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God, you are hot, said Amy. Lets go back to your place. Amy had Gail stop at a drug store and said she would be right back. She came back carrying a bag with a couple of boxes in it. At Harry’s they went back to the bedroom and they were soon passionately taking each others clothes off. Amy told Harry to lay back on the bed. She had one more thing she wanted him to try she said as she rubbed his head. She went in the bathroom and opened the boxes. Harry was really in for a surprise she thought to herself. But she had always wanted to see him shaved. Close your eyes she said before she came out. Harry obediently closed his eyes. She told him to put the pillow over his face until she told him to look. He did that. There was some rustling as she plugged in the extension cord and then the clipper cord into that. She climbed up on the bed and straddled his legs. Ok, she said, you can look. She snapped on the clippers as he moved the pillow. She had his cock in her hand and the clippers began making fast work of his pubic hair. What are you doing?! He exclaimed. While his dick became even more erect and hard. Next she raised up his balls and told him to spread his legs as she removed all the hair from his cock, balls and crotch, even down into the crack of his ass. She brushed it off with the damp washcloth she had brought. I want to shave it all smooth she told him. He lay there with his breath coming fast. Don’t take too long, he said with a gasp. She lathered the area and with a razor shaved him smooth. After cleaning that off, she bent down and took his penis into her mouth. When she felt that he was coming close, she let it go and moved up and went down on it. Harry was soon breathless and gasped as he reached his climax and shot his wad deep inside her. Amy meanwhile had her own orgasm, or two. That had felt so good. They hadn’t ever had this good sex. When they were done she moved up and lay beside him. She reached down and felt his smooth, naked crotch. That is so nice she said. Soft and so nice. Harry rolled her over on her back and moved down straddling Amy’s legs. She heard the click of the clippers come on and then her own mound of pussy hair was reduced. He put on the lather and shaved it smooth, then he shaved it again. Her pussy was now like a little girls. He used the washcloth and cleaned it up. The he got down and using his tongue on her clit brought her to another orgasm. He then turned her on her side toward him and while she sucked him he tongued and sucked her. She kept licking, sucking and tonguing him until his cock was once again rigidly erect. She took it all the way in her mouth and moved up and down on it. At the same time he was bringing her to another orgasm. After the mutual climax, they slowly got their breath back. They went in and took a shower together. Washing each other had always been fun. They played with each other, she with his tool and he with her newly shaven lips. That was so good. We may never top it.

They got out, dried each other off and went to get dressed. Gail was going to come back by with Harry to go shopping. She had told Amy what John was going to be wearing and could she see that Harry also looked that way. He started to put his jeans back on. Said no, he needed to get dressed up a little. She looked in his closet and found a black pair of slacks and a striped sport shirt with button down collar. Lets try this she said. Umm, she thought. He really looks good with that short hair. Harry was soon dressed and putting his shoes on. When he stood up, she reached up and buttoned the top button on the shirt. She used his phone to call Gail when they were ready. Gail said they were on the way.

After Gail dropped Amy and Harry off she returned to her apartment. John was awake but still in bed. He had gotten up and taken the tylenol. She told him to get up and get his bath. She laid out the clothes she had chosen for him to wear. She told him to get busy, they didn’t have all day and there were things to do and barely enough time to do it in.

It didn’t take John long to finish his bath and he didn’t have to worry about drying his hair. And he didn’t need to shave. By now he was very aware of his hairless state. And she wanted to go out. He thought about just going home. He didn’t really know what had happened, although he vaguely remembered meeting 3 guys at that last bar. Then things began to blur or he had no memory of it at all. His ears were a little sore but when he tried to remove the earrings he couldn’t find where they joined; it wouldn’t have done him much good anyway, as they were superglued. He called her before he got dressed. He was still in the bathroom. Do you think I should just shave the rest of my head, he asked. Oh no, she said opening the door. I like the look. As a matter of fact I like everything the way it looks. And if we didn’t have things that have to be done before tonight, we’d get down and play house. Come on out and get dressed before I lose control. He came out and began to get dressed. What’s with the dress clothes? I want you to look nice for me today.

Perhaps we should have a little talk before we go further she said. OK? Alright, he said coming over to her.

Are you going to marry me? Yeah, he sort of mumbled. When? Like we talked about, after we finish school this year. She smiled at him. No, she said, that won’t do. Things have changed. You are 21 and I want to get married now. Not this minute, she said as he started to stammer something out. But, this month. Maybe next weekend while we are at your folks. Just a little ceremony. My folks can be there, no problem. But…. he started to say. No buts, either you will or you won’t. If you won’t, then maybe I should just take you back to your place. But today, after last night, I want you here with me. OK, he said, but how will we make the arrangements. Don’t worry about that, she said, all you have to do is be there and say I do. First thing is you have to ask me. Will….. Not now silly. Later, tonight, while we are out with our friends. I want witnesses. Now, finish getting dressed and button that shirt all the way up including that top button. We’ll talk about rules as we go. John finished getting dressed, he buttoned the top button, then unbuttoned it. Button it back up, she told him that she liked that look. He looked so hot, dressed up. She had gotten some crew wax and rubbed it into his hair then brushed it so that his mohawk stood up. I wish I knew who did this, she said out loud to herself. What? John asked. The haircut. I want you to keep it this way. I suppose when you get a job you’ll have to either shave it off or let it grow all over a little bit. But this look is so you.

It was a bit of a shock to both of them, John and Harry when they first saw each other. Oh my God, said Harry. Likewise, said John. Get in, you guys can sit in the back and figure out what happened while we are on the way to the mall.

Amy had said they had nice suits and a good deal there in one of the department stores. They went through a couple of men’s stores and a couple of the department stores. The men’s stores were a little expensive, Amy thought. Then in a department store they found a larger selection of suits. The salesman was there to ask if he could help. Gail told him she needed 5 suits, two sport coats, 5 pair of dress slacks, and shirts to go with the suits and slacks. Harry said he couldn’t afford that much. Gail told him not to worry, this was on her and if you feel really guilty, when you get rich and famous you can pay me back. But for now, my good friend we’ll get you a few things. The salesman measured Harry and said his size was there and he would come help while John was trying his on. They would get it worked out. John was measured and the salesman took them to where his size in suits were. You are lucky, the salesman said, we just got a new shipment in of athletic suits. Gail like the army green suit, there was a black and white pinstripe, a Navy shadow stripe, a brown plaid with some orange in it, and another blue window pane. A glen p
laid and a fine wool blue sport coat. John had blond hair and blue eyes so the navy suits looked really good. She picked out 4 more white shirts, then told the salesman to put together everything else. It had taken almost two hours to get everything picked out. John had also need new shoes, socks. They bought two belts, although she said they would just be used on his bare ass. Harry and Amy had settled on a black shadow suit that had a touch of red thread in it that made it look a dark reddish plum. Then there was the blue shadow stripe like John’s. Gail also bought Harry 4 dress shirts, two pair of dress slacks, and 4 sport shirts. He said he already had good shoes and socks. After everything was paid for, the salesman called over to the tailor and said he had another customer, just 7 hems.

First they carried the packages into the mall where there was a small shop that carried mens accessories like ties, hats, suspenders, socks and monogrammed handkerchiefs. They also carried a good selection of bow ties. The salesman had them lay out the chosen suits and shirts and helped her pick out the bow tie that would go with each outfit and how they could be changed out. Altogether she bought John 12 bow ties and 5 suspenders. She bought Harry a bow tie to wear tonight and a pair of suspenders. They should wear the blue shadow stripe suits tonight. Then it was off to the tailor’s. He was glad to see them. Harry and John needed to try on each pair of pants to make sure they were measured correctly. The tailor was happy to see they had chosen flat front and not pleats and recommended that no cuffs. John and Gail said that was fine. The tailor said they would be ready in two hours. When he was asked, he recommended a cleaners down the street that could get all of his shirts done in a couple of hours. Oh yes, he was sure. His brother owned the business. They laughed at that.

After they delivered the shirts they headed back to the mall. John didn’t need to ask what for as they were soon in a jewelry store. They looked at wedding sets. No, she told the salesman, she wasn’t interested in a big gaudy set. Simple with not more than a ½ carat diamond and a fine quality 1/4 carat would do. John objected. Don’t, she said smiling at him. Remember you have to pay for it. It may be later, but you will pay this part back in cash. They finally settled on a ½ carat stone that had a matching plain gold band and a heavier gold band for him. Amy said that it was a beautiful set. No, she and Harry didn’t need to buy rings. We already have them she said quietly. We’ve just been waiting for the right moment to announce it to our folks. The girls put there heads together and Gail talked her into wearing her engagement ring tonight.

One last thing she said. They headed back to the department store. She had seen some luggage they would need for their trip next week. They walked through the mall for a while then went out to the park and walked for a little while. When it was time they went by and picked up the suits which were ready, then to the cleaners to get their pressed shirts.

They dropped Amy at her place then Harry at his. We’ll be back to pick you up at 6:30 he was told. Why don’t we just meet you at your place Harry asked. I’ll pick Amy up first. OK, said Gail, make it before 7:00. We have reservations at the restaurant at 7:30 and then we’re going dancing after.

At Gail’s apartment, John said he was really sorry about last night. I’m not, she said. I have loved you since we met. You are generally a very smart man. You are handsome. I love your new look and I want you to keep it that way. He reached up and touched his earlobe which still hurt some. Can I take these out? How will you explain the holes, she asked. You might as well leave them in. Makes you look tough. And I know you’re just a sweetheart. He pulled her too him and kissed her. She kissed back, then pulled away. Later, fella. You still got work to do.

It was almost 6:00. He should go relax. She had some lady things to get done. A bath, could he help, not yet. Fix her hair. Etc, etc, etc. Before he left he asked what he should wear tonight. The navy shadow stripe with the yellow shirt and the gold and blue bow tie. Harry is going to wear his with that light blue shirt and the bow tie that’s just like yours.

At 7:15 they both came out. She looked stunning. She thought he looked so hot and sexy. The doorbell rang, Harry and Amy were at the door. John whistled when he saw Amy, wow, you look nice. Harry, ok, you look good too. Hi sweetie, said to Gail. This is really all your fault. If you’d taken this guy home with you last night, we’d still have hair. John, how did we let the girls get in charge?

After dinner they went to the Hotel that on Saturday nights had a live orchestra band and a dance floor. Inside they were taken to a table that seated all 4 of them comfortably. Hope you brought your dancing shoes, Gail said. Harry was a very good dancer and Amy glowed after the first dance. At 11:30, Gail held John out in the center of the dance floor. Someone brought John a microphone. Something you want to say, he was asked. John mumbled an Uh…. Gail said, on your knee boy and don’t forget the ring in your pocket. John got the box out of his pocket and got on one knee. Loud and clear he asked Gail: “will you marry me.” She pulled him up and said yes and gave him a big kiss in front of everyone. He put the ring on her finger. Everyone stood and clapped. Then the band struck up a waltz. They were soon joined by other couples. They danced one more dance and then for home. You set me up, John said. No, Gail said. You set yourself up. But you did handle that very well.

On the way home Gail told them that she and John were going to be married next weekend in John’s hometown. She wanted Amy to be her bridesmaid. Harry would come and be John’s best man. They made plans for the next weekend. Harry would bring Amy on Friday night and they would be put up at a hotel, Gail said to call her cell and she would meet them when they got there. At Gail’s, Harry said that he and Amy should go on home. Maybe they could meet for lunch tomorrow before John and Gail left. John said he couldn’t go until noon Monday. He had to go get a new drivers license. His had been lost, he said sheepishly. So lunch would be fine. They were leaving as soon as John did get his drivers license. It will give me more time to pack and call his mom – well – after he calls his mom and tells her the news.

Inside the door, Gail pulled John down to her waiting lips. They went to his bedroom. She began to undress him, hanging his coat on a hanger. She undid his bow tie. You looked so good tonight she said. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt and he put his arms behind her and was undoing the back of her dress. She ran her fingers across his bare chest, pinching his nipples as they began to harden. She slipped out of her dress and he out of his pants. She insisted he hang them up, not throw them across the chair. She pushed him back across the bed and was quickly on top of him, pulling down his tighty-whitey shorts and fondling his bare cock and balls. He got her bra and her panties off. She took his tool in her hand and then in between her lips. He moaned with expectancy, but before he got too close she moved up and began kissing on him and sucking on his nipples. He was fondling her breasts. He moaned again as she moved down and went down on his cock, and soon they were both in ecstatic rhythm reaching their climax at the same time. Gail raised off and came to lay at his side running her hands over his hairless chest and his short mohawk. That was good she said. After a few minutes he got up and went into the bathroom, returning quickly with his razor and shaving gel. She lay calmly as he removed the bush from her mound and then from the lips of her vagina. With a warm wet washcloth he cleaned it off. He pushed his face down into the now smooth satiny skin and began to tongue her clit. She was still excited from the sex and was soon having another orgasm. John sucked the juice from
her cunt and put his tongue even further in, he pulled her lips apart and lapped at the inside of her vagina. She reached up and began squeezing his balls and fondling his cock. It wasn’t long before he was hard and his cock throbbing as she tickled the head with her tongue. She told him to turn around and fuck her now like the man he was. She spread her legs wide as his bare cock plunged all the way in through her own shaved pussy. He jammed it in and rolled around on her, pulled it almost out and pushed it back in. Her moaning in pleasure brought him to his orgasm at the same time as hers. His back arched and he shuddered as he let his load rush out. This time when they were finished, they went and showered. In the warm water they let run over their bodies they were flushed with the joy of each other.

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