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Doug met Diane online and they had been chatting for a couple of years, She liked her `boy” kept short, he
needed to be kept short.

They had planned to meet for quite sometime, and finally their plans came together. Doug drove to Diane’s house, about 4 hours away, to finally submit, to be being exactly as She wanted him to be. She had told him many times what She had planned for him, but if he was to become Her “boy”, there were several things that She demanded.

Upon arriving at Diane’s apartment, Doug and Diane embraced and kissed for what seemed like and eternity. Diane had Doug disrobe and led him to Her antique barber chair, and had him lean over the arm of the chair.

“You know, everything I do is for your own good Doug.” Diane Said.

“Yes Ma’am.” as he was advised to address Diane in private

Feeling something cold and slick being applied to his ass, he knew what was coming.

“I need for my boy to be plugged before he gets into the barber’s chair, do you understand Doug?”

“Yes Ma’am.” he replied Slowly Diane worked the rubber plug deep into Her boy, seeing how he reacted, loving how it looked, seated deep inside him.

“Now sit in the chair honey” She said

He climbed into the chair, and slowly slid back, feeling the plug push deeper inside him, as he sat for Her.

Diane leaned the chair back, reclining her new found boy, preparing him for his first shave with Her. Diane spread his legs wide, placing them on the arms of Her chair, seeing his obvious excitement. Slowly Diane clipped all of his pubic hair away, occasionally pumping his manhood with Her hand. After She turned the clippers off, She covered his newly clipped area with shaving cream and proceeded to shave him very clean and smooth, exactly the way She wanted him to always be for Her. She then oiled his clean smooth genitals, and placed him into a chastity device, locking it tightly onto him, so he wouldn’t be able to please himself or others unless She was to unlock him.

Diane then put the barber’s chair in the upright position, leaving the boys legs over the arms of the chair, admiring Her shaving skills.

“Your hair is too dark, I want it much lighter like mine.” She said to Her new shaved and chastised boy.

“Yes Ma’am.” he replied

Diane proceeded to color his hair blonde, much lighter than his normally dark brown hair.

When his hair was finished processing, She took him to the bathroom , where She rinsed his hair, and quickly dried it. He hardly recognized himself in the mirror.

“Now get dressed, we need to get you to the Barber shop for your appointment, and you will be kept plugged and in the chastity device until we get back .” Diane stated firmly.

Driving to the barber shop, there was idle chat about what they would do for dinner, and how the trip was down to Her house. After about 15 minutes, they arrived at the barber shop, where Diane had made the appointment for her boys haircut.

They walked to the front door, Doug open and held the door for the Lady that was taking over his life as of today. Once inside, they had a seat, a female Barber, Gail, who was working on a customer, turned and said hello and that She would be with us in a moment to Diane.

After her customer was gone from the shop, She motioned for the boy to have a seat in Her chair.

Diane approached the chair as Doug say down.

Gail put a neck strip on him, and fastened the cape tightly around Doug’s neck.

“So what are we doing today?” Gail asked, looking at Diane, not Doug.

“I want him cut very short today, I can’t have him looking like this. I want the sides shaved over his ears at least to here.” Pointing to an inch above his ear.

” I want the back shaved very high as well, and then tapered sharply to the crown. I want the top taken down to a #3, and combed to the side.” Diane said with authority.

“If that is what You want, then that is how he will be.” Gail replied as She smiled at Diane. Doug expected Diane to return to Her seat and wait as he was clipped and shaved by Gail, but Diane remained standing right next to the chair, as Gail repaired Her clippers.

Gail repeatedly pushed the large black clippers up the back of Doug’s head, removing the now blonde thick waves from his head. Gail moved to the left side, and swiftly removed his sideburn, clipping the side very high, removing everything above his ear. Now on the right side, Gail proceeded to do the same. Ears and neck now exposed, Doug felt very different, very exposed to the two women. Doug wasn’t sure how long they had been at the barber shop, but it seem as if Gail was almost done.

As Gail unfastened the cape and took the neck strip off, Doug prepared to get up, but felt a hand on his shoulder.

“You are not done yet, just relax.” Diane said as Her hand pushed him back into the chair.

“You still need to be shaved.”

Just then, he heard the sound of a small motor “whirring”.

Gail proceeded to cover the sides and back of Doug’s new clipped head with warm shaving cream.

Gail slowly, methodically shaved him quite high over the ears and up the back of his head, with Diane, smiling, standing right there, supervising, ensuring Gail made her `boy” look as She wanted. When Gail had finished shaving, She wiped the remains of the shaving cream from Doug, turning to Diane, Gail asked; “How’s that?”

Diane slowly walking around her boy, running Her long dark nails over his neck, over his ears.

“I think it needs to be shaved a little higher on the sides, what do You think?” Diane asked Gail.

“I think so.” replied Gail Gail proceeded to apply a small amount of shaving cream above his left ear and shaved about a ½” higher, stepping back to see what Diane thought. “Yes that’s good.” Diane said.

Gail then repeated the shaving on the right side. Gail sprayed water on what was left of the boys hair, and parted it on the side as Diane had wanted. Gal removed the cape and Doug got up from the chair.

“Let me see.” Diane said, excitement in her voice.

Again, running Her dark slick nails over her boys newly shaved sides and nape, smiling.

“Excellent job Gail, thank You. Nice and short.” Diane happily replied.

“You need to pay and thank Gail for your haircut Doug.” Diane said to him

“Thank You Gail.” he replied shyly, handing her a $20 bill

“How often should I bring him back?” Diane asked Gail

“If You want him like this, every week.” Gail said with an evil grin, that Diane returned.

“Then give us an appointment next week, about 5 o’clock .” Diane politely said.

“Next Tuesday, the 4th of January, 5:30 ok?” Gail inquired.

“Perfect, see You then.” Diane said.

Diane and Doug, said goodbye to Gail as they left the shop.

“That’s how you will have your haircut every week, from now on, now that you have decided to finally be mine.” Diane said sternly, as they got to the car, staring at her newly clipped and shaved boy.

“We now have a couple more appointments for you, so we need to get going.” Diane said as the got into the car……

To be continued…?????

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