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She always was my ultimate fantasy woman. Tilly. She was perfect. From the first day i met her i knew. She was divorced, early sixties, plump and bespeculed.Her hair was cropped short ,boy style, and the back was clippered to a grade one. When i stood behind her, i could see her shaved neck and with her round arse sticking out, i was always turned on by her.

She always looked at me as if she knew. I worked for her for many years and we were very close. I did anything and everything that i could for her. Shopping , painting , gardening , i didnt mind.I just wanted to be with her.

Two months before christmas, i found a lady, Jane Daniels, that handknitted mohair. I asked her to knit me a dress for Tilly and she agreed. I knew what i wanted, size 26, pink, knee length, high necked and fluffy. It cost £200 and took over six weeks to knit. On the day i collected it, i was overjoyed. I had the perfect outfit for a perfect woman. I spent the next week dreaming about Tilly in pink fuzzy mohair.

On christmas eve at about seven in the evening, i rang her doorbell. I had the dress wrapped up in shiny paper with a big bow on it.she opened the door and invited me in. I stood behind her while she locked the door. her hair looked even shorter, a pixie cut,very short and flat had replaced her normal short back and sides.

She had a long chunky creamy white aran handknitted cardigan on and fluffy slippers. She wore pink lipstick and green eye shadow.
Go on inside she said.

I was nervously holding her present in my hands. This is for you, for christmas i said. She smiled at me and thanked me.I gave her the present.I have one for you too she said.Under her tree was one big present, she gave it to me and i thanked her. I was shocked and surprised.

Lets open them she said , one day makes no difference. Great idea i said. So we did. I pulled open my present and so did she.
Oh that is fantastic i said,holding up a creamy white handknitted aran polonecked jumper that matched her cardigan, i turned to her, she was holding up the pink mohair dress. Wow she said its wonderful, i love it. I had it knitted specially for you i said. We hugged and thanked each other. Try it on she said i want to see if it fits you. I pulled off my sweatshirt. she was holding the jumper open, she pulled it over my head and down onto me. It was huge, she rolled down the poloneck and rolled up the sleeves because they were too long.

I stood in front of the mirror. Its lovely i said , thank you so much. It will keep you nice and warm she said. She turned around and picked up the mohair dress. Shall i try it on she asked. Oh yes please i replyed. I want to see if it fits you too. I wont be a moment she said and she went into the kitchen and pulled up the door.

A minute later she appeared. My eyes nearly popped out. She was standing there smiling in pink fluffy mohair. Wow you look amazing i said. I love it she said thank you, and we embraced.

I was holding tilly in pink mohair and she was holding me in the aran jumper she had knitted me. She was warm , soft and so fluffy.

We sat down together and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. Is there anything else you want for christmas she asked.
Two things i said. I want you. She smiled at me , i am yours she said, whats the second thing? I want you to give me a short haircut i said. I have dreamed of it for so long. What sort of haircut do you want she asked, slightly surprised. I dont care i said i just want you to cut off my hair.

Well, shaving you bald is the ultimate haircut she said. I can scissor it , clipper it, and then razor you bald. what do you think?
Yes please i said can we do it now? Right away she said, i have always wanted to cut off your long hair. Lets do it before you change your mind. I wont i said, i have always wanted you to be my barberette and to take all my hair off me.

I followed her around the house with a tray, we collected together a headshaving kit. A brush, the clippers, a big white towel , razors and shaving foam. Then in the kitchen she got a big pair of scissors from the drawer. I think we are ready she said

I looked at her,she was pink and fluffy and armed with sharp scissors. I was nervous but very very excited. She pulled a chair out from underneath the kitchen table and i sat straight down.

The aran cardigan she was wearing earlier was on the table. this will make a good cape she said and she pulled it over and around me. She fastened the buttons up the back and tied the sleeves at the back too. I sat there hands in my lap staring at myself in her mirror.

She pulled my ponytail out from inside the cardigan, removed my scrunchie and let my blonde hair fall. I had a 22 inch ponytail, i know because we measured it later. She brushed my hair for a final time and bound it tight with the scrunchie. She pulled it out straight and held it tight. With her other hand she picked up the sharp shiny scissors.

I could see her in the mirror. I had waited for this moment for many years. Are you ready she said. Yes tilly i replyed please cut my hair short. She dug her scissors into my thick ponytail and closed them tight.scrunch scrunch, scissors through hair. A wonderful noise. Again and again she scrunched her scissors into my hair. I watched her in the mirror. The intense pleasure of cutting long hair short was all over her face. she was loving it.

Then there were just a few long strands left. I watched her push the scissors forward and into my hair and she cut through the last of my long locks. My ponytail was in her hand, she laid it on the table. My hair now only reached my hairline on my neck.

Bobbed off she said lifting up my hair at the back. Are you ready to be clippered? For years i have been ready i said.

Tilly plugged in the clippers and pulled off the guard. Straight down the middle or up the back? she asked. Down the middle i said no going back then. She turned them on. I trembled with excitment, finally she was going to clipper off all my hair. Make me bald please i begged her.

I watched her in the mirror. she pushed my head forward slightly and dropped the clippers onto the top of my forehead.
She then pushed them slowly into my hair and moved them up my head.

I watched a bald line appear through my hair. She stopped at my crown. No going back she said, you will be bald. Dont stop i said clipper my head. She put the clippers back to the top of my forehead and clipped another bald line up my head. I watched my shortened hair fall from my head. I had a white line straight through my hair. Tilly ran her finger along it. Hows that feel she asked.

Wonderful i said. please take it all off me. Do you want me to be more aggressive? she asked. tie you down and hold you down?
Yes yes i begged her. She tied my wrists to the chair arms with two long scarves. Then she held my head forward towards the mirror

I am gonna make you bald she said to me. I couldnt wait. Bald me bald me i shouted clipper off all my hair.
Being tied to the chair just made it more exciting. i couldnt move, i didnt want to anyway. There was no going back now.

She put her hand on the back of my head to stop me moving. Then she pushed the clippers up the front of my left ear, up across the top and straight down to my right ear. I had a bald cross shaved over my head, quartering my hair into areas. Left and right front and left and right back.

Which bit first she said hovering the clippers over my head. Left front i said.Beg me please she said. I begged her, please please.
Then she began to clipper my hair off again, sliding through my hair and dumping it in my lap. The front left quarter soon became bald. I looked so odd in the mirror.

Back right? she said, pushing my head forward until my chin was on my chest. Yes yes i shouted out. She drove the clippers right up the back of my head and over the top until she met the bald line across. Then again and again she clipped me high. I could feel my hair falling. i could see my
hair on her floor.

It was so erotic to feel my hair falling and see my head being shaved bare and so good when your perfect woman is doing it to you.
I will never forget that feeling, nothing was ever like that. I was so turned on. The noise of the clippers, the feeling on your head,my hair stripped off in lines, my head clipped bare. It was even better than i thought it was going to be.

She pulled up my head. I looked in the mirror. Front left and back right buzzed bald. i looked so bizarre in the mirror, but i loved it.
Half my head shaved and the anticipation of her removing the rest of my hair

Lets finish the top she smiled at me. She held my head forward again, the clippers buzzing in her hand and she teased me. they were so close to my head, so close to my hair.Please i begged her , clipper me clipper me. she did. she drove the clippers through my hair flicking it onto the floor and into my lap. I just loved it, i watched her remove the front right quarter in the mirror. She was so deliberate in the way she buzzed off my hair. a slow line then a quicker one. i watched it all tumble to the floor.

It was all such a tease and a turn on. I watched the last line of hair clipped off the front. I was clipped bare except the back left quarter.

She placed her hand on the top of my head and held me still. Then she began to slow clip the rest of my hair off. I just could not wait. Faster faster i begged her, please. She did not care , she just slowly buzzed my hair off until there was just one line of hair left on my head. up behind my left ear.

Last little bit she said. I watched intently in the mirror as the last few strands of my hair were removed. I am bald i am bald i am bald
i could not stop saying it. i was so excited and slightly shocked

There was hair everywhere. in my lap on the floor and stuck all over my cardigan cape but none on my head. Tilly put the clippers on the table and then put both her hands on my buzzed bare head. the feeling was incredible, her long fingers running all over my stubble head.

Now i am going to lather up your head and razor you smooth and shiny she said and then you really will be bald. She pulled the big white towel around my shoulders and tucked it in.

She ran a bowl of steaming hot water and then wet my head with a cloth. I watched her shake up the can of shaving foam then she sprayed a big pile of it on the top of my head. She covered my head with it gently spreading it with her fingers. We laughed at the sight of me in the mirror. A white foam head.It was so erotic having your head clipped and then being lathered up waiting to be razored. I was shaking with anticipation.

I watched her open the bag of razors and take one out. She flicked off the guard. She was singing, straight down the middle, straight down the middle, then she did.

I watched her scrape my scalp from forehead to crown in the mirror. I had a proper white bald line up my head now. She paused, grinning at me. Again, again i begged her shave me shave me.

She was so precise with the razor. She shaved me from the front of my head up to the crown until the top of my head was smooth and white. Then she razored all of the right side of my head. bending down my ear and scraping my scalp until that whole side was smooth too.

Tilly repeated this on my left side also and when i looked up into the mirror i looked so bald. my head was smooth shiny and white.
She pushed my head forward. Keep still she said and i will finish the back.

Wow , if i thought having the top of my head razored was erotic, it was nothing compared to having the back shaved. i could not stop thinking about all my long hair that used to fall down the back of my head. washing it and brushing it and now i was about to have the whole back of my head shaved smooth.

What a feeling.she began to shave up the back from my hairline to my crown. Moving across from the middle to the right. all the way round to my ear. then she shaved me from the middle to left side. Last few bits she said.

I was holding my breath again as Tilly razored the last of the stubble from my head. There she announced, you have no more hair.
I stared at myself in the mirror. Now you are really bald she said, i hope you like it, i really do.

My fantasy had come true. Tilly dried my head with the towel, gently patting all over my head. It felt so naked.
I love it, i love it i shouted. I really am bald. its not just a fantasy its real i am smooth and shiny. She bent forward and kissed my head.

I was sat there tied to the chair, caped with her cardigan. my hair was in my lap , on my shoulders and all over her floor. She undid the cardigan sleeves and unbuttoned it. Then she pulled it forward and emptyed my hair onto the floor in a pile.

She untied the scarves and i was freed. We embraced and kissed. We made love most of the evening and slept together that night.
When i awoke in the morning it was christmas day and i was bald and in love.

Later that day after we had christmas dinner together, Tilly said to me, do you want me to be bald as well?, We could be the baldie couple that everyone stares at. she laughed.

Oh yes i said definitely yes yes. We would look so cool together. You better get the clippers back out then she said.

I went upstairs to get the clippers from the bathroom and when i returned she was sitting on a chair in the middle of her lounge just smiling at me, waiting to be clippered bare.i could not believe my luck. I had dreamed frequently about shaving off tillys hair but this was reality.

Her gorgeous fluffy pink mohair dress looked amazing on her. She ran her fingers through her hair pulling it up and out. I plugged the clippers in. the guard was off. I want it straight down the middle too she said.

I put my hand on the back of her head to stop her moving, the clippers buzzed angrily in my hand. Then slowly i dropped them onto her forehead just like she had done to me. Slowly i clippered into her short hair and i ran the clippers right up to her crown. i watched her hair fall down her back. i shaved another line, more of her hair fell. now she too had a line shaved through her hair right up her head to the crown.

I pulled that fuzzy poloneck down and exposed her neck and hairline. The bottom three inches were graded to a number one already but i was about to clipper it all to a grade zero. I pushed the clippers onto her neck and slowly moved them up her head right up to her crown. Lots of her hair tumbled down dropping off her shoulders and falling onto the carpet.some of it stuck on the fluffy long mohair.

I stood over tilly and clippered up the front of her ear, then right across her head and down the other side. She too now had a bald cross shaved into her short dark pixie haircut. I clippered off all her hair just like she had clippered me, the same four quarters method.

We watched it all fall off her head. Hair was again all over the floor, laying in her lap and stuck all over her pink mohair dress in clumps. She ran her fingers all over her head and so did i. It felt so amazing, my lovely woman clippered bare.A stubble head.

I gathered together everything i needed to razor tillys head smooth and shiny. She sat there grinning at me, caped with a big white towel and her head smeared with shaving foam. When your woman has been clippered close, to cover her head in shaving cream, in readiness to razor her is a fantastic experience.

It took me more than half an hour to shave her head bald shiny and smooth but what a total transformation. To take off all her dark pixie haircut and to replace it with a white bald head, wow she looked so beautiful.

My perfect woman was as bald as i was.I patted her head dry with the towel. She could not wait to rub her hands across her chromed dome. I rubbed it too and smothered it with kisses.She got up out of the chair, a big pile of hair slid from her lap and onto the floor. she brushed off her shorn hair from the front of her pink mohair dress and i
brushed it off her shoulders and from all down her back.

Even when you think someones hair is short, if you take it off their head it always looks like a big pile when its on the floor

We made love again, bald love and truely it was amazing. We are the baldie couple that everyone stares at, but we dont care. We love each other deeply. I did it all for Tilly and she did it all for me. David and Tilly xxx

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