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Note: This story was originally an assignment in a creative writing class. The object of the assignment was to tell a story only using dialogue with minimal or no narration. I only added a couple of lines to the original story so it could be posted on our board. I plan to write a second part very soon that takes up on the next day. I hope you enjoy the story. So that any rating is not skewed, I’ll not tell you what grade I earned on this assignment. If you really want to know, please E-mail me with any comments or criticisms. Thank you. J.B.

“I’ll never get tired of the theater, Danny. There’s as many lights on Broadway as there’s stars in the sky!”
“Jenn how can you see the stars in the sky? All the neon lights drown them out, except for the moon.”
“Ya know what I mean. Our backyard in Long Island. silly, I swear sometimes I think you took one too many hits when you were my college football hero.”
“What can I say… it’s part of my charm? Especially when you are the backup quarterback on the University’s team. Besides it gave me the chance to watch you do your cheers from the sideline.”
“Danny honey, I got news for ya. It wasn’t your charm. It was your accent that got me. well at first anyway.”
“Jenny, what accent? You’re the one with the smooth Southern drawl.”
“When y’re in Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s the Yankee from Long Island, New York that has the accent, not all of us fine, refined Southern girls.”
“I guess you’re right, but now you are on my turf, and it’s the fine, refined, beautiful southern belle that has the accent as we stroll down Broadway and all of those little ol’ neon lights.”
“Aw, go on. You keep talkin’ like that and you just might steal my heart away all over again. Right now I would like to steal your Armani dinner jacket. I’m gettin’ a bit of a chill darlin’.”
“Well now my dear, whatever the belle of the ball wants will be my pleasure. That black jacket goes so well with your evening gown and makes your long blonde hair shimmer in the moonlight.”
“Aw go on, Doctor Daniel. In case you forgot, tomorrow I’m takin’ the girls to get haircuts before school starts next week and get `em a bunch of new school clothes. While I’m at the salon, I think I’m gonna have them cut mine too. Ya know a short bob like I had back at UVA? It will be so much easier to deal with when I go back to work in a few days and if mama’s gett’n a short haircut, maybe it won’t be like World War III when the girls get their hair cut short. What do ya think honey?”
“I think you look beautiful with long hair, short hair or anything in between. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. I just hope that the girls deal with their new haircuts without having to send them to therapy. You know, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I don’t have just one beautiful diva; I’ve got three beautiful long blonde hair divas. I guess tomorrow, I’ll just have three beautiful short haired blonde divas. What is a poor doctor like me to do? One thing’s for sure, you will continue to be the best looking prosecutor in the DAs office.”
“Ya know I’m glad that you went into medicine instead of law. With y’re silver tongue, I would never win a case goin’ against ya.”
“Jenny, I am so blessed. I have a perfect wife, two beautiful daughters, a career that I dreamed of since I was a child and the pleasure of escorting the love of my life home from `The Phantom of the Opera’. I have a wonderful life. I hope you feel the same.”
“Honey I do, I really do. I’ve got the dreamiest ER doctor that still makes my heart go pitter-patter, two wonderful children, my job. it’s all I could ever want or ask for. I only wish one thing was different.”
“Wha. what’s that? You are… Uh, we. are family; we are perfect. Aren’t we?”
“Yes darlin’, everything but my feet. I wanted to break-in these new heels before I go back to work. Now my feet are just killin’ me.”
“Why didn’t you say something? I could have hailed a taxi or rented a horse carriage to take us to the parking garage.”
“Danny I just love walkin’ arm-in-arm with you. it’s such a beautiful night. I didn’t want the moment to end. Besides I thought that when we got home, I could slip into a warm bubble bath, while the good doctor treats my aching feet to a special foot rub.”
“Jenn, when we get home, I’ll treat my patient to a foot rub and all the TLC she can stand. Just remember you don’t have to torture yourself. This doctor is always on call for you. You know if we stay on the avenue, it’s still two blocks to the parking garage. If we cut down this side street, we’ll be at the back of the garage.”
“Danny, do ya think it’s safe?”
“Jenny, it’s well lighted and there are a couple of restaurants open on that block.”
“I guess it’s alright. I’ll just follow the Doctor’s orders. Besides, if someone wants to start somethin’, I’ll put `em away and lock `em up and throw away the key.”
“Jenny, I feel safe already. I’m holding hands with the feistiest and prettiest officer of the Court that I know of. You are my hero, Miss Madam Assistant District Attorney.”
“Very funny darlin’. Do ya love me just because I carry a Court badge or is it somethin’ deeper?”
“Well you know your brain and looks had a little something to do with it. But the best part is that you can get me out of all those messy parking tickets. I guess that and the accent is what makes you a keeper.”
“Okay mister! I’ll remember that. Just you wait. I’ll throw the book at you and I’ll get one of those little ol’ ankle monitors on you, so I can keep you on a short leash and not take my eyes off of you, while you serve your sentence by being at my personal beck and call. And don’t forget, when the Prosecutor is on duty, the accent is most definitely off duty! You sir, are a menace to S-O-C-I-E-T-Y, darlin’ dear.”
“Hem. on a short leash so I can’t take my eyes off of you, beck and call, now, except for missing your lovely accent, just where exactly is the punishment in all of thi.”
“Oh My God! My purse. here. Please mister don’t hurt. ow!”
“Mister, here’s my Rolex take it too. Take her watch and purse. Just stay calm and you can have anything you want. Just please take your hands off of her and don’t hurt my wife.”
“Oh my god! Oh my god. Danny! Please mister. ow, you are hurting me. You are pulling on my hair.”
“Here mister. Take it; take my wallet. Now you got everything. Just let go of my wife and I’ll do anything you want. You’re scaring her.”
“HEY YOU! STOP! Let those people go. I’ve called the cops.”
“Ow! Oh My God. Thank you. Thank you Lord Jesus!”
“No ma’am, my name is Hector. I’m the doorman at the restaurant across the street. Are you folks okay?”
“Yes sir. My wife and I. we’re. we’re both fine. now. Thank you.”
“Oh yes, thank you! Thank you so much. Oh my god, I thought we were going to die. Mister, thank you again. so, so much.”
“Sir, ma’am. its okay. I’m just glad that I saw that animal come out of that alleyway after you turned down this street. I saw that knife of his as soon as he came out of the alley. I immediately had the maitre d’ call 911 when I saw he was coming up behind you.”
“Oh no! Oh god. Jenny!”
“Danny. what. what’s the matter?”
“Your. your hair! That son of a bitch cut off a big chunk of your hair in back when he pushed you away and ran. No! God no. your bleeding. The SOB nicked the back of your neck when he ran. Thank god it looks worse than what it is. It missed the arteries and major veins. It looks like a flesh wound. Here let me put pressure on it with my handkerchief.”
“Oh no.. Danny, look behind you. My hair! On the pavement, it has to be two feet. That hank is so large, I must be bald. I can’t feel any hair on the back of my neck.”
“Jenny, it’s bad. There’s a huge gap. Except for the smal
l locks on each side behind your ears, the back is gone. The bastard sliced it off right at skin level. That’s why you’re bleeding.”
“Sir let me go and call an ambulance. She’s hurt.”
“Please, it’s Hector.”
“Hector, she’s okay. I’m an ER doctor. Really it’s just a nick. It looks worse than it is. I’ve cut myself worse shaving. Like my wife said thank you so much. You could have just saved our lives. That guy was so jittery; he appeared to be strung out on some type of drugs. I see people like him every night in the ER. Please let me know how I can repay you for what you did. Shaking your hand isn’t enough.”
“Have you fine folks got kids?”
“Oh my god, yes Hector. We’ve got two girls. 10 and 12.”
“Well ma’am. Doctor, when you get home give them a hug and kiss and be sure to tell them that you love them. That’s payment enough for me; I do appreciate the hand shake Doctor and the kiss ma’am, although I’ll have to explain that one to my wife. If you two will be okay, I’ll bring you a couple of cups of coffee. You should really stay put. The police will be here any minute. And ma’am, I’m so sorry about your hair.”
“Thank you Hector, the coffee will be great.”
“Danny please hold me tighter. Don’t let go of me. I’m so. so fright.”
“Honey. its okay. It was just a purse, our watches, wallet and some hair. Please, no tears. Let me wipe them away. It’s all over now and we are okay, thanks to Hector.”
“I know, I know. It was just so terrible. That man and his knife. When he came up behind and grabbed hold of my hair, I just thought he was going to kill us both.”
“Hey, he didn’t. We did what we had to. Gave him what he wanted and we are still alive. That’s all that matters. It could have been different if we had tried to be.”
“I know Danny. but he got everything. Our licenses, credit cards, keys, our cell phones and your Rolex. That watch was from your dad when you graduated from med. school. It was priceless. My hair, I must look hideous.”
“Jenn, listen to yourself. You are still the most beautiful woman on this earth. You’re worried about material things. Starting tomorrow we’ll replace all of those things and we’ll get your hair fixed. Here, take hold of this. I can’t think of a better use of an Armani bow tie, than to hold together your lock of beautiful blonde hair. We can take it to a wig maker and have it bound into a ponytail for you to wear. That should help you feel better and hide that bald patch.”
“Bu. but how do we get home? Without car and house keys we are stuck. He has all of our information. He knows where we live. If he goes to the house he could hurt the girls.”
“Honey that guy was more scared than we were. His hands were shaking so bad, he could barely hold on to the knife. He probably just wanted the cash. I don’t think he meant to cut you or your hair. He got surprised and panicked. The credit cards and check book are no good, unless he is really stupid. All of that stuff is probably already in some dumpster. Look Jenn, the police will be here in a few minutes and they can contact the sitter and have her and the girls go next door until we get home. I’m sure that once the police have all our information, they’ll take us to our car and if you want follow us home.”
“But Danny how? He got our keys.”
“Don’t forget, I have a `hide-a-key’ box under the fender of the car.”
“I forgot all about that key. He still has all our house keys though.”
“It won’t matter. Tomorrow morning I’ll change all the locks; they won’t be good to anybody then. Tomorrow, we’ll get you to the salon and spa; I’ll make sure they pamper you with the works. Hey look; here comes Hector and some big cups of coffee.”
“I’ll get the works alright. I’ll be getting’ a way shorter haircut than I planned. I felt that bald patch, the only thing they’ll be able to do is buzz it off. close. You can’t hide what he did. My hair is ruined. I think I hear the police siren Danny. I can’t believe how well you’ve held together. Me, the big time assistant district attorney, I fell all apart. Now I’ll be goin’ back to work scalped and bald.
“Look at it this way. You’ll set a trend maybe. You’ll be the most chic ADA around with a fantastic super short buzz cut and a closet full of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein skirts, dresses and outfits to wear in court. The other DA’s will be standing in line to make appointments at their salon’s and barber’s. Today I started out with three of the best long haired lovely’s. Tomorrow I’ll have three of the best blonde buzzed beauties. I think we’ll all follow mama’s lead at the salon tomorrow. Start our own street gang or something. Better yet, we’ll get cool costumes and you’ll be the `Clipped Crusader’ while the girls’ and I are your sidekicks with capes and everything, fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Oh wait. That Superman wimp has that tag line. I’ll come up with something for my beautiful super hero.”
“I can’t tell you how much I love you. You really are my hero.”
“Jenny, I’m no hero. Hector may be a hero. The cops that are coming to us may be heroes. If it had been just me and that guy. well I might have done something stupid and then who knows what would have happened. Having you by my side made me stop and think about what is important. You and the girls are my life. I don’t want to ever do anything to jeopardize that. You are the one and only love of my life, the mother of my two beautiful daughters and a dedicated prosecutor. So all of that really makes you my hero.”


Since this was a class assignment, I did not seek a copyright on it. However I ask that you please respect the work of my and any fellow writers by not copying or downloading this or any story without the consent of the author. It may not seem like it, but it really is a big deal to the person writing it. Thank you.

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