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Chandrakant’s capitulation

When I passed my B.Sc. I had turned 20. My hair just touched my mid-back. During my college days I was supposed to be a highly mischievous and bold girl. Among my close friends (girls of course) I used to make a lot of jokes and even sexual jokes quite often (which I learnt from one of them called Varsha). Of course when I made similar jokes at home I was all but slapped by my mother. Such things were a strict no, no in our conservative household, or so I was made to think at that time. So I used to make such jokes only with willing girl friends. In the co-ed college that I studied I had befriended quite a few boys apart from all the girls. Of course, I maintained a respectable distance from those boys, physically and emotionally.

Since the first year of my B.Sc., I was attracted to the military hair cut of a couple of boys who were in NCC. They used to get the hair on the sides and back of their heads cut high up close to the skin and the top uncombably short – about half an inch. The cut looked cool on their heads and I liked it very much. My entreaties to my brother Vijay, 2 years older than me, to emulate the cut were met with a smirk and instant rejection. Of course, he had tonsured his head at Tirupati a couple of times and he liked it. But he said that that was different and a military cut is different. However, I started dreaming that my husband should always wear a military cut or a crew cut and go bald once in a while. I told my mother about this desire of mine on a couple of occasions.

When a girl called Kruti, one year junior to me, joined the college with a fine boyish cut I got attracted to that also. Why can’t I have such a cut myself? I was bold enough to propose that to my parents. Both rejected it outright. I put up quite a tantrum insisting that I get it done. But they did not budge. My religious father added “When you get married you propose that to your in-laws and if they agree I will not mind. But not till then.” So, I had to hang on to my midback long hair.

I recall an earlier incident which occurred when I was 13 and studying in 8th standard. Our neighbour, Sumitra was an office assistant in a high school. One day she barged into our house laughing her head off. She told my mother “Lakshmi, our HM came to the school with a crew cut!” Both my mother and that lady Sumitra laughed their heads off. Later I came to know that that particular HM by name Rukmini had tonsured her head twice in the last decade and moved about happily showing off her bald head. She was a widow and had a son by name Chandrakant who was studying in the second year of +2 at that time.

When I was about to complete my B.Sc. my parents started to look for a match for me. One day Sumitra suggested that her ex-HM Rukmini’s son, Chandrakant would be a good match for me. My parents handed over a copy of my horoscope to her who delivered it to the now retired Rukmini. Five days later, my mother received a phone call from Rukmini that she and her son would come to our house the next week to ‘see’ me for suitability. My parents agreed.

Two days later I was going for a leisurely walk with my mother. My mother said “Pranati, you had tried to make a sexual joke a couple of years back. Can you say such a joke now?” I was horrified to hear her say that. I looked at her confused. She said “Now that you have completed your studies and is about to get married, no problem in saying such things now. But be discrete about it. Never say that in front of elders and kids. With me you can say that once in a while when I am alone.” Since then I do make sexual jokes with her also occasionally. She enjoys hearing it. In fact once my marriage was fixed, she went about explaining to me various things on sex, positions of sex, oral sex, anal sex and how to go about it. Initially with all my naughtiness I was embarrassed to hear such things from my mother, but later on I started enjoying such talks from her.

I had hoped that the ‘boy’ would have a crew cut what with a mother who had it once, probably now also. The thought made me giggle. Somehow my mother heard my giggle and asked me the reason. When I talked about the probable hair styles of the impending visitors, she chided me and asked me to behave like a bride to be but she herself could not suppress a giggle. But she knew how much I liked my future husband to have a nice crew cut or myself a boy cut. I had hoped that a crew cut m-i-l would happily permit her d-i-l to go for a boy cut.

The two came a week later. The lady’s hair was touching her midback. The boy’s hair was a normal man’s hair style – no clippered sides or back, no crew cut, nothing – in short, boring. I was disappointed. Of course, the boy was handsome, bright, fair, had a good employment in a nationalised bank. The lady, in spite of her age, was also quite beautiful and radiant. I thought that this family could be good for me. The lady asked me that and this. I replied clearly but with shyness as a bride-to-be should have replied in those days. Finally she took me inside one of our rooms for a private talk.
“Look, Pranati. You seem to be okay for me. But I have one wish which I do not know whether you could fulfil. I like short hair on my son and also on my daughter-in-law. In fact, I would be happy if she tonsures her head once in a few years. Tell me, would you like to keep your hair short if you become my d-i-l?”

I could not believe my ears. What a pleasant surprise! A lady expecting her d-i-l to have short hair! It was unheard of those days. But this tonsure thing put me off slightly. But then that was only an option. I asked “Will it be a condition for the marriage – short hair and tonsure?”

“No, since my son is unlikely to agree. I am expecting a d-i-l who is eager to change his attitude.”

“I really like short hair on myself also. My parents also know this. But let me think.”

“Do not raise this issue with him. He does not like it. He may even reject you if he comes to know that you like short hair. He is so much anti-short hair. If he raises the issue do not commit one way or the other” she advised me.

Next, the boy and myself had personal talk for about 10 minutes. Most things seemed to match. At last he said “I feel you are okay for me. But I will confirm later. But one thing. My mother is hoping to get someone who will persuade me to go for a crew cut. She is a short hair freak. She may tell you also to become a shorty. What is your inclination on this thing?”

Forewarned, I told “I am not very particular about these minor things now. If I marry you, I will always consult you on such things. Do not worry.” I tried to make it as diplomatic and non-committal as possible. He seemed to have been satisfied.

Then I told him my tendency and liking to make sexual jokes. He smiled and said that it would be okay as long as I did not say such things in front of his mother. I got overjoyed hearing this.

I got married to 23 year old Chandrakant immediately after my B.Sc. results came. Very soon we hit it off as a very good couple, each loving the other no end. He even enjoyed my dirty sexual talk. As per my m-i-l’s wishes I stayed home without bothering to join any employment.

We took my m-i-l’s wish of becoming a grand mother early very seriously and ‘worked’ at it from the first day after marriage. No pill, no condom, nothing. I made him ‘bang’ me every night twice or thrice. And I enjoyed it no end – vaginal, oral, 69, anal, he on top, I on top, etc. etc. One night we were so noisy in our utterances during our fucking that the next afternoon when myself and m-i-l were relaxing, she winked at me and said with a smile “You two seemed to be very happy yesterday night”. I blushed and lowered my head. She immediately said “No need to feel embarrassed. I am really happy that you two are having great time in bed. Even your utterances, though dirty in other places, are perfectly alright in lovemaking. The more noisy you are at that time and the more I hear you two doing it, the more I feel happy. Please carry on happily.” I felt happy.

Promptly, I missed my periods, which was due 20 days after marriage. A month later the pregnancy was confirmed. For the next few months not a single day passed without the two of us having great fucking sessions two or three times a night.

Varsha, my college friend who taught me to talk dirty, also got married about the same time and also lived with her hubby and in-laws about 2 km away. Once in a while we used to meet and renew our dirty talks with loud laughter. In fact, though taboo in respectable families, we used to discuss our fucking with our respective husbands – size of penis, what we say to each other, taste of cum, postures, etc.

Nine months after the marriage, I became the mother of a boy. We named him Pranav.

During those days whenever I tried to talk about Chandrakant’s hair length he used to shut me up. I thought that I would never be able to convince him for a crew cut – my teenage dream. Once, when I was three months pregnant I broached that I would like to go for a boy cut for myself. The look on his face scared me away. Here also I thought that I had lost.

When Pranav completed 2 years, m-i-l said that we all should go to Tirupati for Pranav’s mundan (first tonsure). I agreed that this was the right age. But Chandrakant was of a different opinion. "Going to Tirupati is alright. But Pranav need not undergo mundan. Nowadays people are not cutting full hair even for male kids. We can cut a few strands of his hair and then have darshan."

But my m-i-l would have none of it. She insisted that Pranav’s head be fully shaved in Tirupati as per family tradition. Chandru did not want to displease his aging mother too much. “Okay, do whatever you want. But don’t ask me to cut my hair there” he said.

Now, she dropped a bomb shell. “I had vowed long back that along with the mundan of my first grandchild, I would also go bald. So I will also be getting tonsured. Don’t either of you try to dissuade me. I am determined on that. In fact, it would have been nice if Pranati and you also had got tonsured. It would be for your own good. When we took you to Tirupati for your first tonsure, your father wanted me also to shave my head. I had rejected it but later on thought that I made a mistake. Now, Pranati should not lose that opportunity.”

I was horrified to hear this. I could not get angry on my m-i-l. She was such a nice person – my second mother so to say. She becoming a baldi again was not so much of problem for me. I remembered my giggle about 10 years ago and also when she had told me her tonsure story after my marriage and that brought a fleeting smile on my face. But myself going bald! Of course, I like to have a boy cut but not a bald cut. Even if I were to agree, there was no chance whatsoever of Chandru agreeing. But right now, Chandru became very angry at his mother. “If you go bald that is your problem. But do not touch my or Pranati’s hair. Ok?” he shouted at her. It was the first time that I heard him shout at his mother. M-i-l became red in the face at this rare defiance and went inside with tears. I felt sorry for her.

For the next three nights I avoided sex with him and chose masturbation to satisfy myself. I did not talk to him properly. He had cooled down now a lot but not yet apologised to m-i-l.

On the fourth day he almost tearfully asked “What mistake did I do for both of you to boycott me?”
“You have hurt your mother deeply with your arrogant reply and that has hurt me also.”
“Okay, I will apologise to her.”
“Chandru, the hurt you gave her is beyond words of apology. Some action is required. As repentance will you get your head shaved?”
Fortunately, he did not shout back now. Rather, he became serious “That is one thing which I cannot bring myself to do.”
“Okay, your mother has struggled alone to bring you up fulfilling so many of your childhood wishes. Can you not fulfil her few simple wishes?”
“Like what?”
“Like getting your head shaved along with Pranav or allowing me to get tonsured at least.”
His countenance became tough. He did not glare at me like last time. But he looked away. After about five minutes, with tears in his eyes “Okay, this once I will get tonsured as a punishment for having shouted at her. But, but… allowing you to do that… It is ….. it is ….. difficult for me.”
I was surprised to hear his personal capitulation. I cajoled him further. I was not very enthusiastic for my tonsure. But I wished to do it if I could make my m-i-l, that noble and friendly soul, happy. After all it was hair and anyway I was longing for short hair. It would be a difference of about 3 months only between bald and short hair.
I told him “Look Chandru, it is only hair. It is not as if I am the only young lady on earth who would have a shaved head. Thousands do it and do it happily. Your mother is such a noble soul that I would give anything to make her happy. What is the big deal in giving up hair which would grow back anyway? Please agree for my tonsure also.”
He replied “Let us see tomorrow.”
Back from work the next day, he touched his mother’s feet and apologised for his rude behaviour. He declared that he would also get tonsured after Pranav. He added to m-i-l’s surprise that I could also shave my head if I so desired. This was a pleasant surprise to m-i-l and myself. No doubt, she became joyous when she heard that Chandru would also tonsure. But she almost leaped in joy when she heard that he would allow me to go bald. Seeing that joy in her eyes made me lose all my doubts and I hugged her tightly. She affectionately tugged at my plait, took its end and caressed my face and nose with it playfully. Is my tonsuring going to make her that much happy? Probably there must be some good in it intrinsically. I could know about it only if I actually did it once. Well, now, I would tonsure my head, not just for her or my boycut sake but for its own sake and with full joy and happiness.

To be continued ….  

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