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Hollywood hottest two busty blonde beauties, Suzana and Mariah, infamous feature dancers known as S & M; because of the type acts they performed.  The two strippers heard about an audition for a new XXX movie titled The Tanning Of Their Lives. The gorgeous blonde twosome arrived at Totally Topless Video’s studio ready to do whatever it took to get roles in the movie.

Mariah and Suzana were ushered into the office of the casting director, Ilikem Bahld.  The usual questions were asked if they had problem with being nude and such.  Being adult entertainers the two busty women said they had no problem being nude as part of the movie and the audition for the movie.  They even consented to having it filmed.

After the two women stripped nude the director saw they had tan lines.  This didn’t sit to well with the director of the film.  But he had plans to rectify that with a few weeks of tanning sessions and daily head shavings, theirs being the first for the movie.

“You two have the title roles,” informed the director to the two women.  “But first you have to do few things.  The biggest is getting rid of those damn tan lines; I want an All over tan. The others are to remove pubic hair and trim your hair to nothing.”  Suzana and Mariah had trouble understanding the director with his heavy eastern European accent and the ability to use the right words for some of his statements. “Will you do it?”

Without putting to much thought into what was just said both the blondes said yes while they signed the movie contract.  They didn’t pay any attention to what was said after they had the title roles, which would cost them. They were also seeing big dollar signs

“We will start your makeovers now since both of you are naked.  Why wait until later?  Production starts now.”  The director stated with a smile as he motioned Suzana and Mariah to follow him.

They were lead down a hallway to set already set up. It was combination barbers shop and beauty salon. The cameras were ready to roll. 

“Ladies, its now time to remove your pussy hair and trim your lovely blonde hair to nothing.  Please make yourselves comfortable in the chairs.” And the cameras started rolling again to catch everything on film.

Suzana and Mariah took their places in the barbers’ chairs.  With a snap of his fingers two women with black bobs came onto the set with hair clippers in hand.  They reclined the chairs so they could work on S & M pubic bushes. The clippers were thumbed on and the buzzed to life. 

Wasting no time the two women went straight to work on the blondes in the chairs.  Mariah and Suzana moaned out loud as the vibrating blades of clippers sheared off their pussy hair.  The vibration was felt all the way down to their clits.  In under a minute their pussies were covered with a fine stubble but it wasn’t going to be there long.

The clippers were thumbed off and hung on the sides of the chairs.  The barberettes applied foamy to Mariah and Suzana buzzed bushes.  They moaned even more because the area that was just sheared was even more sensitive to touch. Spreading the lather all around didn’t take long.  S & M pubs were ready to feed the razor’s edge.

It didn’t take long for the two women to shave Suzana and Mariah’s mounds smooth. Then it was time to trim the women in the chairs blonde hair to nothing to quote the director.  The chairs were returned to the upright position and the bobbed haired twins were ready to go at it again with the naked starlets and this time it was going to a real pleasure for them.

The chairs were turned so Mariah and Suzana faced one another.  Excitement appeared on their lovely faces but it was to be shorted lived.  That went away as the two women removed the clippers for the hooks of the chairs and thumbed on them once more.

A shocked expression appeared on the duo faces as the clippers were placed at their hairline and pulled back.  The clippers sheared a near hairless path down the center of the women’s head.  The shorn strand were pulled from Suzana’s and Mariah’s heads and dropped in their laps.  But either of them could say anything before their entire heads of long blonde hair had been removed. They were almost bald accept for very, very short blonde nubs.  That was going to go away as well in a couple of minutes.

“What have you done to us? We are bald!” cried Suzana

“We can’t do your movie like this” balled Mariah rubbing her clipper shaved head.

“You are still not trimmed to nothing” the foreign director said, “You still have stubble.  Yes, we can because you signed the contract saying the production company could do it.  And we are for the price we are paying you as title stars”

“Thought you said you were trimming our hair for nothing not to nothing.”  Complained Suzana

“I sorry I have trouble with the English, I think the words I wanted to use were shaving your heads bald. It is too late to back out now.  FINISH JOB” the director ordering the two with the bobbed hair style.

All Mariah and Suzana could do was cry as shaving cream was applied to the blonde stubble.  The two women in the chairs remained very still while the razors were applied to their heads.  With quick deft hand movement of the women welding the razors stripped away lather and blonde stubble away for the perfect to be bald heads of strippers/ actresses. 

Where ever the razors passed it left behind nothing but very pale skin, just like Suzana’s and Mariah’s tan lines.  It looked bizarre to see dark tanned and un-tanned skin in stark contrast on the women’s beautiful bodies.  The razors only stopped when they were fill of shaving cream and stubble and then they were rinsed clean. 

Half way through the shaving Suzana’s had stopped crying and was beginning to enjoy the caress of the razor of against her scalp.  A few seconds later Mariah had stopped too but she was not sure how she felt about the sudden loss of her all gorgeous blonde hair.  Almost fifteen minutes later from the start of the use of the razor both the women’s heads were shave completely smooth.

Then director’s ordered, “Console yourselves about the trimming your hair to nothing.”

It didn’t take Suzana much prompting to do just that.  She got out the chair and went straight over to Mariah and caressed her bald dome with her right hand while her left tweaked Mariah’s dark nipples.  After a few seconds the barbers chair was lowered to a reclining position.  Suzana straddled Mariah’s head with her legs and hairless pussy a
nd leaned over from the waist. The rest of what was filmed for the movie to be enjoy by everyone.

Three weeks later:

The girls had gotten use to being shaved bald.  While outside one day Mariah was reading a hair style magazine trying to decide which style she was going to get after the filming was over. Suzana rose up from her nude sunbathing and stated to Mariah.  “That what director meant it when he said he wanted an ALL over tan!” as she massaged more suntan lotion onto her slick bald scalp as it too took on golden tan like the rest of Suzana and Mariah’s bodies. They smiled knowing in a little while they would be helping a few more porno actresses get ALL over tans just like them.  But in a little while it would be time for their daily head shave until the movie was started and completed

A couple weeks later they were shaving each other heads now without waiting for the daily shave.  During the passing of the five weeks the more Suzana’s head was shaved the more she liked it and had decided to stay shaved bald. A few days later Mariah had finally come around to loving the idea of being bald all the time too.

By the time the filming of the movie and the movie premier was over Suzana and Mariah no longer wanted to regrow their once gorgeous blonde hair back.  They were truly slaves to the shave.

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