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Pranati’s First Tonsure

As per custom, Pranav was supposed to be tonsured sitting on the lap of his maternal uncle. I informed my parents and my brother about the decision of all the four of us getting fully tonsured in Tirupati during the mundan ceremony of Pranav. I invited them all to join us in the pilgrimage.

The news did not come as a surprise to any one of them. M-i-l’s tonsure inclination was known anyway to my mother from Sumitra’s conversation. As for my tonsure decision, my parents knew I longed for a boy cut and this could be in that direction. My brother asked parents’ permission to go bald. It was granted. So, the seven of us went to Tirupati in a hired Toyota Qualis.

We decided to do Pranav’s mundan in our cottage with the required rites. A purohit came, a barber came. The rites were done. Pranav sat on Vijay’s lap. The barber wetted Pranav’s head with lukewarm water, held his head firmly and started scraping the head. Vijay ably assisted the barber in controlling the toddler’s head position. Pranav’s cries were loud enough to be heard a km away. Finally, his whole head became smooth in about 8 minutes. Immediately he started smiling. He was given a bath and new clothes. All the remaining rites were completed.

Two hours later, we all trooped into Kalyanakatta. Vijay brought 4 tickets. While Vijay and Chandru had been assigned to the same barber, I and m-i-l had been assigned different barbers. My parents watched the events with a smile and Pranav was in their hands. There were two people – a man and his wife – in Vijay’s queue while there were 5 and 8 in the queues of m-i-l and myself respectively. So it was Vijay’s turn to go bald first. The barber first shaved off his moustache and the beard-like growth. Then he rendered Vijay’s head bald in about 3 minutes. He rose with a smile.

Now, Chandru sat there with a nervous smile. I smiled at him encouragingly. I had insisted that he grow his beard to some extent for the event. Now, just like Vijay the first to be shaved off was his beard, then his moustache. It was first time that I saw him without his moustache. With great difficulty I suppressed a giggle. Now, the barber bent his head forward and shaved a big patch from rear to the front. I had dreaded that he would get tears. But, it was quite the opposite. He smiled slightly. As the bald patch grew wider, his smile also became larger. Finally, his head became fully bald. The barber wetted his head again and shaved all over once again. Chandru rose up with contentment and a broad smile. In my m-i-l’s queue, one man was yet to be done. In my queue, two gents and a 18 year old girl were ahead of me. So, I could witness my m-i-l’s tonsure.

The man in front of my m-i-l was shorn quickly. This particular barber looked pretty fast and efficient. He wetted m-i-l’s head thoroughly and made her hair into two knots in about two minutes, and shaved off the entire thing in another two minutes. On her request, he wetted her head again and reshaved it making it nice and smooth. She rose with a broad smile. She really looked beautiful and young for her 64 years. I was surprised at the beauty of her baldness.

By now, the shaving of the two gents was over in my queue and the barber was wetting the girl’s head. She was smiling benignly as her mother, already shorn bald in another queue, stood by my side and watched her tonsure. I struck up a small conversation with her in Telugu. The girl had buttock long hair – about 3 feet – and I thought it was brave of her to cast it off. She was giving hair as thanksgiving for getting a government seat in Medical College. The mother had got shorn because she likes it and she does it once in five or six years. This is her fourth tonsure since her marriage. And for the girl, this was her fifth. The last time the girl was tonsured here was when she was 13, three months after her puberty. She will again tonsure before receiving her Medical degree about six years hence. Now, the girl rose up with a nice grey bald head and all smiles. I smiled at her as I sat down with my mid-back hair undone.

The barber thoroughly wetted my hair roots for about a minute. My anticipation started growing. The barber plunged the blade to my forehead and scraped it backward all the way. I felt a strange sensation going through my body at that first cut. A chill hit the bald patch. As the shaving progressed I felt more and more joyful. I wished that the cut could go on such that the wonderful sensation of the shaving would never stop. But it was not to be and the whole thing was over in about 4 minutes. M-i-l instructed the barber to make my head smooth. So, he wetted the head again and ran the blade once again all over. I rose up with a broad smile and running my hand on my now smooth bald head. Looking at the hand mirror I started giggling at my strange look. But for the milling crowd I would have laughed out loud. My mother hugged me caressing my bald head.

After the Darshan all of us returned to our place in the Qualis – two hairies and five baldies. And of those baldies two are ladies. My m-i-l declared that henceforth she would keep her head a crew cut one. And she would visit Tirupati once a year and get fully tonsured. Back home, the majority of neighbours reacted funnily – giggling behind their hands, openly asking why I did it, showing a disgusted face, etc. But some noble souls appreciated it. Anyway I cared two hoots for those who did not approve. With full encouragement from my m-i-l I thoroughly enjoyed my bald status by going around with bare bald head. My m-i-l was extremely happy that I took my baldness very joyously.

The first night after returning from Tirupati with bald heads, Chandru told me that he had made a mistake of showing too much aversion to tonsure of heads. In fact, now he finds it not so bad, rather the feeling is good and looks are also not bad. He said I look really beautiful with my bald head. And that night, both of us were overcome with increased sexual urge looking at and feeling each other’s bald head. Normally his penis grows to about 6 inches. That night his penis grew to 7 inches and he fucked me in the vagina thrice – twice from the front and once from the rear. And the fucking was so noisy that probably the neighbours would have heard the sounds.

Fifteen days after the Tirupati tonsure, Chandru told me "Pranati, I know you like to have a boy cut. Initially I had aversion to it. But now, you can have it for a few months." I was overjoyed to hear that. "I also will go for a crew cut for a few months" he added. Now my heaven was within walking distance.

For about a month, we enjoyed wild sex in various positions. By then I missed my periods and soon it was evident that I was carrying our second child. By now, all of us had about half an inch long hair. Pranav’s hair had been cut only once till now and that was in Tirupati. A second cut need not be a full shave but we chose it to be so. We took him to the nearby Venkateshwara temple, got a barber there and got his head fully shaved a second time. Henceforth, he would grow hair a little bit but I was determined to keep it quite short, may be about an inch at the longest.

To be continued …. 

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