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I opened the flat door and he was standing there with a bottle of wine. No hard feelings he said, I know you dont want all your hair clippered off so lets have a drink and forget about it. I was so relieved. Wheres your glasses he asked, going into the kitchen.Left cupboard on the shelf i told him.

He returned to the living room with two glasses of fizzing wine.Taking a glass we raised a toast and i drank half of it straight away. We chatted about the party as i sipped away the rest of the glass.Almost straight away i felt odd. I lost the feeling in my body, though i could see and hear everything. Then i tryed to move and really couldn’t.

He came and sat next to me , put his arm around me and said, now i’ve drugged you I’m gonna dress you up in your girlfriends yellow mohair dress, tie you to your bed and fuck you while i clipper off all your hair and then razor you bald completely, just like you promised me.

He dragged me across the floor and into my bedroom, man handling me onto the bed. I had no resistance. I teased him and now i was gonna get my just reward. In minutes i was stripped naked and he searched the wardrobe for my girlfriends yellow mohair dress. He found it and pulled it out, perfect he said its even fluffier than i remember it.

He sat me up and pulled it over my head and then he fed my limp arms into the sleeves. All my hair was trapped inside the dress with the poloneck covering half my face. then he pulled it right down onto my body.

He left me laying there while he went outside to his car. he came back in with a large holdall bag and put it down on the bed.

He took out a roll of tape and pulling me up onto my knees facing the wall he taped my wrists to the bedstead. I felt so weak, i could only just keep my head up as i knelt on my bed. He pulled out all my long hair from inside the dress and then he brushed my long shiny hair down onto my back.

He took cordless clippers, shaving foam and razors out of his bag and lay them on the bed next to me. Please please no i tryed to shout at him but could only manage a whisper. Told you i was gonna fuck you while i balded you didn’t i he said to me and now i’m gonna.

I just couldn’t move. He knelt behind me and splayed my legs and then pulling up the fluffy yellow mohair dress he slowly pushed his cock up into me.It felt so huge moving up inside me. Then he grabbed my hair with both hands.

No , no , no, i tryed to shout out but it was pointless. he knew what he wanted to do.His cock was so far up inside me i could feel his balls rubbing on my arse.He bound my hair up into a long ponytail. Now fluffy long haired tease he said to me, its time to clipper off your lovely ponytail.

He dug his buzzing cordless clippers into my long hair at my nape. he was in total control of me and all my hair.He moved the clippers into my ponytail and severed it so easily.I felt him lift it off and upwards and he held it over my shoulder so i could see it. Then he stuffed it down inside my dress at the back of my head and he rubbed his hand up through my shortened hair. Hows that feel to go long to short so quick he laughed.

His hand was under my chin and he pulled back my head. what a turn on he said, balding you while i give you a good fucking and i’ve got you all dressed up in your girlfriends thick fluffy handknitted yellow monster poloneck fuzzy mohair dress. It doesn’t get any better.

I saw the clippers come over the top of my head and he shaved straight up through my hair right up the middle of my head. He stopped at my crown and i felt my hair fall off the back of my head.

Whats your girlfriend gonna say when she comes home and you’re completely shiny smooth bald he asked laughing. You’ll have to tell her you freaked out and had your head shaved wont you he said.

Or are you gonna tell her that you teased me with all your lovely long hair  and i clippered it all off you while you were dressed up in her mohair dress being fucked.

 He continued to slowly shave off my hair in lines from the top of my head while he slow fucked me and i couldn’t stop him. I watched my hair falling in clumps onto my bed, it was everywhere and i couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

I knew it was all my fault for what i had done at the party and this was my punishment, forcibly having all my long hair removed dressed up in fluffy yellow mohair and getting fucked.

My hair was all over my shoulders and down my back, it was on my face and it was all hanging out of my poloneck and less and less of it was on my head where it should have been.Thats a bald top he said stroking up the front of my head i do like that.Now he said lets clipper you all up the back of your head where your long hair used to hang from.

 I didn’t have the strength to lift my head up. he held his hand over my forehead to support my head and then he ran the clippers up into my hair and up the back of my head.

His throbbing hard cock moved up into me and he fucked me slowly while he clipped the back of my head to my scalp.Your’e not such a long haired mohair tease now are you he said, you’re half bald already and i’m gonna finish you off.

My head hung left and he clippered my right side bare to the scalp. it was so easy, he flicked my shorn hair off my head and onto the bed. it seemed to be going on so long. my limp body had no resistance for his very determined clippering action.

The awful sound of his clippers next to my ears i wont ever forget, so loud and so brutal a way to have your long hair shaved off against your will. all my left side swiftly followed. he scraped my head with his clippers until the whole lot was gone.

he was laughing at me and fucking me and rubbing his hands over my fresh shaved head. Told you i’d take all your hair didn’t i he said and the reality was i was clipped from long to 0000

He lent forward to grab the can of shaving foam, i could then hear him shaking it all up and then he sprayed it all over my head. he didn’t carewhere it was falling he just kept spraying it onto me until i was covered in foam.

It was dripping off onto the bed and onto my girlfriends fluffy yellow mohair dress. I was so hot and itchy covered in all that thick mohair i wanted to rip off the dress but i couldn’t. i was going to wear it as part of my punishment.

The forced head clippering was awful but the way he razored my head was worse. he supported my head and moved the razor over the contours of my head revealing my scalp as white shiny and smooth.

He was wiping the foam off  from the razor onto the mohair dress and razoring me in lines while he rammed his cock in me. and he was quick. i think he’d shaved heads before. Me, i hadn’t even had a short haircut in the last twenty years let alone any clipping or razoring.

He razored my head ear to ear from my forehead backwards, then around both my ears and then the back of my head was shaved up in lines and across my nape.

The fluffy long haired mohair tease is bald smooth and shiny he told me.Hows that feel? his hands rubbed my wet smooth head and he fucked me harder and harder until he came, shooting his load into me.

His cock came out of me and he stood up over me and wanked the last of his spunk onto my balded head. It ran down onto my face and down my neck.

He untaped my wrists and lay me on my bed, unable to move still, fucked hard and so bald. Then he gathered up my hair into a pile on the bed next to me and he pulled my ponytail from inside my fuzzy poloneck and put it into his bag.

Thats my memento from today, he said, another mans long ponytail for my big collection. and another long haired man who will wake up bald smooth and shiny tomorrow he said.

He packed up all his headshaving equipment and then he sat next to me on the bed and rubbed my hairless head one more time. you look much better bald anyway he said. He put his fingers into my pile of shaved off hair on the bed next to me and picked lots of it up. I looked at the big pile of my hair in his hands and he began to drop it down onto me.

 It all fell onto my girlfriends favourite fluffy yellow mohair dress, that i had brought her for christmas the previous year. The one i had been forced to wear for my punishment headshaving. If i’d have known at the time what was going to happen to me and that fluffy dress, i’d never have brought it.

I wanted my lovely long haired girlfriend to wear it , so she could be my fluffy fantasy, all covered in that thick yellow mohair. And i teased him with it and my long hair and he took my hair while i wore her dress.

 You can keep these bits he said laughing. And he blew me a kiss and left.

It was more than an hour before i could move, finally i managed to sit up. Then i could see my reflection in my mirror, my white bald head stared back at me.

My girlfriends lovely fluffy mohair dress was stuck to me and lots of bits of my hair were stuck to it. my head was sticky and smooth and shiny. It was all my fault and i knew it.

What was my girlfriend gonna say, she loved my long hair, trimming it regularly, even washing it and drying it occasionally and it was all gone. it was on the bed, all the shortened bits and my long ponytail was gone, stolen by janes strange friend.

It took me ages to tidy up my bedroom, hoovering up my hair , changing the duvet and sorting out the dress, handwashing it and carefully drying it. i had to shower too, i felt so humiliated and dirty. everywhere i went, glimpses of my balded head reflected back at me , i stood in the bathroom feeling my naked head for the first time and i knew i was a bald fool whose teasing had got the better of me for the first time.

And that was a seriously humiliating lesson to learn

Never tease anyone with the promise of a long to bald headshaving. they might take you up on it.

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