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Savita becomes a baldy

We had started looking for a bride for Pranav. Three months after Shaalini’s marriage, we got a good match for him. Of course, the bride’s family – her parents, her two elder brothers and herself giggled a lot at my and my daughters’ haircuts. But that did not come in the way of their proceeding on the alliance. The bride, 22 year old BA graduate Savita was not in employment. She had found it difficult to get a suitable groom. Everyone was demanding huge dowry. This was her fifth trial. And by the by she had thick, dense hair reaching her bum.

Our conditions were this. She should stay home with us as a housewife and learn to live within the income of her husband. She should beget at least four children – male or female. She should harmonise with myself, Chandru, Pranav and my daughters without raking up family feuds. She must pierce her right nostril and wear a simple nose stud. She must continue our short hair and bald traditions. Of course, I am against dowry and I said as much. A simple marriage in a holy place like Tirupati and a simple Reception in Bangalore would be okay.

At the condition of going bald, everyone in her family including Savita baulked. We offered a concession. Her first shave could be after her first child became two years old. Later her father reportedly told them “After all it is hair, nowadays many ladies prefer short hair, and many do go bald once in a while, so it is no big deal. We cannot afford dowry. This family is good. Let us agree for the alliance.”

I learnt a few years later that Savita did not want to let go of the opportunity of a good bridegroom without dowry. At the same time she did not want to part with her hair. With pressure from her father, she thought “I will agree now. What they are saying now is to be implemented about three years hence. They would have forgotten about it or might not care about it then.” With this scheme only she had agreed for the marriage.

Two days later, they conveyed their agreement for the alliance with the condition that no haircut for Savita now. The marriage would take place three months later in Tirupati, just like that of Shaalini, except of course that the bride and her parents would not go bald.

The appointed day came. Again all the five of us – Chandru, myself, Pranav, Maalini, Kaamini – got mottaied in Tirumala, the day before marriage. Even Shaalini and her husband got mottaied though she was five months pregnant. Among the groom’s family, the two brothers of Savita got tonsured. So a bald Pranav married a long haired Savita.

When she entered our house and settled, she was horrified to hear the noisy fucking between myself and Chandru. She asked Pranav “Why can’t they be a little more silent and discrete?” Pranav replied that that was our style and we expect the same from him and her. She was horrified at first. She said that such behaviour and sexual talk are bad and uncultured. I told her that she was right generally, but within ourselves and unheard by kids there is nothing wrong. But later over several weeks I convinced her that it was okay to do so. Gradually I also taught her the dirty language and different sexual tricks and postures. In four months in our house, she had become ‘our’ girl in this – she could excel me in the dirtiness of her sexual language and I could hear their fucking noises very well. Now she is happy that she learnt all the dirty talk from me. She was happy that I was happy to hear that.

A year after marriage Savita gave birth to a girl and we named her Gayatri. Three months later, our lawyer daughter, Maalini got married in Tirupati in a way similar to Shaalini – all our household bald (except Savita and her kid), the groom and his parents also bald the day before the marriage. By then Kaamini had finished her engineering and entered employment in a public sector company. She is continuing her short hair style there also.

Now four months ago, Savita gave birth to a boy whom we named Shravan. By now Gayatri was about twenty months old. Five more months and her mottai should take place as per our timetable. Now Savita was becoming a bit nervous about her impending tonsure. In the second pregnancy, she had lost some of her hair. It had shrunk to her waist level. She started expressing a desire not to shave.

She is otherwise happy in the family. We two have struck a nice chord. Myself and Chandru are still active sexually though the frequency has come down to around twice or thrice a week. We occupy neighbouring rooms where each can hear the others’ sounds and sexual talk. We are happy about it. Just like I used to share some dirty talk with my m-i-l Savita also does the same with me. Occasionally a close friend of hers drops in and she regales her with her sexcapades and both laugh loudly.

But parting with her long hair for ever became a bit difficult for her and she said so. So I made a ploy for that. For starters she could get it shaved along with Gayatri’s mottai and have a nice clipper cut like myself three months later. If she did not like it she could start growing it fully. Even this did not make her agree.

But her father had a good memory. He once came with his wife and enquired when their daughter would be tonsured. I told him to ask his daughter. Seeing her reluctant countenance, he all but shouted – “Look, Savita, though you belong to this house now, the condition of marriage was put when you were with us. You must respect it. Come on, agree on some date.”

Now, reluctantly she agreed. But that would not do for me. I told her parents that I would convince her. The next day, when she came to me to speak of her sexcapade the previous night, I totally ignored her. For a week I did not properly talk to her. She understood that it was because of her reluctant acceptance to go bald. She became tearful. She had developed a deep attachment to me, similar to the way I had been attached to my m-i-l. She was in a severe dilemma, whether to please me or keep her hair. She broke down explaining her dilemma.

I repeated my offer of allowing her to grow her hair long after a mottai and a clipper cut. She said she would think it over. Pranav also started egging on her. Next evening she went to buy vegetables and I accompanied her. To our surprise the roadside female vendor from whom we normally bought vegetables had come tonsured. She had not bothered to cover her head. When Savita asked her where she got tonsured she happily ran her left palm on her smooth head and said with a smile ‘In Palani’.

As we were bargaining the price of onions a young couple came to the same vendor. And surprise, both were bald and the lady, like her husband, happily sported her bald head without covering it. The vendor asked that lady where she got it done. The lady replied with a smile ‘Tirupati’. Savita looked at that bald lady wide eyed which the latter ignored. The lady must have been around 25 and looked exceedingly beautiful in spite of no hair. The lady continued to talk to the bald female vendor – ‘We completed our new house. My f-i-l got a senior position in his office. (Pointing towards her bald husband) His brother also got a new job. So in the wake of all this, f-i-l said we will go to Tirupati and those liking to get tonsures could do so. Himself, his two sons readily said they would. The elder daughter-in-law requested that she also be allowed. To my surprise m-i-l said she also would tonsure. Of course his brother’s 3 year old daughter and our one year old son would be tonsured. That left only me. So I said I would also tonsure. Thus the entire family is bald and I am happy that I did it. Everybody says it suits me fine.’ With that she giggled happily albeit with a hint of shyness.

While returning from vegetable purchase, Savita was smiling all through. I could make out that seeing the young married lady with a bald head and she going around with it happily broke some inhibitions in her. That evening she capitulated. With a smile she agreed to get tonsured happily. With that I hugged her and broke the temporary standoff between us. The Tirupati programme was fixed and the next day she was her usual self, explaining happily how a overjoyed Pranav banged her anus the previous night.

So last month we all went to Tirupati for our annual mottai session. Savita’s parents could not accompany. All of our household (Chandru, myself, Kaamini, Pranav, Savita, Gayatri) would be tonsured bald. Only young Shravan would not be tonsured this time. And we would be witnessing the shearing of long tresses from a family member after a long time. I was also getting excited. After the mundan of Gayatri and the mottai of all, it was the turn of Savita. She sat down with a smile but nervousness was showing. I assured her there was nothing to worry.

As usual, the barber wetted her hair thoroughly. As he massaged her head to wet the hair, she started smiling benignly. I told the barber not to tie the hair in two knots, rather leave the entire hair free. I also told him to start shaving from the rear. The barber put the blade in the razor, bent her head fully down and scraped a patch from her crown to her nape. Immediately, she smiled again with trembling and open lips. I asked her to close her lips lest hair enter her mouth. She complied with a smile. I think the sensation of getting the first cut in her life was really good for her. As the tonsure progressed her smile became wider.

In two minutes the rear and the sides had been shaved off. Now the front remained. The barber lifted her head up, scraped a patch from the bald crown to the forehead making the hair fall to her lap. She smiled some more. In another minute, her head was totally bald. The barber ran the blade all over once again making the head smooth.

Savita rose up with a benign and large smile and tears in her eyes – clearly tears of joy. She hugged me and said “This is so good and satisfying. I should have done this long ago. I am sorry to have resisted so far, amma.”

Back home she cannot control her happiness with her bald head. She almost continuously caresses her own bald head and once in a while others’ also. She looks extremely gorgeous with her flawless nice round head, wide eyes and close ears. She is proudly walking around with her bare, bald head, occasionally caressing it with her left hand. Instead of waiting for three months, she wanted a clipper headshave in three weeks. So last week, I took her to barber for a full clipper mottai. She enjoyed that also. She has suggested to her mother also that she, i.e. her mother, should also shave her head once. It would be worth it.

Now, she has rejected my offer of allowing her to grow her hair long. She will follow my example – clippered boy cut and annual tonsure – for herself and her children. The next two of her children will be delivered after becoming a baldi like I did. So it is good bye to long hair for her and a happy good bye at that. And just like I did long back with Chandru, she is also enjoying regular, great, noisy fuck sessions with Pranav. From a very shy long haired girl she has been transformed into a bold, naughty, fun-loving, bald young mother of two.

Now I am looking forward to marrying off Kaamini and I hope to do so similar to Shaalini and Maalini – marriage at Tirupati and a ‘bald’ reception in Bangalore a week or ten days later.

Of course, I have taught all my daughters and also daughter-in-law the dirty sexual language, when to use it and how to use it. I have given them tips on various sexual postures and techniques. Both Shaalini and Maalini and of course Savita have reported that they have applied it with their husbands and their sex life is great. I hope Kaamini also will be similarly successful.

Also, the important papers of myself and all my children – driving license, passport, voter’s ID card – carry bald photos only. Savita so far does not have a driving license or passport. We will get it done for her with her bald photos.

Savita has suggested with a giggle that since some grey is seen on my head, it would be advisable that I keep it clipper shaved all over every fortnight instead of a boy cut. If we could purchase an electric clipper with attachments, she would be very happy to mow my head once in a fortnight. I could grow it for about two months before the annual Tirupati trip. I think it is a good idea. Even Chandru has enthusiastically supported Savita’s view. After Kaamini’s marriage, I hope to do it.

Anyway, with my m-i-l’s example and egging on, Chandru’s dramatic change of attitude, my own in-born inclination for clippered haircuts and my parents’ support, I have been able to start a happy and beautiful family of ultra short hair. And in my parental home, Kamala and Vimala are happy to have five yearly bald cycle. Vimala has said that she will also continue the five yearly bald cycle even after getting married and having children.

The End

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