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Mrs P was my landlady. I rented a room in her house. She was a stern looking lady. I always paid my rent on time because frankly she scared me. Even though i had my room i still had access to all of the rest of the house. There were no locks on the doors.

Very occassionally an elderly man stayed there too, just for a couple of nights. I think he travelled down from the north to visit his sister. But normally it was just me and Mrs P alone in that house.

I used to sit with her in the front room most nights and watch her television. She sat and knitted or crocheted , that was her hobby. She always wore a wooly hat pulled over her ears and strands of her brown hair stuck out the sides and bottom of her hat. First thing in the morning or last thing at night, cold or hot weather she always had a wooly hat on.

One particular cold evening she was knitting a shawl with long tassels on, she was wearing an aran poloneck and cardigan twin set matched with a kilt style short skirt and aran socks. she had a matching aran hat on. She had handknitted them all as a set.

I sat in the armchair next to her sofa and i fantasized about her for the first time. I had my hand in my trousers and i slowly wanked myself off thinking about fucking my landlady.

She had no idea what i was doing in that dimly lit front room. The television was always turned up loud. I sat there for ages flicking the end of my throbbing cock thinking about her.

Later that night after i had gone up to bed i wanked off in the darkness in the silence thinking about my landlady just the other side of the wall.

Once i had done that , i became more obsessed with her , i looked at her sexually all the time. I thought about her all the time and most nights i lay in bed and wanked off dreaming about Mrs P my landlady. I couldnt stop .

I started going into her room when she wasnt there. I played with her clothes, touched them, smelt them. And then one afternoon i dressed up in her skirt and jumper . It was an experience i had never had before and i was turned on so much. I wanked off laying on her bed dressed in her clothes.

I became more obsessed, i took more chances than ever before to dress up as Mrs P. Several times i so nearly got caught. I wanked off at least daily sometimes in the afternoon dressed up and then again in my bed at night.

It was only a matter of time before i got caught because i took so many chances, too many. Then one thursday afternoon it happened, i got caught. this is how it happened.

She had gone to the supermarket , same day and time every week. Only this particular week an electricity cable had been ruptured outside the shop plunging it into darkness. A careless worker from the council was no doubt to blame.The supermarket was temporarily closed.

The result was she came home just a few minutes after going out. Long enough though for me to dress in her aran twinset, scottish kilt skirt, hat and socks. i was laying on her bed wanking furiously, eyes closed dreaming about her and she caught me red handed. I didnt hear her come in or come up the stairs.

She began to shout and scream at me. She hit me over and over again on my head, back and between my legs. She was calling me a pervert . I tryed to protect myself but she was very strong and very angry.

I was face down kneeling at the bottom of her bed, hands over my head, hurting all over when suddenly she put her knee into my back pulled my arm out clicked a handcuff around my wrist and attached me to the bed post. Then she had my other wrist and she pulled it to the post and clicked it into place with another cuff.

It happened so quickly i was so taken by surprise. In an instant i had been bound to her bed by both wrists. They were tight around me and they dug into my skin if i moved too much. Now i was scared.

Please dont hurt me i begged her. she didnt reply. From a box in the wardrobe she got out more cuffs. She grabbed my leg , i struggled, she hurt me more, i gave in and she cuffed both my ankles to the bed posts. I was bound to her four poster bed in an x shape unable to move, still dressed in her clothes.

It got worse still. she got a roll of tape from the cupboard downstairs and a ball of aran yarn from her knitting bag. She pulled my head back held my nose until i opened my mouth and then she stuffed my mouth full with the ball of yarn and then she taped up my mouth with several strips of the tape.

Now i was bound and unable to move and gagged so i couldnt scream for help. I was Mrs P’s prisoner now and she was going to punish me i knew that. This is what she did to me.

She called me a transvestite and a pervert, she grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back and she slippered me across my arse over and over again wildly swinging at me with her hard bottomed slipper. She me hurt me as much as she could. my ponytail was wrapped around her wrist pulling my head back , i thought she was going to break my neck.

She let go of my hair and she pulled the kilt skirt down around my ankles. I was wearing her frilly white knickers too. I am going to teach you a lesson that you wont forget she shouted. she ripped the knickers down too baring my white arse.

She pulled up the aran twinset too exposing more of my skin. From under the bed she pulled out a cane, thin whippy and long. She stood behind me and caned my white arse repeatedly with her stick.

No one could hear my scream, muffled through that ball of aran filling up my mouth. She beat me until she was panting and out of breath, my arse felt like it was on fire. I’ll teach you , you pervert transvestite she shouted at me.

I was bound and gagged and she had thrashed me dozens of times with her slipper and her stick. I tryed to move and to scream but it was impossible to do either.

She left me there kneeling in agony at the bottom of her bed as she left the room and slammed the door. It was a welcome relief but it didnt last long. She soon returned, she got up onto the bed in front of me and pulled me up by my ears. She held my head in between her legs squeezing me with her thighs, my face was in between her legs. I could hardly breathe , i couldnt see anything and i couldnt move.

She pulled off the wooly hat i was still wearing and she grabbed my long ponytail. She held it tight and pulled it up vertically. My hair pulled painfully on my neck and head. You think you’re a girl cos you’ve got long hair do you? she shouted at me, well we can soon change that!!

I felt her put her hand down into her pocket and then i heard her snap a pair of scissor blades together several times. She gripped my head tightly and dug the scissors into my hair severing it above my hairband. Repeatedly she cut into my long hair hacking it close to my head.

She pushed the scissors further into my ponytail each time, I could feel the blades on my head. Each time she closed the scissors into my hair i felt it come off my head. It probably didnt take a dozen cuts and my long ponytail had been hacked off my head.

She dropped it onto the bed, i could just see it on the duvet lying there lifeless. She continued to cut the hair on the back of my head really short with the scissors. She was holding tufts off my hair out with one hand and scissoring them off as close as she could to my scalp with the scissors in her other hand. Her thighs gripped my head tightly stopping me from moving.

Then she stopped, all the hair on the whole back of my head had been shorn off to my scalp.My head was free, i tryed to move back but she grabbed hold of my hair above my right ear and pulled my head to the side. With her other hand she cut into my now chin length hair above my other ear, again i could feel the small sharp scissors on my head.I hated the noise of those scissors severing my hair short. I watched my hair slide off my head as she cut it.It was a horrible feeling.

She hacked off all the hair from the left side of my head. Above my ear, behind it and then all up the front until she reached my te
mple. As she finished she rubbed her fingers up the now shorn side of my head, I couldnt see what she had done to my hair but it felt awful.

I had always had my hair long for years, so i had forgotten the feeling of having cropped hair. She looked so angry in her eyes as she gathered up the hair on my right side of my head. She twisted my hair round over and over winding it tightly until it was pulling painfully all down the side of my head.

She pulled my head right over to the side then she cut it off from the bottom upwards. the blades slid across my head and into my hair then she snapped the shiny blades together and it slid into her hand. Over and over she snipped up through my hair releasing it from my head.

Many tears ran down my cheeks as she cropped my hair short. She showed no emotion, just a determination to cut all my hair off as quickly as she could. Most of my hair on my right side was in her hand. She scissored through the last few strands until it was gone from my head.

I could see it hanging in her hand then she dropped it in front of me. It lay on the bed with an ever increasing pile of my locks. Now it was the top she scissored into. Her hand firmly gripping my chin holding my head still as she slid the scissors onto my head cutting close to my scalp. More and more hair slid down off my head and onto the floor.

She worked the scissors so deliberately through my hair cutting the top off from my forehead backwards over the top of my head. My lovely hair was all scissored off. She stopped cutting and ran her hand over my head, a few strands of hair slid off.

Now thats what you call a cropping she snarled at me. My head was covered with hair scissored as short as possible. When i looked down my hair lay all over her duvet and all over the carpet at the bottom of her bed.

She returned to her wardrobe and got out a box, i watched her take off the top . I couldnt believe what i saw her take out of that box. She had an old set of hand operated clippers, the type they used to use before electricity . They looked sharp and lethal and she looked so menacing coming at me with them in her hand.

I shook my head and begged her silently with my eyes and lots of muffled noises. Kneel down and keep still you little pervert or youre gonna get cut to pieces she barked at me.

She forced me onto my knees with my head pushed forward , my chin on my chest.Then she forced the old clippers into my hair as she snapped the handles together. The razor blade in the clippers sliced my hair off right to the scalp all up the back of my head in lines, one after another.It was such a brutal way to have my head bared.

I didnt move at all, I was too frozen with fear as she worked over my head with that awful old fashioned hair remover. I could hear that noise close to my ears as the razor sliced my hair off right to my head. The back and both sides were soon clipped to just a slight stubble.My hair fell off in clumps

When she didnt snap the handles together hard enough my hair was more ripped out than shaved off. It was so awful , scary and painful to have my head clipped in such a way.

Then she did the top of my head. It was the worst bit because by then the razor had lost its edge a bit and wasnt as sharp. She stood behind me holding my head with her hand under my chin and with her other hand she quickly worked over the top of my head until there was no more hair to be removed.

It was all gone. I had been scissored from long to very short and then hand clipped old style. My head felt so abused. She grabbed my head and ran her hand over it. It was so shocking to have only a very short stubble covering my head.

You wont be dressing up thinking youre a woman now will you? she laughed. I Couldnt believe what she had done to me as punishment. I was hanging off her big old four poster bed shackled tight by my wrists and ankles and all i could see was my shorn off hair lying everywhere , all over her bed and all over the floor.

I just wanted it to end and be set free but Mrs P had other ideas. She had gone back down the stairs and i could hear her banging cupboard doors. I was petrified as to what she was going to do next to me.

After several minutes i heard her coming back up the stairs, She entered the bedroom with a wooden tray which she placed down onto the bed. Horrified i looked down to see what she had on the tray.

She had got an old towel, a small bowl with soap and a shaving brush in it and a packet of cheap disposable razors.
Oh fuck, i thought, she is gonna shave my head with a razor blade. I was terrified. I’m gonna razor your head smooth you pervert she calmly told me , get on your knees and keep still or i am gonna cut you to pieces

I knelt there shaking on my knees while Mrs P shook out the old towel and pulled it tightly around my neck and tucked it in at the back. It hung around my neck like a cape. I felt so exposed and vulnerable with my head sticking out.

With the shaving brush she began to lather up the soap in the small bowl. when it had foamed up she began to paint it over the top of my head with the brush. It felt cold and wet on my shorn head, the brush felt rough on my skin. she covered the top and then she smeared more soap on the sides. It dripped in my ears and ran down my forehead.

Head forward she demanded. I held my head forward while she painted the soap all up the back of my head with the brush. Soap dripped off my head and fell onto the lifeless hanks of my hair lying in front of me.

She tied a towel from the wardrobe around her waist and she opened the packet of razors. They looked cheap , they had no soap strip on them and just a single blade. She took one out of the packet and flicked the guard off. This was the worst moment, waiting to be shaved bald and smooth and knowing she would show me no mercy. I dared not move for fear of getting cut.

She was standing just behind my right shoulder. She lent over me and placed the razor on my left temple. Then she scraped it back down the lenght of my head stopping at the crown on the top of my head. She wiped the razor on her towel and then again next to the first line, she shaved another.

I winced each time she shaved a line over my head, It was a horrible experience. Gradually she shaved further and further over the top of my head until she reached the top of my right ear. She put her hand on top of my bald head and turned me to the left. Tipping my head slightly forward she razored the left side of my head from top to bottom right round to the back of my ear.

Put your chin on your chest she shouted at me. I tipped forward awaiting the enforced razoring of the back of my head.
Her hand held my head still, her fingers gripping my smooth head.She dropped the razor onto the crown on the middle of my head and shaved straight down to the hairline on my neck.

She wiped the razor , shaved again , wiped the razor and so she carried on, moving quickly across the back left of my head. Then with renewed vigour at nearly finishing, she scraped bare the last few lines of stubble left on my head.

There you little pervert, you have been shaved bald as punishment for getting caught dressed in my clothes she told me.She dragged the towel off my shoulders and dryed my shaven head. The rough towel felt awful pulled over my nude scalp.

She got the mirror off the dressing table. Let me show you your punishment she said. Mrs P held the mirror in front of me. It reduced me to tears again, the sight of my head without my hair. It was such a shock. I looked so awful.

I was hanging off her bed by the cuffs , my mouth taped shut, my eyes red. My shiny smooth head stared back at me, It was red in many places because of the aggressive clipping and shaving. That is a proper punishment for a dirty transvestite pervert like you she shouted at me. What do you think you look like now she asked laughing.

I felt so humiliated being caught dressed in her clothes and then having all my hair removed like that. It was the ultimate p
unishment for me. Bend over she said pushing my bald head forward and stick out your arse i’m gonna thrash you again.

Her knickers and her skirt were still around my ankles. She pulled the aran twinset jumper and cardigan up off my arse. Keep still baldie boy she shouted. I heard her take off her slipper then she spanked my red buttocks again with it. over and over again she thrashed me, shouting at me, you wont sit down for a week you pervert.

My arse felt like it was on fire and my head felt cold naked and abused. Mrs P had punished me like no other would. Swift and harsh and with no mercy. She gathered up a pile of my hair off the bed in front of me. holding it in her hand she wiped it over my razored head. It felt soft and tickled me.

Hows that feel she said laughing. Your hair in my hand and none of it on your head. I cryed more tears. She ripped the tape off my mouth and pulled out the ball of wet aran yarn.
I gulped for breath, panting quickly. Sorry so sorry i said to her, please dont hurt me anymore.

Youre gonna be doing just what you are told to do, if you want me to keep your dirty little secret, do you hear, she shouted. Yes yes i agreed to her. She unshackled my ankles, the red marks around my legs felt raw. Then she undid the wrist cuffs, my sore bloody wrists were so painful. I was so relieved to be freed.

I turned to Mrs P. She was pointing to the floor in front of her. Get over here and kneel down now she barked. I scrambled across the floor and knelt before her. She pulled up her skirt and dropped her big white knickers to the floor. Get your face in here she demanded and lick my pussy out.

She pulled my head in between her legs , Lick it lick it she shouted. i pushed my tongue up into her fanny pushing her lips open. I rubbed the end of my tongue around inside her cunt. She held my bald head still as i licked her out. Her fingers gripping my nude head tight stopping me from moving.

Bald and eating granny fanny, thats punishment she said. In between my legs i had the biggest erection of my life, my cock throbbed waiting to explode, I was so turned on like never before.I flicked her clit with my tongue and ran it in and out of her fanny.

She orgasmed after just a few minutes shouting out, eat my cunt bald boy. I licked out her love juice, she smeared her pussy lips across my face and over my bald head. I loved it.

Get on the bed on your back baldie boy she shouted. I ran and jumped up on the bed, lying there with my cock standing up hard and throbbing.Mrs P climbed onto the bed and then onto me lowering her wet cunt onto my cock. I felt my length slide up inside her. She reached forward and held my bald head with both hands.

Then she fucked me, her fat body slamming down onto my hard cock. I lasted about twenty seconds , exploding my cum inside her cunt as she rubbed my bald head.

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