sheila. ” Would you like to have a chance to show him how much you love him?” asked Amanda. ” Oh, yes, but how do I do that?” asked a curious Sheila. Nicki spoke ” Ray told us he would like to move your relationship to the next level. He feels that marriage is a long haul. He wants to know how you would look with a different look. He wants me and Amanda to give you a makeover.” ” What type of makeover? Is it going to hurt?” responded Sheila. Amanda jumped in ” He wants to see you with a short hair style.” ” I thought he loved my long hair? He always tells me how beautiful it is.” said Sheila. ” Oh, he does but he knows that during the course of your marriage with kids and all that you will have it cut short. He wants to see that look before you get married and before he proposes. He’d like to see that look tonight at dinner.” Nicki continued ” Now me and Amanda have talked it over with Ray about how he wants you to look. Now, are you willing to make a sacrifice { Nicki lifts up Sheila’s long soft ponytail.} to prove your love for our brother Ray?” ” Oh, but my lovely long hair. I’ve had it long forever. It is truly my crowning glory. However, I truly love your brother and if cutting it will convince him of my love for him then I guess I must let you do it.

Please be gentle.” spoke Sheila as she looked at her long locks of brown hair.

Amanda came up behind Sheila and pulled loose the scrunchy holding Sheila’s ponytail. The long chestnut brown hair tumbled down and covered her back like a thick carpet. Nicki spoke ” Remove your blouse and come into the kitchen so I can wet down your hair in the sink with a dish sprayer used for rinsing. Sheila was led into the kitchen and stepped up on a step stool. She bent over and put her head into the sink. Nicki checked the water temperature and then began wetting down Sheila’s thick mane which filled the sink. She took the sprayer close down to Sheila’s scalp of the thick mane. Amanda helped by moving the hair around. Sheila’s thick hair is finally thoroughly soaked and Nicki wrings it out like a mop. Sheila lifts her head out of the sink and Amanda hands her a towel to wrap around the thick mane. Sheila is led down a hall and a door opens. When it opens Sheila’s stomach drops. In front of her is a styling chair with a blue cape draped over it and next to it is a table on which is laid out scissors, clippers, and other various haircutting tools. A sign on the chair says ” Welcome Sheila!” She has been expected. Amanda takes her by the hand and leads her to the chair. She sits down into the chair and Nicki places the blue cape tightly around her slender neck. Nicki removes the towel and Sheila’s thick wet brown hair plops down the back of the chair.
Nicki takes a wide tooth comb and starts to comb out the silky wet hair. ” Have you ever had short hair Sheila?

“NO” she responds. Well, there is a first time for everything. “What shall we do first?” ask Amanda. ” Ray told us he wanted her to have short bangs so lets start there” say Nicki. She come around and carves out a nice thick section of hair above her forehead. She combs it down and it hangs down in Sheila’s lap. She lifts up Sheila’s head level. Then and inch above the eyebrows she places the sharp silver scissors. Holding a 4 inch section she proceeds to snip, snip, snip the hair. Sheila bites her lip as Nicki let a few of the long brown locks fall down into her lap. Nicki keeps cutting the hair away from in front of Sheila’s eyes and lays the severed locks on a nearby table. Nicki next directs Amanda to part Sheila’s hair down the middle. She takes one side and combs it tight into a ponytail right above Sheila’s ears. Nicki does the same on her side and hands Amanda a rubber band and tells her to tie the hair off close to Sheila’s head. The Ponytails are four inches thick and two feet long. Nicki makes sure with a measuring tape they are equal. Nicki looks at Amanda ” Well sister, it looks like we are ready to remove the bulk of Sheila’s hair and start the makeover in earnest.” She reaches over and hands Amanda a large pair of cutting shears. ” I hope your ready Sheila. If not too bad.” she says with a smile. Nicki commands ” Ok, pull tight on the ponytail and cut on the other side of the rubber band. We cut on three!” ” Anything you say.” says a smiling Amanda as she places the open shears at the base of the ponytail. Sheila is about to loose 90% of her crowning glory hair and cringes as she hears Nicki count to three. Then the scissors start to snnick, sshnick, snip and chop their way through her thick brown hair. A scrunching sound is heard as the scissors cut through the thick hair. It take a few minutes but Sheila feels the tensi
on loosen on her head as the tails are removed. Nicki comes in front of Sheila holding up the severed hair. ” Well, look at these lovely ponytails. I bet your head feels allot lighter now without all this weight.She lays the tails on the counter. You’ll be using a lot less shampoo from now on.” Nicki tossles the remaining hair. Amanda speaks ” Hand me the razor so I can shave Sheila neck.” Amanda pushes Sheila’s head forward and Sheila feels the cold steel as Amanda shaves her neck smooth. Nicki take a pair of scissors and continues to shorten up Sheila’s hair into the nice pixie cut Ray wanted. Sheila sits stunned and watches as her hair is cut down to one half inch length on top. She watches brown hair tumble down the cape and cover up the floor around the chair. Her head is getting lighter and lighter. Nicki takes the razor and adds some choppy layers. Nicki is enjoying her work. Sheila’s shorter hair is drying now so Amanda fires up the clippers and runs them up the back and side of her head blending in the style using them over a comb. Sheila feels like she is being shorn bald but knows she isn’t. Finally, she hears the sound of a blow dryer as Nicki takes a brush to her head.
Nicki speaks ” Ok, Sheila or should I call you my future sister-in-law. Your makeover is done except for a bit of makeup that Amanda will apply. Here is a mirror.” Nicki removes the cape and brushes off Sheila’s face and shoulders.

Sheila reaches up and touches her head and sees it for the first time. ” Oh, my what a change? Are you sure Ray wanted it cut this short? Sheila’s hair barely covers her ears is shorn close at the neck. Her long brown chestnuts locks are laying on the table nearby and hair covers the floor.

“Now, its on to Part 2 of your makeover” says Amanda. ” Part 2? What is Part 2″ ask a Surprise Sheila. Nicki moves back a partition and there sitting is a old gynecology table and speaks ” Part 2 is the removal of your hairy bush. You see Rays told us you were too hairy at both ends. Amanda will do that end of you. “But he never said anything to me about me being too hair in my pubic area. Oh, I don’t know about this?” Amanda takes Sheila my the hand ” Now, don’t be silly. You’ve come this far for your love. I’ll be gentle. Now, lets go over and get it done. Drop those panties and put your feet in the stirrups like you do in the doctors office.” Sheila does as she is told. When she is on the table and lays back with her head on a pillow she feels especially vulnerable. Nicki looks down on Sheila’s pubic area as she hand Amanda the clippers. ” Ray wasn’t joking when he said she was too hairy. I bet she has never even trimmed down here.” Amanda takes the clippers and mows through the dark brown tundra. Then she applies a warm wet cloth and then shaving cream. ” Ray wants me shaved down there? Ask a startled Sheila. ” Yes, he wants you nice and smooth for tonight.” replies Amanda. A scared Sheila responds ” Oh, please be gentle and don’t hurt me”. Sheila notices that Nicki has put some of the pubic hair clippings in a baggy. Amanda takes up a chair between Sheila’s spread legs and carefully, gently, and with a smile on her face shaves Sheila clean. It take only a few minutes longer for Part 2 to be done and Sheila to feel her shaved area. It feels sexual to her.

Ok, Sheila we are all done. We picked out this nice new outfit for you. Amanda hands Sheila a dress she could wear to a Prom. Your Big Day is about done Sheila. Time to get you dressed and to the restaurant to see Ray.

The sisters walk with Sheila who has a scarf over her head into a fancy restaurant where Ray is waiting. They come to the table. Nicki speaks ” We hope what we have done to your girlfriend Sheila. She was very brave today and must love you very much. We think we could love her too. We will leave her alone with you now. ” Ray tells Sheila to sit down beside him in the booth. He removes the scarf and sees a new Sheila with her short cropped hair. ” Oh, honey you look beautiful without your long hair. ” He then runs his hand up Sheila’s leg and feels her shaved pubic area for the first time.” Oh, my Sheila you must truly love me.” ” I do love you Ray. I truly do. ” responds Sheila as they kiss. The Big Day full of Big Surprises for Sheila would come to an end with a big proposal and a passionate love making night.

Needless to say Ray and Sheila got married the next year.

The End

Hope you enjoyed the Story.

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