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Tim was eating lunch at a local eatery while in town on a two day business trip. A young lady entered and was trying to sell pottery. Tim watched as she moved from table to table trying to sell her pottery. What Tim noticed was her lovely waist length Golden blonde Hair. He wondered if she would ever consider selling it to him for the ” Right” price. She was moving closer to his table. Tim decided to take a gamble and go for it. He took out one of his business envelopes and slipped a $20 bill into it with a note. The note stated ” That I’m interested in making you an offer on an item you carry around with you that you might not have considered selling before. Here is $20 for you to meet me in the Holiday Inn lobby at 7:00 pm tonight to find out.” The young lady arrived at his table and he learned her name was Rena. He told her he could not use any pottery but had another offer for her. He handed her the envelope and told her to open it when she was alone. She agreed to do so and moved on. Tim watched her long golden blonde hair move back and forth as she went from customer to customer. He could only wish his gamble would pay off later that night. Tim finished his lunch and went about his business. He went down to the hotel lobby about 6:45pm and hoped for the best.

It was 7:05 and Tim saw Rena entering the lobby. Her hair was up in twist. He took her away to a quiet area of the lobby. ” Hi Rena, I’m glad you decided to come. Like I wrote you in the note. There is something of yours I’m interested in buying. It is your lovely golden blonde locks. Would you be interested in selling them to me tonight if we can agree on a price?” he asked. Now Tim had checked e-bay and the ” Hairtrader” website so he had a good idea of a good price for Rena’s long soft golden blonde hair depending on how much she was willing to sell. Rena thought for a moment and said ” I had never thought of selling my hair. I do get lots of compliments on it and I do need some extra money. It is good hair as I have never permed or colored it. How much could you offer me for it?”
Tim responded ” I could offer you at least XX amount of cash depending on the condition and the length you decide to sell. We would have to go to my room where I could get a good look at it and it is a more private area. Is that ok with you? ” Tim led Rena up to his room and once inside he closed the door. He said ” Ok, Rena let down your hair and let me evaluate it. ” Rena reached up and loosened the twist. Her long golden blonde tresses cascaded down her back towards the floor just past her waist. Tim combed through it with his fingers and then grabbed a brush. It was great material in that is was soft and thick. The quality of hair was excellent. ` Well, what do you think? How much would you like to cut off and how much cash could you give me for it.” said Rena getting right to the point. Tim quickly responded ” I’d like to cut it up to here indicating the bottom of her ears. It would give you a nice bob look to start growing out. Let me measure it up to there. Yes, that would be a nice 26 inch length and be perfect for hair extensions. Your hair is in great shape and I can pay you XX amount of cash for that length. Do we have a deal?” Rena looked in the mirror. “Oh my, that would be a big change for me. ( She reached out and caressed her soft hair.) I sure do need the money though. Ok, I accept your offer. I assume you want to cut it in the bathroom so we don’t mess up the hotel room floor.” Tim took a chair into the bathroom and a black bag. Tim spoke ” Ok, I’ll work quickly. Sit down in the chair and I’ll get a few thing so I can get started.” Tim went to his bag and pulled out a silver cape and with Rena lifting her long golden locks up out of the way he secured it tightly around her neck. He then put the hair into three ponytails at a level right below Rena’s earlobes after brushing the hair and securing them tightly with a gentle tug. He reached into his bag and pulled out a nice pair of shiny silver shears. He placed them at the base of the far right pony tail. He opened them up and schnick, schinik , scrunchy, snip, snip, was the sound made as they cut through the soft blonde locks. He placed the 26 inch severed ponytail on the sink counter and moved on to the next one. Snip, snip, snip, was the sound heard as he removed the next two ponytails. Rena could be assured that her lovely locks were being sold to a man who truly appreciated fine quality hair merchandise. Tim put down his scissors and took out a pair of clippers and plugged them in. He then used them in an inverted fashion to tune of Rena’s hair into a nice bob. Short blonde clumps of hair fell down the cape to the floor. Rena looked in the mirror and saw he new look emerging. He used the clippers with a guard and cut Rena’s neck hair down to an eighth of an inch. Then he loosened the cape and shaved her bottom neck area clean with a sharp razor removing any scraggly hair. Tim as completely done in 45 minutes. Rena’s golden blonde hair he had seen and lusted after at noon was on the sink counter and in his possession. His gamble and boldness had paid off big time.

Tim removed the cape and spoke ” Ok, Rena that is it. Here is a mirror so you can see the back. You can always go to a beauty shop to have it touched up. ” Rena took the mirror ” Not bad at all. I don’t look bad at all. It will take a day or two to adjust but Tim you did a good job. She reached up and felt her shorter hair and shaved neck area. I think you have done this before. I can handle this new look.” she said smiling at Tim.

They exited to the main room. Tim took out his money clip and counted out the money in big bills into the hands of a smiling Rena. Rena took the money and rolled it up and put it down her bra. Tim spoke as he opened the room door. ” Nice doing business with you Rena. Good luck in the pottery business.” Rena turned around and said ” Nice doing business with you too and Happy travels. ” She turned and walked down the hallway towards the elevator and out of the hotel. Tim returned to sweep up the bathroom floor and to place the soft golden blonde ponytails that were now his into some large baggies.
They were his fair and square at a bargain price. His lunch gamble had paid off and he smiled as he felt the soft golden blonde hair in his hands. Time to go down stairs to the bar for a celebratory drink.

The End

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