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I met my girlfriend Rose at the bar where she works almost two years ago. She is 5’6 and weighs 110 lbs. She has beautiful blue eyes and the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair that flows down almost to her butt. She wears lots of leather. I love the look of her hair flowing in ringlets down her leather clad body.

She also works at a strip club as a stripper/dancer. It really does not brother me as much it would some other guys. At the club she works at there is one main dancer and eight backup dancers. The backup dancers wear wigs all the time while the main dancer never does. Rose is a backup dancer.

I pick her up all the time. I usually have to wait for her to change. One day while I was waiting I went in to use the bathroom. While I was on the toilet I overheard a conversion between two people washing their hands which went like this:

“I cannot believe they let you shave all their beautiful hair off”

“I know, I was in heaven”

“It seemed like that you shaved all of them”

“I almost did there were only two who I did not shave, but I wish I did.”

“What one was your favorite?”

I did not hear most of it because of the drier but I heard “blonde” 

“Mine too”

I did not think much about it until I got to the stage area where I saw a barber’s chair in the stage with lots of hair around it. I was wondering what the story was. A little while later I heard a voice say “Rose will be out in a few” I turned around and saw Rose’s friend Rachel and saw that she was bald. She noticed my reaction and rubbed her head and said “Don’t you just love it!” Then she left. I thought she looked great. I remembered the person who did the shaving said that two girls did not get their head shaved. I know Rose must be one of the two. I knew it because we both treasure her hair and she said she would never cut it. 
After Rachel left I sat in the stage and picked up a handful of hair and closed my eyes and smelled it. My heart started to skip because I smelled a familiar smell, Vanilla and Jasmine just like Rose’s shampoo. I told myself she probably just let one of the girls use it but when I opened my eyes I saw that I was holding a pile of strawberry blonde hair. I knew than that Rose had shaved her head because she was the only girl there with strawberry blonde hair. Just than a voice said “Hey Sexy” I turned around and there was Rose bald. I just stared and said nothing. She still was beautiful. A few seconds later Rose broke the silence by saying “what do you think?” I said I was shocked but she was still beautiful. We hugged and she brought my hand to her so smooth head.
On the way home Rose explained what happened.
“Tonight there was a bachelor party for a barber. One of his friends is also friends with George (the owner of the club) and they came up with a routine that involved the barber shaving Tina (the main dancer). George asked Tina if she was OK with it and she said she had always wanted to shave her head. I told her how brave she was and I would never do it. So Tina gave the barber a lap dance while she was doing it she had a pair of clippers in her hands and turned them in and said to him I would love it if you would shave my head. Then we brought out the barber’s chair and Tina get up and gave the barber the clippers while she sat down in the chair. 30 Minutes later she was bald. She was beaming. To tell you the truth I was getting a little excited if you know what I mean. After it we all went in the back room and touched Tina’s head.

Rachel then said “Wonder if he would be willing to shave my head, it would be much easier to be bald under those wigs than having to put all this hair up” We all knew what she meant. 

She then went out and asked him. Before we knew it we heard the clippers come to life. We watched from the back room while he shaved Rachel. She was beaming the whole time. After he was done with Rachel he asked if there were anymore takers and before I knew what I was doing I was in the barber’s chair getting my head shaved. I could not believe I was doing it. The clippers felt so good! It was over to soon for me. When I was done Rachel and Tina hugged me and rubbed my head. They told me I was beaming the whole time. Then I rubbed my head and loved the feeling of it. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. When the night was over most of us were bald. 
Rose beamed the whole time she was telling the story. It was a few months ago and she still is bald and we both love it.

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