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Deana Myers with her husband Mark and her son Mikewho was 12 were at the airport meeting area with a sign ” Welcome FrejaHoinheim “.It was their new exchange student from Sweden who wasarriving that morning and her plane had just landed a few minutes ago.Now out of the crowd came a young slender 17 year old girl in apantsuit with golden blonde hair up in a twisty bun toward them. Shespoke ” The Myer’s?”  and Deana replied back ” Freja?” Both partiesaffirmed they were who they were suppose to be and Mike took hold ofFeja’s carry on bag and they headed to baggage claim to get Feja’s twolarge suitcases. Deana’s husband took the large bags and put them inthe car and they stopped for a bite to eat as it was lunch time.Theyall chit-chatted as they learned about each other. Deana caught herhusband looking at Freja’s blonde bun of hair. Now Deana was in her mid40’s and had a short crop style like Heather Mills now wears. Theygot to their home and Mark took Freja’s bags up to her room. It wasfully equipped with acomputer,TV, DVD and her own private bathroom.Mark told her to unpackand to rest awhile and that dinner would be around 6pm and they wouldcall her down and to come just as she was.

Now at 6pm Mike went to the base of the stairs andcalled up the Freja that dinner was ready. Feja walked into the dinningroom and everyone noticed especially Mark and Mike that Freja had lether beautiful waist length golden  blonde hair down to where it dancedalong her waist.Mark got up and helped Freja sit down and his handgently petted Freja’s silky hair. Mike told Freja how pretty she lookedwith her long hair down. Deana just looked on and said Grace and hopedFreja would like the meal and like staying with them. Afew weeks went by and Deana noticed how hard it was for Mike and Markto keep from touching Freja’s long soft blonde mane which she wore downmost of the time like any young girl. Deana knew something had to bedone. She waited till the night when there was a sports game which Markand Mike went to  and there was no school the next day for Freja.Sheknocked on Freja’s door and asked tocome in. She told Freja she wanted to talk to her alone so she closedthe door. She pulled up a chair next to Freja who was working on thecomputer. She asked if everything was going ok at school and if sheliked staying in her home. Then she came to the point.  She reachedover and touched Freja’s golden hair. She spoke ” Freja there is aproblem that has come up unexpectedly.”  Freja replied ” Oh, my Mrs.Meyers I hope I haven’t done something wrong.” Deana spoke softly toFreja ” No Freja , it is just that your beautiful hair has become amajor distraction to my husband and son if you haven’t noticed by theirfrequent touching. Now I cannot tolerate such a distraction in my home.I have no right to ask you to cut your hair but if you can’t then I’llsee about finding a new host family before it gets out of hand.” Frejalooked at Deana ” Mrs. Meyers I’ve never had  short hair. My folkswouldn’t’ allow it. I’m afraid of how I’d look. “Deana replied ” I’m sorry Freja but the only way to get rid of thedistraction is to remove it. Your hair will grow back some by the timeyou go back home. This is just between me and you. I need your decisionby tomorrow morning at breakfast. Here is a pink hair tie. Should youwant to stay here with short hair wear it in your pony tail atbreakfast . Should it not be there I will start making plans to moveyou. I’ll leave you alone now to make your decision. “  Freja went intothe bathroom and looked at her golden blonde locks. A tear came to hereye.

The next morning Freja came down to breakfast andwith her hair in a high ponytail and on that ponytail was the pink hairtie. Deana came over and put her hand on her shoulder ” I see you made a decision. Freja nodded her head. I’ll make a phone call now. Enjoyyour breakfast.” Breakfast ended and Mark went off to work and Mikewent to school. Freja helped Deana do the morning dishes. Deana lookedat Freja ” Lets get rid of our distraction.”

Deana went and got a stool and put it in thekitchen. She placed old newspaper around on the floor. She opened thedrawer and pulled out her husbands cutting kit that he used to cutMike’s hair from time to time. She took the cape from the kit andplaced it tightly around Freja’s neck lifting her soft golden blondemane up and out of the way. Freja looked nervously at Deana ” Are yousure this is the only solution to the problem. Couldn’t I just wear itup all the time?” Deana brushed down the golden hair over the cape andlooked at Freja ” No honey, the only solution is to remove your longhair. I know you must be very attached to it but it won’t hurt. Thereis a first time for everything isn’t there.” Deana removed Freja’sponytail and brushed it out before creating two ponytails one if frontof each ear and each nearly 20 inches long with large curls at theends. She pulled tight on the first ponytail and clicked on the wahlclippers. Freja heard the buzzing sound and grabbed the stool as Deanapushed the clippers into her golden hair. Deana worked the clippersinto the thick hair but it didn’t take long before it severed the hairand the tail fell limp in Deana’s hands. She took it around and showedit to Freja and then placed it on the counter. ” Now see that didn’thurt. One down one to go.” Freja. Freja heard the clippers come onagain and dig into the second ponytail. Tears began rolling from hereyes. This wasn’t in the exchange student handbook. Deana quietlyworked the clippers through the second ponytail and now Freja had achopping looking mullet. Deana spoke ” Ok , Freja the worst is over nowcome over to the sink so I can wet your hair down.” Freja went to thesink and stuck her head inside it  so Deana could by using the dishsprayer wet her remaining hair down.  Deana took a towel out and wasdamp drying the hair when the door bell rang. Deanayelled for her to come in and a lady carrying a small bag came into thekitchen. ” So this is Freja your new exchange student. I’ve seen myhusband ogling her across the fence. I had a hard time getting awayfrom the salon.  I see you removed the bulk of her hair and wet it downfor me.. I’ll take over now. Deana looked at Freja ” I’d betterintroduced you two. Freja this is Maria my neighbor who owns a salondown town. She has been cutting my hair for years. Maria this is Frejamy exchange student. Maria is going to finish styling your hair.” Marialooked at the eyes of Freja. ” I see you must have been crying.Thismust be your first short haircut. Letting go of your security blanketis always tough. Don’t worry I’m going to take you from long andbeautiful to short and sassy. ” Maria combed out Freja’s hair and thenbegan cutting it shorter with scissors. She wanted to cut it down totwo inches on top and less than one on the sides. Locks ofblonde fell to the floor as Maria reduced the length to a short crop.She added soft bangs and then took out a black straight razor and beganslicing through Freja’s golden tresses. More hair fell to the floor butjust short pieces. Freja looked down on the floor and the newspaperswere covered with her blonde hair but she had no more tears left toshed. Maria removed the cape and used the razor to shave Freja’sslender neck line. She then turned on the dreaded wahl clippers andwith a #2 attachment buzzed up the nape of Freja’s head. Maria jokedwith Deana ” Now that she won’t have me and your husband lusting afterher long hair I wonder what type of boys she will attract at school. ?”Deana replied ” I hope the Doctor type and I hope she doesn’t attractany lesbian girls too.”. Maria blow dried Freja’s short hair and addedsome styling gel showing Freja how to work it. Deana handed Freja amirror and she looked and felt her short hair. ” Oh my, Ilook very different now. I look a bit like my brother. She looked atDeana ” Does this mean I can stay here now?” Yes, it does and if youlike your hair short after you get use to it Maria will come
over andtrim up for free while you stay here.” Freja got up and gave Maria andDeana big hugs. Then she went up to her room while Deana cleaned up.Maria looked at Deana while they were putting things away. ” You alwaysend up with long haired exchange students. Do you do that on purpose?”Deana smiled at Maria ” Yes, I do.”

Mark and Mike came home and saw the new look Frejaand the oohed and awed over her. Mike ran his fingers over her hair andnow told her his hair was now longer than hers. Now later when Deanawas and Mark were getting ready for bed  Mark looked at Deana ” Iassume you saved her golden ponytails and some of the loose cuttingsfor me.”  Deana looked at her loving husband ” I did better than thatdear. I set the camcorder on the counter and recorded the whole cuttingtears and all. I put everything in your cooler in the garage. You cantake to work tomorrow and look at it.”” I love you Deana ” said herhusband as he gave her a big Thank You kiss.

Deana got out of bed and went down the hall toFreja’s room as Freja was up late playing games on the computer. Shesat down next to Freja on the bed. ” Here is a pair of diamond earringsI’d like you to wear and have. I think they would look pretty in yourears now that people can see them. It is my way of saying Thank You formaking the hard decision to cut your hair and to stay here.” Theyexchanged hugs and all was well with no distractions.

The End.

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