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Pranati’s Boycut

The Sunday following Pranav’s second mottai (head-shave) the three of us elders walked into the barber shop frequented by my husband. Of course I had Pranav in my arm. Since my m-i-l had last used that shop several years ago, the barber was astonished to see her after so many years and that too with a short crop of about half an inch.

Chandru said ‘crew cut for all three; machine cut high up and nice all round and quarter inch on top’. First it was m-i-l in the seat. The barber after draping her bosom with a white cloth and tucking it behind at her neck pushed her head to her left and started clicking his hand operated clippers (‘machine’ as it is called by the barbers) at her right temple. He took it high up about an inch and a half above her ears. The happy expression on m-i-l’s face revealed that she was enjoying it. The barber continued this operation all around the head. He wetted her top hair with water spray and cut the top hair to about quarter inch as instructed by Chandru. He took a smaller set of hand clippers and clipped the sides and back closely making them almost bald. The good thing was the transition from the bald sides and back to the top quarter inch was very smooth. As a result the cut looked very good.

The cut was repeated on Chandru next. Looking at him being clippered started making me horny. My long felt dream of his having clippered sides and back and a crew cut had become true. I was itching to run my hands on his bald sides and prickly top. But now, I was the one next under the clippers.

The feeling of the clippers cutting the hair at my temple leaving a grey patch behind (as seen in the mirror) and small hairs falling sent me to heaven. I hoped the feeling would be good all through the process. Especially, when he pushed my head down for cutting at the back and the cluk-cluk sound started at the nape I was about to cum. When comb passed over the top of my head for the close cropping by scissors it was another heavenly experience. The best came when the smaller set of clippers made their journey all round my head almost shaving the sides bald. It was a miracle that I could resist cumming in my panties.

I went home unabashedly feeling my bald sides all through in full public view. After bath and food I put Pranav to sleep and dragged Chandru to bed room. Seeing this, m-i-l understood and said "Enjoy". The afternoon sex with Chandru that day was one of the best and highly noisy. Both of us lost all inhibitions and the sexiest language was used which could be heard by my m-i-l. For two hours we fucked and fucked, he filling all my three holes with his dick one after the other and cumming in them. Not satisfied, he cummed on my freshly clippered nape and spread the cum on the sides by his hand.

He declared that henceforth he will keep this style only. He told me that I should also keep this style. Now I was in a dilemma. I was aiming for a boycut but he was suggesting a crew cut like his mother. It was feeling and looking good but I still yearned for a boycut. I said as much to Chandru. After a lot of haggling he commanded "OK. You can grow out a bit and go for a boy cut but on the condition that the sides and back should be clippered like now." So finally I agreed that I would keep the sides and back clippered close and the top just sufficient to comb – may be about an inch at the back and an inch and a half in the front. Immediately he once more thrust his cock into my mouth and fucked it. And as he came again I swallowed all his cum noisily.

That evening when Chandru had gone out with Pranav for a walk, m-i-l giggled and told me "I heard you two making it out noisily. Good. Keep it up. A good sex life will do both of you good. I also heard your choicest epithets during your fucking. That is also good if you keep those words among yourself. Let not the youngsters hear them at a young age. Anyway, can you repeat some of them before Chandru returns?" For a moment I was awestruck at her request. But I composed myself, giggled and repeated almost all of those sexy words we had used. I also told her how her son drilled my holes. She giggled and giggled. Since then, once in a while I used to describe to her my sex with Chandru when Pranav was sleeping.

My m-i-l and Chandru got their heads shorn to crew cut every month. I also got my monthly haircut but the top was not trimmed as close but the sides got clippered. In three months I had enough length to have a boyish style. But the sides and back continued to be clippered bald. I had got hooked to the style. My parents said "Finally you have achieved your dream". I decided that I would maintain the style henceforth.

Being the second pregnancy, I did not have to go to the parents’ house for post delivery care. I chose to be with m-i-l and husband. Three days before the possible delivery date, I told my wish to give birth with a bald head. My m-i-l readily agreed. But I did not want to scale the barber’s chair with my protruding tummy. So Chandru brought the barber to my house with his implements. At home, I was made to sit on a stool. I refused to be draped. Let the hair pieces fall on my clothes and body I said. I had skipped the previous month’s haircut. So the hair had grown quite long – about three inches on top and an inch on the sides and back.

The barber took his hand clippers, bent my head fully forward and clipped away high up my head and over the occipital bone. For the first time in my life the clippers touched my forehead clearing the hair there. After clippering all over my head with the big clippers, he took the smaller clippers and repeated the process. My entire head became bald with a sandpaper texture. My m-i-l, my parents, my brother apart from my husband and young Pranav were witness to this strange desire of mine. Pieces of hair entered my blouse and a lot had collected on my tummy carrying my new child inside. Oh! it was a heavenly feeling. I decided that I deliver all my future children in this way only. We had decided, by the way, to have at least four children.

My m-i-l surprised everyone by sitting on the stool vacated by me and asking the barber to repeat the same on her head also. So in about 15 minutes her head also became sandpapery bald. M-i-l and d-i-l were ‘baldily’ ready to welcome a new baby and tend to him/her. The cut hair of the two was collected, packed and kept away to be dropped in Tirupati three months after my delivery.

The hospital staff including the doctor and nurses giggled a lot looking at a bald lady about to deliver. Anyway, the delivery was normal and the child was a girl. We name her Shaalini.

Three months later, we all made our annual trip to Tirupati. The hair clippered at home before delivery was dropped in the hair hundi at Kalyanakatta. Including me all the four in our house got tonsured again smooth. Only the newborn was not touched for now.

My brother Vijay’s marriage had been fixed by now and was supposed to be held four months after our Tirumala trip. About a week before the marriage I had my brand boycut, though a bit shorter on top than usual. My m-i-l and Chandru had their brand crew cuts while Pranav was shorn close with scissors. Clippering on him would start after he reached five years of age. The bride, Kamala, giggled seeing our hairstyles. She was awestruck seeing our photos with bald heads. A week later she confided in me that she also wished to get her head tonsured at least once in Tirupati. Would my parents and Vijay approve?

By now Vijay had softened his stand on crewcut and liked my bald head. When I broached the subject of Kamala’s wish, he did not say no but said that Amma would not accept. I told Amma myself about Kamala’s wish. Instead of becoming wild she brightened up with joy. She said she would welcome it but could she wait till she delivers her first child?

When I told about this to Kamala, she almost leapt with joy. Nine months later she gave birth to a girl who was named Vimala. Eight months later, I had my third child, another girl, again with my head shorn bald at home. We named the child Maalini. Three months later we all made a trip to Tirupati – m-i-l, Chandru, myself, Pranav, Shaalini, three month old Maalini, Appa, Amma, Vijay, Kamala, Vimala who was supposed to be tonsured for the first time, Kamala’s parents, her brother and his wife, their 3 year old son – 5 gents, 6 ladies, two young boys, two young girls and a female baby – 16 in all. The surprise news was Amma, Kamala’s amma, Kamala’s sister-in-law were also going to tonsure. I knew no bounds of joy. So barring young Maalini all the remainging 15 returned with nice bald heads and joyful hearts. My experience had given encouragement to others and none chose to wear a scarf.

To be continued …. 

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